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This Day In Wrestling History-December 9 (Cactus Jack and Tommy Dreamer win EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles, Holiday Vengeance 2001, Outsiders and Undertaker/Kane, December To Dismember 2007)

This Day In Wrestling History-December 9:

Thursday Night War-12/9/1999 results:
Doomsday, Venom, Duke, Hulk, Massacre, Destroyer comes to the ring.  Venom is holding a envelop in his hands.
Venom: "I got this in the mail yesterday.  It had two plane tickets to New Jersey for Starcade 99 and a note telling us that we were going to be apart of a 6 way ladder match again Joe and Barbecue, Night Brothers, Edge and Christain, Hardy Boys, and Naughty By Nature at Starcade 99."
Doomsday: "It also says that there will be a special guest ref and we have a pretty good idea who that is going to be.  Whenever there has been a need for a special guest ref he has been it.  That is Rowdy Rowdy Piper.  I think it's un fair because RJ Hammer is doing this to once again protect his but buddies."  Piper comes to the ring.
Piper: "Now I don't know who you are and I don't really care.  I'm not going to be the ref at Starcade.  I was asked but I turned it down and I got someone who is going to be qualified to be the special ref at Starcade."
Venom: "Then who is going to be the ref?"
Piper: "I can't say but all I can say is that his name has something in common with a Metallica song."  Venom and Doomsday talk to each other.  Duke tells them something and they look shocked.
Doomsday: "No way.  Not him!"
Piper: "Yes it will be him!"  Venom, Doomsday, Duke, Massacre, Destroyer, and Hulk attacks Piper.  Joe, Barbecue, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, New Age Outlaws make the save.
1. Bruise Brothers beat Too Cool
2. Taz beat Jeff Jarrett
Cactus Jack looks around the back for Al Snow.  Al was going to meet up Cactus but gets attacked by Matsunaga and Pogo.  They smash up Al's arms and smash up Head.
3. Harlem Heat beat Bradshaw and Faarooq
4. Test beat Lex Luger
Al Snow gets put into the ambulance and it drives away.  Cactus comes into the part of the arena where Al was attacked but only sees a busted up Head.  He continues to look for Al.
5. Chris Jericho beat Disco Inferno
6. Jushin Liger beat X-Pac
7. Dudleys beat Machine and Evan Hounda
8. Balls Mahoney beat Godfather
9. Dean Malenko beat D-Lo Brown
10. Chris Benoit beat Steve Blackman 
11. Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Joe, Barbecue, Falcon beat Doomsday, Duke, Massacre, Destroyer, Hulk
Cactus couldn't find out what happen to Al and then gets Tommy Dreamer to be his partner for the Tag Team Title match against the Outlaws.
12. Cactus Jack and Tommy Dreamer beat New Age Outlaws to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
13. Jim Brooks beat Venom to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
14. Speedster Lite beat Kurt Angle to retain the EUWF US Title.
15. RJ Hammer, Bret Hart, Goldberg beat Outsiders and Vader
16. Keiji Muto beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

Saturday Slam Jam-12/9/2000 results:
The show open with a camera showing Jesus Bison and Tommy Dreamer talking backstage earlier in the day.  The camera man was walking around backstage getting ready for the show and decide to tape this.  This was the same camera man that was thrown out of RJ Hammer's locker room last week.
Jesus: "Just thinking about the deal.  You don't have to say anything right now."  Jesus Bison walks away from Tommy and pushes the camera man.
Camera Man: "Tommy what was that about?  Tommy?"  Dreamer walks away.  A scream was heard and camera man ran down the hallway.  He catches the ending of attack on Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Doomsday Inc. by Team Canada, Rhino.  Chris Jericho, Piloit, Sandman, New Jack, Balls Mahoney, Danny Doring, Roadkill, Too Cool, Ken, Ryu, Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck, Eddie Guerrero made the save.  Faces that were attacked were bleeding and hurt.  Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Lady Speed was taken away in ambulances.
1. Ken and Ryu beat Doomsday Warriors in a first round match of the EUWF's Best Of Lightweight Tag Team Tournament.
2. Major Destroyer and General Destroyer beat Gedo and Jado in a first round match of the EUWF's Best Of Lightweight Tag Team Tournament.
3. Trooper 7 and 8 beat Simon Diamond and Swinger in a first round match of the EUWF's Best Of Lightweight Tag Team Tournament.
4. Piloit beat CW Anderson
5. Barbecue beat Commander to retain the EUWF Unified World Lightweight Title.
6. Danny Doring and Roadkill beat Too Cool
7. Sandman, New Jack, Balls Mahoney beat Zangief, Goodfather, Bull Buchanan
8. Lita beat Miss Lee
9. Jesus Bison and Queen Bison beat Mike Bison and Ariel Bison
10. Edge and Christian beat Elix Skipper and Guile in a first round match of the EUWF's Best Of Lightweight Tag Team Tournament.
11. Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck beat Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero
12. Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Justin Credible, Rhino beat Doomsday, Venom, Naughty By Nature

