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This Day In Wreslting History-July 21 (Great American Bash 1996, Round Robin 11, RVD wins his second Round Robin Tournament, Goldberg returns, Heatwave 2013, Hero's Brigade turns on Ziggler, Orton will do anything to get what he wants)

This Day In Wrestling History-July 21:

Great American Bash 1996-7/21/1996 results:
1. Eliminators beat Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
2. Bam Bam Bigelow beat Evan Hounda
3. Joe wrestled Sabu to a Draw to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
4. Mark Night beat Doomsday to retain the EUWF IC Title.
5. Chris Jericho beat Brian Lee to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
6. Public Enemy beat Naughty By Nature in a Tables Match to retain the EUWF US Tag Team Titles.
7. Shawn Michaels beat Sid to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Sting, Night Brothers, Gangtas beat Five Horsemen in a War Games Match.

Wednesday Night Brawl-7/21/1999 results:
1. Trooper 8 beat Jungle Man
2. Trooper 7 beat Glove
3. Trooper 6 beat Dash
4. Trooper 5 beat Luke
5. Doomsday beat Trooper 4
6. Sgt. beat Trooper 3
7. Barbecue Trooper 2
8. Joe beat Trooper 1

Saturday Slam Bash-7/21/2001 results:
1. Lady Speed and Ariel Bison beat Hunter and Jade
2. Piloit beat Trooper 1
3. Joe beat Gregory Helms
4. Jeff Hardy and Ninja Kid beat Edge and Strong Ninja
5. Falcon and X-Pac beat Mankind and Ki
6. Matt Hardy and Venom beat Jerry Lynn and Spirit
7. Dudleys, Shadow WX, Danger beat Naughty By Nature, Mike Bison, Guile
8. Jimb Brooks and Tajiri beat Rhyno and Kanyon
9. Speedster Lite and Chris Jericho beat Simon Diamond and Swinger
10. Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, Lance Storm beat Doomsday, Tommy Dreamer, Bookert T

Round Robin Tournament 11-7/21/2002 results:

Round 1:

1. Super Crazy beat Guile
2. Johnny Kashmere beat Shadow Ninja
3. Jesus Bison beat Mark Night
4. Crash Holly beat Car Jacker
5. Juventud Guerrera beat Street Hustler
6. Nova beat Trooper 3
7. Christian beat William Regal
8. Spike Dudley beat Chris Night
9. Matt Hardy beat Mankind
10. Ric Blade beat Trooper 2
11. Vlad beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.
12. Chris Benoit beat AJ Styles
13. Snake Eyes beat Val Venis
14. Al Snow beat Commander
15. The Rock beat Kurt Angle
16. Justin Credible beat The Hurricane
17. Christopher Daniels beat Ninja Kid
18. Rob Van Dam beat Joel Maximo.  RVD got a warning about someone from his past is going to confront him tonight.
19. Raven beat The Messiah
20. Spirit beat Jeff Hardy
21. RJ Hammer beat Trooper 1
22. Speedster Lite beat Lance Storm
23. Piloit beat Jose Maximo
24. Low Ki beat Bradshaw
25. Tajiri beat Faarooq
26. Donovan Morgan beat D'Lo Brown
27. Test beat Ryu
28. Rhendo beat Shannon Moore
29. Jason Jett beat Ken
30. Jerry Lynn beat Ranger
31. Red beat Xtreme
32. Trent Acid beat Cyborg

Round 2-Winners Bracket:
1. Johnny Kashmere beat Super Crazy
2. Jesus Bison beat Crash Holly
3. Juventud Guerrera beat Nova
4. Christian beat Spike Dudley
5. Ric Blade beat Matt Hardy
6. Chris Benoit beat Vlad
7. Al Snow beat Snake Eyes
8. The Rock beat Justin Credible
9. Rob Van Dam beat Christopher Daniels
10. Raven beat Spirit
11. RJ Hammer beat Speedster Lite
12. Low Ki beat Piloit
13. Tajiri beat D'Lo Brown
14. Rhendo beat Test
15. Jerry Lynn beat Jason Jett
16. Trent Acid beat Red

Round 2-Losers Bracket:

