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This Day In Wrestling History-July 16 (Slam Jam City 11: Summer Jam, Heatwave 2000, Second Round Of King Of The Death Matches 3, Round Robin 10 Qualfiying Matches, TWF Reunion, Sonjay Dutt Crosses The Line, Berk fed up with Mr. America, Cody Rhodes debut)

This Day In Wrestling History-July 16:

Slam Jam City 11: Summer Jam-7/16/1996 results:
1. Terry Gordy beat Stevie Richards
2. Tommy Dreamer beat Cactus Jack
3. Brian Lee beat Steve Williams
4. Joe beat Psicosis to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
5. Mark Night beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the EUWF IC Title.
6. Chris Jericho beat Owen Hart to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
7. Sting beat Sid to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. Public Enemy beat Naughty By Nature to retain the EUWF US Tag Team Titles.
9. Nightmare beat Gangtas to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
10. Shawn Michaels beat Raven to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

HCW's Heatwave 2000-7/16/2000 results:

1. Little Guido beat Psicosis and Essa Rios in a Three Way Dance.
2. Spirit beat Taka Michinoku to retain the HCW World Lightweight Title.
3. Hollywood Doomsday beat Matsunaga in a Light Tube Death Match in a Second Round of the HCW's King Of The Death Matches 3 Tournament.
4. Mr. Pogo beat Big Vito in a Light Tube Death Match in a Second Round of the HCW's King Of The Death Matches 3 Tournament.
5. Tajiri beat Norman Smiley in a Barbed Wire Board Death Match in a Second Round of the HCW's King Of The Death Matches 3 Tournament.
6. Mike Awesome beat Crash The Terminator in a Barbed Wire Board Death Match in a Second Round of the HCW's King Of The Death Matches 3 Tournament.
7. Night Brothers and Too Cool beat Edge, Christian, Benoit, Malenko
8. Jerry Lynn, Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero beat Chris Jericho and Hardy Boys
9. Triple H beat Goldberg
10. RJ Hammer beat The Rock to retain the HCW World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-7/16/2001 results:
RJ Hammer announced that Steve Austin will replace The Wall in the Round Robin 10 Tournament.  He clamied that The Wall was injuried by the Undertaker and couldn't compete.
1. Mark Night, Chris Night, Dynamic Duo beat American Turncoats, Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki
2. Low Ki beat Blood Ninja in a Round Robin 10 Tournament Qualifying Match.
3. Kanyon beat Shadow WX and Mike Bison in a 3 Way Round Robin 10 Tournament Qualifying Match.
4. Piloit beat Albert in a Round Robin 10 Tournament Qualifying Match.
5. Jim Brooks beat Big Show in a Round Robin 10 Tournament Qualifying Match.
6. Joe, Barbecue, Hardy Boys, Speedster Lite beat Spirit, Low Ki, Mankind, Ken, Ryu
7. Joe beat Rhyno in a Table Match.  The end came when Rhyno went to gore Joe through the table but Joe wiggled out of it and then hit springboard dropkick sending rhyno through it.  Rhyno gored Joe after the match and gored Joe through a Light Tube Board.
8, RJ Hammer, Steve Austin, Dallas Page, Rob Van Dam beat Doomsday, Venom, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho in a Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Street Fight.  It was down to RJ and Kurt when RVD ran back out to the ring.  Angle had a chair wrapped in barbed wire and van dam hit a top rope van daminator onto Angle.  He then put RJ onto of Angle for the win.  RJ and RVD double teamed Angle till Doomsday, Venom, Y2J came back out for the save.

Wednesday Night Brawl-7/16/2003 results:
1. High Rollers and Hoodies beat Carnage Crew and Vic Grimes in a Barbed Wire Boards Match.
2. Rhyno beat Machine to retain the EUWF European Title.
3. Dudleyz (Bubba, Spike, D-Von, Pink) beat Night Brothers, Commander, Baroness
4. Sabu beat Speedster Lite
5. Rob Van Dam beat Matt Hardy and Christian in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
6. Lance Storm beat Joe to retain the EUWF IC Title.
7. AJ Styles beat Doomsday to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title and #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Booker T and Mr. America beat Triple H and Raven

