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This Day In Wrestling History-August 10 (Japanese Militant Army and Guerreros War Continues, RJ Hammer has offer for Joe, Snake Eyes Injured, Sunday Night Party 44 and 110, Semifinal Round Match of TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament, Unified World TV Title Touranament, Wyatt Family crash Summer Tag Festival IV Finals, Mike Bison/Randy Orton contract signing turns to chaos, Machine not afraid of Brock Lensar)

This Day In Wrestling History-August 10:

Saturday Slam Jam-8/10/1996 results:
1. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall won a Tag Team Battle Royal to win a shot at Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  Sagat and Bison as runner ups got US Tag Team Titles shot.  Barbecue/Piloit, Night Brothers, Crazy, Machine/Evan Hounda, Hulk/Destroyer, Naughty By Nature, Blue Bloods, Gangtas, Nasty Boys, Hoodies Sgt./Guile, Harlem Heat, Smoling Guns, Body Donnas, Head Hunters were also in the match.
2. Giant beat Sid
3. Mikey Whipwreck beat Sgt. Destroyer
4. Randy Savage beat Dean Malenko
5. Dan Severn beat Arn Anderson
6. Chris Benoit beat Venom
7. Cactus Jack beat Doomsday
8. Sid beat Konan
9. Mark Night beat Sandman to retain the EUWF IC Title.
10. Joe beat Rey Misterio Jr. to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
11. Public Enemy beat Sagat and Bison to retain the EUWF US Tag Team Titles.
12. Nightmare beat Kevin Nash and Scott Hall by DQ to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.

HCW's Thursday Night Smackdown-8/10/2000 results:
1. Matsunaga beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.  Matsunaga and the Japanese Militant Army's translator challenges anyone from the back to come to wrestle Matsunaga tonight.  Chavo runs to the ring.  Matsunaga burns Chavo to end the match with the ref distracted by Miss Lee.  Matsunaga choked Chavo with a barbed wire bat after the match till the Filthy Animals, Road Dogg, X-Pac, Crash Holly, Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian mad the save.
2. Xtreme and Ranger beat Hawk and Flint to earn a shot at the HCW World Lightweight Tag Team Titles at HCW's Summerslam
3. Power Lightning, Speed Lightning, Crazy Lightning beat Strong Ninja/Blood Ninja/Snake Eyes, Extreme Sport/Extreme Lightning/Extreme Ninja in a Three Way Dance.
4. Dynamic Duo beat Extreme Knight and Extreme Warrior to retain the HCW World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Chris Jericho and Acolytes beat Shadow WX, Honma, Yamakawa
6. Public Enemy beat Fire Lightning and Blood Lightning to win HCW World Tag Team Titles.
7. Jim Brooks beat Booker T to win HCW World TV Title.
8. RJ Hammer and Speedster Lite beat Triple H and Kurt Angle

