Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pop Culture Hall Of Shame Episode 3: Ruining Of Real She-Hulk in AvX

I have made it pretty well known She-Hulk my favorite  In previous post I mention how badly she has been used in recent times but now there is the stupidly awful Avengers vs X-Men.  If you thought it doesn't get any worse not being used by the Avengers in any big fights recent years she gets left with b and z teams.  Yeah leave one of your most females on the sidelines.  Yeah bad writing doesn't even start to explain this.  This month we get a good start for She-Hulk with Avenging Spider-Man.  Then we down hill how badly written in X-Men Legacy and barley appearing Uncanny X-Men just be taken out to easily.  Then in the new X-Men Legacy she taken out way to easy.  Jen fought rogue before he wouldn't be taken out to easily if written by someone who knows how to write.  Hey we need to give Rogue a chance against Ms Marvel so we give Jen's powers.  ::Slaps forehead::  She-Hulk is used just so Rogue can fight Ms Marvel.  Cause Marvel screwed Rogue so badly up in recent years that she doesn't Ms Marvel powers anymore.  Taking those away was stupid!   Rogue now should not have been able to beat her or that easy. What a waste and hey looks like she will be appearing AvX books in August.  Probably because she escaping the x-men prison.  ::Face palms::  That is if they don't decide to finally kill her off in book instead of teasing like they did last time and not happen.  Marvel you should be ashamed of the way you have used one of the most popular female characters you.  One few female characters that have sustained a book for longer then 12 issues and first to have 100 combine issues. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pop Culture Hall Of Shame Episode 2: Eath 2, DC Gay Issue, Replacing Characters, DC Reboot

As some might know or not know today somewhat confirmed that  long time straight DC character Golden Age Green Lantern will now be gay.  Why the change?  Why screw up one of your long standing characters who has had children and pretty much telling fans of those characters they will never exist anymore?  No is talking.  I got nothing against characters.  I kept reading Alpha Flight after Norhstar came out.  I read Authority without a problem.  Batwoman one of the best DC books post reboot though I do hate what they do to Flamebird.  It's the changing a character from what they were suppose to.   Away from intent of the original creators.  Yes characters grow and change but so much they are recognizable?  Different then giving boring characters personalities and there sexual orientation.  I have no problem if dc created newer characters as long as they are not stereotype like the in Teen Titans.  I mean seriously the pink/purple costume, showing his ass to red robin.  I'm not reading Earth 2 after issue one not just because this not JSA or Earth 2 characters I want to read.  Why couldn't Hawgirl still be the red head we all know and liked.  Why do you have to stick her as black?  That is another dc does replace characters with another racist character.  It is never worked despite them sticking down our throats.  Connor Hawke probably the most successful but they pretty much erased him with the reboot.  Firestorm canceled and not that far off from again but not Ronnie in the book save how stupid it's gotten.  Atom canceled.  Blue Beetle canceled and about to be canceled again.  Not race it's replacement characters.  I was against Winter Soldier becoming Captain America.  I hated that idea and didn't read it.  I'm a fan of Luke Cage, Black Panther, Cassandra Cain, and other characters.  I just wish DC would tell good stories with these characters seem to busy changing them from anything anyone wants to read them most of the time.  That is why in long run the reboot is a failure.  Didn't save the industry and didn't save comic shops.  Only thing it did was give it maybe few extra months.  God I miss the real DCU. 
PS: I don't count the reboot DCU as the real one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pop Culture Hall Of Shame: Top Ten Worst Americanizations Of Anime

What better to open the Hall Of Shame then the worst ways Anime been brought over to the US.
10. Sabian's Sailor Moon proposal.  Okay this never went anywhere and thank god.  Just the fact that someone at Sabian decide hey man we got a good thing with power rangers and maybe we can do this with Sailor Moon.  Take live action and mix with the Anime.  The trail is so bad that makes youn wonder if they ever intended to use the Japanese Animation at all.

9. Star Quest.  Never heard of this one?  That is because better known as Wings Of Honneamise   Adaptation so bad it was junked after it's premier in LA.  Little of it is out there from what I kind find other trailer.

8. Warriors Of The Wind.  How do you screw up Miyazaki classic Nausicaa?  Change the who the focus, cut a bunch out of movie, badly dub so bad that even Nausicaa's name is butchered.

7. Robotech The Movie.  Take bits of Southern Cross and most of Megazone 23 Part 1.  You got a oldly dubbed that really fits about as well into robotech franchise about as much as Sabian's trailer fits into the Anime.  With a really bad you get a movie almost lost in time due to flood where the movie held.  Some supplemental was on recent Robotech collection.

