Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top 10 Movies I Saw This Year

Movies that were released in US in theaters/DVD this year that I saw.  One note is that I haven't seen X-Men First Class yet but I want to.  Some on this are not going to be agreeable to others.
10.  Green Lantern.  I didn't hate this movie a lot of people do.  I think they got a lot of characters right but story wasn't to great.  Well they tried to combine two villains into one and didn't work.  Probably would have been better if they had made Sinsetro the villain but still enjoyable to me.
9. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.  I didn't hate it as some did.  You get what expect and if expecting anything else well you are going to be greatly dispointed.
8. Priest (At least uncut version on the dvd)  I heard this movie was bad and then watched the dvd.  It's really good but maybe dvd version is better cut then the one that was released in theaters.

7. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.  After the mess of season 2 and endless 8 Haruhi gets back to being what should be.  Fun.  Yes it goes a little to long but it is interesting story and it's fun.

6. Evangelion 2.22.  First Eva movie was straight adaption of the first several episodes of tv.  Well this one takes a extreme left turn at Albuquerque and doesn't look back.  With surprising twists and jaw dropping ending that left me waiting for third.
5. Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows Part 2.  Great end to great movie series.
4. Muppets.  Muppets return with a fun and enjoyable movie.  Jason Segal brings muppets back and proves again why is so funny.
3. Thor.  Never in million years I thought this would work as Live Action movie but it does.  It does what good x-men and spider-man movies before did. Stick true to source material while creating something new and does ever well
2. Summer Wars.  When I saw this it became instant favorite of mine.  Why?  Fun characters, interesting plot, great drama, climatic ending that left me holding my breath to see how it ends.
1. Captain America.  Much like Thor it stays true original source martial while creating something new and fun.  Chris Evans plays both geek Steve and Cap great.  He got the character.  It wasn't perfect but Captain America finally came alive in a way that truly respected the source material and set Avengers movie next year.  :)  Even possibly set up a squeal for itself with the return of Red Skull if he doesn't show up in Avengers.

Friday, December 23, 2011

More Christmas Lists

Well I been trying to get around to do more lists.  So I decide to post these three together.  Hopefully will do Top Christmas Comics before sunday but if not Merry Christmas.

My Top 20 Favorite Christmas Songs:
20. Little Saint Nick - Beach Boys
19. Step Into Christmas - Elton John
18. Regge Christmas - Brian Adams
17. Jingle Bell Rock
16. Christmas In Hollis - Run DMC
15. The Night Before Christmas
14. Sleigh Ride - TLC
13. Snoopy Christmas
12. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen
11. Do They Know It's Christmas - Bare Naked Ladies
10. Grandma Got Run Over Reindeer.  This song maybe weird but I just love it and can't get it out of my head.
9. Oi To The World.
8. Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You - The Version That Was Played At MTV.
7. Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins
6. Night Santa Went Crazy/Christmas At Ground Zero - Weird Al
5. I Wish Everyday Could Be Christmas - Bon Jovi
4. Hey Santa - Carrie and Wendy Wilson
3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - John Melcamp
2. Christmas Vacation - National Lampon Christmas Vacation.  This movie had awesome music and title song from the movie fit the wackiness of the movie perfectly.
1. All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey.  Mariah has always been a favorite of mine but this hit from her first christmas album is awesome and one song I listen to every year.

