Sunday, July 23, 2017

ECW's Heatwave 2017: 25 Years Of ECW results

Pre Show:
1. Heath Slater and Rhino beat Hollywood Doomsday and Mr. Venom
2. KENTA, Roderick Strong, Michel Elgin beat The Shield
3. Bryatt Wyatt and Cyrus Bourne beat #DIY to retain the EUWF US Tag Team Titles.
4. Marcus Croft beat Adam Cole


1. Briscoe Brothers beat Bad Influnece, Young Bucks, Motor City Machine Guns, Kevin Steen/Sami Zayn in a 5 Way Scramble Rules Match to retain the Unifiedd World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
2. Samoa Joe beat Shinsuke Nakamura and Prince Devitt in a 3 Way Dance.
3. #Broken Hardies beat Naughty By Nature
4. Team CZW (Danny Havoc, Davey Richards, Mathew Tremont, Masada, Nick Gage) beat Team ECW (Ash Hyde, Eddie Edwards, Homicide, Jack Crystal, Abyss) in a Hardcore Match.  Abyss came out with Sinster Minster aka Father James Mitchel.  Ash was about to hit Gage with fireball special onto a barbed wire chair but Tyson Bronx came from the back distracting Ash.  This allowed Marcus Croft to come through the crowd and hitting Ash with MITB briefcase leading to Gage hitting a brainbuster onto the barbed wire chair for the win.
5. Power Donity beat Brock Lesnar, Bubba Jones, Speedster Lite in a 4 Way Dance.
6. AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
7. Chris Hero, Tommy End, Sheamus beat Tommy Dreamer, Chris Jericho, 2 Cold Scorpio
8. Machine, Sagat, Hardcore Bytch beat Bubba Ray, D-Von, Pink Dudley in a Tables Match.
9. Claudio Casatnoli beat Mike Bison to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.  Mike had the match won but the ref was out and decided to get a barbed wire board from under the ring.  Triple H came from the crowd hitting a pedigree on mike on the floor and rolled mike into the ring letting claudio get the win.  Hunter got on the mic as Re: Evolution made sure no one helped mike and said that Mike wants a match with him at Summerslam.  He will give him a match at SS2017 but only if he beats this person at Von Eric Memorial Tournament.  A video of Atushi Onita showed up on the screen ECW legends at ringside helped TWF Army and Honor Brigade clear the ringside area and ring of Re: Evolution.  Mike then got on the mic said if all it took was beating Onita to get him at Summerslam then it will be his pleasure.  Mike celebrated with ECW legends, TWF Army, Honor Brigade to end the show

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