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This Day In Wrestling History-April 4 (Easter Bash 1999, You Can Go Home Again, Punk claims to still be champion, Edge vows revenge, Mike gets what he wants, First New TWF PPV Announced, RJ Hammer and Punk screw mike of of his rematch, Easter Bash 2010 Night 3, Best Of Lightweight Tournament 17 and 29, Easter Bash 2015 Night 2)

This Day In Wrestling History-April 4:

Easter Bash 99-4/4/1999 results:

1. Super Crazy beat Duke
2. Bison, Commander, Mike Bison beat Nova, Spike Dudley, Chris Chetti to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
3. Taka Michinoku beat Yoshiri Tajiri
4. Lady Doomsday beat Ariel Bison to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
5. Dean Malenko beat 2 Cold Scorpio to retain the EUWF World Cruiserweight Title.
6. Justin Credible beat Chris Candido to retain the EUWF IC Title.
7. Lance Storm and Chris Jericho wrestled Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks to a time limit draw to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Cactus Jack beat Sandman, Raven, and Sabu in a four way Hell In A Cell Death Match to win back the EUWF US Title and the spot in the finals of the EUWF Title Tournament.

Wednesday Night Brawl-4/4/2001 results:
1. Shadow Ninja beat Trooper 3
2. Ninja Kid beat Cyborg
3. Machine beat Sagat
4. Strong Ninja beat Extreme Warrior
5. Dynamic Duo beat Trooper 1 and 2
6. Snake Eyes beat Piloit
7. Spike Dudley beat Zangief
8. Essa Rios, Ken, Ryu, Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki beat Steve Corino, Barbecue, Mankind, American Turncoats
9. Chris Benoit beat Lance Storm to retain the EUWF IC Title.
10. Spirit beat Joe in a Ladder Match to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
11. Naughty By Nature beat Edge and Christian to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
12. Chris Jericho beat Jerry Lynn to retain the EUWF US Title.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-4/4/2002 results:
1. Ken and Ryu beat American Heroes
2. Masato Tanaka, Raven, Crash Holly beat Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman
3. Hit Squad beat Night Brothers in a Street Fight Match.
4. Jim Brooks and Eddie Guerrero
5. Backseat Boys beat Low Ki and Super Crazy
6. Chris Jericho and Brock Lensor beat Shadow WX and Booker T
7. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, X-Pac, Ric Blade beat Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Joe
8. RJ Hammer and Venom beat Barbecue and Doomsday

