Monday, April 4, 2016

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-April 4 results

Sami Zayn and Honor Brigade came to the ring celebrating his win at Wrestlemania 32.  Kevin Steen came out saying that tonight wasn't his choice of when to get his rematch but he will take back HIS TITLE tonight.
1. Sasha Banks beat Moonshine to retain the Unified World Ladies Title.
2. Harrison Boss and Tommy Bernard beat The New Day in a Summer Tag Festival VI Match.
Lady Donity did a promo saying that they are going to sue Brock Lensar for last nights match and putting his hands on her during the match.
3. Zach Sabre Jr. and Mr. America beat Tyler Breeze and Icarus
4. War Machine beat Dudleyz in a Summer Tag Festival VI Match.
Star Pryde came to the ring saying that due to sexism that she has been kept back from recruiting talent.  Despite that she has gotten some from in the company but had to go outside of EUWF. ECW. and TWF.  She then introduced Trevor Lee as her first client for Star Enterprises.  That she will reveal more later tonight.
5. Brett Wayfield and Jackson Rouch beat Dash and Dawson in a Summer Tag Festival VI Match.
6. Uso Brothers beat Bruise Brothers in a Summer Tag Festival VI Match.
7. Austin Aries beat Zach Ryder by DQ.  Aries got into it with two masked fans at ringside holding up Star Pryde signs.  The two fans jumped the guard rail attacking Aries causing the DQ.  One of them hit aries with a piledriver.  Robert Roode and James Storm tried to make the save but Zach Ryder and Trevor Lee jumped them.  The 4 left with Star.
8. Hollywood Doomsday and Mr. Venom wrestled Ash Hyde and Seth Owens to a Draw in a Summer Tag Festival VI Match.
9. Kings Of Wrestling beat The Beaver Boys
in a Summer Tag Festival VI Match. 
10. Sami Zayn wrestled Kevin Steen to a No Contest in a Cage Match to retain EUWF World Triple Crown Title.  The end came when Steen pulled the ref into a way of kick in the corner.  Out came star pryde who low blowed the ref outside the cage letting the LHK into the cage.  They beat on sami till Honor Brigade tried to make the save but Dolph Ziggler turned on them.  Trevor Lee, Zach Ryder, and now 5 mask men came front he crowd attacking Sami, Cyrus, Seth, Ash.  American Heroes, Hollywood Doomsday, Mr. Venom, Boss Gang, AJ Styles, Dudley, Kings Of Wrestling made the save.  As the heals left Doomsday got one of the masks off revealing it to be Eric Young. Star stole triple crown title belt as Steen says he is the champ.  The other mask men took theirs off to reveal Jim Brooks, Apollo Crews, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson.  Jim and Star kiss as it was announced the match was thrown out and Sami was still champion.  That was cause match could only be won by pinfall or submission not escape the cage.  LHK and Star Enterprises celebrated to end the show not caring.

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