Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pop Culture Hall Of Shane Episode 4: Stephanie Brown and Lies from DC:

    For those who been living in cave, DC recently announced that at San Diego Comic Con that Barbara Gorden will replace Stephanie Brown again.  This time as Nightwing in Smallville Season 11 comic and the internet WTF?  Seemed like a really strange choice and then we got reasoning.  The ones they lied about.  First lied and pretended that there was art or anything that said Stephanie was going to be nightwing in the comic.  Then they lied about who decide who would be replacing Steph and why.  How?  Well dc said it editorial choice but ended up being Millar's choice.  The reason why Barbara instead of stephanie because Smallville is all about Iconic characters and Barbara more of one.  Both lies confirmed by Gail Simone.  Someone I trust more then Dan Dido or anyone at charge at dc even though she toes the DC line a little to much.  Even the iconic argument holds no water when the first thing did with Smallville is taking iconic costume out of the book.  "Oh well iconic characters."  Why care iconic parts of your comics anymore when the rest of fake DCU is nothing but full of anything Iconic about DC.   From costumes changes to characters changes.  When you can't back up your own argument with anything that their is something wrong.  Based on TV show again iconic costume got replaced from the one at the end last episode.  Yes they did explain in first issue but still it's editorial BS.
     My thought on DC is that don't like Stephanie Brown for some reason.  Character is dislike by people at DC and goes back several years.  Goes back to when they made her robin and then killed during War Games.  Setup to replace time as robin to make people hate and then hoped no mind when they killed her.  It didn't work that way.  People like me didn't like the way she was written as robin.  Bad writing more then character.  Then a writer on robin (I forget his name) a while back came out saying the only way he was allowed to write the book was to kill her.  Bleeding Cool posted a thing saying no one hates Stephanie and that they are just holding her back till the next wave.  That is just wishful thinking of the people denial at this point.  I mean the evidence and their actions say otherwise.  I mean they lie to fan at Comic Con to her face as someone cosplaying as Stephanie.  They break the girls heart and don't care.  They then lie about the whole.
     But is this something new from?  No.  They been lying through their teeth about several for more then a year.  Wally West?  I no longer believe their story about we don't want to take Wally's kids away and wife.  Wait a minute.  What?  Now they care.  They didn't mind taking anyone else wives and kids away from any other character.  Look at Golden Age Green Lantern.  They made him gay.  You couldn't more ensure that he won't be married to his pre reboot wife or his kids ever to exist then this.  So why should we believe them now?  I mean if they are lying about this then the house of cards on all their BS falls apart.  Not just Wally but I said this before about how they lied to us for more then a year about Shazam Family.  They said they had plans for the characters.  What did we see?  Cameo in Blackest Night Shazam special that focus on two dead supporting characters.  Then a pointless special that lead into Titans issue that depowered Freddie and made special even more pointless.  After that we got the same answer from DC till reboot and then oh we will figure out what to do with them.  They never had any plans.  They lied to their fans and again to their faces.
    Can we trust any BS that comes from DC's mouth anymore?  No.  I hate to be any fan that does because they are fooling themselves into believing them.  DC has been saying one thing and then doing another.  It's a house of lies that has fallen upon itself.  The reason why my signature on a couple of message boards is: how do you know why dc is lying?  Whenever Dan Dido opens his mouth.
    Just an update on lack of posts and other stuff at the end here.  I wanted to say still need to get tripod or set up for camera.  I been busy too and recently my laptop crashed again.  Good news is that now works best it has since I went to bed on Christmas eve.  First crashed Christmas day.  That wasn't fun.  Also pre reg for Magfest 11 and booked hotel.  Unless something happens I will be there.