Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top 10 Movies I Saw This Year

Movies that were released in US in theaters/DVD this year that I saw.  One note is that I haven't seen X-Men First Class yet but I want to.  Some on this are not going to be agreeable to others.
10.  Green Lantern.  I didn't hate this movie a lot of people do.  I think they got a lot of characters right but story wasn't to great.  Well they tried to combine two villains into one and didn't work.  Probably would have been better if they had made Sinsetro the villain but still enjoyable to me.
9. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.  I didn't hate it as some did.  You get what expect and if expecting anything else well you are going to be greatly dispointed.
8. Priest (At least uncut version on the dvd)  I heard this movie was bad and then watched the dvd.  It's really good but maybe dvd version is better cut then the one that was released in theaters.

7. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.  After the mess of season 2 and endless 8 Haruhi gets back to being what should be.  Fun.  Yes it goes a little to long but it is interesting story and it's fun.

6. Evangelion 2.22.  First Eva movie was straight adaption of the first several episodes of tv.  Well this one takes a extreme left turn at Albuquerque and doesn't look back.  With surprising twists and jaw dropping ending that left me waiting for third.
5. Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows Part 2.  Great end to great movie series.
4. Muppets.  Muppets return with a fun and enjoyable movie.  Jason Segal brings muppets back and proves again why is so funny.
3. Thor.  Never in million years I thought this would work as Live Action movie but it does.  It does what good x-men and spider-man movies before did. Stick true to source material while creating something new and does ever well
2. Summer Wars.  When I saw this it became instant favorite of mine.  Why?  Fun characters, interesting plot, great drama, climatic ending that left me holding my breath to see how it ends.
1. Captain America.  Much like Thor it stays true original source martial while creating something new and fun.  Chris Evans plays both geek Steve and Cap great.  He got the character.  It wasn't perfect but Captain America finally came alive in a way that truly respected the source material and set Avengers movie next year.  :)  Even possibly set up a squeal for itself with the return of Red Skull if he doesn't show up in Avengers.

Friday, December 23, 2011

More Christmas Lists

Well I been trying to get around to do more lists.  So I decide to post these three together.  Hopefully will do Top Christmas Comics before sunday but if not Merry Christmas.

My Top 20 Favorite Christmas Songs:
20. Little Saint Nick - Beach Boys
19. Step Into Christmas - Elton John
18. Regge Christmas - Brian Adams
17. Jingle Bell Rock
16. Christmas In Hollis - Run DMC
15. The Night Before Christmas
14. Sleigh Ride - TLC
13. Snoopy Christmas
12. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen
11. Do They Know It's Christmas - Bare Naked Ladies
10. Grandma Got Run Over Reindeer.  This song maybe weird but I just love it and can't get it out of my head.
9. Oi To The World.
8. Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You - The Version That Was Played At MTV.
7. Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins
6. Night Santa Went Crazy/Christmas At Ground Zero - Weird Al
5. I Wish Everyday Could Be Christmas - Bon Jovi
4. Hey Santa - Carrie and Wendy Wilson
3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - John Melcamp
2. Christmas Vacation - National Lampon Christmas Vacation.  This movie had awesome music and title song from the movie fit the wackiness of the movie perfectly.
1. All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey.  Mariah has always been a favorite of mine but this hit from her first christmas album is awesome and one song I listen to every year.

My Top 10 Weirdest Christmas Comics (That I own):
These are not necessarily bad but some just weird choices for specials.  Might do top ten favorites.  Didn't include Warrior and Santa The Barbarian because they
10. I Gotta Catch Santa.  What the heck?  Nothing bunch of brat kids trying to catch santa. Story is lame and why this exists is beyond me.
9. Deadpool Max X-Mas.  See the insane of 2.
8. Trench's Holiday Blowout.  Okay this obscure 90s indy book that somehow got a christmas special.  Why?  Really strange issue two.
7. What the? christmas issue.  This strange parody of marvel.  Series doesn't hold up as well as it did but this issue was really strange.
6. Incredible 37?.  I forget what issue but it's Hulk vs Rhino dressed as santa in a mall.  Yeah this wasn't great idea,
5. Superboy #4.  Yeah great way to continue education in the world at christmas.  Really we needed to see him burn christmas tree?  There are so many things wrong we series and this strange christmas issue doesn't help it.
4. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.  Why did someone adapt this?
3. X-Men 109 (?) I forget the issue number but there is so many thing weird.  Instead of looking for missing Kitty Pryde the X-Men celebraty the holidays.  Kitty get passed off as letters and bone claw.  Yeah the x-men are that stupid.  It was bad plot and bad era for the x-men.  Holiday issue seems really strange placed.  Then you reprints of classic X-Men christmas.  All except one from like one year or two before.
2. Punisher Christmas Specials.  Yes in 90s Punisher was so popular that he had several specials.  Because when you think the holidays you think gun totting vigilante.
1. Man Thing Christmas Issue.  Because really when you think christmas you think Man Thhing.