Holiday Vengeance 2001-12/9/2001 results:
1. Xtreme, Ranger, Cyborg beat Ninja Kid, Mark Night, Chris Night
2. The Hurricane and Mighty Molly beat Mike Bison and Ariel Bison to win the EUWF World Mixed Tag Team Titles.
3. Jade beat Lady Doomsday to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
4. Venom beat Masato Tanaka to retain the EUWF European Title.
5. Undertaker and Kane beat Nate Hatred and Nick Gage.  Hall and Nash attacked the Undertaker and Kane.  The four brawled till security and wrestlers from Extreme Alliance and Doomsday Alliance brook them.
6. Speedster Lite beat Edge and Christian in a Three Way Dance to retain the EUWF IC Title.
7.  Joe won the EUWF World Lightweight Title in the first fall.  Piloit retained the EUWF World Hardcore title in the second fall.
8. Jim Brooks beat Triple H by forfeit to retain the EUWF World TV Title.  Triple H was shown hurt before the match and then had to forfeit the match to Brooks.  Brooks then challenged anyone to wrestle him and The Rock accepted the match. 
9. Jim Brooks beat The Rock to retain the EUWF World TVF Title.  The Rock had the match but the ref had been knocked out seconds earlier by brooks and a sledge hammer.  Triple H came to the ring and hit The Rock in the back of the head with sledge hammer that the Rock made Brooks dropped.  Nick Patrick wearing a ref shirt that says Elite ran to the ring and counted the three.  Triple H, Brooks, Patrick left the ring celebrating.
10.. Naughty By Nature beat SAT in the first fall to retain the Lightweight Tag Titles and the second fall to win the World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
11. Chris Jericho beat Shadow WX in a Hell In A Cell Match to win EUWF US Title.
12. Jesus Bison beat RJ Hammer and Steve Austin to win a shot at the EUWF World Title at Starcade 2001 on December 23.
13. Rob Van Dam beat Low Ki in a No DQ, No Count Out, No Time Limit, Must Be A Winner Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  A masked man ran in and hit RVD with a brain buster onto a chair.  Security chased the masked man into the crowd.  Ki couldn't cover RVD right away because he had just been hit with a Van Terminator seconds earlier.  By the time he did cover him RVD was able to get the shoulder up at two.  Ki went for a Ki Driver but RVD reversed it and went for a van terminator.  That was stopped when Eddie Guerrero came from under the ring and attacked RVD.  Ki and Guerrero double teamed RVD till Chris Jericho ran to the ring.  He grabbed Guerrero out of the ring and the two brawled to the back.  RVD hit a Van Damanitor onto Ki and Five Star Frog Splash to win the match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-12/9/2002 results:
The show began with Jim Ross returning to announcing booth with Michael Cole but that didn't last long as Lawler was returned to both by Brock Lensar, Impact Players, Masato Tanaka.
1. Spike Dudley beat Chris Divine
2. Booker T beat Jason Jett
3. Hardy Boyz beat Three Count
4. Marc Briscoe and Impact Players beat Jay Briscoe and Night Brothers
5. Jerry Lynn beat Quiet Storm
6. Edge beat Xavier to retain the EUWF US Title.
7. Sabu beat Jim Brooks
8. Doomsday, Triple H, AJ Styles, Barbecue, Rob Van Dam beat Ric Flair, Low Ki, Brock Lensar, William Regal, Masato Tanaka

TTWF 12/9/2003 Show results:
1. Christie beat Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Lady Venom in a 4 Way Dance to retain the TTWF World Women's Title.
2. Chris Hero beat Sean O'Haire
3. Jack Crystal beat Tajiri to retain the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title.
4. Doomsday beat New Jack to retain the TTWF World Hardcore Title.
5. Night Brothers beat RC Haas and Shelton Benjamin to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
6. Venom beat Ultimo Dragon and Johnny Kashmere in a 3 Way Dance to retain the TTWF US Title.
7. Samoa Joe beat Batistia to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Chris Benoit beat Rey Misterio Jr., Trent Acid, Jerry Lynn in a 4 Way Dance to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-12/9/2005 results:
1. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Knockout in a Non Title Match.
2. Jade, April Hunter, Trish Stratus, Lady Speed beat Dominatrixic, Temptress, Victoria, Angel Williams in a Hardcore Match.
3. Chris Sabin beat Garrison Cade
4. James Gibson beat Orlando Jordan
5. Havana Pitbulls beat Bashman Brothers
6. Frankie Karazarian and Michael Shane beat Iron Saints
7. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat KENTA and Marufuji to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Chris Hero and Kurt Angle beat Christopher Daniels and Bryan Danielson in an Elimination Tag Match.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-12/9/2006 results:
The show started with Christine Crystal making a statement about her husband Jack Crystal's health and announced that Jack maybe bruised and battered from the attack on Wednesday but will be defending his title against samoa joe at Sunday Night Party 64 on December 17.  She said that Jack will be at home resting and getting back to 100% and training for his first title defense.
1. Colt Cabana beat Nick Berk
2. Doomsday Kid and Venomous beat FBI
3. Low Ki beat Doomsday
4. Hoodies beat Night Brothers
5. Venom beat Jimmy Jacobs
6. Naughty By Nature and Lady Naughty By Nature beat Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, Nattie Neidhart, Sally Gunnstone
7. Homicide beat Mr. Kennedy to retain the ECW US Title.
8. Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Mike Bison, Guile beat Abyss, Edge, Chris Hero, Vlad