6. Speed Racer.  Nothing against show but this is on the list cause they did the dub 4 actors.  4!  They admit they did and it shows a lot of times when they don't always be hide the fact.
5. Mew Mew Power.  This could have been worse at one time it was going to be called New York Mew Mew.  That is right they were going to change the title from Tokyo Mew Mew to that and change the setting.  Thankfully they didn't but dub was bad and show was quickly canceled.  Sadly did so much damage by that time that show never got a real dvd release here.
4. ADV's Slayers OVA/Movies dub.  They couldn't Lisa Ortiz they got voice actor that was bad.  Naga is at first but her voice laugh gets annoying after time.  They didn't get any of the voice actors for the last one they did Slayers Premium.  So all the voice cast really weird next to the TV series.
3. Cardcaptors.  A great magical girl show gets turned into team show.  Episodes where shown out of order or cut.
2. Transformers Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory international dub.  Hilariously bad dub that gets everything wrong.  From the characters names to even times with mouth flaps, what little there is at times.  With a voice cast of 4 or 5 people who english isn't any better then mine at times.
1. 4kids' One Piece dub.  From a opening theme that was nowhere near the original, to some of the most crazy edits of blood and weapons.  Some dumb voice choices.  Takes a real cool pirate Anime into just an okay one.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sailor Moon: A look back at how first impression are not everything. (Originally posted March 30)

    It's funny how weird world works sometimes.  I been anime fan really most of my life.  Some of my favorite shows as a kid Transformers, Voltron, Robotech, and others that are either animated are some part done in Japan.  I even knew of Speed Racer and Astro Boy back then before I know of anime.  Early 90s I found out about anime through things like Sci-fI Anime weekend.  Yes way before late night block Sci-Fi aired anime like Project A-Ko, Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival, Galaxy Express 999 movies.  I was still casual viewer getting a few titles here there.  Even some through time life or whatever it was that was offering like 9 anime movies that including Akira.
    At the time there was one show I didn't like.  That was Sailor Moon.  You see as a kid I would be afraid of the dark so leave TV on in my room.  I got so use to it hard not to sleep with it off.  So come 95/96 sailor moon shows up at 6 am.  Anyone who has heard English dub song knows it and imagine waking up for school everyday to it.  My school days were not fun as it was being bullied so getting up to song I though was annoying was not good thing.  Didn't help it was a girl show and that wasn't something I wanted to watch.  Later it moved to a afternoon time slot but I didn't want anything to do with it.  One day I decide what the heck I will watch after school and my god was I wrong.  The show was really good.  I found the characters to be really good and well the whole thing of Tuxedo Mask not telling Sailor Moon why he was breaking up her bothered.  So of course I couldn't wait for next episode except the English dub had been canceled.  Yes that is right I finally decide to watch right at the end of it's first run on US TV.  To say I have bad luck or timing would be nice. 
    My interest peek I took to the internet to look for it and found out more.  I found out more not just Sailor Moon but Anime.  I started to do find out about both more.  I went toys r us and bought sailor moon tapes.  Yeah the ones in pink tape cases but I wanted to see more of the show.  I even got sub tapes from friends online for free of episodes not aired and episodes after words.   I even found out there was Japanese Transformers series that was exclusive to Japan.   Transformers is still one of my favorite franchises and to find out there was stuff not here blew my mind. I later got them on tape and then got the dvds.  It was thanks to Sailor Moon.  It was also thanks to sailor moon that started buying more anime as I looked for new tape release of SM.  Beyond Doom Tree release there wasn't anything till the show got re licensed and later aired on Cartoon Network. 
    My peek was interest and my love for anime was growing.  I found places on aol to talk to people and some of those people I still am friends with.   I got into more Anime and even manga thanks to Sailor Moon.  I also started to look at things different.  If I was wrong about Sailor Moon then maybe I was wrong about other shows that seem girly or comic books in black and white.  I found out I was wrong and I started reading manga and indie comic books that were b/w.  I started to change where as long as something was good to me and I didn't care what it was.  I already did that for years without knowing it in music but finally started to like other things for what they were.
    Now almost 16 years after first watching Sailor Moon it's still my favorite show.  Yes though last two season are not as good as the first three but show still awesome.  Still helped me get through some bad times in my life those tapes.  Thanks to that one watching I now have huge tape collection, dvd collection, manga collection.  I guess my parents can blame why I spend so much of my money on them over the years sailor moon.  To me I don't blame it I thank the show as it helped my eyes to so much more out there.  It is funny all because of a show that I first hated.   Goes to show you can't always judge a book cover or how first impression are not everything.

I am still trying to figure a way to set my camera up better before doing more videos.  I may trying to get tripod more then anything.  Till then I will be doing more top 10 lists and text reviews if I get the time.  In june I will be at Anime Next 2012 and will be filming and taking photos.  Those will be posted some fashion on the site.  Anyone else in NJ/NY/east coast going I will be the big guy wearing a Transformers or Voltron t-shirt caring Sgt. Frog messenger bag.  I will also hopeful be hosting my first panel at this year called: Spoilers! The Good, The Bad, The WTF of Anime Endings.  I haven't heard if I been accepted yet or not but if I am please stop on by.

