Saturday, December 3, 2016

TWF's Saturday Night Fire-December 3-Surviving Months 2016 Day 61 results

1. Moonshine beat Princess Kimber Lee
2. Wildfire beat All Night Express
3. Piloit beat Dolph Ziggler
4. Lady Speed beat Janet Lee Bison
5. Knockout and Slasher beat Trooper 3 and 4
6. Vlad lost to Eddie Kingston by DQ to retain the EUWF US Title.
7. Ariel Bison beat Alicia Fox
8. Taion and Guile beat Colony
9. Speedster Lite wrestled Jim Brooks to a Draw.

Taped Exclusively for EUWF Network:
1. Dogs Of War beat Primo and Epico
2. Sgt. and Roadblock beat Young Bucks
3. Mark Night beat Baron Corbin
4. John Fire and Snake Eyes beat Kings Of Wrestling
5. Jeffery Alpha beat Sheamus
6. Bruise Brothers beat Gran Metalik and Akura Tozawa
7. Mr. Venom beat Heath Slater
8. East/West Dragons beat Snake Byte
9. Impaler beat Adam Page
10. Nightmare beat Dule Thunder and Chris Night
11. Jack Crystal beat Mike Bennett
12. Rhendo and Blanka beat Kevin Steen and Sami Zayn
13. Brian Thunder beat Joey Ryan to retain the TWF World TV Title.
14. Gambit Inc beat Hallowicked and Frightmare
15. Dalton Castle beat Randy Orton
16. Crazy beat The New Day
17. Eric Bison beat Rich Swan
18. Black Valkyrie beat American Alpha
19. Icarus beat Michel Elgin

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