Saturday Slam Bash-8/10/2002 results:
RJ Hammer comes to the ring.
RJ: "Tonight as promised I will announce who is on my team tomorrow night.  They are Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, Spirit, Raven, Jesus Bison, Kurt Angle, Masato Tanaka, Venom.  I have one other thing to do tonight.  Joe can you please come out here."  Joe comes to the ring.
Joe: "What do you want?  You already got me wrestling The Rock later tonight."
RJ: "That is not why I am here.  You like being world champion?"
Joe: "Yes of course.  This has been a dream come true."
RJ: "It's been hard hasn't it?"
Joe: "Facing Brock Lensar and Venom in a steel cage isn't my choice for favorite match as champion but it has been hard and easy.  I knew it would be that way when I won the belt."
RJ: "What if I can make things more easier?"
Joe: "What are you talking about?"
RJ: "How about we do this?  You give up the world title so the four way will be moved to summerslam and that would crown a new champion.  You don't have to worry about hard title defense or anything like that anymore."
Joe: "I got one thing to say about that."
RJ: "What is that?"
Joe: "NO!"  RJ tried to clothesline Joe but Joe ducked and Joe hit him with the world title belt.
Joe: "You are going to have to peel this title off of my dead body to get it off of me."
1. Juventud Guerrero beat Rhendo
2. Piloit beat Nova
Speedster Lite and Rob Van Dam got into a fight after a rumor was being spread around that Speedster Lite had no family jewels.  Speedster Lite says this no game and that he will destroy RVD.  RVD then challenges Speedster to a match later tonight.  Speedster accepts.
3. Homicide beat Christian
4. Hardy Boys beat Vlad and Guile
Miss Lee walks into the building earlier in the day and Mike Bison is with her.
Lee: "I know mike but why did he call me here?"
Mike: "I don't know but remember we may no longer be lovers but I will always watch your back.  He tries anything just scream for me and I will get him."
Lee: "I will be okay and hey we will be friends forever."
Mike: "Right.  I will leave you two alone."  Shadow WX walks up to the two and mike walks away.
Lee: "What do you want and why did you book me as your partner for tomorrow night?"
Shadow: "I wanted to see you.  Last time we talked we were not on the best of terms.  Anyway you are my best mix tag team partner I can have."
Lee: "Just know that there is nothing between us anymore and that you better not try anything."
Shadow: "I won't."  Miss Lee sighs and walks away.
5. Chris Benoit beat Low Ki
6. Tajiri beat Kurt Angle
7. AJ Styles beat Prototype
8. Red and Ninja Kid beat Hot Stuff.  The match started with Ninja Kid and Snake Eyes v.s. Hot Stuff but Snake Eyes got hurt.  It happen when he went for a moonsalt and guerrero moved out of the way.  Snake Eyes lands on feet and his knee and leg buckles out from under him.  Guerrero goes to go after the leg but Snake Eyes pushes him away while cursing at him.  Guerrero drags Snake Eyes to his corner for the tag.  Ninja Kid tags in but is distracted by his injured partner.  Snake Eyes would be wheeled off to the back and Ninja Kid gets double teamed till Red runs to the ring.  He stands in Ninja Kid's corner and the ref allows the tag in.  Red got the pin on Brooks when he hit the red alert and red star press on him.  Ninja Kid ran right to the back after the match.  He got into car with Lady Ninja and Falcon.  The car drove away from the building.  Brooks hit red with a chair after the match and the Maximo Brothers ran to the ring to prevent anything else from happening.
9. Backseat Boyz beat Taion and Mike Bison to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
10. Naughty By Nature beat Impact Players to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
11. Speedster Lite beat Rob Van Dam.  The end came with the ref knocked out and Jim Brooks ran out.  The two double teamed RVD till Speedster hit his own version of the van damanitor for the win.  Red ran out after the match and brawled with Brooks.  Guerrero ran to the ring and joined in with Speedster on Red till the Maximo's and RVD made the save.
12. Joe beat The Rock to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

Sunday Night Party 44-8/10/2003 results:
1. Commander and Baroness beat Mike Bison and Jill Night to retain the EUWF World Mixed Tag Team Titles.
2. Hard Luck Fighters beat Wildfire to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
3. Jade beat Lady Speed to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
4. New Demolition beat Necro Butcher, Nate Webb, JC Bailey to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
5. Rhyno beat Chris Jericho to retain the EUWF European Title.
6. Lane Storm beat Low Ki to retain the EUWF IC Title.
7. Tony Mamaluke beat Juventud Guerrera to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
8. Doomsday beat Ian Rotten to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
9. Rob Van Dam beat Masato Tanaka to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
10. La Resistance beat Dynamic Duo to retain the EUWF World  Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
11. Mr. America beat Homicide to retain EUWF US Title.
12. Booker T beat D'Lo Brown to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