Titanic and Dwanye McDuffie (Originally posted April 5)

Okay this maybe a bit weird topic title but yesterday was a long day and a couple of things happen.  Just they were both on my mind after yesterday.  I wanted to get thoughts off my chest about them.
    After going to the comic book store (new comic day after all) I went to see Titanic 3D with my nephews and my mom.  Quick on the movie the 3d is nice some parts and doesn't add a lot.  Is it worth the extra?  Maybe not but if you are fan of the movie it is experience to see it theaters.  Though they do add three minutes I think based on runtime.  If I am wrong please call me out on out.  Looked like it had a few deleted scenes.  Not to much but there are other deleted scenes out there.  I still like the movie.
    Now back to titanic itself.  I been interested in the titanic since I was kid and heard about it.  Probably my first intro to it was a live tv special going down to the wreck that aired on NY channel 11 (better known now in the area as CW11 now).  I will never forget that special because I swear I saw a skeleton head.  Now it may have been doll but scared me as a kid but didn't stop from finding out more about it.  Just with re release I sort of start to realize next saturday 100 anniversary of sinking.  Sort of weird to think I am old enought to experience that.  Makes me feel old and realize just how long ago this was.  I think it sort of hit me in that way that how long been following it.  Really make me feel old again.  What fascinated me and still does a bit is that how can a ship like that sink.  What mistakes were and what happen.  The story really deep and sad when you think about it is really lesson in over confidence.  They thought it would never sink so they would never need enough life boats.  They thought it would never be sunk and goes to show anything can happen in life.  Sometimes it is better to be better prepared and never think bad could happen.
    Why bring Dwayne McDuffie up too?  Well at the comic book store I got Justice League: Doom.  After I got home and I started watching the extras.  I don't have a review of that because I haven't watched the whole movie yet.  Again it hit me that how this guy had influence on me but I didn't realize it till after he died.  I'm not good with names especially in comics.  Alex Ross, Peter David, Mark Waid, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Robert Kirkman, and some others I know.   I'm sort of ashamed with myself that I didn't realize before how much Dwayne had my life from comic book fan to animation fan.  I never realize he worked on Ben 10 or Justice League.  I knew he created and worked on several Milestone books.  They were great books and Static Shock cartoon was one of my favorite toons.  Oh hell he wrote pretty good She-Hulk comic (one of my favorite comic characters) and I never realized.   I'm mad at myself and embarrassed that I didn't realize before.  Not first time it has happen.  There been voice actors, actors, and other writers that has been in last few years.  It sort makes me wish I could better follow what they done but I'm not always good with that.  Should say that we should appreciate the people who have impact on us in pop culture before they die.  It shouldn't take their death for us to do that.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go See The Avengers! A Short Non Spoiler Review and some on AMC Marathon. (Originally posted may 4)

I am writing this day after a long day of seeing all the movies up to Avengers at Midnight.  I know better people are going to do longer reviews but brain a little fried still.  First time I went to a midnight screening of anything. Was packed the whole time and it was fun. One thing can't help traffic getting which is why I didn't get home to 4 from leaving at 2:40 am. Avengers movie was awesome. I probably like Incredible Hulk Movie more then I did today. I will say there were great moments you just dream of seeing on film. I love intros from Agent Coulson including one to Captain American that gets call back in Avengers. Everyone in theater stan lee cameos and even lou Ferigno cameo in incredible hulk.  This was a comic book crowd and you can tell.  They were having a ball even by the end.  One guy who had a captain america hoodie with cap shield saying avengers assemble before Avengers starts and crowd cheers.  Yeah I guess you can say little things nit pick but there are few that there isn't.  One person that gets controlled half the movie I wish didn't and that one sad moment I couldn't help being sad.  There are some greats nods back to the other movies that tie everything back together.  I am not kidding about some fights.  Really you should go see this.  You will laught, cry, cheer and enjoy yourself.  One other thing I hope squeal features more female avengers like Wasp and even maybe She-Hulk.

Anime Next 2012

Find out my panel Spoilers! The Good, The Bad, The WTF of Anime endings has been accepted as panel at Anime Next 2012.  Anyone in the area or going to it here in New Jersey (June 8-10) please stop by the panel.  It will be a bit interactive but I don't know what time it will be at.  More likely won't know till around the schedule closer to being finalized.  I'm guessing that will be around middle of next month or right before con.  Here is a better idea what it is:

Spoilers!  Anime endings seem to at times evoke aery of emotions.  From the ones that make you laugh to smile to cry to scream.  This about those kinda and those that will make you scream no over and over again.  This panel will go over them and then open it up to those in attendance (if there is time left over).  Be warned there will be spoilers.  Be ready if you don't know how Anime like Sailor Moon or Evangelion or others end.
My videos from last years AN:
Where my photos from previous AN are:

Anime Next Web Site

Also making plans to possible take train down for Magfest in January.