1. Guile beat Shadow Ninja
2. Mark Night beat Car Jacker
3. Street Hustler beat Trooper 3
4. Chris Night beat William Regal
5. Mankind beat Trooper 2
6. AJ Styles beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.
7. Commander beat Val Venis.  Jesus Bison was shown confronting Commander backstage before the match.  The two have a stare down and then shake hands.
Jesus: "That was a great trick you did on me but hey you were right to do what you did.  I was to busy trying to get what I want to forget my best friend.  Good luck tonight."
Commander: "Thanks.  You too but it's okay.  We were always better together as a team then against each other."
8. Kurt Angle beat The Hurricane
9. Joel Maximo beat Ninja Kid
10. Jeff Hardy beat The Messiah
11. Lance Storm beat Trooper 1
12. Jose Maximo beat Bradshaw
13. Donavan Morgan beat Faarooq
14. Shannon Moore beat Ryu
15. Ken beat Ranger
16. Xtreme beat Cyborg

Round 3-Winners Bracket:

1. Johnny Kashmere beat Jesus Bison
2. Juventud Guerrera beat Christian
3. Chris Benoit beat Ric Blade
4. The Rock beat Al Snow
5. Rob Van Dam beat Raven
6. Low Ki beat RJ Hammer
7. Tajiri beat Rhendo
8. Trent Acid beat Jerry Lynn

Round 3-Losers Bracket:

1. Mark Night beat Guile
2. Chris Night beat Street Hustler
3. AJ Styles beat Mankind
4. Kurt Angle beat Commander
5. Jeff Hardy beat Joel Maximo
6. Lance Storm beat Jose Maximo
7. Donavan Morgan beat Shannon Moore
8. Ken beat Xtreme
9. Super Crazy beat Crash Holly
10. Nova beat Spike Dudley
11. Matt Hardy beat Vlad
12. Justin Credible beat Snake Eyes
13. Christopher Daniels beat Spirit
14. Speedster Lite beat Piloit
15. D'Lo Brown beat Test
16. Red beat Jason Jett

Round 4-Winners Bracket:

1. Juventud Guerrera beat Johnny Kashmere
2. Chris Benoit beat The Rock
3. Rob Van Dam beat Low Ki
4. Tajiri beat Trent Acid

Round 4-Losers Bracket:

1. Mark Night beat Chris Night
2. AJ Styles beat Kurt Angle
3. Lance Storm beat Jeff Hardy
4. Donavan Morgan beat Ken
5. Super Crazy beat Nova
6. Vlad beat Justin Credible
7. Christopher Daniels beat Speedster Lite
8. Red beat D'Lo Brown
9. Christian beat Jesus Bison
10. Ric Blade beat Al Snow
11. RJ Hammer beat Raven
12. Jerry Lynn beat Rhendo

Round 5-Winners Bracket:

1. Chris Benoit beat Juventud Guerrera
2. Rob Van Dam beat Tajiri

Round 5-Losers Bracket:

1. AJ Styles beat Mark Night
2. Lance Storm beat Donavan Morgan
3. Super Crazy beat Vlad
4. Christopher Daniels beat Red
5. Ric Blade beat Christian
6. Jerry Lynn beat RJ Hammer
7. The Rock beat Johnny Kashmere
8. Low Ki beat Trent Acid

Round 6-Winners Bracket:

1. Rob Van Dam beat Chris Benoit

Round 6-Losers Bracket:

1. Lance Storm beat AJ Styles
2. Christopher Daniels beat Super Crazy
3. Jerry Lynn beat Ric Blade
4. The Rock beat Low Ki
5. Tajiri beat Juventud Guerrera


