Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This Day In Wrestling History-January 25 (Birthdays, Semifinal Round Of EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Tournament, Barbecue wins Commishinership Of EUWF, Night Brothers Haunted By Their Past?, Ric Flair takes back over cleaning house and giving Jericho EUWF World Heavyweight Title, Royal Rumble 2004/2009/2015, Samoa Joe/Undertaker, The Family celebration gets interrupted)

This Day In Wrestling History-January 25:

1968: 49 Years Ago RJ Hammer Was Born.

1978: 39 Years Ago Today I (Supermutant2099) Was Born.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-1/25/1999 results:
RJ Hammer and Ric Flair came to the ring.
"Today is a very special day.  As a lot of you know its RJ's birthday tonight.  Bring out the cake."  Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Lady Speed, Lady Hammer, Tommy Dreamer, came to the ring with a cake.  Rachel takes the mic.
"We were talking and we decide that we are giving you the night off.  Just go back to your locker room and enjoy the cake.  We will take care of everything tonight." 
"Okay and good luck tonight."  They left the ring and went to the back.
1. Sgt. and Roadblock beat Doomsday and Venom.  The end came when Lady Doomsday came to the ring and threw something into Doomsday's eyes.  Sgt. rolled him up for the three count.
2. Taion beat Spirit
3. Massacre, Hulk, Destroyer beat Crazy and Guile
4. Sagat and Psycho beat Nightmare in a Semifinal Match of the tag team tournament.
5. Rey Misterio Jr, Joe, Barbecue, American Heroes beat Snake Eyes, Shadow Ninja, White Ninja, Samurai Kid, Ninja Kid.
Machine and E. Hounda are shown standing outside one of the wrestler's locker room.  Hounda got a cup to the door and his ear. 
"What are they talking about Evan?"
"I don't know.  I can't hear them clearly enough."  Hulk Hogan, Raven, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Bill Goldberg came out of the locker room. 
"Come on.  You two will come with us."  All seven headed to the ring.  They challenged RJ Hammer and Ric Flair to come up with two partners.  Bison came out with Commander and their group.
"Hey Hogan!  You forget about us?  Lets make it a three way dance later tonight."
"Okay but only if its traditional tag team rules.  That means one man from each team in the ring.  No double elimination either." 
"No problem.  Makes it easy for our guys to just beat one team to win the three way dance."  RJ showed up on the big screen.
"I love to wrestle but I got the night off since its my birthday.  If my friends don't mind I won't take the whole night off.  Me, Ric, and two partners of our choice?  Sounds good to me.  Ric?"
"Get a chance at Hogan?  You couldn't stop me with the cops."
6. Giant Knight beat Disco Inferno
7. Chris Benoit beat Blood Knight
8. Booker T beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley
9. Bret Hart beat Bam Bam Bigelow to retain the EUWF US Title.
10. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks in a Semifinal Match of the tag team tournament.  The ref was distracted by Francine and Debra who were fighting.  Sagat and Psycho came out to the ring.  Sagat did a reverse power bombed on Speedster and Psycho power bombed Brooks.  Jarrett covered Speedster and the ref made the three count as Sagat and Psycho leaves.
11. RJ Hammer, Ric Flair, Public Enemy beat Hollywood Hogan/Bill Goldberg/Machine/E Hounda and Commander/Mike Bison/Kane/Undertaker in a three way dance.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-1/25/2001 results:
The show started with Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Lady Speed, Michelle, Joe, Doomsday, Venom, Piloit, Naughty By Nature, Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Jericho brining in a giant birthday cake into RJ Hammer's locker room.
Everyone: "Happy Birthday!"
RJ: "Thanks you guys."
Michelle: "You take the night off and we take care of everything."
RJ: "No way.  Last time I did that on my birthday it almost became a nightmare show and I didn't have to take the night off.  Tonight we got a lot to take care of."