Battle Royale Complete Collection: A Recommendation. (originally posted march 14)

This really isn't a review but a Recommendation as I been a big fan of Battle Royale saga.  I have novel and Manga that Tokyopop and well the movies in a way.  Next week first Battle Royale movie is finally released in US on dvd (Not counting the region 2 US release) and on blu ray.  I got my copy from right stuf early as the release officially not till this tuesday.  This is awesome movie and still holds up well.  The drama and action and story of these trying to survive in impossible situation.  Well my collection also came with second movie.  Well it's inferior squeal in every way.  The movie becomes more of allegory of afghan war and pretty much against.  From what I read the people behind the movie wanted the controversy.  I mean they don't hide the fact that is allegory for it.  They don't hate this movie is pretty much anti us.  They don't say US but from Riki war rant at the start to well the whole afghan thing.  The end the movie in the country (again without calling it that) and show footage that seems to be taken from it.  I do recommended the complete collection if you like to watch the special features.  There are ton of them and collection features both (theatrical and directors) version of first movie.  Single dvd features the director's cut.  I didn't want to spoil the second one in case anyone did want to watch it but it did piss me off the plot a bit when I heard about.

April Fools Day and how cruel the day could be. (Oirginally posted april 2)

I wasn't really planning something like this but some stuff came up yesterday that really bothered me.  As many of you know yesterday was april fools day.  For some it's a day to play jokes on their friends and family.  Lately become a place people can play jokes to whole internet.  Sometimes funny and sometimes they can just be really cruel.  To me april fools day was a day in school that I hated.  Being the kid that was bullied in school they would use it to play pranks and all kinds crap on me.
       So this year I wasn't really looking forward to another one as still people I know like to play jokes or even internet ones.  To my surprise on saturday I find tom and toonami on adult swim in a april fools prank pulled by Adult Swim/Cartoon Network.  Seems they do one every year decide to bring Toonami back for day for this years.  So you get Bleach but after it Gundam Wing, DBZ, Tenchi Muyo OVA, Big O. Yu Yu Hakusho, Trigun, Sub Marine No 6, Astro Boy, Gignator.  A better lineup then that is on any day on Cartoon Network or Adult Swim any day.  To any old fan of toonami who didn't realize this was one day thing it is pretty cruel to get there hopes up.  Yeah it was great that it was but still not funny to fans who missed it because was advertised or to fooled into believing this was something that would happen ever week.
       Another example is there is a story from 2009 about signal from Doctor Who episodes returning from space.  Except it was posted april 1, 2009.  April fools.   With 106 episodes (missing 108 at the time) it is cruel to anyone who sees the story not realizing it was posted 4/1/09. 
       Then there is story yesterday about DC doing a new Spoiler series funded by kick starter.  Yeah that is not funny as fans actually really have come to like Stephanie Brown and people want to see her comic again.  We know it is april fools joke even before reading story because DC keeps saying there are no plans for her over and over again!  Why?  Because there idiots who despite no buying the books with think people want to see OMAC, Batwing, Frankstein, I, Vampire, and other stuff not selling.  It is not funny to play a joke like this on someone who didn't convention reports from day before.
       People may think it is funny to play jokes on people and sometimes it is.  April fools jokes can be taken to far and this was just some examples off to of my head.  There have been more of them and even more crueler then these.

RIP Dick Clark (original posted April 18)

Today is a bit of sad as I just left the comic book store and heading to get some new socks when my called.  She told me that Dick Clark had died.  Now I am not someone who grew with american bandstand.  Sadly I think it was on here when I was in school during 80s.  What I will remember dick for is the 25,000 Pyramid and being one of favorite game shows growing up.  Also watching Bloopers and Practical Jokes which was funny as hell.  To me more then anything will always be watching New Year's eve every year since I was teenager.  He would be only I watch then sadly he stroke.  He came back but didn't feel like he was there anymore.  That was sad seeing what had happen to him but found out today that he was the one that wanted to come back.  I think he still wanted to come out every year for fans.  New Year's this going to be hard without him even though he was barley there after returning from the stroke.   Kenny Rogers was on tv telling a story after I got home how he was on Bandstand when he was 19 and how Dick never remembered that he performed on the show at 19.  There are probably lots of stories better people could tell but I just interesting that even though Dick didn't remember kenny's he launched his and so many others.  Rest in peace Dick Clark.  You earned it.

