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This Day In Wrestling History-December 29 (Danny Maff hired by AHLA, Triple H puts Orton in his place, For The Love Of New Jersey Shore Charity Show, Starcade 2013, E & C Invitinal Guantlet Mach, Lensar/Danielson/Joe)

This Day In Wrestling History-December 29:

Wednesday Night Brawl-12/29/1999 results:
1. Prince Michael beat Cyborg
2. Sgt. beat Taion
3. Venom beat Roadblock
4. King Bison and Commander beat White Ninja and Ninja Kid
5. Snake Eyes and Shadow Ninja beat Extreme and Ranger
6. Barbecue beat Duke
7. Falcon beat Joe to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
8. Lady Speed and Lady Doomsday beat Jade and Scarlet

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-12/29/2003 results:

The show started with RJ Hammer announcing that there will be a new GM for the EUWF to be announced one week from tonight with the 2004 draft.
1. Briscoe Brothers beat La Resistance (Renee Dupree and Rob Conway)
2. Dudleyz beat Ax and Smash from New Demolition
Evolution came to the ring protesting signs saying that they were really screwed last night and they are tired of it. RJ Hammer said they could either stop or be fired. RJ also said that he doesn't need them and they can replace them easily. He then left. They said they would for now but this must change soon.
3. Danny Maff, Rhyno, Hoodies beat Nightmare, Rhendo, Blanka. Christopher Daniels went up to Maff before the match asking him why he was working with AHLA group and Maff said that Jade offered him a better deal then daniels. Maff said he was a hired assassin and he was hired by Jade to help rhyno take care of MVW group. Daniels wasn't happy and walked away.
4. Maximo Brothers beat Matt Hardy and Lance Storm
Triple H went up to AJ Styles and told him to stay out of Evolution business. AJ told Hunter to stay out of his business too or he would kick his ass. Triple H laughed and said that AJ wasn't in his league. AJ said that Triple H is right because he in a level above him and if he ever costs him a shot at the EUWF World Heavyweight Title he will prove it to him just like he did to Lex Luger on NWA: TNA show.
5. John Cena beat CM Punk in a 20 Minute Iron Match to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
6. Homicide beat Masato Tanaka to retain the EUWF IC Title.
Triple H grabbed Orton telling him that he better start performing and not losing like he did last night. Hunter said that he is the only boss of Evolution and he only left him in charge because he trust him. He said that Flair was back in the group and tries to get ride of him again then Orton will be the one gone from Evolution.
7. Rob Van Dam and Carnage Crew beat Joe, Taion, Gothics, Spirit, Machine in a Hardcore Match.
8. Piloit, Mike Bison, RJ Hammer, Speedster Lite, AJ Styles beat Triple H, Jim Brooks, Randy Orton, Christian, Ric Flair

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-12/29/2008 results:

The show started with the official announcement that Bryan Danielson will be out of action till at least march and has sadly been stripped of the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  There will be a mini tournament 30 Man Tournament that will end at the royal rumble 2009.  The winner of the tournament will get #30 spot in the royal rumble and the other wrestlers in the tournament will be in the match too.  Winner of the rumble will be the new EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  Danielson will get a shot at the new champion when he returns to action.  The tournament will start next monday on raw with 5 3 Way Dances featuring the new roster post 2009 draft.  5 more 3 Way Dances will take place on next weeks smackdown.  The winners of those matches will face each in semifinal round on raw in two weeks.  The final five will face each in the finals in a 5 Way Dance for the 30th spot on smackdown in two weeks.
1. Cryme Tyme beat Kevin Steen and El Generico in a Non Title Match.
2. Sim Snuka (Deuce) beat Mr. America
3. Mark Night beat Nigel McGuiness and Manu in a 3 Way Dance to win the EUWF World TV Title.
4. Motor City Machine Guns beat Kurt Hawkins and Zach Ryder
5. Austin Aries beat Speedster Lite and Cody Rhodes in a 3 Way Dance to win the EUWF IC Title.  Before the match RJ Hammer came out and saying that he has a special surprise for this match.  That third man in it will be his #1 Draft pick on friday and introduced Austin Aries as it.
6. Chris Hero beat Delirious and King Jim Brooks in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF US Title.
7. The Brian Kendrick beat Gran Akuma in a Non Title.
8. Randy Orton and Edge beat John Cena and Mr. America

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-12/29/2009 results:
1. Miss Lee and Lady Trooper beat Star Pryde and Laurie Hammer
2. Doomsday beat Venom, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks in a 4 Way Non Title Match.
3. New Demolition beat Hoodies and Naughty By Nature in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
4. Doomsday, Chris Jericho, Machine, Taion, Ken, Davey Richards, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Jimmy Yang were final eight in the Lucky Lottery Royal Rumble Style Battle Royal and will advance to next week for next round for TWF World Heavyweight Title shot at Royal Rumble 2009 on January 31. Joe, Piloit, Sagat, Eric Bison, Commander, Basher, Car Jacker, Street Warrior, Trooper 1, Trooper 3, Warrior Ninja 5, Ray Gordy, Kane, Impaler, Jack Crystal, Zach Ryder, Yoshitatsu, Goldust were also in the match. Names to picked out of a hat at random and included as a surprise non TWF names.  Last eight will now face off in a series matches starting next tuesday.