TTWF 4/4/2003 Viking Hall You Can Go Home Again results:
1. Juventud Guerrera beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title
2. Mike Awesome beat Masato Tanaka in a Tables Match
3. Reckless Youth and Mike Quackenbush beat Backseat Boyz, Night Brothers, CM Punk/Colt Cabana, FBI, Impact Players, Danny Doring/Roadkill, Dudleyz, Joey Mathews/Christian York, Simon Diamond/Swinger in a Scramble Rules Match to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Red beat Tajiri, Super Crazy, Rey Misterio Jr. in a 4 Way Dance.
5. Venom beat Rhyno, Speedster Lite, Doomsday, Jim Brooks in a 5 Way Dance.
6. AJ Styles beat Al Snow and Steve Corino in a 3 Way Dance.
7. Tommy Dreamer beat Mike Bison in 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match to win TTWF World Hardcore Title.  The Messiah attacked Mike and Dreamer with Mike's barbed wire singapore cane till Doomsday and Venom made the save.  The Messiah left with the cane.
8. Chris Jericho beat Sabu to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
9. Taion beat Chris Benoit to retain the TTWF US Title.
10. Jerry Lynn beat Rob Van Dam to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/4/2005 results:
The show started with the announcement that this would be a co show featuring all 3 companies because of the trade.  The trades then was announced and then announced that the no matter how trade goes if a person in Survivor 3 gets trade they will stay with original team till they get voted off or end of the tournament.  Footage was then shown of Triple H attacking RJ Hammer and Samoa Joe after the show last night with a sledge hammer. 
1. Spirit and April Hunter beat Sho Fuanki and Miss Lee to retain the EUWF World Mixed Tag Team Titles.
2. New Demolition beat Orlando Jorden and Bashman Brothers to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
3. Doomsday and Venom beat La Resistance in a Non Title Match.
4. Roderick Strong and Jack Evans beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks (Filling in for the injured RJ Hammer) to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Alex Shelley beat Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle in a 3 Way Dance.
6. Mike Bison, Taion, Paul London, Spanky beat Homicide, Low Ki, Havana Pitbulls
7. Edge beat Austin Aries and Samoa Joe in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
8. Jim Brooks and Chris Benoit beat AJ Styles/Doomsday and Bryan Danielson/Eddie Guerrero in a 3 Way Dream Partner Tag Team Match.  Original a 3 Way Non Title Match between the 3 champions but Jim Brooks got AJ and Dragon to agree to changing the match.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/4/2007 results:
The show started with CM Punk coming to the ring holding a fake ecw title belt saying that fans again fell for whatever he said and as a matter of fact helped Colt Cabana get a full time contract as part of his plan.  He claimed to be still ECW World Heavyweight Champion and will give Samoa Joe another chance at ECW's April 27 PPV Hostile City Showdown 2007.  Punk then dared anyone to try and take this from him.  KENTA made a surprise appearance from the crowd attacking Punk and laying him with his version of Go To Sleep.  KENTA looked at the fake ECW Title belt Punk had came out with him and then dropped it on him before being chased back into the crowd by Cabana and Ace Steel.  Paul Haymen later confirmed that Punk's rematch for will be at Hostile City Showdown 2007 but will be I Quit Cage Match.  He then made a match between Punk and KENTA for this saturday.
1. Matt Sydal beat Petey Williams
2. Milano Collection At beat M-Dogg 20
Mike Bison came to the ring and thanked the fans again for all the support.  He then apologized for the ruse about being hurt but he needed it to get back at Edge and Christian.  Mike said that Eric is still out of action due to knee surgery he had while they were faking serious injures from the attack.  Mike said that he had a couple of things to get off his chest saying that he is seriously mad at Punk for what he did and will get him back sooner or later.  Mike then said that he is glad to be done with Edge and Christian Cage but Edge came interrupting him saying that after they heal up they will get revenge on Bison Brothers.  Mike said there a stipulation in the contract for sunday that said that neither Bisons and Edge/Christian Cage can wrestle against each other for six months.  Edge was mad and said that no matter how long they have to wait they will get their revenge and left.  Mike went to leave when CM Punk came from the crowd hitting him with fake ECW Title belt.  He beat on Mike till Guile and Taion made the save.
3. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin beat Paul London and Spanky
4. Jerrelle Clark beat Sonjay Dutt
5. Drake Younger beat Tommy Dreamer to retain the ECW World Triple Crown HC Title.
6. Brian Thunder beat Christopher Daniels to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
7. Rob Van Dam beat Chris Benoit
8. Drake Younger beat Homicide, Brian Thunder, AJ Styles, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Rhino, Nerco Butcher, Mike Bison, Jack Crystal in a Top Ten Rankings Match to win the #1 Contenders Trophy For ECW World Heavyweight Title and title shot at Sunday Night Party 66 on April 22.  Rhino won a title shot at this sunday Easter Bash 2007.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-4/4/2008 results:
#1 Contenders Trophy Tournament Round 2:

1. Kevin Steen and MVP beat Harry Smith and Milano Collection At
2. Chris Jericho and John Cena beat Jay Lethal and Joe
3. Edge and Matt Hardy beat Batistia and Delirious
4. Speedster Lite and Shawn Michaels beat Chris Hero and Mr. Kennedy