Catching up since I can post again

18 Mistakes Of DC Reboot:
I been harsh on DC since the reboot and to me for good reason.  DC keeps making it easy to be hard on them all the time and harder to continue read even the books I like.  So here is my 18 mistakes of DC reboot.
18. What is in continuity and what is not.  Seriously dc can't even make up there mind what is and what isn't.  Depends on who you ask and at what time.
17. DC Reboot Wonder Woman.  Seriously WTF?  From a ugly color scheme to the fact that she more of angry amazon then she ever was.  To new origin that makes me wish her mother was rapped.  To gods redesign being ugly.
16. Mixed messages when comes to sexiness in DCU.  Female costumes became less sexy unless you were villain or Wonder Woman or Starfire.  So instead characters actions are over sexed.  Stuff like Catwoman/Batman scene from Catwoman #1 and Starfire from Red Hood and Outlaws.
15. Suicide Squad is not a good replacement for Secret Six.  DC said after reboot that it was but it's no where near as good.
14. Static Shock mess.  I couldn't go fully into the mess that was creatively behind the scene but this book was mishandled.  There was a ton of problems behind the scenes which obviously led to wrong direction for character and book canceled.
13. Original Legion Of Super Heroes continue.  I am not fan of the original as much as I am Zero Hour version and well being stuck what still feels like middle of story still doesn't help.
12. Rob Liefield.  I'm not a hater as much as anyone but they continue to give this guy work despite the fact that he keeps killing any series he works on.
11. Curse Of Shazam.  Okay this maybe jumping the gun but Geoff Johns and dc have decided to change the Captain Marvel's name to Shazam (DC should try to get name back).  This guy wrote Black Adam better and even forced Billy to leave JSA because he was in relationship with Stargirl.  Wait if he just said the truth about his age then and that were same age then it wouldn't a problem.  That was dumb.  Oh yeah and Johns solution to Mary being evil?  Turn billy evil and then have both of them lose there powers.  Yeah I'm suppose to have confidence in back up that also changes CM's costume.  Why?
10. JSA/Earth 2.  I am not of fan of the whole JSA being put back on earth 2.  Well we may not even really get this.  Who knows anymore but JSA miss use it's own is bad post reboot.
9. Bad characters and ideas getting chance in spotlight.  Why waste the paper?  I, Vampire, Frankstein, OMAC, Batwing, Men Of War, Damien etc.  How many great characters were not being used for them?
8. Superboy.  Pre Reboot fan favorite character that had spent years before death and after return as great character.  In his own book, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Superman.  Post reboot?  Annoying emo like character that has undone everything great about the character.  One of the worst book of the reboot that just waiting for something to break out and start to see real Superboy.  No we get a version of Young Justice cartoon Superboy but has been set free of people who made him.  Which works for cartoon but not really the comics.  Christmas issue he sets fire to Rockefeller center Christmas tree.  WTF?
7. Teen Titans.  From the continue use of bad costumes (tron anyone with the upcoming new ones) to just horrible new characters.  One guy I swear seems to be stereotypical gay character as you can get.  The writer trying to say by the way this character gay.  Wonder Girl WTF?  She should have been called Red Ridding Thief now.
6. Wildstorm Universe being put into DCU.  They have done it so horribly.  From Authority being demoted back to stormwatch to two wildcats solo books instead of one to horrible use of Fairchild in Superboy.
5. Horrible costumes.  Jim Lee is a great artist when he wants to draw but can't design costumes.  Nothing new if you look at Wild Cats costumes back in the day they were exactly the greatest.  Seemingly took the worst designs they could come up with and went with them.
4. Marriages being like disease.  Seriously I don't think marriage exists anymore in the Reboot DCU.  If you were married in DCU pre reboot sorry.  Even Apollo/Midnight who DC/Wildstorm was praised for and writer said they will get back together.  Yeah right.  I will believe that when I hear it has happen.  Flash, Superman, and everyone else poof no longer married.
3. Reboot Superman.  No marriage.  Grant Morrison seemingly to me wanting to do his version of Smallville's later seasons.  Absolutely the worst costumes for superman ever.  Electric ones were better.  One cover to Action Comics in May makes Braniac's shadow look like Hentai Monster.
2. Missing and miss use of characters  From Wally West to Donna Troy to Shazam Family reboot had to many good characters missing while we had to put with the lame characters.  People come up with lame excuse of Wally can't fit into the new reboot.  If barry been doing this for at least 5 years then he could have had Wally a kid Flash and then he retired.  Got married and had kids.  Could have explained it that.  I came up with that in a few minutes.  Where stephanie brown?  Why Power Girl up till may regulated to very minor character in Mister Terrific?  Raven and Beast boy so far just appear splash page in TT #1.  That was until a red Beast Boy appears in Ravagers?  WTF?  I could go into PG thing in it's own spot but no room.
1. Reboot itself.  I could do 15 reasons why it should never happen but didn't find a place for it on the list.  It just didn't work and DC got the numbers in first couple of months and still top 10.  The problem is sales numbers of have come back down and that like being best team in worst division in sports.  If they had hyped it as much without a reboot and with better stuff then this may have worked.  Get back to what brought fans into comic books first place.  Don't insult people's intelligence as the reboot does.

