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This Day In Wrestling History-April 15 (Last Easter Bash (2001) without Best Of Lightweight Tournament, Extreme Alliance end starts, CM Punk tries a sit down again, Jimmy Jacobs/Mike Bison, Edge Retires, Peter Spider makes his BOLTT Decision)

This Day In Wrestling History-April 15:

Thursday Night War-4/15/1999 results:
1. Bison, Commander, Mike Bison, Blanka, Rhendo, Ariel Bison beat Snake Eyes, Shadow Ninja, White Ninja, Samurai Ninja, Ninja, Lady
2. Doomsday Warriors beat Naughty By Nature
3. Crazy beat Dark Warriors
4. Joe, Barbecue, Falcon beat Duke, Guile, Taion
5. Doomsday Knight beat Jerry Flynn
6. Wraith beat Crazy Knight
7. Awesome Knight beat Horace
8. Blood Knight beat Crash
9. Sagat beat Meng
10. Psycho beat Barbarian
11. Rey Misterio Jr beat Little Guido
12. Al Snow beat Billy Kidman
13. El Vampiro beat Super Crazy
14. Yoshiri Tajiri beat Buff Bagwell
15. Konnan beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley
16. Sting and Steve Austin beat Raven and Rocky Maivia

Saturday Slam Jam-4/15/2000 results:

1. Lady Doomsday and Princess Ariel beat Lady Trooper and Lady Knight
2. Trooper 1 and 2 beat Sgt. and Roadblock
3. Mike Bison beat Simon Diamond
4. Wall beat Sagat
5. Venom beat Little Guido
6. Jeff Jarrett beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
7. Bam Bam Bigelow, Fit Finley, Brian Knobs beat Awesome Knight, Crazy Knight, Blood Knight
8. Tajiri beat Taion to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
9. Wildfire beat Mark Night and Chris Night to win the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
10. Sandman and Tommy Dreamer beat Impact Players to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.

Easter Bash 2001-4/15/2001 results:
1. Al Snow and Steve Blackman beat Mankind and Machine
2. Ninja Kid beat Essa Rios to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.  On Sunday Night Heat, Ninja Kid and Lady Ninja were attacked by the other Ninjas until Joe, Barbecue, Piloit, Naughty By Nature, Chris Jericho.  Ninjas had taken there wrestling outfits.  Lady Ninja came out to the ring in street clothes and Ninja Kid wrestled in a pair of tights given to him by Piloit.
3. Shadow WX beat Sandman to reteain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
4. Joe and Barbecue beat Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Chris Benoit beat Jim Brooks to win EUWF IC Title.
6. Doomsday beat William Regal to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
7. Chris Jericho beat Booker T to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. Jesus Bison, Mike Bison, Steve Austin, Tazz, Lance Storm, Kurt Angle, Raven, Justin Credible, Eddie Guerrero, Jerry Lynn beat RJ Hammer, Triple H, Doomsday, Venom, Joe, Chris Benoit, Shadow WX, Mike Awesome, Speedster Lite, Jigglin Jimbro Brooks in a Tower Of Doom Death Match (Weapons, each cage wrapped with barbed wire).  RJ Hammer, Doomsday, Jesus Bison were left in the bottom.  Jesus was knocked out.  RJ and Doomsday started screaming at each other over who would leave first.  They started fighting.  Austin, Tazz, Raven pulled Jesus out while the rest of the faces in the match pulled RJ and Doomsday apart.  Several other wrestlers from both Alliances came to break it up.  Extreme Alliance pulled RJ out of the cage as the show ends.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/15/2002 results:
The show starts with Doomsday walking into Ric Flair's office and ordering him to book a Hardcore match between himself and Brock Lensar later tonight.  Flair gives it to him.  Doomsday then asks how Speedster Lite is and Flair says Speedster has another concussion and may miss this Sunday's match.
RJ Hammer comes to the ring and complains about not being in the world title match at Sunday night party 36.  He says that match should not happen and the match he originally planned with him and Barbecue in a hell in a cell death match is what should take place.  Flair comes out and says that will not happen because he was already booked into the six man tag against himself, Austin, and the rock.  Flair then mentions that the rock is out due to a injury that happen during a house show.  Flair says that he is a big surprise for the six man and that RJ will never be in the title match this Sunday.  RJ throwing things around his office backstage after the commercial break.  Scott Hall comes up to and asks for him to book Scott Steiner as his partner this Sunday in the hell in a cell match against Undertaker and Kane.  RJ makes it so and then orders Hall to leave and make sure no one else bothers him.
1. Snake Eyes and Ninja Kid beat Dynamic Duo to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
2. Super Crazy beat Mike Bison
3. Hit Squad and Christian beat Mark Night, Chris Night, Edge
4. Shadow WX and Tommy Dreamer beat Raven and Masato Tanaka
5. Low Ki beat Red to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
6. Steve Austin beat Piloit
7. Chris Jericho and Venom beat Booker T and Rob Van Dam
8. Hardy Boyz, Taion, Lady Trooper beat Backseat Boyz, Temptress, Vlad
9. Hot Stuff and Dudleys beat Naughty By Nature and Maximo Brothers
10. Brock Lensar beat Doomsday in a Hardcore Match. 
11. Triple H and Joe beat Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner
12. Barbecue and Lady Speed beat RJ Hammer and Lady Hammer