Commissioner's Tournament-Round 1:

1. Barbecue beat Steve Austin
2. The Cat beat Machine
3. Joe beat Mike Sanders
4. Jesus Bison beat Shane Douglas

1. The Cat beat Barbecue
2. Jesus Bison beat Joe

1. Barbecue beat Jesus Bison to win the commissionership.

Non Tournament Matches:
Mark Night and Chris Night were supposed to face Edge and Christian.  They stood in the ring waiting but were told they weren't in the building and had never got to the building.  Out of nowhere two guys dressed as Spider-Man and Wolverine came through the crowd and attacked Mark Night and Chris Night.  Taion tried to help but got hit with a double chair shot right away.  The two beat up on Mark and Chris and then left.  Coming back from commercial, the two guys in costume celebrate with Jesus Bison in the back.
Jesus: "The past always comes back to haunt you Mark Night and Chris Night."
1. Jim Brooks beat Rob Van Dam
2. RJ Hammer, Speedster Lite, Goldberg, Steve Austin, The Rock beat Big Show, Rhino, The Wall, Scott Steiner, Chris Benoit

Saturday Slam Bash-1/25/2003 results:
The show started with Elite and Vince Russo's S.E.X. came to the ring.  Kevin Sullivan, Jesus Bison, Samantha Bison, Commander didn't come out.  Flair started by announcing that he is stripping Doomsday of the EUWF World Heavyweight Title and giving it to Chris Jericho.  Flair said that Jericho was the rightful winner this past sunday and that's why he giving it to him.  He then reinstated European Title, IC Title and 6 Man, Mixed Tag Team Title belts.  He gave the 6 Man belts to New Demolition, IC Title to Ric Blade, European title to Homicide, and the Mixed Tag Team Titles to Jesus Bison and Samantha Bison.  Jesus and Samantha was no where to be seen as they were still with Kevin Sullivan. He then fired Lady Speed and RJ Hammer and suspended Doomsday, Venom, Naughty By Nature.  Flair then got ride of the group format and said that some wrestlers will be going to the TTWF.  That singled the fact that he wasn't shutting the TTWF down.  He also mentioned that Jesus, Samantha, Commander will be back on raw.
1. Victoria beat Temptress to win back EUWF World Ladies Title
2. Island Boyz beat AJ Styles in a handicap match.
Doomsday came to the ring and announced that they haven't seen the last of him or the others.  He also said that he has ways to get back at Elite and S.E.X. He was then escorted out of the building.
3. Impact Players beat Jerry Lynn in a handicap match.
4. Divine Storm beat Tajiri and Super Crazy to win back EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
Joe came to the ring and announced that he was taking time off from wrestling.  He said that he didn't want to be apart of any company run be Ric Flair and his buddies.  He said that if things don't change that the time off will turn into a permeant retirement.
5. SAT beat New Demolition in a no title match.
6. Crash The Terminator beat Tommy Dreamer to win EUWF World Hardcore Title.
7. Low Ki beat Edge to win EUWF US Title.
8. Chris Jericho beat Undertaker in a no title match.

EUWF's Royal Rumble 2004-1/25/2004 results:
Sunday Night Heat:
1. Spirit beat Jimmy Rave in a Submission Match to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.  The ref was out with Spirit tapping when jack crystal came in hitting Rave with the lightweight belt and Spirit put Rave in his own move.  Jack got the ref out and rave was out by that time.  The ref checked rave's arm three times and called for the bell.
2. Shadow WX beat Steve Corino to retain the TTWF World Hardcore Title.
3. Homicide beat Booker T to retain the EUWF IC Title
4. Joe beat John Cena to retain the EUWF US Title.


1. Jade won here second Women's Royal Rumble and Lady Doomsday won the TTWF half of the Women's Royal Rumble.  Jade gets a shot at the EUWF World Ladies Title at Wrestlemania XX and Lady Doomsday gets a shot at the TTWF World Women's Title at Wrestlemania XX.

Order Of Entrance:

1. Julie
2. Daphne
3. Jazz
4. Gail Kim
5. Jill Night
6. Baroness
7. Jade
8. Nadia
9. Lady Speed
10. Lady Doomsday
11. Temptress
12. Stacy Keibler
13. Christie
14. Torrie Wilson
15. Ariel Bison
16. Ivory
17. April Hunter
18. Lady Lightning
19. Molly Holly
20. Shaniqua
21. Lady Venom
22. Fire Woman
23. Lady Extreme
24. Crazy Woman
25. Lady Ninja
26. Alexis Larie
27. Domontirix
28. Victoria
29. Ms. America
30. Dawn Marie

Order Of Elimination:

1. Daphne
2. Jazz
3. Gail Kim
4. Nadia
5. Stacy Keibler
6. Torrie Wilson
7. Ivory
8. Lady Lightning
9. April Hunter
10. Shaniqua
11. Christie
12. Ariel Bison
13. Molly Holly
14. Fire Woman
15. Lady Extreme
16. Victoria
17. Dawn Marie
18. Crazy Woman
19. Domontirix
20. Ms. America
21. Temptress
22. Baroness
23. Jill Night
24. Lady Ninja
25. Alexis Larie
26. Julie
27. Nadia
28. Lady Speed

2. Taion beat Chris Jericho, Justin Credible, Ultimo in a 4 Way Dance to retain the TTWF World TV Title.
3. Paul London and Spanky beat Gothics to retain the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Special K, Abyss, Machine, Sagat beat RJ Hammer, Doomsday, Venom, Naughty By Nature, Sandman, Balls Mahoney in a Weapons Match with Steve Austin as special enforcer.  Faces were in control while sandman was going through the crowd and when he finally got to the ring he turned on RJ hitting him with his cane.  MVW ran to the ring attacking the faces and handcuffing Austin to the ring post.  Sandman tease austin with beer as Machine and Sagat pinned RJ to end the match.  The beating continued till the rest of the Doomsday Alliance made the save.
5. Kurt Angle beat Jim Brooks
6. Speedster Lite beat Mr. America in a Street Fight
7. AJ Styles beat Triple H to Win The Final Spot In EUWF's Royal Rumble.
8. Briscoe Brothers win the EUWF half of the Tag Team Battle Royal and Backseat Boyz won the TTWF half.  Both teams get a title shot at their companies heavyweight tag team titles at Wrestlemania XX.

Order Of Entrance:

1. Johnny Kashmere
2. HC Loc
3. Hydro
4. Bradshaw
5. Rey Misterio Jr.
6. Knight
7. Johnny Stamboli
8. Shannon Moore
9. Colt Cabana
10. Jimmy Yang
11. Angel Dust
12. Izzy
13. Faarooq
14. Dixie
15. Jose Maximo
16. Justice
17. Trent Acid
18. Devito
19. Billy Kidman
20. Mark Jindrak
21. Bubba Ray Dudley
22. Eddie Guerrero
23. Roadblock
24. Tony Mamaluke
25. Vlad
26. Ken
27. RC Haas
28. Jay Briscoe
29. Simon Diamond
30. Tajiri
31. Danny Doring
32. Crusher
33. Spanky
34. Smash
35. Mark Night
36. Demolitioner
37. Doug Bashman
38. Ryan Sadoka
39. Swinger
40. John Fire
41. Chuck Palumbo
42. Garrison Cade
43. Sgt.
44. Super Crazy
45. Chris Night
46. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
47. Joel Maximo
48. Ax
49. Paul London
50. Little Guido
51. Danny Bashman
52. Shane Helms
53. Guile
54. Marc Briscoe
55. CM Punk
56. Ryu
57. Roadkill
58. Brian Thunder
59. D-Von Dudley
60. Ryan Sadoka

Order Of Elimination:

1. Hydro
2. Knight
3. Johnny Stamboli
4. Bradshaw
5. Izzy
6. Dixie
7. Angel Dust
8. HC Loc
9. Jimmy Yang
10. Faarooq
11. Shannon Moore
12. Devito
13. Rey Misterio Jr.
14. Jose Maximo
15. Justice
16. Roadblock
17. Vlad
18. Crusher
19. Smash
20. Mark Night
21. Demolitioner
22. Ken
23. Roadblock
24. Sgt.
25. Chris Night
26. Ax
27. Guile
28. Shane Helms
29. Ryu
30. Tajiri
31. Doug Bashman
32. CM Punk
33. Trent Acid
34. Marc Briscoe
35. Roadkill
36. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
37. D-Von Dudley
38. Ryan Sadoka
39. Danny Bashman
40. Spanky
41. Super Crazy
42. Bubba Ray Dudley
43. Little Guido
44. Jimmy Yang
45. Swinger
46. RC Haas
47. Danny Doring
48. Chuck Palumbo
49. Garrison Cade
50. Tony Mamaluke
51. Simon Diamond
52. Billy Kidman
53. Joel Maximo
54. Eddie Guerrero
55. Colt Cabana
56. Mark Jindrak
57. Paul London
58. Brian Thunder