Love Of New Jersey Shore Special Charity Show-12/29/2012 results:
1. Lady Speed, Laurie Hammer, Lady Hammer, Samantha Bison beat Glamazon Duo, Layla, Eve
2. Davey Richrads beat Alberto Del Rio
3. Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, The Miz beat Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, John Cena
4. Doomsday beat Venom, Brian Thunder, Mr. America in a 4 Way Dance to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.
5. Micehl Elgin beat Roderick Strong to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
6. James Storm beat Robert Roode
7. Christian Cage beaet Bryan Danielson
8. Cyrus Bourne beat AJ Styles, El Generico, Kevin Steen in a 4 Way Dance to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
9. Tyler Black beat Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries in a 3 Way Dance.
10. Mike Bison beat Samoa Joe
11. Machine and Sagat beat Briscoe Brothers, Kings Of Wrestling, Future Shock, Young Bucks, Super Smash Brothers in a 6 Way Dance to retain the Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
12. Jay Lethal beat RJ Hammer, Sheamus, Eddie Edwards in a 4 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Starcade 2013-12/29/2013 results:
1. Jackson Rouch beat Peter Spider to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.
2. WN Alpha lost to Ash Hyde by DQ to retain the Unified World TV Title when the rest of Warrior Ninjas attacked Ash.  Lady WN was made to watch the beat down and Alpha told her to behave or they will destroy ash.  She wouldn't and American Heroes made the save.  Warrior Ninjas grabbed lady and left.
3. Richie Borndo and Tristin Heartsend beat Hoodies to retain the Unified World HC Tag Team Titles.
4. Mike Bison beat Eddie Kingston in a Street Fight Match.  The end came when match turned into huge mess with Wrestle Factory and Honor Brigade/Bison Family.  Chris Hero came from the crowd and went to hit mike with loaded elbow pad but mike moved.  Hero ended up hitting kingston and mike threw hero to floor before cover eddie for the win.
5. El Generico beat CM Punk to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
6. Eddie Edwards beat Davey Richards
7. Dolph Ziggler and Cyrus Bourne beat Roman Reigns and Tyler Black to retain the Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles after Reigns accidently speared Davey Richards who was on ring apron and Bourne rolled Reigns up for the win.
8. Drake Younger beat Jay Lethal to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-12/29/2014 results:
The show began with Mike Bison and Machine in the ring.  Mike welcome to the last Raw of 2014 and that he Machine will win TPE 13 Tournament on wednesday/thursday.  This lead to dudleyz, hardy boyz, american woles, ascension, tyler black/roman reigns, Night Brothers, Ricochet/Rich Swan, Uso Brothers, New Bruise Brothers coming out arguing they will.  This lead to Edge and Christian coming from the back as guest hosts making the first ever tag team e & c invitinal guantlet match with winning team gaining moment for the tournament.
1. Blonde Ambition and Hardcoe Bytch v.s. Lady Bruisers and Ms. America
2. Venomous, Street Hustler, Gangtas Girls, Doomsday Girl, Lady Venomous v.s. Naughty By Nature, Lady NBN, Lady Doomsday, Jill Night
3. Guile and Sagat beat TJ Wilson and Pac
4. Mr. Venom v.s. Doomsday Kid bea Mr. Venom in a Non Title Match.
5. Dudleyz beat Mike Bison/Machine, Hardy Boy, American Wolves, Ascension, Tyler Black/Roman Reigns, Night Brothers, Ricochet/Rich Swan, Uso Brothers, New Bruise Brothers in the e & c invitinal guantlet mach.
Brock Lensar came to the ring announcing that he will be entering the 2015 Royal Rumble and no one will stop him.  Bryan Danielson came saying that he is returning in rumble and winning it.  Not afraid of lensar and lensar said him and what army.  Samoa Joe with his arm in a sling came to the ring putting his hat in the rumble too.  Lensar and Joe stare off before lensar leaves.
6. Damien Shadow beat Speedster Lite
7. Hollywood Doomsday beat Car Jacker in a Non Title Match.
8. Bubba Jones beat The Miz in a Non Title Match.
9. Xavier Woods beat Masion Dixie
10. Kings Of Wrestling and Brett Wayfield beat Cyrus Bourne, John Cena, Rusev

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