TTWF 4/15/2003 results:
1. Eddie Guerrero beat Trent Acid, Masato Tanaka, Ric Blade in a 4 Way Dance to get a shot at the TTWF World Heavyweight Title later on the show.
2. Psicosis beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.
3. Barbecue beat Johnny Kashmere
4. Red beat Sho Funaki
5. Naughty By Nature beat American Heroes
6. Chris Benoit beat Rey Misterio Jr.
7. Spanky beat Venom to retain the TTWF Lightweight Title.
8. Jerry Lynn beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-4/15/2004 results:
1. Street Knight and Temptress beat Ax and Domontirix to retain the EUWF World Mixed Tag Team Titles.
2. Jade beat Jill Night to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
3. Tajiri beat Jimmy Rave to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
4. Piloit beat Randy Orton
5. Mr. America beat Ric Flair
6. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat American Heroes to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Speedster Lite beat Sabu to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. Masato Tanaka beat Low Ki, Homicide, Joe, Eddie Guerrero, Mike Bison, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam in a 8 Way Dance to win the #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title and to win a shot at EUWF World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Nightmare 17: Unfinished Business 2004 on May 16.

ECW's Friday Nights At The Arena-4/15/2005 results:
The show started with CM Punk staging another sit in the ring demanding Haymen come out giving him a fair rematch.  Instead Chris Hero comes out from the back challenging CM Punk to a match tonight.  Punk back off saying that their next meeting would be under his terms and told hero to maybe asking him again around June.  He left and Hero followed him to the back to try to go after him.
1. Chris Hero beat BJ Whitmer
2. Alex Shelley beat Little Guido
Jesus Bison went up to Edge asking if he knew what he was supposed to do during their match tonight.  Edge says yes win the match and Jesus slapped him.  Jesus told him he supposed to lay down and walked away.  Edge gave an evil grin as he watched Jesus walk away.
3. Trent Acid beat Juventud Guerrera
4. Mad Man Pondo and Sexy Eddy beat Nate Webb and Sandman to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
5. Sonjay Dutt beat JC Bailey to retain the ECW World TV Title.
6. Doomsday and Venom beat Elix Skipper and Petey Williams to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Edge beat Jesus Bison by dq to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For ECW World Title.  Edge went for a spear on Jesus when Jesus threw a fireball from his fire scepter into edge's face for the dq.  Jesus continued to beat on him saying that he should have laid down for him till refs and security got him off of him.
8. AJ Styles beat Mike Bison to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-4/15/2006 results:
1. Jimmy Jacobs beat Jay Lethal and JC Bailey in a 3 Way Dance.
2. Amazing Red beat Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Brandon Thomassali in a 3 Way Dance.
3. Jim Brooks beat Taion and Joe in a Non Title 3 Way Dance.
4. Homicide beat Mr. America and Jack Crystal in a 3 Way Dance.
5. Chris Benoit beat Low Ki and Nick Berk in a 3 Way Dance.
6. Delirious beat Super Crazy and Piloit in a Non Title 3 Way Dance.