TTWF 8/10/2004 results:
1. Baroness beat Fire Woman to retain the TTWF World Women's Title.
2. Maven beat Blanka
3. Sgt. and Roadblock beat Wildfire
4. Jesus Bison and Colt Cabana beat Sandman and Shadow WX
5. CM Punk beat Kenzu Suzuki to retain the TTWF US Title.
6. Rhendo beat Doomsday, Spanky, Rey Misterio Jr. in a 4 Way Dance in a Semifinal Round Match of TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament.
7. Jim Brooks beat Spirit, Venom, Paul London in a 4 Way Dance in a Semifinal Round Match of TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament.
8. Jerry Lynn, Naughty By Nature, Hardy Boyz beat Edge, Night Brothers, Michael Shane, Mike Awesome

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-8/10/2005 results:
The show started with a confrontation between Samoa Joe and Chris Benoit that led to them agreeing to a submission match between the two for summerslam 2005 on august 21.
1. B-Boy beat Taion in a Survivor 3 Elimination Round Match.
2. Roderick Strong beat Jimmy Jacobs in a Survivor 3 Elimination Round Match.
3. Frankie Karazarian beat Tajiri, Super Crazy, Sonjay Dutt in a 4 Way Survivor 3 Elimination Round Match.
4. Little Guido beat Johnny Kashmere
5. Trent Acid beat Tony Mamaluke
6. Colt Cabana beat Ace Steele
7. Venom and Naughty By Nature beat Petey Williams and America's Most Wanted
8. Mike Bison and AJ Styles beat CM Punk and Doomsday

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-8/10/2007 results:
The show started with the announcement that Kevin Thorn and Dagger will defend their EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles at Summerslam in a match they won them in Rumble Games Match.  This time it will be TLC and Weapons Legal Rumble Games Match and featured ECW teams and EUWF teams.  It was also announced that Triple H v.s. Mr. America in a Sledge Hammer Match has been signed for Summerslam 2007.  Mr. America looked really upset and demanded Larry Sweeny to find Undertaker and Sweeny told him he hasn't been able too.  Mr. America then told him to find Mark Henry.
1. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat Mike Quackenbush and Hallowicked
2. Low Ki and B-Boy beat Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
Larry Sweeny and Mark Henry came into Real American Alliance locker room and Mr. America hugged him.  Sweeny said that he has some contract problems with Henry but they been cleared up and MA told Henry to make sure that Triple H doesn't get his hands on him at Summerslam.  Henry told him that it will be his pleasure to destroy Triple H and also told MA to not hug him again or he will destroy him next.
3. Impaler and Sabrina beat Ax from New Demolition and Dominatrixic to retain the EUWF World Mixed Tag Team Titles.
4. Ray Gordy beat John Morrison (Johnny Nitro) to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
5. Roderick Strong beat Petey Williams to retain the EUWF IC Title.
6. Dudleyz beat Joe, Barbecue, Piloit to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
7. Mr. America, Chris Hero, John Cena beat Nick Berk, Booker T, Mr. Kennedy
8. Venom beat Shelton Benjamin and Jerrelle Clark in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title,

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-8/10/2009 results:
1. Santino Marella beat Johnny The Kid
2. Jay Briscoe beat Chuck Taylor
3. Hernadez beat Mike Knox
4. Homicide beat Dolph Ziggler in a Non Title Match.
5. Kenny King and Hot Shots beat Jimmy Yang and New Demolition
6. Austin Aries, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas beat Chris Jericho, MVP, Kofi Kingston
7. Jack Swagger and John Morrison beat Christopher Daniels and Brian Kendrick in a Dream Partner Tag Team Match.
8. Chris Hero and Kane beat Christian Cage and Hernadez in a Dream Partner Tag Team Match.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-8/10/2010 results:
1. Hoodies beat Machine and Sagat
2. Naughty By Nature beat Saviors
3. Doomsday beat Jim Brooks in a Non Title Match.
4. Piloit, Brian Thunder, Brett Wayfield beat Speedster Lite, Mr. America, Jack Crystal