1. Christopher Daniels beat Lance Storm
2. The Rock beat Jerry Lynn
3.  Chris Benoit beat Tajiri


1. The Rock beat Christopher Daniels and Chris Benoit in a Three Way Dance.


1. Rob Van Dam beat The Rock in a Two Fall Match to win his Second Round Robin Tournament and to become apart of the Four Way Dance at Sunday Night Party 38 on August 11.  The Rock won the first fall but RVD won the second.  The Rock had to win two straight falls because of the double elimination rules.  RVD and The Rock shook hands after the match but then gets attacked by Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, The Messiah.  The three of them attacked rvd and the rock till Tajiri and Super Crazy ran to the ring.  All 8 men battled till Backseat Boyz, Jerry Lynn, Hit Squad ran to the ring.  They attacked RVD, Rock, Tajiri, Super Crazy.  Naughty By Nature and Hardy Boyz run to the ring to help out.  The lights then go out and when they come back on Sabu was standing right in front of RVD.  The heals stop and just watch as rvd and sabu have a stare down.  Sabu then attacks The Messiah as Chris Benoit runs to the ring.  He attacks RVD and then AJ Styles attacks Chris Benoit.  Masato Tanaka ran out but then got attacked by the returning New Jack.  The rest of the tribe of extreme ran to the ring to back up the faces and hold off the heals.  The heals back away from the ring as the tribe of extreme, Naughty By Nature, Hardyz, The Rock celebrate RVD's tournament win.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. TE 2's Jackie won a battle royal to become the #1 Contender For Women's Title and win a title shot At Summerslam 2002.  Jacqueline, Lady Ninja, Trish Stratus, Lady Hammer, Womankind, Lady Gangster, Temptress, Fire Woman, Crazy Woman were also in it.
2. Ariel Bison beat Ivory to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
3. Masato Tanaka beat Mike Bison, Balls Mahoney, Sandman, Mike Awesome in a Five Way Dance to win back EUWF World Hardcore Title.
4. Eddie Guerrero beat Booker T to retain the EUWF European Title.
5. Taion beat X-Pac to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
6. Doomsday beat Jim Brooks to win EUWF World TV Title
7. Naughty By Nature beat Hit Squad in a Flaming Table Elimination Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Joe beat Brock Lensar and Venom in a Cage Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  Joe had the match won with Lensar out and so was venom.  The cage was raised and Backseat Boyz attacked Joe.  They beat on him and then put lensar onto joe.  Backseat Boyz run to the back as came out to Naughty By Nature chase them.  The cage starts to lower and then lights went out again.  The lights come back on with the cage lowered and goldberg was standing behind Lensar.  Lensar had got back up but didn't see goldburg.  Goldberg spears and jackhammer's lensar.  He then puts Joe onto lensar for the win.  Goldberg stood over the fallen Lensar as the ppv ends.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-7/21/2003 results:
1. Super Crazy beat Shelton Benjamin
2. Colt Cabana beat John Cena
3. Briscoe Brothers beat Dudleyz
4. Hard Luck Fighters and Dynamic Duo beat FBI in an Elimination Match.
5. Low Ki beat CM Punk
6. Joe and Sabu beat Matt Hardy and Christian
7. La Resistance beat Night Brothers in a No Dq Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Speedster Lite, Mr. America, Booker T, D'Lo Brown, Lady Speed, Doomsday beat Triple H/Raven/Ric Flair/The Messiah/Randy Orton/Alexis Larie, AJ Styles/Syxx-Pac/Chris Jericho/Impact Players/Baroness, Jesus Bison/Carnage Crew/Vic Grimes/Trinity in a 4 Way Dance.  Lady Speed was a surprise as a partner and this was her return from being run over Vince Russo in a car as the mask man back last year.

