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This Day In Wrestling History-April 24 (SAT get screwed out of 6 Man Tag Titles After Winning Them, Piper/Mike Bison/Sullvian, Best Of Extreme Nightmare Part 1, First Round of King Of The Ring XI, Easter Bash 2011 Night 3, Best Of Lightweight Tournament 19)

This Day In Wrestling History-April 24:

Saturday Slam Jam-4/24/1999 results:
1. Sgt. beat Lash Laroux
2. White Ninja beat Trooper 2
3. Venom beat Shadow Ninja
4. Snake Eyes beat Doomsday
5. Falcon beat Trooper 1
6. Joe and Barbecue beat Duke and Guile to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Night Brothers beat Ken and Ryu
8. Sagat beat Hacksaw Jim Duggan
9. Sabu beat Scott Norton
10. Justin Credible beat Bam Bam Bigelow to retain the EUWF IC Title.
11. Jim Brooks beat Booker T to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
12. Rob Van Dam beat Bill Goldberg

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/24/2000 results:
1. Machine, Rhendo, Blanka beat Extreme, Ranger, Sagat
2. Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn beat Nova and Chris Chetti
3. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko beat Crazy
4. Super Crazy beat Kanyon
5. Hollywood Doomsday beat Bam Bam Bigelow
6. Steve Corino beat Tajiri to win the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
7. Dallas Page beat Kurt Angle
8. Jim Brooks beat Jerry Lynn to retain the EUWF US Title.
9. Speedster Lite beat Jeff Jarrett to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
10. RJ Hammer, Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Tazz, King Bison beat Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, Wall, Impact Players, Mike Bison in a Tower Of Doom Match.

Wednesday Night Brawl-4/24/2002 results:
The show starts with Ric Blade and Chris Jericho attacking Tajiri and putting him out of the tag team match.
1. Homicide beat Billy Kidman
2. Snake Eyes and Ninja Kid beat Mark Night and Chris Night
3. Vlad beat Edge
4. Guile beat Taion
Rob Van Dam is shown walking around backstage looking for a partner when someone in the shadows offer to be his partner.  The person in the shadow was never shown who it was until the match.
5. Low Ki beat Val Venis
6. Joe beat Goldust
7. S.A.T. beat Piloit, Ken, Ryu to win the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.  Piloit made an open challenge to any 6 man team and the s.a.t. came through the crowd and attacked them.  They hit the Spanish fly and then the red alert to win the titles.  S.A.T. started to head to the back when they were attacked by Rikishi, Big Show, Machine, Sagat attacked them.  Big Show chokeslam all three and Piloit covers red. nWo ref nick patrick ran in and made a fast count giving the belts back to Piloit, Ken, Ryu.
8. Rob Van Dam and Chris Benoit beat Chris Jericho and Ric Blade.  RVD first came out from the back and made the heals wait.  Chris Benoit's music started up and the place went nuts.  Y2J and Blade went crazy too.  The end came when Jericho tried to hit Benoit with the US title but RVD caught him with a van damanitor with the belt.  Benoit then put Blade into the crippler crossface for the win.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-4/24/2003 results:
1. Balls Mahoney beat Sean Morley
2. Night Brothers beat Impact Players to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
3. Homicide beat Test
4. Booker T beat Michael Shane
Roddy Piper comes out for Piper's Pit and said that his original guest isn't here this week.  His second choice left the company on monday.  He then introduced Mike Bison and Jill Night.  Piper said that he is glad a true wrestler and not some muscle bound idiot was champion of the company.  Mike said that if piper was in his prime now he probably be a champion and Piper thanked him.  Kevin Sullivan came to the ring and clammed he was out there to be interviewed by Piper.  Sullivan was mad that Mike was taking his time and called him a loser.  Mike was about to get up but Devil Bison comes to the ring.  He looks ready to hit Mike but throws a fireball into Sullivan's face.  The Messiah, Chris Jericho, Test, Eve Bison comes out attacking Piper, Mike, Jill.  Kane comes out clearing the ring of Devil, Messiah, Jericho, Test, Eve out of the ring and leaves carrying Sullivan.  Heals then go back to attacking Mike, Piper, Jill till Booker T, Doomsday, Joe, Speedster Lite, Rob Van Dam made the save.
5. Rob Van Dam beat Justin Credible
6. Joe beat Christopher Daniels to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
7. Speedster Lite beat The Messiah to retain the EUWF World TV Title.  #1 Contenders Trophy wasn't on the line.
8. Mike Bison beat Doomsday and Chris Jericho in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  EUWF US Title was not on the line.