15 Things Currently Wrong With Marvel:
15. Current Incredible Hulk book.  Just the whole Hulk vs Banner split fight again just nothing a lot new.  Just stupid.
14. Punisher.  Oh Punisher what have they done to you.
13. Flash Thompson as Venom.  Why?  Of all the stupid of stupid things you could come up with.
12. Alternate covers.  A few years ago this would have been higher on the list but marvel doesn't do this as much as they use to.  They still do these lame alternate covers months every once in a while.
11. Future Foundation costumes.  WTF?  They are the most bland and ugly costumes for FF ever.  Hopefully they will be gotten ride of.
10. To many books for a character.  I know sometimes you want to tie into a movie but or popular character but did Deadpool really need 5 books?  I like the character but was overkill.  Thor, Captain America, Iron Man books that have flooded the market have been way to many.  Then there is wolverine.  Yeah all his books and books he appear in.  Enough said.
9. Death being a joke.  DC was at fault for this to but seems to have pulled back a bit on it.  Marvel continues to make death a joke where characters don't even stay dead for a month or two anymore.  You are trying to make money with a big death but the impact isn't there anymore.  People know that most characters will come back sooner or later.
8. Lateness of books.  I got to give DC one thing only one book since reboot has been late.  Marvel continues to fail at getting books out on time.  How do tpbs come out late?
7. Crossovers.  There have been way to many of them in recent years from Marvel.  From big over bloated ones to smaller ones.  People are tired of them and why even though they may still sell the number that do have been shrinking.  Maybe a clue as to the fact fans are tired of them.  Don't call it editoral event or crossover event or event.  It's a crossover.  Your not fooling anyone.
6. The fact that OMD hasn't been undone yet.  I have not bought a regular MU Spider-Man book since OMD and the only one I will buy will be because of She-Hulk being in it.  I have no interest in what they have done to spidey and his villains.
5. Use of Kitty Pryde.  Now being killed from inside by millions of brood.  Why?  Do the writers of the x-books hate this character this much that they can't stop doing bad things to her.  Being shot in space.  Stuck in dumb looking space armor.  Split up with Colossus for stupid reasons.  Now this.
4. Avengers.  See my rant on Bendis' run.  This may change when Bendis leave but I'm not holding my breath.
3. Half of the X-Men books.  This would have been all of the books but there was before Wolverine took half the x-men back to where the belong on east coast.  I was against the whole move to San Francisco and pretty much was when I stopped reading X-Men.  Well you got Colossus pretending to be juggernaught.  Jublie a vampire.  Hope being useless as supposed savior of mutants.  How could you trust cyclops anymore after pretty much bringing them to death trap where nothing good has happen since moving to the island.  If I was x-man I leave the moment Wolverine said he was reopening the school.
2. 3.99 price tags for regular book.  They don't seem to learn that people don't like when they do that and that most fans can't afford that price.  You want less people buying you books put more books at 3.99.  A lot people can't afford the 2.99 price tags either.  Even worse they skimp on some of the books with story being shorter then normal.
1. Marvel's use of real She-Hulk Jennifer Walters.  I am a big fan of She-Hulk and even though she seems to be making a come back in may come june she probably won't be in any books again.  Lyra and Betty get more use in books lately other her short appearences in FF.  The problem goes back to use Hulk.  When Peter David was writing her book Jeph Loeb was using her a punching bag.  After her book the way she was used in hulk books was criminal at times.  From 6 months to year not disappeared and then seemingly to be dead or crazy red she-hullk.  Then after the horrible World War Hulks she spends most of battles in Incredible Hulk doing nothing.  Standing around or just getting punched or not even used.  Then Chaos War she doesn't even appear in the final issue even though she went with all the other hulks.  Then depowered in Greg Pak's last story arc on Incredible Hulk and was suppose to have defining moment that never happen.  Then just disappears from anything other then Fanstatic Four with Betty taking what should be her spot in Defenders.  Betty wasn't a she-hulk then she be the one bruce have them help the team.  I can even go back to the fact Avengers Dissembled garbage.  Marvel should be ashamed of themselves for how they have treated one of there most popular female characters.

My Top Ten Favorite Comic Book Companies:
If you can't tell I'm not a big fan of Marvel or DC at the moment.  So here are my top ten comic companies right now and books why they are to me.  PS: Why posting all these as finally have time to get around to doing these and my laptop works again.
10. Antartic Press. Gold Digger, Last Zombie, Ninja High School (whenever it returns)
9. Archie.  Megaman, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Universe.
8. Aspen. Fathom and Soulfire
7. Viz. Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Pokemon, and more.
6. Zenescope. Grim Fairy Tailes, Charmed, Wonderland.
5. Yen Press. Highschool Of The Dead, When They Cry, Black Butler Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
4. Dark Horse. Conan, Angel, Buffy, Star Wars, Usagi Yojimbo, Manga.
3. Image. Invincible, Savage Dragon, Walking Dead, Witchblade, Avengelyne, Hack/Slash.
2. IDW.  Transformers, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, Star Trek, 30 Days Of Night, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
1. Dynamite.  Shadow, Red Sonjay, Army Of Darkness, Lord Of Jungle, Warlord Of Mars, Vampirella, Green Hornet, Voltron, Zorro, Lone Ranger, Alpha and Omega.