ECW's Wednesdday Night Brawl-8/10/2011 results:
1. Austin Aries beat Mike Bison
2. Doomsday and Venom beat Wildfire, David Otunga/Joe Henning,  Peter Spider/Freddie Waldeno, Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler, Tristin Heartsend/Richie Borndo in a STFM (240).
3. Homicide and Low Ki beat John Moxly/Sami Callihan, Kenny Omega/Matt Sydal, Charlie Haas/Shelton Benjamin, Chuck Taylor/Icarus, Sgt./Roadblock in a STFM (240).
4. Briscoe Brothers beat Eric Bison/Taion, Johnny Gargano/Rich Swan, All Night Express, Adam Cole/Kylie O'Reily, Chris Hero/Claudio Castagnoli in a STFM (240).
5. Machine and Sagat beat WN Alpha/Sigma, Brian Thunder/Duke, New Demolition, Heart Dynasty, Snake Eyes/John Fire in a STFM (240).
6. Kofi Kingston beat Jimmy Jacobs in a Non Title Match.

EUWF In Japan Show 2012 Day 2-8/10/2012 results:
1. Laurie Hammer, Harley Wayfield, Kelly Kelly beat Lady Speed, Lady Hammer Nattie Neidhart
2. Zach Ryder beat Bloody Donity
3. Jackson Rouch beat Jack Swagger
4. Cyrus Bourne beat Santino Marella
5. Taion beat Cody Rhodes
6. Kofi Kingston beat Piloit
7. Brett Wayfield beat Alberto Del Rio
8. Doomsday, Venom, Randy Orton, Machine beat Brian Thunder, Duke, RJ Hammer, Sheamus in a Hardcore Match.
9. Power Donity beat Rey Misterio Jr. to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.
10. Speedster Lite beat Yoshitatsu to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-8/10/2012 results:
1. Lady Hammer and Lady Speed beat Harley Wayfield and Laurie Hammer
2. Sagat beat Marc Briscoe in a Non Title Match.
3. Eric Bison beat Christopher Daniels
4. Jay Briscoe beat Claudio Castagnoli
5. Michel Elgin beat Frankie Kazarian
6. Tyler Black beat Sami Callihan
7. Chris Hero beat Machine in a Non Title Match.
8. Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, RJ Hammer beat Donity Brothers and Brett Wayfield

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-8/10/2013 results:
1. Colt Cabana beat Jimmy Jacobs
2. Bad Influence beat Night Brothers
3. Team Rhodes Scholar beat Doomsday and Venom
4. Austin Aries beat Kevin Steen in a Non Title Match.

Unified World TV Title Touranament:

1. Rich Swan beat Davey Richards
2. Jim Brooks beat Roderick Strong
3. Eddie Edwards beat Michel Elgin
4. Samoa Joe beat El Generico