7. Kid Kash beat El Generico and Venom in a Non Title 3 Way Dance.
8. Samoa Joe and Millano Collection AT beat Rob Van Dam/Sabu and Edge/Mike Bison in a 3 Way Dance.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/15/2009 results:
The show started with Mike Bison trying to do an in ring interview about beating Randy Orton on raw but was interrupted by Jimmy Jacobs.  Jimmy asked Mike to please let him have this moment.  Jimmy goes through the history of Age Of The Fall where they invade ROH and ECW.  They teamed up Claudio and JBL for the money to fund his revolution.  Teamed up with TWF Originals and Sweet & Sour Inc to have allies in their fight.  Things went down hill when Lacey left him and then Necro turned on him.  Then Tyler Black and Delirious failed him.  Then JBL quits on ppv and then Larry Sweeny goes crazy.  One thing hurt most of all was Eric Bison turning on him too as he saw Eric as sorta a mentor and general.  Saw someone as the kinda person wanted the same change as he did.  Mike comes back out and says that is what Eric does.  He used jimmy and then spit him out.  Mike says that he did the same to him and he is probably using brian and twf originals with him the same way.  He hungers for spotlight and with injuries and age catching up on him the only way to get there is to hand onto others.  Mike says Eric faked wanting to be a family just to get back in it and he used you to get back in as this grand heal he was.  Mike says no trust or wants to fellow Eric on his own anymore and once Jimmy offered him to join as general/advisor he could be that grand heal again.  Mike says that a while he told Jimmy that the message he had was important but the way he was doing it was the problem.  He ask if jimmy after selling out can even see or remember what the message was and he started this.  Mike told Jimmy that if he wants to get back at Eric, JBL, Larry Sweeny then get back to beginning and think about why he started the Age Of The Fall.  Jimmy didn't answer and just left the ring.  The camera follows Jimmy to the back and then Mike walks into the back.  Eric is seen grinning a bit from an open door and Mike went after him but Eric closed it.  Mike tried to open it but it was locked and screamed in anger and left.
1. Jerry Lynn beat Shelton Benjamin
2. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Chuck Taylor
3. Jeff Hardy beat Speedster Lite
4. Jimmy Jacobs beat CM Punk
5. Tyler Black beat Matt Sydal in a Special BOLT 15 Finals Rematch that was requested by Black to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
6. Chris Night and Sexy Eddy beat Kofi Kingston and James Storm in a #1 Contenders Tournament Semifinal Round Match.
7. Speedster Lite and Machine beat Power Warrior and Nightmare Backlot Warrior in a #1 Contenders Tournament Semifinal Round Match.
8. Mike Bison beat Delirious in a Rematch from Best Of Lightweights Tournament 15 to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-4/15/2010 results:
1. Night Brothers, American Wolves, Brian Thunder, Duke, RJ Hammer beat Kings Of Wrestling, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Eric Bison, Commander, Luke Gallows in a . Anything Goes Tax Day Bonus Elimination Match. Mark, Brian, Davey being last members on their team gets a cash bonus for being the winning team in the match.
2. Naughty By Nature beat Team Fist
3. TJ Wilson beat Brett Wayfield