The 10 Worst Crossovers Of Last Decade:
You can call whatever you want.  Crossovers or events or editorial events but they are all the same.  Over the last decade we have seen some of the worst and most over bloated crossovers.  Ones that make the 90s ones tame.  Here my list of what I think are 10 worst ones from last 10 years.
10. Chaos War.  I know this seems weird to be on the list but this wasn't a bad mini crossover.  The problem comes in a poorly done  final issue featuring characters that are suppose to at final fight missing.  Plus you have Hercules losing his powers (which I think was a editorial mandate) and Alpha Flight being the only characters coming back.  Editorial mandate that Yellow Jacket and Swordsman were not allowed to come back.  Dumb!  :(
9. Amazon Attacks.  Can't really say more then what been said by Linkara in his video but this was awful that ruined Amazons, the gods, Wonder Woman mythos.
8. Dark Reign.  Really bad idea to darken marvel even more with Green Goblin in charge.  Yeah that was dumb.
7. Spider-Island.  Dumb idea that is poor done  with lame tie ins.  Spider Herc?  Oy!  Also points off for not having Mary Jane keep her powers at the end.
6. World War Hulks.  How to you take concept of being a hulk and making joke out of it?  By making a ton of stupid looking hulks including fellow heroes.  Lame idea, bad writing, and really only saves it at any point is last two of Savage She-Hulks mini-series.
5. Secret Invasion.  Skrulls having replaced the heroes over time?  Pretty good idea and way to fix Civil War and some other bad ideas from marvel over the years.  Did they do that?  Did they reveal that the one who came up with law behind Civil War was written by a skrull?  Nope.  Did they fix beast back to classic version?  Nope.  Bendis said that he actually like Morrison version.  Yeah more people at marvel agree with that one then fans.  Well they did bring back Mockingbird which was good but marvel miss use of her and Hawkeye hasn't been.  Bendis made the badass Spider-Woman been skrull the whole time.  Why?  Why?
4. Final Crisis.  What happens if you try read a book and there pages missing.  Like they been ripped out.  That sort like what trying to read Final Crisis is.  Dumb idea stuff never explained.  Bad writing from Grant Morrison.  Why did Mary Marvel have to be evil and her costume like a prostitute? 
3. Civil War.  Boring, to long, and predictable lame ending.  Could have gone a different way but nope.  When you start with New Warriors being killed and blamed for everything.  Just lame and insults the fans.
2. Blackest Night.  High body count.  Awful idea.  Marvel Zombies was a cool idea because it's not in regular marvel universe.  This doesn't work because it continued to kill characters just to kill them.  In the end brought back the wrong people.  No ted kord or some other characters that were really killed just to do it.  Really people wanted osiris to be brought back.
1. Countdown.  Wait countdown?  It's horrible 52 issue mini-series.  Yeah but has so many crossover/tie in books that pretty much it could be consider one.  If you seen Linkara's review this was a pretty bad one.  The tie in books were pretty bad.  Death Of New Gods was just excuse to kill off New Gods to set up Grant Morrison's Fifth World but that never happen.  There amazons attack which was horrible.  I could go into rant on messing Mary Marvel up just for Grant Morrison.

Top 11 Favorite Books Of Last Decade:
I'm re posting this because I forget one huge book and I changed a spoiler.  So far I been really harsh on marvel and dc.  To me for pretty good reason.  Also the reason I been reading less and less of main companies books.  In last decade there have been some really good books and here are the 10 I really enjoyed the most.
11. Walking Dead.  I was a huge fan of this series.  A new take on zombie apocalypse.  Robert Kirkman hit all the right buttons.  Created a batch of characters we cared about and greatly translated to TV screen AMC.  Series lost me though when they killed a very major character.  That really made me mad.
10. Loners.  What happens to a bunch of heroes after they stop being heroes.  Loners featured a group of heroes struggling to live normal lives.  Really enjoyable look at heroes version of what you see some teen actors go through.  Really enjoyable look at minor characters too that hadn't gotten much of spotlight years.  What can I say darkhawk was a favorite series of mine in 90s.
9. DMZ.  This would have higher but sometimes strange choices and the way story went kept it back.  Really a good story about what would happen if another civil war was fought in USA.
8. Invincible.  I almost forget this one rushing to finish this last night.  Robert Kirkman proves he is a great writer again tackling super heroes.  Teen struggling with super powers, school, love and betrayal that shocking hits so close to home.  As times has gone I haven't always agreed with how things have gone and I'm not sure about this new Invincible.  I hate when characters I like get replaced.  Really what kept it down is like the whole in space arc to long and well Kirkman problems getting this book out on time.  I mean there was time when he said that we will get this and Walking Dead out on time.  That last a couple of months.  Maybe the book will right itself and new invincible thing won't last long.
7. Runaways.  A bunch of young kids find out there parents are super villains.  What do they do?  Steal stuff from them and run away from the problem.  After beating there parents it become enjoyable book about kids discovering who they are.  One of the most original books Marvel has come up with in recent years.  I rather read them again in regular book I guess avengers academy will do then nothing.
6. Spider-Girl.  Not the arana one.  The real one that came from What If issue.  Spider-Man daughter stories were amazing well written dealing school, heroics, love, parents that don't want you to be Spider-Girl.  Yes series started in 1999 but ran through most of the decade.  Sad that this book isn't still going and someone else had her name.
5. Y The Last Man.  You think being last man on earth with a ton of woman would sexual paradise for that guy but not for Yorick Brown.  In one of the most original and awesome books of the last decade  Yorick journey across a world devesated by a mysterious plague draws the reader in.  Just sad had to end but really ending didn't much either.
4. Stephanie Brown's Batgirl series.  If Barbara returning as Batgirl was little scary well anyone remember the fans fist thoughts to Spoiler taking over Cassandra Cain.  There was huge backlash at first and series came out.   What we got is a well written series of Stephanie struggling to balance college and super heroes.  Also at times trying to prove she belongs not just batgirl but heroine and hiding the whole thing from her mother.  Sad that this book was canceled with reboot like Secret Six and stephanie still MIA.  Batman Inc appearance doesn't count since the story was pre reboot.
3. Gail Simone's run on Birds Of Prey, Secret Six, Wonder Woman, Batgirl.  From Birds Of Prey to Secret Six to Wonder Woman to even her current run on Batgirl.  It's very hard to pick one book so I chose the four of them.  From great team dynamic of BOP to taking a bunch of B level villains and making readers care by making them interesting.  Her wonder woman was so good it's makes JMS run, current book, Amazon Attacks all look amateurish in comparison.  Batgirl went from a book I didn't want to like but tried.  Now one of my favorite books thanks to vulnerable Barbara struggling to get back into being a hero,  Taking us on her journey to working through the fears and pains of returning after being shot by joker.  Looking forward to where this goes. 
2. Power Girl.  I'm huge fan of strong heroines well PG wasn't just strong.  Gorgeous artwork and great writing that fleshed out the character made this fun read every month it's early issues.  When creative team changed it was still enjoyable though the whole Max Lord stealing causing the company go bankrupt went to long.  Sad that she been pretty forgotten other then regulated to ex girlfriend of Mr. Terrific till World's Finest at least they kept the Star business from comic.
1. She-Hulk.  Dan Slott and Peter David's runs on the book were excellent.  Dan Slott enjoyable mix of super heroes and lawler stuff.  David later run bring the action back to the character that fans demand but I did miss lawyer stuff.  Really better then way she was written at the time in Hulk though.

