Thursday, December 22, 2016

TWF's Thursday Night Wars-December 22 results

The show began with Seth Owens came to the ring and saying he is not affraid of Ash Hyde.  That he will beat his brother just like all the other times they wrestled.  He then explained that he turned on Ash not for his selfish reasons but for Ash's sake.  That they belong with Wyatt Empire instead of TWF Army.  Ash attacking Seth and cleared the ring of him.  Ash said that he is full crap and never will join Wyatts.  That at Christmas Bash he will teach Seth a lesson.
1. Alcarda Vania beat Jade Thunder
2. Brian Thunder beat Vlad in a Non Title Match.
Duke Thunder, Chris Night, Snake Eyes, Dynamic Duo, Trooper 1-4, Wildfire, Crazy, Sgt., Saviors, Dangerous Trio came out announcing their retirements at the end of 2016.  Their last matches at New Year's Bash 2016-2017.  Wyatt Empire attacked them laying them out but this left half Young Guns army confused.
3. Black Valkyrie and Dogs Of War beat High Flyers
4. Hansen beat Sagat
Freddie Waldeno confronted King Peter about what happen earlier.  Freddie said they got what they wanted they are leaving and Peter said not all the old ones are leaving.  Freddie Waldeno, Black Valkyrie, Jump Start, Tristin Heartsend, Purple Haze, and others left the Young Guns Army.
5. King Peter beat Mark Night
6. Jim Brooks, Brodie Lee, Braun Strowman beat Speedster Lite, Hollywood Doomsday, Mr. Venom
7. Brett Wayfield beat Spirit
8. Ash Hyde and Hoodies beat Seth Owens and Naughty By Nature

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