Thursday, October 27, 2016

TWF's Thursday Night Wars-October 27-Surviving Months 2016 Day 24 results

1. Vlad beat Icarus
2. Black Valkyrie wrestled Nightmare and Dangerous Warriors to a Double DQ.
3. Adam Cole beat Impaler
4. Taion and Guile beat Bruise Brothers
Cyrus Bourne was seen being made and sad backstage.  Sami Zayn came up to saying what is wrong and Cyrus mentioned not being in Surviving Months 2016.  Sami cheered him up saying he give Cyrus title match whenever he wanted.
5. Jim Brooks beat James Storm
6. Hot and Spicy beat Trooper 1 and 2
7. Speedster Lite beat Tye Dillinger
8. Hoodies beat Rhendo and Blanka to retain TWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
9. Sagat beat Power Donity to retain the ECW World Hardcore Title.

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