Honorable mentions:
Gold Digger
Lone Ranger
Moonstone's Phantom
Ninja High School
IDW's Transformers and GI Joe books.
Antartic Press' Last Zombie books.
All Star Superman
Gotham City Sirens
Geoff John's run on JSA.
Geoff John's short run on Avengers.
Paul Dini's runs on Detective Comics
Green Lantern Rebirth
Hack/Slash.  This one just barley missed the list.  Great series.

My Top 11 Internet Reviewers:
11. SF Debris.  Him and Nash really helped me get into classic doctor who.  Being able to look where to start as he done videos on that.  Plus who's who of doctor who and great look at missing episodes.  Plus whole thing on how the episodes are missing what happen to them.  Also does some fun reviews of Star Trek and other sci-fi shows.
10. Derek The Bard.  I really like his reviews because there are few out there that look at comically at books as he does.  Plus he gets a bonus in my book for loving Atomic Robo.  He did remind me of a book I been meaning to get for a while.
9. Phill from The Bunny Perspective.  What can I say there isn't anything like watching a review of movies and anime (sometimes) from puppets perspective.  He is funny and enjoyable to watch.
8. Video Games Awesome.  It is fun to watch them play and review the games live, on blip, or youtube.  Help them out and hey if you are in chat your comments on the show sometimes.
7. JewWario.  I love look at import games and not just.  He tries to help you find way play on it your system.  I love the fact branching out to Kamen Rider movies and stuff like that.
6. Phelous.  Even though I disagree with him turtles forever but love his look at bad horror movies.  Hey he doesn't even have problem making fun of his own Mortal Komedy.  When you look back at Lost and the Man In Black like he did he has a point about it.
5. Cinema Snob.  I just love watching his tearing apart some of the worst trash in cinema.  Though I have to keep sound down on some videos.  I hate to hear someone I live with some of noises from the movies he reviews.
4. Obscurus Lupa.  From Howling series to Subspecies series to even We Wish A Turtle christmas (which I didn't even know existed to her review).  I just love her videos.  From stupid action to stupid horror to whatever.  April fools star wars: a new hope was great.  Scott Shaw be damned.
3. Nostalgia Critic.  What can I say as the guy the site That Guy With The Glasses is named is very funny.  Even if you agree with him or not always finds ways to entertain.
2. Nash.  Why Radio Dead Air?  Well his Doctor Who review are fun well WTFIWWY is one of the funniest shows I watch weekly.  Oh heck despite chat not loading for me right I still watch live edition ever week.  Oh heck he introduced me to Derek The Bard videos as he showed them from time to time.
1. Linakara.  I am a huge comic book fan and always nice to find someone who comics that hates One More Day as I do.  Someone also who hates some of things marvel and dc do as I do.  Well we might not always agree on books but story lines are fun and well references to Doctor Who, Pokemon, Star Trek make me geek out.