My Top 10 Weirdest Christmas Comics (That I own):
These are not necessarily bad but some just weird choices for specials.  Might do top ten favorites.  Didn't include Warrior and Santa The Barbarian because they
10. I Gotta Catch Santa.  What the heck?  Nothing bunch of brat kids trying to catch santa. Story is lame and why this exists is beyond me.
9. Deadpool Max X-Mas.  See the insane of 2.
8. Trench's Holiday Blowout.  Okay this obscure 90s indy book that somehow got a christmas special.  Why?  Really strange issue two.
7. What the? christmas issue.  This strange parody of marvel.  Series doesn't hold up as well as it did but this issue was really strange.
6. Incredible 37?.  I forget what issue but it's Hulk vs Rhino dressed as santa in a mall.  Yeah this wasn't great idea,
5. Superboy #4.  Yeah great way to continue education in the world at christmas.  Really we needed to see him burn christmas tree?  There are so many things wrong we series and this strange christmas issue doesn't help it.
4. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.  Why did someone adapt this?
3. X-Men 109 (?) I forget the issue number but there is so many thing weird.  Instead of looking for missing Kitty Pryde the X-Men celebraty the holidays.  Kitty get passed off as letters and bone claw.  Yeah the x-men are that stupid.  It was bad plot and bad era for the x-men.  Holiday issue seems really strange placed.  Then you reprints of classic X-Men christmas.  All except one from like one year or two before.
2. Punisher Christmas Specials.  Yes in 90s Punisher was so popular that he had several specials.  Because when you think the holidays you think gun totting vigilante.
1. Man Thing Christmas Issue.  Because really when you think christmas you think Man Thhing.

Top Ten Things I Want For Christmas:
10. PS3
9. Sailor Moon Anime To be re licensed here in USA.
8. To Win Lottery
7. Wildstorm Universe to split from DCU again.
6. New each for Stephanie Brown and Power Girl series.
5. A New She-Hulk series.
4. All the nasty and evil people to go to hell now!  Then we would have world peace!
3. Snow.  White Christmas for everyone!
2. Most of the events from Avengers Dissembled on to never have happen.
1. DC Reboot to have never happen.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Top 12 Least Favorite Christmas Specials

Top 12 Least Favorite Christmas SpecialsWell after doing two lists of favorites I had to one for least favorites.  Yes there are two comics to fill out but they are so bad.  Why 12?  Why not it's christmas!
12. Santa With Muscles.  Oh Hulk Hogan.  How was this movie a good idea?  Hulkester playing a rich guy who loses memory and thinks he santa.  This was stupid and not even in a funny way.
11. Power Rangers Zeo Christmas Episode.  Ever wonder why there hasn't been a Power Rangers' christmas special for a long time till this year?  Well maybe have to do with this really badly done episode.  Were rangers start get controlled and argue over holidays.  It really just breaks down into how bad Zeo season was at times.  I didn't like a lot of season rangers for this season and this episode didn't help.
10. New Kids On The Block The Animated Series Christmas Special.  Ever see linkara's review for the Christmas comic?  Yeah they had a christmas special for there short lived cartoon and let just say it was worse then the comic.
9. Grandma's House We Go.  Oh Olsen Twins.  This was part of series of made for video movies.  It hasn't aged well for me as the story looking back is bad as Twins try to sneak there way to there grandma.  Simple plot the way they go about it sort dumb and really paint by numbers movie.
8. Home Alone 4.  I will say this better 3 but I am not totally sure I count 3 as christmas movie.  This horrible.  Stick in plot of bringing parents back together with rehash stuff from first Home Alone Movie.  It really doesn't work.
7. Power Rangers: Alpha's Magical Christmas.  Another christmas special made to try to cash in on hot property but at least Power Rangers was hot at the time unlike #6.  Just alpha and kids singing carols in commander center.
6. We Wish You A Turtle Christmas.  Why does this exist?  Why?  I mean terrible songs, terrible costumes, strange time skips.  This was a weird way to use the turtles.
5. Santa the Barbarian.  This Maximum Press comic book is two 8 page stories and they both really suck.  First one features Santa going all barbarian due to naughty list big about million times longer then nice list.  So he goes and starts killing people.  No not kids but grown ups we don't know what they did but at the end of the story it features a pile of bodies including Hitler.  The time when this is suppose to take place?  No idea.  Second story features elves on strike and drunken santa fight a robot with horrible artwork.
4. Dexter's Lab Christmas episode.  There was a short episode where Dexter decides to prove santa is fake.  How you might ask?  Capture him and shave off the beard to prove it was dad.  As you might believe it didn't go to well.
3. Johnny Bravo Christmas.  Really dumb.  I hated this show and Christmas special was just as bad.
2. Santa's Slay.   Pretty sad when the best actors movie are killed off in 5 minutes.  James Caan is not even created for the movie.  I don't blame him.  I mean a Santa going evil isn't bad idea with a good story and play off how close the name isn't bad either.  This is really insane.  Bill Goldberg play Santa.  I liked Bill as a movie but he is wrong for this movie.
1. Warrior Christmas Speical.  Yeah I am cheating with it as not tv but there isn't anything as bad tv or comic wise then this piece of garbage.  Barley a comic but as linkara oiubts out it's impled that Warrior rapes santa!  WTF?  You know if I talk to Warrior in person I like to ask him about this and rest of the series.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I want to mention something that happen last year to me.  Last christmas we tried to get a real tree for the first time in around 20 years.  Well that didn't go very well.  It fell over several times.  Ornaments broke and that idea lasted one year.  Pretty much by the time christmas was over we took the tree down.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My 31-50 Of Things To Watch At Christmas:

Well I decided after some comments about what I missed and thoughts of what missed myself to do another list.
50. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.  Little forgotten christmas special that is a Magoo playing a Scrooge and it works.  Though it doesn't really bring anything new other then Magoo's well magooness and doesn't raise any high onto the list.
49. Sonic's Christmas Blast.  Well it's sort of combo of Sonic AM and Adventures Of Sonic.  Sally only appearance in AOS style.  It's wacky but fun as sonic tries to get a present for Sally.  Continuity of it makes it hard to put higher.
48. Batman: Brave and Bold: Invasion Of Secret Santas.  Batman never rests even for the holidays and Red Tornado tries to find christmas spirited.  Cheesy but funny little take on how holidays have become from someone who doesn't get it.
47. Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol.  This was not as good The Next Doctor but good on it's own.  With Amy and Rory stuck on crashing, the Doctor must convince the only man that get stop the ship to save them.  The way he does different take on a Christmas Carol.  I don't like because stuff with fish and well how sad the ending is to me.
46. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas Episode.  This episode from more recent toon focus on Mikey as he is trying to bring a truck full of toys to original destination after it was stolen.  Nice and sweet with all the minor characters from past episodes making cameos.  Oh heck even Usagi Yojimbo makes a appearance.  Even my copy of dvd is autographed by Wayne Grayson (voice of mikey).
45. 1991 Wonder Years Christmas Episode
44. A Chipmunk Christmas
43. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Animated Version).  I like original but it's to short and I always like how things were fleshed out in LA version.
42. Casper's Haunted Christmas
41. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
40. Hollywood Christmas.  This was a nice little history of christmas movies from early days of cinema to modern times when it was made.
39. Ren and Stimpy: Have Yourself A Stinky Little Christmas.  Oh ren and stimpy.  This christmas special really as they can do it.
38. Hallmark Channel Christmas films.  Okay I can't really chose one or two but every year Hallmark shows new and films from them last few years.  Sometimes lame but there are some really good ones.
37. Doctor Who: The Next Doctor.  Probably my favorite of DW christmas specials I have seen.  Doctor travels back to 19 century england to meet someone who claims to the doctor.  The guy may not have been next doctor but the guy playing he him was really good.  Also you got the return of Cybermen.
36. Lethal Weapon 1.  I never really thought of it as christmas movie till recently.  Sort the same thing with Die Hard but it's still a really good movie christmas or not.
35. Batman: Christmas With The Joker and Holiday Knights.  90's cartoon had to really good specials.  They were not on top ten really more I forget and probably would have bumped due to room anyway.  First one Joker tries to ruin christmas just as Batman and Robin sit down to watch It's Wonderful Life.  Holiday Knights is anthology of tales based on comic book of the same name.  Really nice and heart warming especially the part with Batman and James Gordan.
34. GI Joe Christmas episode.  This actually exists and there even was for Renegade (not on the list).  Ragtag team of joes are left to watch there base during the holidays as most of the team went home.  Problem is cobra attacks using a actually really good plot.  Really not high because it sort of weird to see a GI Joe christmas and no room.
33. Elf.  Will Feral is hilarious in this movie.  Awesome well round cast but a little to chessy and jokes some time get old on repeated viewings.
32. Bad Santa.  Okay this barley misses the first list but because of a couple of problems.  It's fun stupid movie but sometimes really weird moments.  I can't get over John Ritter being in it for what little he was in it.  Billy Bob Thorton is great.  Tony Cox is bad ass.  Lauren Graham well after this movie I don't think I saw Gilmore Girls the same.
31. Die Hard 1 and 2.  Really why these are not in top 30 is because room really.  Die hard.  If you love christmas and great action then well this mixes the two very well.  Oh hell Die Hard movies rock even though the last two have nothing to do with christmas.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Top 30 Things To Watch At Christmas Time:
I love Christmas.  It is my favorite holiday and every year I start to watch my favorite specials, movies, etc around thanksgiving.  Here is a list of some of my really favorite ones especially the ones I watch every year.  I start before thanksgiving and that is why I am posting this.
30. South Park and Robot Chicken christmas episodes.
29. Prancer
28. Animanicas: Helloooo Holidays
27. Ren and Stimpy: Have Yourself A Stinky Little Christmas
26. WWE Tribute To Troops
25. Ranma 1/2 Christmas TV and OVA episodes.  Anime rarely have christmas episodes or specials but Ranma has a good time with it.
24. Live Action How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  I know people are going to hate this but I love Jim Carrey as the grinch.  I love this movie and how it fleshed out the character.
23. Jingle All The Way.  I love this movie despite what NCritic said about it.  It's funny and Arnold is just dad looking to get the gift for his son.  That something all parents can relate with.
22. Micky's Christmas Carol.  Fun retelling of the classic with Disney characters.
21. Justice League Christmas Episode
20. Xena Christmas Episode.  Yeah it wacky origin of Santa but fun and well xena was wacky as it was.  It knew it was and embraced it.  Nice little bit at the end with the donkey and who they give it too.
19. Shrek the Halls.  This is nice little christmas special about shrek dealing with having family and celebrating christmas.  He never celebrated and shows dealing with changes in his life.  It's nice and funny.  All the cast from shrek movies are here too.
18. Powerpuff Girls Fight Before Christmas
17. Love Hina Christmas Special
16. Power Rangers: I'm Dreaming Of A White Ranger.  I am a big power rangers fan and well I can't but help love this special.  It's goofy but got rangers helping santa claus against Lord Zed and Rita.
15. Alf's Christmas Special.  Another sort of forgotten special but touching and sad.  Family go to old cabin for christmas Alf ends being mistaken for a toy.  He is given to sick girl at a hospital and what happens and just brings me tears.  Heart warming and is funny.  Alf was great show and this great special.
14. Ziggy's Christmas Special.  Sort of forgotten christmas special but very heart warming.  It is dvd so I say track it down if you can.  Ziggy tries to raise money for charity but ends up in a scheme that wasn't for kids.  How it gets out of it and how un selfish he is truly a great thing.  There isn't much dialogue wise but there didn't need to be.
13. Miracle on 34th Street (1994).  Yes I do like the remake better then original.  I just love the cast and this such a great story.
12. Garfield christmas special.  I love garfield and this one awesome special.  From wacky opening to really touching moments with awesome grandmother.
11. He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special.  I love this special as a fan of this show.  I don't care anyone says if goofy but fun.  Yes virgina there is a GI Joe christmas episode.
10. Frosty the Snowman
9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
8. Any Muppet christmas special.  Muppets are always fun but even if it's  Christmas Special (guest starring Fraggle Rock, Seaseme Street, and cameo from Hensen himself) or Muppet Christmas Carol you can't talk about christmas without mentioning them.
7. Scrooged.  Billy Murray is one of my favorite actors and this movie shows why.  He funny and plays a great scrooge in modern times.
6. Ernest Saves Christmas.  I love Ernest movies and this movie is goofy and funny.  I know Critic hated it but I loved it.  Just a great way to laugh and enjoy the holidays.
5. A Charlie Brown Christmas.  I love Peanuts and this is true Christmas classic that holds up years later.
4. Home Alone 1/2.  Yeah after two this series goes down but first two are funny and just enjoyable to watch.
3. Santa Clause Movies.  Yes the squeals are no where as good as original but still the original is really and well squeals have there own charm.
2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  I am a big fan of comedy and this movie is really funny.  Chevy Chase is hilarious and so rest of the cast.  Any time you think your family has problems then turned this movie on.
1. A Christmas Story.  Okay I know this beloved christmas movie and for every reason.  It's a classic and I enjoy watch if its on dvd or on tv during 24 hour maarathon.  Who couldn't sympathize with a kid that really wants something for christmas but told he can't have it.