ECW's December To Dismember 2007-12/9/2007 results:
1. Balls Mahoney beat Brain Damage and Machine in a 3 Way 20,000 Thumbtack Death Match to retain the ECW World Triple Crown HC Title.
2. Taion beat Tyler Black to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
3. Claudio Castagnoli beat Stevie Richards to win the EUWF IC Title.
4. Naughty By Nature beat Dudleyz and Brian Thunder/Duke in a 3 Way Christmas Death Match.
5. Jimmy Jacobs and Nerco Butcher beat Eric Bison and Guile to win the ECW World HC Tag Team Titles.
6. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Elix Skipper and Low Ki to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Mike Bison beat Edge to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  The match was originally called a no contest as both men just crazy on each other blooding each other, jusing anything they can get their hands on, and throwing the ref around.  Eventually haymen came out making the ref let the match go and Mike eventually got Edge to pass out to Bison Lock for the win.
8. Samoa Joe beat Chris Jericho to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-12/9/2009 results:
1. Matt Sydal beat Matt Cross
2. Jim Brooks beat Sheamus
3. Hallowicked beat Ruckus
4. Low Ki beat Duke
5. CM Punk beat TJ Wilson
6. Mr. America, Spirit, Jack Crystal beat Amazing Red and Hoodies
7. Machine beat Cody Rhodes
8. Harry Smith and Colon Brothers beat Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, Delirious

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-12/9/2010 results:
1. Machine beat Speedster Lite
2. Hoodies beat Brian Thunder and Duke
3. The Miz beat Taion
4. Mike Bison beat Alex Riley in a Non Title Match.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-12/9/2011 results:
1. El Generico beat Heath Slater
2. Christopher Daniels beat Colt Cabana in a Non Title Match.
3. Wade Barrett beat Broadie Lee
4. Kevin Steen beat JTG
5. Michel Elgin v.s. Tyler Reks
6. Roderick Strong beat Justin Gabriel
7. AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian beat Young Bucks
8. Randy Orton and Davey Richards beat Mr. America and John Cena

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-12/9/2013 results:
1. Eddie Kingston and Jigsaw beat Bison Brothers
2. Peter Spider and Freddie Waldeno beat Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano in a Non Title Match.
3. Jim Brooks beat Roman Reigns in a Non Title Match.
4. Drake Younger beat John Cena
5. Venom beat Tyler Black in a Non Title Match.
6. Doomsday beat Kyle O'Reily in a Non Title Match.
7. Jay Lethal and Kofi Kingston beat Team Rhodes Scholar
8. Adam Cole beat Non Title Match: Adam Cole v.s. Piloit
9. New Bruise Brothers wrestled Machine/Sagat, Dolph Ziggler/Cyrus Bourne, Uso Brothers to a Non Contest in a #1 Contenders for Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles Match.  The end came when The Shield came out turning it into gian brawl.  5 Way Dance announced for
Christmas Bash 2013.
10. Bryan Danielson, El Generico, Ash Hyde beat Chris Hero, Austin Aries, WN Alpha

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-12/9/2014 results:
1. Eric Rowan beat Street Hustler
2. Mr. Venom beat Brodie Lee in a Non Title Match.
3. Hollywood Doomsday beat Rhino
4. Taion beat Jackson Rouch
5. Guile beat Brett Wayfield
6. Machine beat Eric Bison in a Non Title Match.
7. Mike Bison beat Sagat
8. Cyrus Bourne beat Damien Shadow to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-12/9/2015-
Surviving Months 2015 Day 68 results:

1. Power Donity beat Willie Mack
2. Hollywood Doomsday beat Sheamus
3. Speedster Lite beat Michel Elgin
4. Joe Henning beat TJ Perkins
Sami Zayn did a interview that he is being kept from Steen at all costs and even not being let into building because of it.  Mike Bison came up to him saying that HHH keeping him away from steen and title match cause of he hasn't wrestled in months.  He has gotten Sami a match with steen at
12 Death Of Matches Of Christmas 9 in a Christmas Last Man Standing match.  If sami doesn't win he doesn't get into Royal Rumble 2016 Match.
5. Austin Aries beat Bryatt Wyatt
6. Alberto Del Rio beat Blk Jeez
7. AR Fox beat Jay Lethal
8. Icarus beat Rich Swan

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