Saturday Slam Bash-4/24/2004 results:
This was the first of a now four part Best Of Extreme Nightmare show. The show featured the following matches in either in full match or highlight or music video highlight package. First Extreme Nightmare was three different tv tapings made into one giant ppv.
1. RJ Hammer, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, 911, Pitbulls, Gangstas, Sandman, Shawn Michaels, 2 Cold Scorpio v.s. Raven, Brian Lee, Bruise Brothers, Eliminators, Fabulous Ones, Taz, Brian Pillman, Cactus Jack in a War Games Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
2. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko v.s. Public Enemy v.s. Eliminators in a 3 Way Dance (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
3. Gangstas v.s. Hoodies in a Cage In Hoody Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
4. RJ Hammer v.s. Raven in a No Rope Barbed Wire and Thumbtack Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
5. Tommy Dreamer, Pitbulls, Public Enemy v.s. Brian Lee, Bruise Brothers, Eliminators v.s. Shane Douglas, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Gangstas in a 3 Way Cage Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
6. Sabu v.s. Taz in a Tables Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
7. Public Enemy v.s. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko in a Brawl Game Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
8. Rey Misterio Jr. v.s. Juventud Guerrera in a Mexican Death Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
9. Taz v.s. Steve Austin in a I Quit Cage Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
10. RJ Hammer v.s. Jesus Bison in a No Rope Electrified Barbed Wire and Exploding Ring Death Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
11. Shawn Michaels v.s. Raven v.s. RJ Hammer in a 3 Way Cage Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
12. Chris Jericho v.s. Rob Van Dam in a No Holds Barded Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
13. Axl Rotten v.s. Ian Rotten in a Barbed Wire Bat Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)
14. Eddie Guerrero v.s. Psicosis in a No Holds Barded Match (Extreme Nightmare 1-5/26/96)

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/24/2006 results:
1. Crazy beat Dynamic Duo, Gothics, Knockout/Slasher in a 4 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
2. Sagat beat Little Guido in a First Round King Of The Ring XI Tournament Match.
3. Machine beat Big Show in a First Round King Of The Ring XI Tournament Match.
4. RC Haas beat Ric Flair in a First Round King Of The Ring XI Tournament Match.
5. New Troopers beat Old School Troopers, New Demolition, Dangerous Trio in a 4 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
6. Speedster Lite beat Carlito Carribbean Cool to retain the EUWF IC Title.
7. Doomsday beat Chris Masters  to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
8. Brian Thunder beat John Fire, Duke Snake Eyes, Kurt Angle in an American Heroes Gauntlet Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-4/24/2009 results:
1. RJ Hammer and Gail Kim beat Brian Thunder and Jade Thunder
2. MVP and Mark Night beat Austin Aries and Chuck Taylor
3. Piloit beat Ted Dibiase Jr.
4. Shad beat Eric Stevens
5. Roderick Strong beat JTG
6. Eddie Edwards beat Primo Colon
7. Davey Richards beat Cody Rhodes
8. Chris Hero and William Regal beat Bryan Danielson and Big Show

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-4/24/2010 results:
1. Doomsday beat Joey Mathews
2. Naughty By Nature beat Briscoe Brothers
3. Osirin Portal beat Doomsday Kid and Venomous
4. Joe and Piloit beat Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz
5. Low Ki, Spirit, Jack Crystal beat Masada, Necro Butcher, Delirious
6. Venom beat John Morrison
7. Young Bucks beat Dudleyz to retain the ECW/EUWF/TWF US Tag Team Titles Rematch.
8. Homicide and American Wolves beat AJ Styles, Chris Hero, Shelton Benjamin

Easter Bash 2011 Day 3-4/24/2011 results:
Best Of Lightweight Tournament 19:

Day 3:
Sweet Sixteen Round:

1. #1 Bryan Danielson (38-14-1) beat #11 WN Alpha (4-5-1)
2. #4 Ricochet (15-7-0) beat #3 Eric Bison (21-18-0)
3. #5 Power Warrior (11-6-2) beat #3 Mark Night (23-17-1)
4. #2 Roderick Strong (24-12-1) beat #8 Matt Cross (6-6-1)
5. #3 Mr. America (23-11-1) beat #4 Kenny Omega (12-4-1)
6. #12 Akira Tozawa (5-0-0) beat #2 Jay Lethal (24-14-0)
7. #5 Frankie Kazarian (14-8-1) beat #3 Jim Brooks (22-14-0)
8. #14 Eddie Edwards (5-0-0) beat #2 Austin Aries (24-13-1)