Top Ten Things I Want For Christmas:
10. PS3
9. Sailor Moon Anime To be re licensed here in USA.
8. To Win Lottery
7. Wildstorm Universe to split from DCU again.
6. New each for Stephanie Brown and Power Girl series.
5. A New She-Hulk series.
4. All the nasty and evil people to go to hell now!  Then we would have world peace!
3. Snow.  White Christmas for everyone!
2. Most of the events from Avengers Dissembled on to never have happen.
1. DC Reboot to have never happen.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Top 12 Least Favorite Christmas Specials

Top 12 Least Favorite Christmas SpecialsWell after doing two lists of favorites I had to one for least favorites.  Yes there are two comics to fill out but they are so bad.  Why 12?  Why not it's christmas!
12. Santa With Muscles.  Oh Hulk Hogan.  How was this movie a good idea?  Hulkester playing a rich guy who loses memory and thinks he santa.  This was stupid and not even in a funny way.
11. Power Rangers Zeo Christmas Episode.  Ever wonder why there hasn't been a Power Rangers' christmas special for a long time till this year?  Well maybe have to do with this really badly done episode.  Were rangers start get controlled and argue over holidays.  It really just breaks down into how bad Zeo season was at times.  I didn't like a lot of season rangers for this season and this episode didn't help.
10. New Kids On The Block The Animated Series Christmas Special.  Ever see linkara's review for the Christmas comic?  Yeah they had a christmas special for there short lived cartoon and let just say it was worse then the comic.
9. Grandma's House We Go.  Oh Olsen Twins.  This was part of series of made for video movies.  It hasn't aged well for me as the story looking back is bad as Twins try to sneak there way to there grandma.  Simple plot the way they go about it sort dumb and really paint by numbers movie.
8. Home Alone 4.  I will say this better 3 but I am not totally sure I count 3 as christmas movie.  This horrible.  Stick in plot of bringing parents back together with rehash stuff from first Home Alone Movie.  It really doesn't work.
7. Power Rangers: Alpha's Magical Christmas.  Another christmas special made to try to cash in on hot property but at least Power Rangers was hot at the time unlike #6.  Just alpha and kids singing carols in commander center.
6. We Wish You A Turtle Christmas.  Why does this exist?  Why?  I mean terrible songs, terrible costumes, strange time skips.  This was a weird way to use the turtles.
5. Santa the Barbarian.  This Maximum Press comic book is two 8 page stories and they both really suck.  First one features Santa going all barbarian due to naughty list big about million times longer then nice list.  So he goes and starts killing people.  No not kids but grown ups we don't know what they did but at the end of the story it features a pile of bodies including Hitler.  The time when this is suppose to take place?  No idea.  Second story features elves on strike and drunken santa fight a robot with horrible artwork.
4. Dexter's Lab Christmas episode.  There was a short episode where Dexter decides to prove santa is fake.  How you might ask?  Capture him and shave off the beard to prove it was dad.  As you might believe it didn't go to well.
3. Johnny Bravo Christmas.  Really dumb.  I hated this show and Christmas special was just as bad.
2. Santa's Slay.   Pretty sad when the best actors movie are killed off in 5 minutes.  James Caan is not even created for the movie.  I don't blame him.  I mean a Santa going evil isn't bad idea with a good story and play off how close the name isn't bad either.  This is really insane.  Bill Goldberg play Santa.  I liked Bill as a movie but he is wrong for this movie.
1. Warrior Christmas Speical.  Yeah I am cheating with it as not tv but there isn't anything as bad tv or comic wise then this piece of garbage.  Barley a comic but as linkara oiubts out it's impled that Warrior rapes santa!  WTF?  You know if I talk to Warrior in person I like to ask him about this and rest of the series.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I want to mention something that happen last year to me.  Last christmas we tried to get a real tree for the first time in around 20 years.  Well that didn't go very well.  It fell over several times.  Ornaments broke and that idea lasted one year.  Pretty much by the time christmas was over we took the tree down.