Non Tournament Matches:
5. Spanky beat John Morrison
6. Sonjay Dutt beat Piloit
7. Brian Thunder beat El Generico
8. Samoa Joe beat Nigel McGuiness and Randy Orton in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF and ECW World Heavyweight Title.  Mike Bison came out in street clothes before Nigel and Orton came to the ring.  He sat at the announcer's table and did commentary.  He started making fun of Nigel and Orton and complaining about them getting a title shot before he gets his rematch.  He continued not letting the commentators even do their job and got into it with Nigel and Orton while joe made his entrance.  Mike and Nigel almost came to blows when security came out to split them up.  RJ came out and he and Mike started arguing.  RJ got on the mic saying if mike wants to do this and not be here then he is suspended to Extreme Nightmare.  Mike said that was fine with him and left through the crowd.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-4/4/2009 results:
1. Bryan Danielson beat Chris Jericho
2. Samoa Joe beat AJ Styles
3. CM Punk beat Chris Hero in a Non Title Match.
4. Mike Bison beat Claudio Castagnoli in a Non Title Match.

Easter Bash 2010-4/4/2010 results:
Best Of Lightweight Tournament 17:
Sweet 16 Round:
1. #1 Christopher Daniels (38-13-2) beat #11 YAMOTO (4-2-1)
2. #6 Harry Smith (10-5-0) beat #5 El Generico (12-10-0)
3. #4 Jay Lethal (19-12-0) beat #9 Power Warrior (6-5-1)
4. #3 Vlad (20-12-0) beat #9 Rhendo (6-10-1)
5. #7 TJ Perkins (9-8-1) beat #4 Matt Sydal (16-6-0)
6. #10 Kenny Omega (6-1-1) beat #3 Homicide (20-12-2) to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
7. #5 Dragon Kid (14-6-1) beat #7 TJ Wilson (8-6-0)
8. #2 Amazing Red (23-8-1) beat #11 Scorpio Sky (5-3-0) to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.

Elite 8 Round:

1. #1 Christopher Daniels (39-13-2) beat #6 Harry Smith (10-6-0)
2. #4 Jay Lethal (20-12-0) beat #3 Vlad (20-13-0)
3. #7 TJ Perkins (10-8-1) beat #10 Kenny Omega (6-2-1) to win the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
4. #2 Amazing Red (24-8-1) beat #5 Dragon Kid (14-7-1) to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.

Final 4 Round:

1. #1 Christopher Daniels (40-13-2) beat #4 Jay Lethal (20-13-0)
2. #2 Amazing Red (25-8-1) beat #7 TJ Perkins (10-9-1) to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.  EUWF World Lightweight Title was not on the line.

Final Round:

1. #1 Christopher Daniels (41-13-2) beat #2 Amazing Red (25-9-1) to win the tournament and ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Randy Orton beat RJ Hammer
2. BxB Hulk, Susumu Yokosuka, Gamma, CIMA beat Rey Misterio Jr., Piloit, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho
3. Mark Night beat Mike Bison to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.  This was Mike's rematch as he cashed it in after losing the last two nights. Mike screamed in anger after the match and was frustrated even more.
4. Kings Of Wrestling, Triple H, Batistia, Jack Swagger, The Miz beat American Wolves, Machine, Sagat, Colt Cabana, Edge
5. American Heroes beat Eric Bison, Commander, Guile, Luke Gallows
6. Naomichi Marufuji, Prince Devitt, Kota Ibushi, Alex Kosolov beat Frankie Kazarian, Austin Aries, Shelton Benjamin, Petey Williams
7. Shingo beat Jack Crystal
8. Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino beat Throwbacks, Joe/Barbecue, Wildfire, Crazy, Unstable, Colony in a Scramble Match.
9. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Cheech/Cloudy, Team Fist, Naughty By Nature, Irish Airborne, Teddy Hart/Jack Evans, Brian Kendrick/Paul London, Osirin Portal, Lince Dorado/Pinkie Sanchez, Young Bucks, Northstar Express, House Of Truth in a Gauntlet Match to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
10. Gamma beat Jerry Lynn
11. CIMA beat Bryan Danielson
12. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Genki Horguchi
13. Pac beat Ryan Phoenix
14. Low Ki beat Egotistico Fantastico and Jason Hades in a 3 Way Dance.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/4/2011 results:
The show started with Mike Bison coming to the ring saying there was rumors going up to wrestlemania and even afterwords that if he lost last night he would be leaving.  He said there maybe some truths to it as his contract is up at end of the year but he doesn't plan to make a full decision on his plans till then.  He said he has done everything EUWF, TWF, ECW maybe time to spend more time with family or work elsewhere but he hasn't made up his mind.  CM Punk comes from the back gives him a pity clap and fake cry.  Punk said that it was great to hear him come out here and bore everyone with his sad story.  Mike said that he believes it was punk who started the rumor and didn't deny it.  Punk said that he may not have won last night but didn't totally lose as Mike no longer champion.  He said that it will it one of Alliance missions to make sure he never wins another title.  Mike said that the thing left to do is to put end to the Alliance once and for all.  Punk said he never agree to a match with Alliance on the line no matter what and he said he surprise for Mike but he save it for later.
RJ Hammer officially announced the first non Surviving Month PPV for TWF since it's return.  It will take place June 5 from Hammerstein Ballroom.
The show ended with Edge coming out celebrating his win of EUWF World Triple Crown Title at WM27.  Mike Bison comes back out saying that he wanted to congratulate him and that Edge proved that he is no longer with Alliance.  Mike said that he should officially walk away from them right now and try to make up for what he did.  Edge looked at the crowd and was about to answer when CM Punk came from the back.  Punk said that first Mike promises to take his group from him and tries to take Edge from him.  Punk said that Mike is in real surprise and Mike looked confused turning right into a spear from Edge.  Punk said that everything was a trick to embarrse and trick Mike into believing they were at each other throats the whole time.  Punk scarified himself to do it and then said that Mike should always read contracts as there was a stipulation in WM main event contract.  Punk now controls the right for Mike to get a rematch against Edge and as long as he something to say he will never get one.  Punk picked Mike up hitting him with GTS and then edge speared Mike a second time.  Punk sat on Mike saying this is the fate of anyone that messes with Alliance including The Rock, Steve Austin, or anyone else.  Alliance members came around ringside and The Rock and Steve Austin came out.  Security kept them from alliance as Alliance celebrated over Mike to end the show.

Easter Bash 2011 Title Shot Tournament:
1. El Generico beat Petey Williams, Ted Dibiase Jr., Justin Gabriel, Matt Jackson, Jigsaw in a 6 Way Dance.
2. Sin Cara beat AJ Styles and Wade Barrett in a 3 Way Dance.
3. Davey Richards beat Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Alex Riley in a 4 Way Dance.
4. Amazing Red beat Nick Jackson and Heath Slater in a 3 Way Dance.
5. Kevin Steen, Gran Akuma, Darren Young beat Ezekiel Jackson, Christopher Daniels, Broadie Lee
6. Roderick Strong and Michel Elgin beat Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana
7. Alberto Del beat Frankie Kazarian
8. Bryan Danielson beat Tyler Black, John Cena, The Miz in a 4 Way Dance.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/4/2012 results:
1. TJ Perkins beat Heath Slater
2. WN Alpha beat Cody Rhodes
3. Kevin Steen beat Jack Swagger
4. Jack Crystal beat Dolph Ziggler
5. Vlad and Impaler beat Machine and Sagat to retain the Unified World HC Tag Team Titles.
6. Brett Wayfield beat Claudio Castagnoli to retain the Unified World HC Title.
7. Briscoe Brothers beat Doosmday and Venom to win the Unified US Tag Team Titles.
8. Power Warrior beat Tyler Black to retain the Unified US Title.