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-4/15/2011 results:
The show began with locker room coming out for a moment of silence for Larry Sweeny who sadly passed away on monday.
1. The Miz beat Alberto Del Rio
2. Kings Of Wrestling beat Jackson Rouch/Brett Wayfield and Hoodies in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
3. Young Bucks beat Spirit and Jack Crystal to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Ricochet beat Mr. America and Piloit in a 3 Way Dance to win the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
5. Wade Barrett beat Speedster Lite to win the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
6. Frankie Kazarian beat Jim Brooks to win the EUWF US Title.
7. EUWF Easter Bash 2011 Title Shot Tournament Finals: Sin Cara v.s. Bryan Danielson
8. CM Punk, Abyss, Kane, Randy Orton v.s. Mike Bison, Samoa Joe, Machine, Sagat
The show ended with Edge came to the ring officially announcing that he was retiring.  He said he got some bad news medically this week.  He wanted to make it to War 2011 but the news isn't good.  It was either retire or possibly end up in a wheelchair.  He said he wanted to return the favor for Mike for WM and make it to june but not going to happen.  He apologized for this and that this was a shoot. Mike Bison came out hugging him with tears saying it's okay and members of the locker room came out congratulating him with Christian being the last.  Edge put the belt down in the center of the ring.  He walked to the back and did his pose at the entrance before leaving to end the show.  It was announced on the post game show that a new Triple Crown Champion will be decide on Raw with Gauntlet Match featuring CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Machine, Sagat, Doomsday, Venom, Kane, Chris Hero, Sheamus, Sin Cara.  The winner of that match will face Bryan Danielson (Night 2), Christian Cage (Night 1), Eric Bison (Night 3 if he doesn't advance) during the BOLT Weekend.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/15/2013 results:
1. Machine beat Kofi Kingston to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.
2. Jimmy Rave and Jimmy Jacobs beat El Generico and Thomas Bernard
3. Cyrus Bourne and Bubba Jones beat Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langsten
4. Sheamus and Roderick Strong beat Wade Barrett and Michel Elgin
5. Jay Lethal, Brett Wayfield, Jackson Rouch beat Kings Of Wrestling and Zangief
6. Samoa Joe beat Steve Corino
7. Jack Swagger and Cheerleader Melissa beat Mr. America and Ms. America
8. New Public Enemey beat Briscoe Brothers, Brian Thunder/Duke, All Night Express, Night Brothers, Young Bucks, Spirit/Jack Crystal, Bison Brothers, New Gangstas, Future Shock, Ricochet/Rich Swan, American Wolves in a 12 Way TLC Elimination Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight/Lightweight/HC/US Tag Team Titles.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-4/15/2014 results:
The show began with Peter Spider handing over the Unified World Lightweight Title.  He deciding to take the title match instead of defending the title through the tournament.  The match will take place this weekend either on saturday or sunday.
1. Sagat won the Battle Royal For Spot In Easter Bash 2014 Day 2 Title Match. American Heroes, Night Brothers, Piloit, Masion Dixie, Naughty By Nature, Bloody Donity, Warrior Ninjas, Troopers, Young Guns Army, Wildfire, Crazy, New Demolition, Backlot Warriors, Dangerous Trio, Dragons, Hoodies, Vampire Nation, Bubba Jones, Zangief, Spirit, Machine, Jackson Rouch, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Ash Hyde, Freddie Waldeno were also in the match.

Summer Tag Festival IV:

1. Guile and Taion beat East/West Dragons
2. Masion Dixie and Jackson Rouch beat Road Knights
3. Crazy and Lightning Backlot Warrior wrestled Dangerous and Nightmare Backlot Warrior to Double DQ.
4. WN Alpha dnd Black beat Trooper 5 and 6
5. Trooper 1 and 2 beat Wildfire
6. Naughty By Nature beat Samurai Ninja II and Ninja Kid III

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/15/2015 results:
Summer Tag Festival V
1. Oi4K beat Primo and Epico
2. Colony beat Devon Moore and Lucky 13
3. Brodie Lee and Eric Rowan beat Hallowicked and Frightmare
4. Kenny King and Low Ki beat Dolph Ziggler and Ash Hyde
5. Briscoe Brothers beat Rockness Monsters
6. Lucha Dragons beat Worlds Cutest Team
7. Bad Influence beat James Storm and Abyss
8. Sami Zayn and Cyrus Bourne beat Rhino and Guile

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