Saturday, February 4, 2017

TWF's Saturday Night Fire-February 4 results

1. Jack Crystal beat Spirit and Bloody Donity in a 3 Way Dance.
2. Mark Night beat Piloit and Masion Dixie in a 3 Way Dance.
3. Speedster Lite beat Jim Brooks and Sagat in a 3 Way Dance.
4. Jackson Rouch beat Brett Wayfield and Mr. America in a 3 Way Dance.
5. Guile beat Hollywood Doomsday and Taion in a 3 Way Dance.
6. Brian Thunder beat Power Donity
7. Ash Hyde beat Mr. Venom
8. Mark Night beat Jackson Rouch (gets the other spot being last beaten), Jack Crystal, Mark Night, Speedster Lite, Guile in a 5 Way Hostile City Showdown 2017 Elimination Chamber Match Qualifying Match.

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