9. Chris Benoit beat Jerry Lynn in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
10. Mike Bison beat Piloit to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Title and retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.  Mike before the match announced that he was voluntarily putting his hardcore title on the line in the match.  The ref got knocked out and triple h came down.  He hit both with sledge hammers and then hit the pedigree on piloit.  He then threw mike to the floor and pedigreed mike through the table.  He rolled mike back in and piloit onto him.  Triple H left but there was still no ref.  Piloit had woke up looking around wondering what happen and went to floor to check on the ref.  Mike was given enough to time to stir and notice Piloit was on the floor so he played like he was still out.  Piloit rolled the ref and went for a cover but Mike caught him in a small package for the win.  Piloit looked surprised and then helped Mike back to his feet.  The two raised each others arms but Triple H returned with Randy Orton.  Mike and Piloit fought them off sending them to the floor.  They both did suicide dives onto Orton and Hunter sending them running back to the back.
11. Christopher Daniels won the the Second TTWF Royal Rumble and #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title to get a shot at the TTWF World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania XX.

Order Of Elimination:

1. Rhendo
2. Billy Gunn
3. Taion
4. Spanky
5. Sonjay Dutt
6. Steve Corino
7. Ruckus
8. Ultimo Dragon
9. Billy Kidman
10. Johnny Kashmere
11. Shane Douglas
12. Rey Misterio Jr.
13. Shadow WX
14. Jason Jett
15. Justin Credible
16. Trent Acid
17. BJ Whitmer
18. Lance Storm
19. Billy Kidman
20. D'Lo Brown
21. Matt Hardy
22. Paul London
23. Chris Jericho
24. Jim Brooks
25. CM Punk
26. Chris Hero
27. Samoa Joe
28. Bryan Danielson
29. Doomsday

12. AJ Styles won the EUWF Royal Rumble to win #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title and a EUWF World Heavyweight Title Shot at Wrestlemania XX.

Order Of Entrance:

1. AJ Styles
2. Randy Orton
3. Steven Richards
4. Ric Flair
5. Eddie Guerrero
6. Mike Awesome
7. Tajiri
8. Spirit
9. Homicide
10. Joe
11. Shawn Michaels
12. Christian
13. The Messiah
14. John Cena
15. Speedster Lite
16. Booker T
17. Jack Crystal
18. Super Crazy
19. Rob Van Dam
20. Low Ki
21. Venom
22. Tommy Dreamer
23. Jimmy Rave
24. Mr. America
25. Kurt Angle
26. Masato Tanaka
27. Sabu
28. Hardcore Holly
29. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
30. Danny Maff

Order Of Elimination:

1. Steven Richards
2. Ric Flair
3. Mike Awesome
4. Tajiri
5. Spirit
6. The Messiah
7. Jack Crystal
8. Tommy Dreamer
9. Jimmy Rave
10. Low Ki
11. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
12. Sabu
13. Danny Maff
14. Masato Tanaka
15. Booker T
16. Rob Van Dam
17. Joe
18. Shawn Michaels
19. Super Crazy
20. Kurt Angle
21. Mr. America
22. Hardcore Holly
23. Venom
24. John Cena
25. Christian
26. Eddie Guerrero
27. Speedster Lite
28. Homicide
29. Randy Orton

TTWF 1/25/2005 Show results:
1. Homicide beat John Cena
2. Jimmy Rave beat Joe
3. Nick Berk beat Spirit
4. Mr. America beat Chris Hero
5. Booker T beat Masato Tanaka
6. Low Ki beat Samoa Joe
7. Eddie Guerrero beat Rocky Romeo to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Mike Bison beat Petey Williams to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-1/25/2006 results:
The show starts with the official announcement that Samoa Joe and Millano Collection AT have both been pulled out of Royal Rumble due to injury.  Millano aggregated the back injury over the weekend wrestling at Guilty As Charged 2006 PPV and Joe has a steph infection in his leg.  They then announced that there will be two mini battle royals with the winners getting the last two spots.
1. Sho Funaki won a 10 Man Battle Royal to win the next to last spot in the 2006 Royal Rumble Match.  JC Bailey, Nerco Butcher, Mad Man Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony, Balls Mahoney, America's Most Wanted, Wildfire were also in the match.
2. Chris Benoit beat John Cena
3. CM Punk beat Jerry Lynn
4. Jim Brooks beat Taion
5. Edge beat Rhino to retain the ECW US Title.
6. Mr. America beat Piloit
7. Azrieal won a 10 Man Battle Royal to win the final spot in the 2006 Royal Rumble Match.  El Generico, Mark Night, Chris Night, Ray Gordy, Hoodies, High Rollers, Street Warrior were also in the match.
8. Low Ki and B-Boy beat Mike Bison and Venom