TWF's Thursday Night Fire-4/4/2013 results:
1. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Kane and Bryan Danielson
2. New Public Enemy, Rhino, Jack Swagger, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler beat Night Brothers, Venon, Cyrus Bourne, WN Alpha, Mr. America in a Elimination Match.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-4/4/2014 results:
1. Roderick Strong and Wade Barrett beat Jay Lethal and Ash Hyde
2. WN Alpha beat John Cena
3.  Bad Influence and Peter Spider beat Night Brothers and Freddie Waldeno
4. Cody Rhodes, Doomsday, Venom beat Goldust, Guile, Taion
5. Randy Orton, Wyatt Family, The Shield, The Miz, Jack Swagger, Kevin Steen, Batista beat Bryan Danielson, Cyrus Bourne, Dolph Ziggler, Samoa Joe, El Generico, Outlaw Inc., Eddie Edwards, Roman Reigns, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Mike Bison in a Elimination Match.

Easter Bash 2015 Night 2-4/4/2015 results:
Best Of Lightweight Tournment 29:
Bracket 9-First Round:
1. #9 Anthony Nese (2-1-0) beat #8 Ligi Maro (1-2-0)
2. #13 Shane Hollister (1-2-0) beat #4 Ruckus (11-15-0)
3. #5 Jay Briscoe (11-13-0) beat #12 Extreme Knight II (0-3-0)
4. #7 Tardarius Thomas (5-2-0) beat #10 Trooper 7 (0-2-0)
5. #3 Jushin Liger (23-7-1) (BOLT Japan Winner) beat #14 Trooper 3 (0-9-0)
6. #6 Thomas Bernard (6-3-0) beat #11 Leo Kappa (0-2-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Christopher Daniels (46-23-2) (BOLT17 Winner) beat #9 Anthony Nese (2-2-0)
2. #5 Jay Briscoe (12-13-0) beat #13 Shane Hollister (1-3-0)
3. #2 Tyler Black (25-14-0) (BOLT 15 Winner) beat #7 Tardarius Thomas (5-3-0)
4. #6 Thomas Bernard (7-3-0) beat #3 Jushin Liger (23-8-1)

Third Round:

1. #5 Jay Briscoe (13-13-0) beat #1 Christopher Daniels (46-24-2)
2. #6 Thomas Bernard (8-3-0) beat #2 Tyler Black (25-15-0)

Forth Round:

1. #6 Thomas Bernard (9-3-0) beat #5 Jay Briscoe (13-14-0)

Bracket 10-First Round:

1. #9 Ethan Page (1-0-0) beat #8 Seiya Sanda (2-2-0)
2. #4 Kofi Kingston (16-5-1) beat #13 Lightning Knight (0-5-0)
3. #5 Prince Devitt (8-3-0) beat #12 Ray Rosas (0-2-0)
4. #7 Silas Young (4-9-0) beat #10 Andrew Everett (0-1-0)
5. #3 Hallowicked (17-13-0) beat #14 Fire Ninja (0-5-0)
6. #6 Johnny The Kid (8-10-0) beat #11 Kent Wonder (0-2-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Roderick Strong (37-22-1) beat #9 Ethan Page (1-1-0)
2. #5 Prince Devitt (9-3-0) beat #4 Kofi Kingston (16-6-1)
3. #2 Mike Bison (35-18-1) (BOLT10 Winner) beat #7 Silas Young (4-10-0)
4. #6 Johnny The Kid (9-10-0) beat #3 Hallowicked (17-14-0)

Third Round:

1. #5 Prince Devitt (10-3-0) beat #1 Rodeirck Strong (37-23-1)
2. #2 Mike Bison (36-18-1) beat #6 Johnny The Kid (9-11-0)

Forth Round:

1. #5 Prince Devitt (11-3-0) beat #2 Mike Bison (36-19-1) in Mike's last match.  Having lost Career vs Career match at WM31 his last commitment was this weekend as part of the tournament.