Wednesday Night Brawl-7/21/2004 results:
The show started Michelle talking to Samoa Joe and Homicide.  She said that both would get their choice at any Evolution member and EUWF Title they each want for them teaming together again Ric Flair and Triple H later in the night.  They both agreed and Michelle said that keeping the infighting between them to after the match.
1. Jay Lethal (Hydro) beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.
2. Pink Dudley beat Lady Assassin
3. Machine beat Batistia
4. Maximo Brothers beat Special K (Izzy and Dixie)
5. Doomsday and Venom beat 2 Backlot Assassins
6. Jerry Lynn beat Chris Benoit to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
7. Taion beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Samoa Joe and Homicide beat Triple H and Ric Flair.  Joe and Homicide couldn't stop from fighting and Homicide went for a fireball on joe but Joe ducked.  The fireball caught Triple H and Homicide hit a lariat for the win.  Joe and Homicide started fighting again but got attacked by Evolution members not on vacation till Doomsday Alliance made the save to end the show.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-7/21/2005 results:
1. April Hunter and Lady Speed wrestled to a double pin in a match that was schedule to decide who would get a shot at the EUWF World Ladies Title this sunday at Round Robin 14.  It was then announced it would be a 3 way for the belt.
2. Speedster Lite beat Jack Crystal, Red, JC Bailey, Nick Berk, Roderick Strong in a 6 Way Mayhem Match to earn a shot at the EUWF World Lightweight this sunday at Round Robin 14.
3. Trish Stratus beat Dominatrixic to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
4. Jack Crystal and John Cena beat Edge and Nick Berk
5. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Homicide and Ricky Reyes to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
6. Chris Hero beat Sagat to retain the EUWF US Title.
7. Eddie Guerrero beat Machine to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Spirit beat Low Ki to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-7/21/2006 results:
The show started with Brian Thunder officially being banned from building to heal injuries up for sunday's PPV.  It was also announced that there will be no EUWF or ECW World Heavyweight Title Match at Von Erich Memorial 13 but there will be ones at Sunday Night Party 62.  Those matches will be decide next week and the next #1 Contenders Trophy holders will be decide at Von Erich Memorial Tournament or after the tournament depending on who wins.  Runner up of VEM will get the his companies trophy and the other trophy will be still needed to be decided.
1. Jack Evans beat Jay Lethal to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
2. Brent Albright beat Jimmy Rave
3. Alex Shelley beat Ray Gordy
4. Speedster Lite beat Matt Bentley to retain the EUWF IC Title.
5. Elix Skipper and Chris Sabin beat Bashman Brothers
6. Joe, Barbecue, Piloit, Paul London, Spanky beat Iron Saints, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal
7. Jim Brooks beat Frankie Karazarian to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. Randy Orton beat Duke, Snake Eyes, John Fire in a 4 Way Dance to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Saturday Night's At The Arena-7/21/2007 results:
The show began with the announcement of Battle Royal for the #1 Contenders Trophy to take place a week from wednesday.  It will be 20 man battle royal with losers getting into Von Erich Memorial Tournament.  The top four in the match will receive ECW World Title Matches. Then an announcement that Mike Bison will have an open challenge for ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title at Heatwave 2007.
1. Elix Skipper beat Milano Collection At in a Non Title Match.
2. Maximo Brothers beat Motor City Machine Guns in a Non Title Match.
3. M-Dogg 20 beat Jimmy Yang
4. Spanky beat Austin Aries in a Non Title Match.
5. Paul London beat Jerry Lynn
6. Jim Brooks beat Eddie Kingston and Christopher Daniels in a 3 Way Dance.
7. Machine beat Sagat and Rhino in a 3 Way Dance to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For ECW World Heavyweight Title.
8. Samoa Joe beat AJ Styles and Homicide in a 3 Way Non Title Match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-7/21/2008 results:
1. Colin Delaney beat Piloit
2. Speedster Lite beat Ted Dibiase Jr.
3. Hallowicked beat Cody Rhodes
4. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Bam Neely beat Kevin Steen and El Generico
5. Mark Night beat Duke
6. Brian Thunder beat Chris Night
7. Kofi Kingston wrestled Delirious and Chuck Taylor to a 3 Way No Contest to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.  Taylor was eliminated but came back into the ring with a ladder hitting both men with it and then the ref causing the no contest.  RJ then announced a 3 Way Ladder Match between the 3 at Great American Bash 2008 on Sunday.
8. King Jim Brooks beat Jeff Hardy to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-7/21/2009 results:
1. Lady Speed beat Lady Warrior to retain the TWF World Ladies Title.
2. Power Warrior beat Machine to retain the TWF World TV Title.
3. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat MVP and Kofi Kingston to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Brian Thunder beat Randy Orton and Taion in a 3 Way Dance to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-7/21/2010 results:
First Round Tournament For Final Spot In ECW's World Heavyweight Title Match at Summerslam 2010:

1. Masada beat Drake Younger
2. Rhino beat Sheamus
3. Abyss beat Necro Butcher
4. Mike Bison beat Claudio Castagnoli.  Before the match Mike cut a promo on Hero saying that this sunday he is going to get payback on him for costing him ECW IC Title.  He may have gone 1 for 2 on sunday but he got something Hero doesn't have a world title shot and check for a million dollars.  He said that was something that he will never put on line against Hero and will leave bloodied and beaten sunday.  Mike dared Hero to use the loaded elbow pad because he got a surprise for Hero.

5 Way 1 Fall Von Erich Memorial Tournament Qualifying Matches-All But Loser Of Fall Advance:

1. Eddie Edwards beat Scotty Vortekz.  Edwards, Devon Moore, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson advance.
2. William Regal beat Rhendo. Regal, Matt Cross, Stevie Richards, Danny Havoc advance.
3. Frankie Kazarian beat Ruckus  Kazarian, Homicide, Chris Jericho, Rey Misterio Jr. advance.
4. Nigel McGuiness beat Jay Briscoe  Nigel, Chris Hero, Davey Richards, Yoshitatsu advance.

TWF's Thursday Night Fire-7/21/2011 results:
1. Sgt. and Roadblock beat Wildfire in a Summer Tag Festival ECW Bracket Match.
2. Brian Thunder and Duke beat New Demolition in a Summer Tag Festival ECW Bracket Match.
3. Hoodies beat Hot Shots in a Summer Tag Festival EUWF Bracket Match.
4. Machine and Sagat beat WN Alpha and Sigma in a Summer Tag Festival ECW Bracket Match.