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-1/25/2008 results:
(January 25th is my birthday and RJ Hammer's birthday)
The show started with Mike Bison trying to enter the arena but was stopped security and RJ Hammer.  RJ said that he was doing this for Mike's health and that mike should go home and get rested for sunday.  Mike said that he will leave for now but this wasn't over and that he will get payback on triple h tonight.
1. Cody Rhodes beat Harry Smith in a Non Title.
2. Jason Blade beat TJ Wilson
3. Shannon Moore beat Kenny King
4. Motor City Machine Guns beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks
5. JBL beat Nigel McGuiness and Kevin Thorn in a Triple Threat Match (One Fall) to win Thorn's spot in the rumble.  Before the match JBL said he wanted in the rumble and challenged the two to a triple threat match where the loser of the pin is out of the rumble and he is in.  If he got pinned he doesn't go in but if he pins one of them or they pin the other person he gets the person who got pin spot.  Nigel had the win on Thorn after a jawbreaker lariat but jbl hit a clothesline from hell and then pinned thorn himself.
6. Chuck Taylor and Matt Sydal beat Delirious and Human Tornado
7. RJ Hammer beat Mr. America in a Birthday Death Match.
8. Triple H beat Bryan Danielson #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  After the match Mike Bison came through the crowd and hit Triple h in the ribs with a sledge hammer was about to again when Shawn Michaels came out making the save to end the show.

EUWF's Royal Rumble 2009-1/25/2009 results:
The show began with a mad Samoa Joe looking around backstage for the Undertaker and finds him.  He tells him he tired of UT showing up to help when he feels like and not like wednesday when Mike need help.  UT asked what Joe was going to do if he didn't and Joe slapped him.  The security separated the two.
1. Mike Bison beat Nigel McGuiness to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Before the match Mike got on the mic saying that he tried to give Orton a chance to make himself better to end this endless cycle of violence.  He gets attacked and then gets revenge and then guy comes back for revenge sooner then later.  Mike said he was trying to be nice guy but that is over and says he will teach Nigel, Orton, Claudio that should have finished the job by ripping his arm off.  The will be no more chances for them and then called Nigel out by calling him the 49 minute man.  Reference to a match at ROH show where he wrestled a 60 Minute Time Limit Draw that only went 49 minutes. During the match it was announced that Randy Orton attacked Mr. America trying to kick him but was stopped before that happen.  Mr. America couldn't compete though and Orton tried to take his place but Haymen said he had a way better idea.
2. CM Punk, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle win the ECW's 40 Man Royal Rumble Match? and to get a ECW World Heavyweight Title Shot At Wrestlemania 25 on April 5. Angle was the mystery member for Age Of The Fall Alliance.  Samoa Joe was eliminated when the lights went off and on letting AJ and Punk eliminate him.  Nerco, Machine, Brain Damage, Delirious, Jacobs, Broadie all got into fight as they ended up causing the other to be eliminated.  This caused the ref to get distracted and then knocked out.  Punk eliminated AJ and Angle at the same time Punk thinks he won but no ref to call the match Angle comes back in eliminating Punk.  AJ comes back in eliminating angle.  One ref called the match for AJ and another for Angle.  RJ came from the back saying Punk won the match and then argued with the refs.  RJ got on the mic announcing that Punk, AJ, Angle are co winners are will face Mike Bison or whoever is ECW World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 25.

Order Of Entrance:

1. Danny Havoc
2. Jerry Lynn
3. Chris Sabin
4. Speedster Lite
5. Eddie Kingston
6. Jay Briscoe
7. Tyler Black
8. Rey Misterio Jr.
9. Alex Shelley
10. Jack Crystal
11. Petey Williams
12. Matt Hardy
13. Eric Bison
14. Spirit
15. Venom
16. Samoa Joe
17. Jeff Hardy
18. Jimmy Rave
19. Ray Gordy
20. Jack Evans
21. Colt Cabana
22. Tommy Dreamer
23. Rhino
24. Claudio Castagnoli
25. Drake Younger
26. Danny Havoc
27. Ruckus
28. Rob Van Dam (taking Mr. America's place)
29. Low Ki
30. CM Punk
31. AJ Styles
32. Brain Damage
33. Delirious
34. Nerco Butcher
35. Jimmy Jacobs
36. Machine
37. Broadie Lee
38. Abyss
39. Finley
40. Kurt Angle