Elite Eight Round:

1. #1 Bryan Danielson (39-14-1) beat #4 Ricochet (15-8-0)
2. #5 Power Warrior (12-6-2) beat #2 Roderick Strong (24-13-1)
3. #3 Mr. America (24-11-1) beat #12 Akira Tozawa (5-1-0)
4. #5 Frankie Kazarian (15-8-1) beat #14 Eddie Edwards (5-1-0)

Final Four Round:

1. #1 Bryan Danielson (40-14-1) beat #5 Power Warrior (12-7-2)
2. #3 Mr. America (25-12-1) beat #5 Frankie Kazarian (15-9-1)

Final Round:

1. #1 Bryan Danielson (41-14-1) beat #3 Mr. America (25-13-1) to win BOLT19 and his first one.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. American Heroes beat Peter Spider, Freddie Waldeno, Tristin Heartsend, Richie Borndo
2. Ninja Kid #3, Blood Ninja, Crazy Ninja, General Ninja, General Samurai beat WN Omega, Black, White, Red, Sigma
3. Venom beat Drake Younger, Jun Kasai, Guile in a 4 Way No Rope Barbed Wire Match to retain the ECW World TC HC Title.
4. Doomsday beat Masada to retain the TWF World TV Title.
5. Machine, Sagat, Chris Night beat Kings Of Wrestling
6. Lightning Duo beat Dynamic Duo
7. Gedo, Jado, Jushin Liger, Prince Devitt beat Rey Misterio Jr., Sin Cara, Brett Wayfield, Jackson Rouch
8. Pink Dudley, Miss Lee, Manami Toyota beat Star Pryde, Kong, Madison Eagles 
9. The Core beat Naughty By Nature, Doomsday, Kid, Venomous
10. Kofi Kingston beat Petey Williams, Rocky Romero, Rich Swan, John Morrison, Kenny Omega in a 6 Way Dance to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
11. Mike Bennet, Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, Matt Sydal beat Davey Richards, Hallowicked, Sami Callihan, Amazing Red
12. CM Punk beat Eric Bison to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-4/24/2012 results:
1. Jade Thunder and Temptress beat Lady Trooper and Lady Gangster
2. Nightmare beat New Bruise Brothers in a Hardcore Match.
3. Ariel Bison and Star Pryde beat Beth Phoenix/Nattie Neidhart, Blonde Amibition, Lady Bruisers, Queens Of Wrestling in a 5 Way Dance to retain the Unified World Ladies Tag Team Titles.
4. Alcarda Vania beat Sara Del Rey and Justine Hounda in a 3 Way Dance to retain the Unified World Ladies Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/24/2013 results:
1. HC Bytch and Janet Lee Bison beat Pink Dudley and Nattie Neidhart
2. Sagat beat Bryan Danielson in a Non Title Match.
3. Austin Aries beat Doomsday
4. New Public Enemy and Matt Tremont beat Bison Brothers and Guile
5. Kofi Kingston beat Frankie Kazarian
6. Venom beat Robert Roode
7. Jack Swagger, Rhino, Brodie Lee, Jimmy Rave beat Mr. America, Machine, Jack Crystal, Thomas Bernard
8. Samoa Joe and Cyrus Bourne beat Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langsten

TWF's Thursday Night Fire-4/24/2014 results:
Summer Tag Festival IV:

1. Guile and Taion beat Road Knights
2. East/West Dragons beat Samurai Ninja II and Ninja Kid III
3. Doomsday and Venombeat Knight Hunter and Dagger
4. Naughty By Nature beat WN Red and White
5. Dangerous and Nightmare Backlot Warriors beat Richie Borando and Tristian Heartsend
6. WN Alpha and Black beat Brian Thunder and Duke
7. New Bruise Brothers beat Snake Eyes and John Fire
8. Bison Brothers beat Vlad and Impaler

ECW's Friday Nights At The Arena-4/24/2015 results:
Summer Tag Festival V
1. Austin Aries and Robert Roode beat Brodie Lee and Eric Rowan
2. Colony beat World's Cutest Team
3. Primo and Epico beat Devon Moore and Lucky 13
4. Prince Devitt and KENTA beat Hallowicked and Frightmare
5. Rhino and Guile beat Low Ki and Kenny King
6. Oi4K beat Sami Zayn and Cyrus Bourne
7. Pac (Filling in for Bryan Danielson) and Samoa Joe beat The Kingdom
8. Bad Influene beat Lucha Dragons

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