Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pop Culture Hall Of Shame Episode 5: 10 Other Things Wrong With DC Reboot:

It's been almost a year since DC shoot their noise off to spite their face.  I mean rebooted their universe again.  Only 25 years after the last one.  :(  6 months ago I did top 18 things wrong DC Reboot.  Have they gotten better or gotten worse?  Well if you noticed the title then you can figure that part out.  Let use to look at 10 more things wrong with this reboot.
10. Current Teen Titans being the first?  Can anyone at DC agree on this.  I mean even it was hinted that there was another Teen Titans team before.
9. Curse Of Shazam.  This hasn't been to bad but pacing is slow.  My real big problem Freddie is a thief and Billy got more anger management problems then I do.  Convenience fairy of them all being adapted by same family.
8. What the hell happen to Justice League International.  Team pretty much gets ruined in one issues by a troll bomb that takes out Fire, Ice, Vixen, Rocket Red.  Red only one dead but the others pretty badly damaged.  Who they replace them with?  OMAC, Batwing, and french firehwak.  That didn't last long as book was canceled the same month as annual.  I'm still confused about this.  Editorial mandate of the change in roster obvious but why sudden cancellation especially when books like Batwing and Frankstein were selling less.  JLI was still in top 100 when it was canceled.  Did they ever explain?  I don't think so but if I'm wrong please correct me.  Some have guessed a change Justice League roster but why cancel this book to do that?
7. Court Of Owls.  I know some people like these villains.  Just seem a bit lame.  Like batman creators trying to do Batman vs Zombies without them being zombies.  Retcon of all retcons (thanks in part to grant morrison) that one of them is Batman's brother.  WTF?!?!?  Grant wasn't enough dragging the family over coals in Batman RIP now this.  Hopefully someone come along one day saying that he was lying.  Why a Talon ongoing?  Seriously.  Anyone want to bet which book gets canceled first?   Talon or struggling not to be canceled Batwing.
6. Ravagers/Harvesting or whatever that crossover was called.  Seriously what was DC thinking.  Ravagers is just a bad book.  First issue was what everything wrong with Teen Titans and Superboy.  Reason why I don't read those book and drop this one quickly.  Bad characterization, bad costumes, bad story.  They have really messed Fairchild up.  Also Beast Boy (HE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO RED!) and Tera/Tara/should we even care anymore.  Crossover and the first issues introduces characters that were quickly killed off like this was the Anime X Movie.
5. Someone seriously needs to figure out what still in continuity.  I can scream over and over again but they need to sit to figure this out.  Hawkman dreaming of red head (hawgirl anyone) but also Hawkgirl Earth-2.  Was hawkgirl dying during Brightest Day still in?  Who knows and I'm sure Rob Liefield going on something like that.  Stuff like that confusing.  They need to sit and figure it out.  That confusing fans more then the thing mention in #1.  Because you keep saying one thing or another cons and then go say something different in cons or comics or interviews.  DC YOU NEED TO GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER ON THIS ISSUE!
4. Golden Age Green Lantern being Gay.  I thought about this one since last post about it and realize this example why dc is lying about wally.  They didn't care about GA Green Lantern's marriage or kids or anyone else.  The whole thing makes no sense and i'm sure James Robinson explained it and interview.  I don't even care to read them on the book.  If anyone does know please post and tell me.  I mean some arguments over this have been different character.  Then why is he named Allan Scott.  He is Green Lantern on Earth-2 like Pre Crisis aka Golden Age Green Lantern.  You can't have it both ways.  Make it different character if suppose to different one.
3. George Prez/Superman nightmare.  Rarely the saying right hand doesn't know what left hand is doing ever been more true.  George Prez had to write superman comic without being told what was still continuity, who still existed, or anything from Grant Morrison.  Even worse there was constant editorial mandates which lead to george leaving book early.  The book wasn't that good and we start to see why.
2. Tim Drake was never robin?  Let me say that again.  TIM DRAKE WAS NEVER ROBIN?!?!?  WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?  At comic con one of the other big announcements was that Tim Drake was never robin in new 52.  Which makes no sense since he been referenced as robin twice photos.  Plus was with Bruce Wayne, Dick, Damien in issue one of the issues Batman comic.  Someone needs to reign in the continuity of DC or this going to get very confusing.
1. Stepahnie Brown, Wally West, Casandra Cain PR debacle.  To say DC failed misrable on this one would be putting it nicely.  PR department at DC must have a giant headache after all this.  Last episode was all about Stephanie Brown infatuation and didn't make DC look that very good.  Worst when you think about the fact DC doesn't care which characters fans like more.  I keep forgetting about but CBR message board had a poll between Wally or Barry.  Wally won over hands down.  241 to 86.  URL below.  It makes no sense but DC obviously likes Barry and not Wally anymore.  Stephanie I mention before about how stupid DC hate for her is.  Cassandra I don't get.  You think they would use her.  She fill a couple diversity things for DC.   She had one of the longest running female books in recent years.  Though you read some of the attempt at editoral making her a villain or just using her stupidly it's not a surprise.  Can DC really tell me that these three or any of the other missing characters are less popular then I, Vampire characters or Frankstein or OMAC or any of these other books just hanging on or canceled.  Back to the new fan thing.  New or are old are not stupid.  If you correctly explain things or won't be confusing.  Even if you don't there is always wikipedia, tpbs, back issue bins.  Give you fans more credit and stopping lying to them.  You don't like the character or don't want to use them they say so.  Stop saying one thing and then doing another.  I'm not holding my breath on Grant Morrison using Cassandra or Wally or Stephanie or the other characters showing up anytime soon.  I hope DC proves me wrong and haven't lost their mind.!/page101