3. The Brian Kendrick beat Harry Smith to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
4. Naughty By Nature beat Beer Money Inc. to win back the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Cryme Tyme beat Joe and Piloit to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
6. RJ Hammer shockingly wins the EUWF's 40 Man Royal Rumble Match to become the New EUWF World Heavyweight Champion. UT was eliminated when Samoa Joe came from the back hitting with a chair and then putting the choke on him.  Big Show eliminated UT as Joe left.  Edge faked a injury to try and steal the match but RJ saw.  Instead of getting him he hide under the ring and Brian Thunder was last man in the ring Edge comes in eliminating him.  Edge thinking he won turns around getting clotheslined out of the ring by RJ for the win.  Edge was mad and escorted to the back as RJ celebrated to end the show.

Order Of Entrance:

1. Joe
2. Chris Jericho
3. Santino Marella
4. John Cena
5. Christian Cage
6. Barbecue
7. Triple H
8. Davey Richards
9. Cody Rhodes
10. Great Khali
11. Boogieman
12. Hernadez
13. Piloit
14. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
15. Chris Hero
16. Doomsday
17. Homicide
18. John Morrison
19. MVP
20. Jay Lethal
21. Eric Stevens
22. Carlito
23. Shawn Michaels
24. The Brian Kendrick
25. Harry Smith
26. Austin Aries
27. Brent Albright
28. Mark Night
29. Kane
30. Edge
31. RJ Hammer
32. Roderick Strong
33. Brian Thunder
34. James Gibson
35. Kenny King
36. Christopher Daniels
37. King Jim Brooks
38. Big Show
39. Umaga
40. Undertaker

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-1/25/2010 results:
1. Lady Naughty By Nature beat Mayrse and Jillian Hall to retain the EUWF/ECW/TWF World ladies Tag Team Titles.
2. Laurie Hammer beat Ariel Bison and Gail Kim in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
3. Heart Dynasty beat John Fire and Snake Eyes to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Christian Cage beat Bryan Danielson to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
5. Kofi Kingston beat Rhett Titus, Kevin Steen, Matt Hardy in a 4 Way Dance to retain the EUWF US Title.
6. Vlad and Impaler beat Priceless to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Kenny King beat Mark Night to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
8. Austin Aries beat CM Punk and Jack Swagger in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
9. Brian Thunder beat RJ Hammer and Mr. America in a 3 Way Birthday Death Match.
10. Matt Sydal beat Tyler Black in a Non Title Match.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-1/25/2011 results:
1. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Nightmare
2. Edge and Kings Of Wrestling beat Taion, Eric Bison, Brian Thunder
3. Briscoe Brothers beat Dynamic Duo in a Non Title Match.
4. Mike Bison beat RJ Hammer in a Non Title HC Birthday Bash.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-1/25/2012 results:
1. Pink Dudley beat Sara Del Rey in a Non Title Match.
2. Alex Shelley beat Venom
3. TJ Wilson beat Shelton Benjamin
4. Kenny King beat Trent Bretta
5. Briscoe Brothers beat New Bruise Brothers
6. Bryan Danielson beat Robert Roode
7. Kevin Steen beat Machine
8. RJ Hammer, Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Colt Cabana beat Mr. America, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Bubba Jones

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-1/25/2013 results:
1. Claudio Castagnoli beat Brian Thunder
2. Homicide beat Jackson Rouch
3. Low Ki beat Michel Elgin in a Non Title Match.
4. Roderick Strong beat Speedster Lite
5. Chris Hero beat The Miz
6. Jim Brooks beat John Cena
7. Davey Richards beat Drew McIntyre
8. Tyler Black and Young Bucks beat Jay Lethal and Super Smash Brothers

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-1/25/2014 results:
1. Mr. America beat Willie Mack
2. Brett Wayfield beat Xavier Woods
3. AJ Styles beat Cyrus Bourne
4. Kofi Kingston beat Samoa Joe in a Pick Your Posion Match.
5. Robert Roode beat Zach Ryder
6. TJ Wilson beat Kevin Steen
7. Christopher Danils beat Ash Hyde
8. El Generico beat CM Punk in a Pick Your Posion Match.

