Saturday, July 15, 2017

TWF's Saturday Night Fire-July 15 results

1. Danny Havoc and Davey Richards beat Ash Hyde and Eddie Edwards

Summer Tag Festival VII:

1. Patrick Thorne and Colt Star beat Harrison Boss/Tommy Bernard, Tempura Boyz, Carson Jackson/Daily Watson in a 4 Way Dance.
2. Donity Brothers beat Hoodies, Freddie Waldeno/Tristin Heartsend, Mark Night/Brian Thunder in a 4 Way Dance.
3. Hot Shots beat Spirit/Jack Crystalm, King Peter/Richie Borndo, Mr. America/John Fire in a 4 Way Dance.
4. Hot and Spicy beat Connor Stark/Bruce Summer, Jeff Shot/Ale Havoc, Link Rod.Kong Remer in a 4 Way Dance.
5. Naughty By Nature beat Taion/Guile, Dogs Of War, Kappa Knights in a 4 Way Dance.
6. Black Valkyrie v.s. Brett Wayfield and Jackson Rouch beat Black Valkyrie, Bison Brothers, Doosmday Kid/Venomous in a 4 Way Dance to win the TWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles:
7. PYT beat Darkness/Doomsday Warriors, Chris Gun/Jack Flap, Team Apocalypse in a 4 Way Dance.
8. Ligi Brothers beat Machine/Sagat, Hollywood Doomsday/Mr. Venom, Piloit/Masion Dixie in a 4 Way Dance.

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