Things I am Thankful and not thankful for in 2011

Well yeah thanksgiving isn't for a few weeks but wanted to get this out before thanksgiving.

Things I'm Thankful For In 2011:
    Cablevision getting BBC America.  Now I can finally watch Doctor Who and others shows.  It can also catch up to them.
    Shout Factory releases Transformers: Headmasters.  It's about freaking time this series came out in USA.  It was released in UK on dvd but never hear.  Next year Masterforce and Victory will be released on DVD too and can only hope it leads to Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo coming out here too.
    Galaxy Express 999 and Demon City Shinjuku coming out on dvd and announcement of Lupin III TV Season 1 coming out next year.  I love the company putting these Anime out.
    Power Girl and Stephanie Brown fans.  DC may have given the screws to these characters but the way fans have gone to bat for these characters give me some hope for my fellows again.
    Trigun Badland Rumble.  Seriously the fact that this movie came out this year is awesome.  Trigun is a favorite Anime of mine and really awesome that they finally made something new.
    Barbara Gordon gaining back her ability to walk back.  I was never a fan of what Killing Joke did but her return to Batgirl worried me.  Now Stephanie Brown hasn't appeared yet and makes me worried that she will die in Batman Inc special.  I am really enjoying the new Batgirl series and don't find the fault some do.  I think they want barbara to just be perfect and looking for anything to complain.  Her freezing up issue one makes perfect sense.  Though I would like her to be able to walk but still be Oracle because she had retired for a while before being shot.  So character wise she could have gone that route without needing to lose ability. 
    Batman: Arkham City.  Awesome game and I love that it just as good Arkham Asylum or just even better.
    Captain America and Thor.  Two really big surprises this year when it comes to movies.  Both were awesome movies
    Finding That Guy With The Glasses web site.  I love this site and recommend it to anyone that hasn't yet.  Reviews Movies, Comics, Video Games, Anime, Manga, Music.  This is my kinda site as a nerd/otaku.
    Sailor Moon and Sailor V being published by Kodansha.  I am a big fan of Sailor Moon and the fact that manga is getting released is great.  Is fun read again after all these years and we finally get V manga.  Sailor Moon manga is different enough from anime that can be enjoyed on it's own.  I love the fact that it's doing so well sales wise.  Shows that Sailor Moon is still popular beyond ton cosplay at conventions.