EUWF's Royal Rumble 2015-1/25/2015 results:
Pre Show:
1. Blonde Ambition beat Jade Thunder and Ms. America to retain the Unified World Ladies Tag Team Titles.
2. Jack Crystal won the RJ Hammer Birthday Invitinal Hardcore Rumble for Future Unified Hardcore Title Shot. Spirit, Dogs Of War, Naughty By Nature, Lucky 13, Matt Tremont, Stockade, Devon Moore, Brett Wayfield, Jackson Rouch, Rhendo, Blanka, Dudleyz, Tommy Dreamer, Abyss were also in the match.
3. Bad Influence beatThe Miz and Damien Shadow to retain the Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.


1. Hardcore Bytch beat Pink Dudley and Paige in a 3 Way Dance to retain the Unified World Ladies Title.
2. Doomsday Kid and Venomous beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks to retain the Unified World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
3. TJ Wilson beat Michel Elgin and Prince Devitt in a 3 Way Dance to retain the Unifie World TV Title.
4. Hoodies beat Hollywood Doomsday and Mr. Venom in a Anything Goes Match to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Claudio Castagnoli wrestled Cyrus Bourne to a Double Pin to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title. Cyrus after the match screamed that he was real winner even though both guys shoulders were down.  He tried to leave with the belt but Laurie Hammer grabbed it from him.  She gave it back to Claudio saying that this will be setled once and for all at Blood Bowl.  Winner takes all no time limit must be a winner.  Cyrus went after Laurie but Brett Wayfield stopped him.
6. Mr. America won the 50 Man Royal Rumble Match to win a shot at EUWF World Triple Crown Title at Wrestlemania 31. Brock Lensar, Big Show, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, The Miz, Damien Shadow, American Wolves, John Moxly, Ricochet, Rich Swan, Rusev, Freddie Waldeno, Peter Spider, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Jackson Rouch, Roman Reigns, Tyler Black, Bubba Jones, TJ Wilson, Pac, Michel Elgin, Roderick Strong, Wyatt Family, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Hollywood Doomsday, Mr. Venom, Bad Influence, KENTA, Prince Devitt, Ash Hyde, Briscoe Brothers, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Power Donity, Sagat, Brett Wayfield, Dolph Ziggler, Jimmy Jacobs, Kevin Steen, Robert Roode were also in the match.  During the match Lensar tried to throw bryan out but Joe made the save throwing lensar out.  Lensar came back in throwing joe out and F5ing him through the spanish announce table.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-1/25/2016 results:
The show starts with Honor Brigade of Ash Hyde, Seth Owens, Cyrus Bourne, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zani coming to ring celebrating Sami win last night.  They then brought out Bryan Danielson who said that he is been kept off tv by the quack in the back, Authority, The Family who all say they are worried about his health.  He is been cleared by multipule doctors and time to either let him be free or use me.
1. Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Lady NBN beat Moonshine, Firebird, Hardcore Bytch, Pink Dudley
2. Chris Jericho beat Johnny Gargano
3. AR Fox beat Piloit
4. ACH beat Jackson Rouch
Seth Owens was seen talking Ash Hyde into trying to get Honor Brigade to help Kevin Steen out against The Family.  Not for steen but for Seth ans Ash says he think about it.
5. Alberto Del Rio beat Jeffery Alpha
6. Power Donity beat John Fire
7. Jay Lethal and Speedster Lite beat Kevin Steen and Seth Owens
8. Sami Zayn and Mr. America beat Bo and Bryatt Wyatt
9. Briscoe Brothers beat Brian and Duke Thunder in a Non Title Match.
10. Jim Brooks, Naughty By Nature, Samoa Joe, Sheamus beat Ash Hyde, Cyrus Bourne, Brett Wayfield, Dudleyz in a  The Family Birthday Party Hardcore Match.  After the match the family began celebrating RJ Hammer's birthday.  They were celebrating it singing for him and bringing out a large cake.  Speedster Lite said there is surprise inside and RJ went to open the top just to find Brock Lensar in it.  Lensar breaks out attacking The Family members and lensar grabs Power Donity to F5 him.  RJ breaks cane over lensar's bad arm and out comes Kevin Steen to try to help but numbers were against him.  Honor Brigade ran out to make the save but numbers again against them but this lead to TWF Army with Mike Bison to make the save.   Mike and Lensar stare off for a few seconds before Lensar left to end the show.

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