Sunday Night Party 110-8/10/2015 results:
1. Pink Dudley beat AJ Lee and Alex Kisner to Gets a EUWF World Ladies Title Shot at Summerslam.
2. Peter Spider beat Chris Jericho
3. John Cena and Mark Night beat Brodie Lee and Eric Rowan in a Non Title Match.
4. Kings Of Wrestling and American Wolves beat Vlad, Impaler, Roman Reigns, Tyler Black
5. Ricochet, Rich Swan, Austin Aries, Robert Roode beat John Moxly, Sami Callihan, Daryl Ranger, Daniel Xtreme
6. Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat Bad Influence to retain the Unified US Tag Team Titles.
7. Bryatt Wyatt and Rusev beat Cyrus Bourne and Samoa Joe
8. Machine and Sagat wrestled Bison Brothers and Ascension to a No Finish in the Summer Tag Festival IV Finals.  Earlier in the show Machine and Sagat were attacked by the wyatts and injured Sagat's ankle.  Sagat tried to wrestle and during the match Eric seemed to twist his knee.  Ascension were eliminated and soon after the wyatt family attacked both teams.  Going after sagat's ankle and eric's knee.  Evolution stood in the way of anyone making the save as Honor Brigade tried to make the save.  Doomsday Inc. surpsingly came up from below the stage one at a time.  Venom in his Mr. Venom gear.  Naughty By Nature in their pre TPE tribute gear.  Doomsday in his Hollywood Doomsday gear and each holding barbed wire weapons.  Leading Extreme Alliance to the ring with barbed wire weapons sending Evolution and wyatts running into the crowd.  Doomsday helped Mike up and Mike said it was glad to see him back to his old self.  Doomsday said it was good to be back as faces checked on eric and sagat to end the show.  Post show a frustrated Mike said that the wyatts have left them in a crazy position.  Then mike got a idea and found Machine.  Mike said they should team up like old times and kick wyatt familly.  Machine liked that idea and it will be Lee and Rowan vs Machine and Mike Bison for Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles at Summerslam 2014.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-8/10/2015 results:
The show began with Mike Bison coming to the ring saying he wants a contract signing for the match against Orton next week.  Orton came out said he has no problem with it but he wanted one thing added to the match.  That if he wins Mike has to sell his part of the ownership to EUWF, ECW, TWF to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.  Would be banned from the companies for the rest of his life.  Mike agreed to it but only if Mike wins Orton can no longer attack Mike's family.  If he does then Orton is banned for life and Authority forfits their ownership.  Orton agrees and Mike says he can't wait 13 days.  The two start brawling around ringside.  Orton went for a chair but Mike grabbed his barbed wire wrapped signapore cane and hit orton in the ribs as he went to hit mike with the chair.  He hit Orton several times with the cane till authority members pulled him off Orton.  Triple H grabbed Orton trying to get him away but Mike got away and hit orton again.  Other members of locker room came out getting Mike away as Orton ran to the back and Mike chased him.  Mike and Orton kept brawling and being split apart till finally Triple H getting Orton to leave the building in a car.
1. Pink Dudley and Lady Bruisers beat Paige, Becky Lynch, Charloette and Blonde Ambition in a 3 Way Dance.
2. John Cena beat Speedster Lite
3. Jim Brooks wrestled Sheamus to a Double DQ when Cena and Lite came out.  Turned into brawl till security split them apart.  Laurie Hammer came out announcing a Brooklyn Street Fight between Lite and Brooks v.s. Cena and Sheamus for Summerslam.
4. Zach Ryder and The Kingdom beat Jack Crystal and Kings Of Wrestling
5. Eric Bison and Sagat beat Michel Elgin and Roderick Strong
6. Power Donity beat Kofi Kingston
Brock Lensar and Paul Haymen came out.  Haymen said that Taker and Lensar was one time thing that was based on problem with the same man Sting.  Nothing that was planned but just a moment of chance.  Machine came out interrupting him.  Machine said that he is lensar worst fear as the only guy in the company to give him a real fight.  The only one lensar gave any respect to.  The only one Lensar could never bully.  Once Summerslam is done he will be GM of TWF and won't let Lensar bully the TWF.  Haymen backs up that and Machine came to the ring.  Lensar looked like he was going to leave but then attacked Machine.  The two brawled back and forth till Machine started throwing ring steps and then chairs at Lensar.  Lensar was pulled to the back by Haymen as Machine called Lensar back.
7. Bobby Fish beat Freddie Waldeno in a Non Title Match.
8. King Peter beat Kyle O'Reily in a Non Title Match.
9. Samoa Joe beat Brodie Lee
10. Tyler Black, Roman Reigns, Bryatt Wyatt, Kevin Steen beat Ash Hyde, Spirit, Taion, Mr. America

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-8/10/2016 results:
Summer Tag Festival VI-Points v.s. Points:

1. Kings Of Wrestling beat Black Valkyrie
2. Roman Reigns and John Moxly beat Lucky 13 and Connor Claxton
3. Motor City Machine Guns beat All Night Express
4. Vaudevillains beat Bruise Brothers
5. 3.0 beat Saviors
6. Bo and Bryatt Wyatt beat Chris Prime and Matt Pigpen
7. Night Brothers beat Adam Cole and Kevin Steen
8. King Peter and Freddie Waldeno beat War Machine
9. Hoodies beat Eric Young and Dolph Ziggler

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