Things I am No Thankful For In 2011:
    TV Networks movie time slot of shows around.  Naruto Shippuden, Transformers Prime, GI Joe Renegade, Batman: Brave and Bold, and others just moved around by there networks without notice pretty much.  It's annoying.
    NBC giving Chuck only one more season.  :(  Got nothing more to say about it other then it sucks.
    Chaos War ending.  For whatever the reason Herc needed to be de powered and dead Avengers needed stay dead.  Which fans didn't like and Herc comic ends up canceled.
    Continue use of bad replacement characters like Lyra, Red She-Hulk, RHulk, Jamie Reyes as Fake Blue Beetle, Fake Spider-Girl.  Oh hell Damien replace Tim Drake as Robin stupidly.
    Flash Point, Spider Island, Fear Itself, Schism, and just about any other bad event this year.   These have gotten old years ago and they are bad.  I would love to see the Spider Island end with Mary Jane keeping her powers and that would have made post OMD a little good.  A tiny bit.
    New Venom.  Seriously Flash Thompson as Venom is worse then Scorpion. 
    No license rescue for Sailor Moon Anime.  This has made me sad but I don't expect it to ever happen.  I hope I am wrong with that.
    DC Reboot.  I'm calling it reboot because it's 90 percent that and 10 percent relaunch.  Why?  Terrible costumes, terrible characters, changing characters, missing characters, terrible books.  People want Captain Marvel and Marvel Family.  They don't want some curse or that.  They want Power Girl and Stephanie Brown not OMAC or Captain Manhattan I mean Atom or Batwing or I, Vampire or others.  Don't believe me then look at sales.  Some characters have been rebooted back to the start and then so misused.  Like Wonder Girl, Superboy, and Fairchild from Gen 13.  Then there is needless characters where we could have had any other character.
    Grant Morrison's Action Comics.  These suck.  I am not a huge fan of grant morrison and yes All Star Superman was one of his better books.  This book seems to fall in line like Batman RIP and Final Crisis.  In that it is bad.  Grant tried recapture the magic of what superman was when he originally came out.  That superman doesn't work anymore and yes he doing social justice.  He is going after the bankers and stuff because of bad economy.  The problem is the comic set before the economy went bad and he is not going after politicians like Barney Frank or Obama or anyone else involved.  If you only go after one part of the problem then makes you look stupid.  Of course superman is in this comic stupid and wearing Jeans and T-shirt..  Don't get me started on armor in Superman or the no marriage.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anime Next 2011

More on channel: RJ Hammer's Channel

My Top 20 Things To Watch This (Or any) Halloween (originally posted before Hallloween)

Happy Halloween everyone.  I sort of was inspired to do this by others on devaintart and even thought of doing a video of this.  Just never got the time to do so I wanted to at least write them down.  I might next do in text or video form 10 things I am Pop culture related stuff i'm thankful for this year.
20. Ghost Hunt.  Under rated anime that does horror more realistic and how ghost hunters really do it.
19. Scream.  Wes craven shows that he is master of horror doing it again.  The series later movies not as good but original is still awesome.
18. Trick 'r Treat
17. Sixth Sense.  The ending still haunts me to this day.
16. The Ring/Ringu
15. Zombieland
14. First Final Destination.  To me escaping death just to hunted by it is scary to me.
13. Black Christmas (Original).  Can be a christmas or halloween movie.
12. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brook.
11. Shaun Of The Dead.  Hilarity and zombies.
10. Ghostbusters
9. 28 Days Later
8. Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate
7. Halloween (Originally)  This movie is still good and scary.  Michael Myers despite all screwing up the squeals have done one thing the faceless boogieman.  We never see his face as a grown up.  All we see that white mask and eyes stare hole through you and the wall behind you.
6. The Stand.  Probably the best Stephen King mini-series.
5. George Romero's Dead Movies.  The master of zombies and watching up to land of the dead is good.  Ignore last two Diary and Survival or Day Of The Dead 2 which he had nothing to do with.  Original Night is still scary and really good.  Still good to watch every halloween.  Remake is just as good with guy from Candyman and Final Destination movies as lead.  He really good in role.
4. Original Friday The 13th.  This is awesomely scary movie that will surprise you especially if you think Jason the villain.
3. Exorcist,  Being posed man is scary and this movie still freaks me out.  I haven't watched the dvd I have but I saw this in theaters.  I walked out after movie being really scared.
2. A Nightmare On Elm Street (Original)  Dying in your sleep still scary and robert england freddy blows away remake by miles.
1. Walking Dead TV Series.  Awesome adaption of one the best comic books in recent years.

My Female Cosplayer and Anime Next Tribute

My New Wrestling Tribute Video and old one.

My Thoughts on DCU Reboot

I did these videos before reboot started but my feelings have changed much.

My Thoughts On DC Reboot Part 2

My Thoughts On DC Reboot Part 2.2

My Thoughts On DC Reboot Part 3