Saturday Nights At The Arena-7/21/2012 results:
ECW's Bracket For Last Spot In Summerslam Title Match:

1. Christian Cage beat Kenny King
2. Eddie Kingston beat Cody Rhodes
3. El Generico beat Rhino
4. Rhett Titus beat TJ Wilson

Summer Tag Festival II:

1.  Chuck Taylor/Icarus beat Brett Wayfield/Jackson Rouch and Johnny Gargano/Rich Swan in a 3 Way Dance.
2. Dagger and Knight Hunter beat Doomsday Kid/Venomous and Machine/Sagat in a 3 Way Dance.
3. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger beat WN Red/Sigma and Up In Smoke in a 3 Way Dance.
4. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas beat Colony and All Night Express in a 3 Way Dance.

ECW's Heatwave 2013-July 21 results:
1. Colony beat 3.0 beat Colony in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
2. All Night Express beat Devon Moore and Danny Havoc in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
3. Doomsday Kid and Venomous beat Brodie Lee and Bryatt Wyatt in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
4. Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky beat Machine and Sagat in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
5. New Bruise Brothers beat Rhino and Jimmy Jacobs in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
6. Motor City Machine Guns beat Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
7. Rockeness Monsters beat Jigsaw and Hallowicked in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
8. Team Rhodes Scholar beat Super Smash Brothers in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
9.  Kevin Steen and El Generico beat Samoa Joe and BJ Whitmer in a Summer Tag Festival III Points vs Points Match.
10. New Gangtas beat New Public Enemy in a No Rope Barbed Wire, 200 Light Tubes, Fans Bring The Weapons, Taipei Death Match to retain the ECW World HC Tag Team Titles Rematch.
11. Austin Aries beat Dolph Ziggler to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.  The end came when Sara Del Rey (who came down with Aries) got into it with Sara Jane.  With ref distracted Chris Hero came from the crowd throwing aries a loaded elbow pad which aries put under one of his elbow pads.  Ziggler saw it and stopped aries from using it at first.  Then screamed at hero what was he doing distracting Ziggler long enough for aries to catch with loaded elbow pad to the back of ziggler's head for the win.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-7/21/2014 results:
1. Mike Bison, Samoa Joe, Chris Jericho, Cyrus Bourne, Sami Zayn, Machine beat Wyatt Family and Randy Orton in a War Games Match.

Summer Tag Festival IV Points vs Points:

1. 3.0 beat Colony
2. Brian Thunder and Duke beat Guile and Taion
3. Ascension beat Bravado Brothers
4. Ricochet and Rich Swan beat Joe Henning and Ryback in a Non Title Match.
5. Roman Reigns and Tyler Black beat Primo and Epico
6. Throwbacks beat Oultaw Inc.
7. Kings Of Wrestling beat Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexandar
8. American Wolves beat Michel Elgin and Roderick Strong

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-7/21/2015 results:
1.  Ms. America and Pink Dudley beat Paige and Becky Lynch
2. Justine Hounda beat Nikki Bella
3. Alicia Jacks beat Sabrina
4. Black Valkyrie wrestled Dogs Of War to a Double DQ.
5. John Cena and Randy Orton beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks.  During Raw Orton had confronted Triple H wanting to finish things with Mike Bison once and for all.  HHH said that Mike forced to be retired and he will allow it but Mike got to agree to it.  Orton before his match confronted Mike backstage telling him he wants a match with him at Summerslam.  Mike said he was happy to be retired and Orton said he should have been one that ended mike's career.  Mike says his in ring career is done and Orton says he will force him into it one way or another.  After the match orton grabbed lady speed and punted her.  TWF locker room cleared chasing Cena and Orton from the ring.  Orton told Mike this is just the start if he doesn't accept.
6. Mr. Venom and Hollywood Doomsday beat Jack Crystal and Matt Tremont
7. Pac and Prince Devitt beat Spirit and Brett Wayfield
8. Mr. America and Ms. America beat Ash Hyde and Carol Ninja

TWF's Thursday Night Wars-7/21/2016 results:
Summer Tag Festival VI:

1. Taion and Guile beat Trooper  4 and 5
2. Ash Hyde and Seth Owens beat Fire and Crazy Ninja
3. Hollywood Doomsday and Mr. Venom beat Sgt. and Roadblock to win the ECW World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
4. Vlad and Impaler beat Fire and Darkness Warriors
5. Rick Knife and Stu Bomb beat Blood Ninja and Samurai Ninja II
6. Black and White beat Chris Prime and Matt Pigpen
7. King Peter and Freddie Waldeno beat Kappa Knights
8. Road Knights beat Jack Flap and Chris Gun
9. Hoodies beat Phoenix Edge and Scott Shock to retain the TWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.

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