Bracket 11-First Round:

1. #8 Crazy Backlot Warrior (3-10-0) beat #9 Basher (1-12-0)
2. #4 Marc Briscoe (14-14-0) beat #13 Kodama (0-4-0)
3. #5 Bloody Donity (10-10-0) beat #12 Dog Of War #1 (0-2-0)
4. #7 Trooper 2 (5-11-0) beat #10 Rex Lion (0-2-0)
5. #3 John Moxly (20-8-0) beat #14 Lance Bravado (0-7-0)
6. #6 Jake Crist (7-8-0) beat #11 Alex Havoc (0-2-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Mr. America (43-22-2) beat #8 Crazy Backlot Warrior (3-11-0)
2. #5 Bloody Donity (11-10-0) beat #4 Marc Briscoe (14-15-0)
3. #2 Sami Callihan (27-12-0) beat #7 Trooper 2 (5-12-0)
4. #3 John Moxly (21-8-0) beat #6 Jake Crist (7-9-0)

Third Round:

1. #1 Mr. America (44-22-2) beat #5 Bloody Donity (11-11-0)
2. #3 John Moxly (22-8-0) beat #2 Sami Callihan (28-13-0)

Forth Round:

1. #3 John Moxly (23-8-0) beat #1 Mr. America (44-23-2)

Bracket 12-First Round:

1. #9 David Silver (1-0-0) beat #8 Car Jacker (2-10-0)
2. #4 Sabian (15-14-0) v.s. #13 Cedric Alexandar (0-4-0)
3. #5 Dave Crist (9-8-0) beat #12 Tommaso Ciampa (0-2-0)
4. #7 Samuari Del Sol (4-2-0) beat #10 Tom Master (0-2-0)
5. #14 Richie Borndo (1-5-0) beat #3 Snake Eyes (17-18-0)
6. #6 Jackson Rouch (7-5-0) beat #11 Enzo Amore (0-2-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Venom (40-22-1) (BOLT18 Winner) beat #9 David Silver (1-1-0)
2. #4 Sabian (16-14-0) beat #5 Dave Crist (9-9-0)
3. #7 Samurai Del Sol (5-2-0) beat #2 Low Ki (32-21-2) (BOLT4 Winner)
4. #6 Jackson Rouch (8-5-0) beat #6 Richie Borndo (1-6-0)

Third Round:

1. #4 Sabian (17-14-0) beat #1 Venom (40-23-1)
2. #6 Jackson Rouch (9-5-0) beat #7 Samurai Del Sol (5-3-0)

Forth Round:

1. #6 Jackson Rouch (10-5-0) beat #4 Sabian (17-15-0)

Bracket 13-First Round:

1. #8 Damien Shadow (2-1-0) beat #9 Extreme Sport (1-5-0)
2. #4 Devon Moore (12-10-0) beat #13 Extreme Ninja II (0-3-0)
3. #12 Bobby Fish (1-3-0) beat #5 Rocky Romero (10-14-1)
4. #7 Shane Strickland (5-3-0) beat #10 Grey Dragon (0-2-0)
5. #3 Chuck Taylor (23-10-0) beat #14 Crazy Backlot Warrior (0-8-0)
6. #6 Daniel Xtreme (7-13-0) beat #11 Crasher Jack (0-2-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 AJ Styles (46-24-1) (BOLT14 Winner) beat #8 Damien Shadow (2-2-0)
2. #12 Bobby Fish (2-3-0) beat #4 Devon Moore (12-11-0)
3. #2 Guile (26-24-0) beat #7 Shane Strickland (5-4-0)
4. #6 Daniel Xtreme (8-13-0) beat #3 Chuck Taylor (23-11-0)

Third Round:

1. #12 Bobby Fish (3-3-0) beat #1 AJ Styles (46-25-1)
2. #6 Daniel Xtreme (9-13-0) beat #2 Guile (26-25-0)

Forth Round:

1. #12 Bobby Fish (4-3-0) beat #6 Daniel Xtreme (9-14-0)

Bracket 14-First Round:

1. #8 Heath Slater (3-4-0) beat #9 Trevor Lee (0-1-0)
2. #4 AR Fox (16-8-0) beat #13 Caprice Coleman (0-4-0)
3. #5 John Fire (9-18-0) beat #12 Carson Jackson (0-2-0)
4. #7 Nick Jackson (4-6-0) beat #10 Jon Gresham (0-1-0)
5. #3 Paul London (17-13-0) (BOLT7 Winner) beaet #14 Crazy Ninja (0-5-0)
6. #6 Jigsaw (8-11-0) beat #11 Jack Pink (0-2-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Ash Hyde (37-14-1) beat #8 Heath Slater (3-5-0)
2. #5 John Fire (10-18-0) beat #4 AR Fox (16-9-0)
3. #2 Speedster Lite (35-25-1) (BOLT6 Winner) beat #7 Nick Jackson (5-6-0)
4. #6 Jigsaw (9-11-0) beat #3 Paul London (17-14-0)

Third Round:

1. #1 Ash Hyde (38-14-1) beat #5 John Fire (10-19-0)
2. #6 Jigsaw (10-11-0) beat #2 Speedster Lite (35-26-1)

Forth Round:

1. #1 Ash Hyde (39-14-1) beat #6 Jigsaw (10-12-0)

Bracket 15-First Round:

1. #8 Roadblock (3-11-0) beat #9 Fire Knight (1-12-0)
2. #4 Matt Cross (13-12-1) beat #13 CJ Parker (0-4-0)
3. #12 Reed Bently (1-1-0) beat #5 Venomous (9-10-0)
4. #7 Darkness Backlot Warrior (5-10-0) beat #10 Apocalypse (0-2-0)
5. #3 Rich Swan (21-8-0) beat #14 Ninja Kid #3 (0-8-0)
6. #11 Chris Prime (1-1-0) beat #6 Street Hustler (6-10-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Austin Aries (43-20-1) (BOLT124 Winner) beat #8 Roadblock (3-12-0)
2. #12 Reed Bently (2-1-0) beat #4 Matt Cross (13-13-1)
3. #2 Pac (27-12-0) beat #7 Darkness Backlot Warrior (5-11-0) to retain the Unified World Lightweight Title.
4. #3 Rich Swan (22-8-0) beat #11 Chris Prime (1-2-0)

Third Round:

1. #12 Reed Bently (3-1-0) beat #1 Austin Aries (43-21-1)
2. #2 Pac (28-12-0) beat #3 Rich Swan (22-9-0) to retain the Unified World Lightweight Title.

Forth Round:

1. #2 Pac (29-12-0) beat #12 Reed Bently (3-2-0) to retain the Unified World Lightweight Title.

Bracket 16-First Round:

1. #8 Patrick Red (3-8-0) beat #9 Suzio (0-1-0)
2. #13 Aiden English (1-3-0) beat #4 Jeff Hardy (14-12-0)
3. #5 Ryu (9-14-0) beat #12 Charles Black (0-2-0)
4. #7 Mark Angeloetti (4-2-0) beat #10 Owen Star (0-2-0)
5. #3 TJ Perkins (18-18-0) beat #14 Ophidan (0-6-0)
6. #6 Danny Havoc (7-5-0) beat #11 Tyler Breeze (0-2-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Power Donity (38-15-3) beat #8 Patrick Red (3-9-0)
2. #5 Ryu (10-14-0) beat #13 Aiden English (1-4-0)
3. #2 Doomsday (34-23-2) (BOLT3 Winner) beat #7 Mark Angeloetti (4-3-0)
4. #3 TJ Perkins (19-18-0) beat #6 Danny Havoc (7-6-0)

Third Round:

1. #1 Power Donity (39-15-3) beat #5 Ryu (10-15-0)
2. #2 Doomsday (35-23-2) beat #3 TJ Perkins (19-19-0)

Forth Round:

1. #1 Power Donity (40-15-3) beat #2 Doomsday (35-24-2)

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Star Pryde beat Justine Hounda
2. Uso Brothers beat Ascension in a Summer Tag Festival V Match.
3. Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe beat James Storm and Abyss in a Summer Tag Festival V Match.
4. Eric Bison and Sagat beat Spirit and Jack Crystal in a Summer Tag Festival V Match.
5. Black Valkyrie beat Brett and Chris Prowl in a Summer Tag Festival V Match.

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