TTWF 7/16/2004 Viking Hall PPV: Original TWF Reunion PPV results:
The show started with introducution of TWF stars that have retired (including Barbecue and Commander).  Also introduced those still wrestling (Joe, Piloit, Crazy, Wildfire, Backlot Assiassians, Mr. America, Ms. America, American Heroes, Duke, Snake Eyes, Jade, Temptress, RJ Hammer, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Hard Luck Fighters, Rhendo, Blanka, Naughty By Nature, Doomsday, Venom, Mike Bison, Jesus Bison, Taion, Machine, Fire Woman, Crazy Woman, Lady Gangster, Jill Night, Lady Trooper, Baroness, Sgt., Roadblock, Vlad, Guile, Lady Venom, Lady Doomsday, Pink Dudley)  A video aired of those who are no longer around including the TWF founder who passed away a few years ago.  It was then announced that TTWF will be using six sided ring on fridays starting next week on a trial run.  It was also EUWF will be using it on their Wednesday and Saturdays from now on.
1. Taion beat Machine
2. Mike Bison beat Jesus Bison
3. Ms. America beat Jade to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.  After the match Jade was attacked Temptress with Barbed Wire and she tried to hang Jade with it till American Heroes and AHLA made the save.
4. Real American Heroes (Duke and Snake Eyes) beat Hardy Boyz to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.  Night Brothers came to the ring after the match attacking the Hardyz and Piloit tried to make the save but got handicuffed.  Evolution came out blocking any help from coming for the save as wrestlers did try to make the save.  Sonjay Dutt brought Lita from the back throwing her in the ring and grabbing a chair.  Baroness and Ms. America hold Lita while Sonjay Dutt went to hit Lita in the stomach with the chair but Lights went out.  There was a loud scream and then a few seconds later sounded like someone coming off the top rope on someone.  Another very loud scream then happen and lights came back on about a minute later.  Piloit had broken out of cuffs was covering Lita's body as Dutt beat on them.  Rest of Doomsday Alliance, AHLA, MVWs, retired TWF wrestlers all ran in making the save.  Lita was rushed from the ring to a ambulence and to a hospital.
5. Mr. America beat Speedster Lite in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to retain the EUWF US Title.
6. Night Brothers beat American Heroes, Wildfire, Crazy, Sgt./Roadblock, 6 Backlot Assiassians, Troopers, Hard Luck Fighters, Spirit/Jack Crystal, Rhendo/Blanka, Gothics in a Special TWF Reunion Scramble Match to retain the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Hotstuff beat Carnage Crew and Naughty By Nature in a 3 Way Cage Match to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Doomsday wrestled Venom to a 60 Minute Draw in a Barbed Wire Rapped Ropes, Weapons Filled 2 Out Of 3 Falls Cage Match.

TTWF's Saturday Slam Bash-7/16/2005 results:
The show started with the announcement that the Surviving 3 Team that loses each week has to now vote off 3 members.
1. Jade beat Karen to retain the TTWF World Women's Title.
2. Delirious beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.
3. Crazy beat Ring Crew Express
4. Hoodies, Joe, Piloit, Lady Gangster beat MNM, Hardy Boyz, Melina
5. Alex Shelley and Matt Sydal beat Mr. America and Christian
6. Jimmy Rave and Frankie Karazarian beat Spanky and Chris Sabin
7. Christopher Daniels beat Triple H to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Kurt Angle beat James Gibson to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-7/16/2007 results:
The show started with Bryan Danielson coming to the ring saying that he has come out here to put to ease any worry that if he wins the EUWF World Heavyweight Title sunday he will give it up.  Danielson said that he was a dark place 2 years ago and things have changed a lot.  He said that won't happen again and then asked for anyone from Real Americans Alliance to come out.  Mr. America came from the back and Danielson asked why he was never asked to joined to Real Americans or EUWF's Four Horsemen.  Mr. America said he thought Danielson wasn't interested but now that he is asked what would it take for Danielson to join and Danielson said he wants Nick Berk's spot in EUWF's Four Horsemen.  He said that Berk doesn't belong and mentions how Berk was the only none former World Champion in among the four and Mr. America agreed announcing him as the new member.  Berk comes from the back and starts to scream at Mr. America asking him why.  Berk and America have conversation back and forth that isn't picked up on mic.  Berk storms off and then as he walks to a car says this is what his loyalty is paid with.  Berk said that in the 4 years he has been with Mr. America all he ever asked was to be a horsemen and this is how he repays him.  He mentions the blood, sweat, tears he has given to Real Americans and the permeant scars he has for Mr. America to dumped back to Real Americans.  He said to the camera that Mr. America can go screw himself and then go to hell before getting into a car and leaving.
1. Ms. America and Erica Tempted beat Laurie Hammer and Nattie Neidhart
2. Ray Gordy beat Human Tornado to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
Dusty Rhodes walking around introducing his son Cody Rhodes to people backstage saying that he will be making his in ring debut on smackdown this week when they went to Mr. America on the phone.  MA hangs up and then screams at Dusty and Cody saying that just what he needs another hot shot kid trying to take his spot.  He then said that he face Cody on smackdown as a preview to what Real Americans will do to Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, and their partner sunday.
3. Jack Evans and Jerrelle Clark beat Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt
4. Piloit beat Kevin Steen
5. El Generico beat Joe
6. RJ Hammer, Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, Low Ki beat Mr. America, Nick Berk, Chris Hero, John Cena
7. Bryan Danielson beat Kane (Doomsday's Choice) in a Non Title Match.
8. Venom beat Great Kahli (Bryan Danielson's Choice) in a Non Title Hardcore Match.  After danielson announced his choice was Kahli RJ made the match a hardcore match.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-7/16/2008 results:
The show began with a pre tape video from Mike Bison who said that the doctors may not give him clearance for Sunday.  He said that he called up a friend and that he will gladly take his place.  Mike said that Jimmy Jacobs should know this man very well and that sooner or later he will get Jacobs, Eric, Claudio and nothing they do will stop him.
1. Jill Night and Michelle McCool beat HC Bytch and Miss Lee
2. Roderick Strong beat Spirit
3. Danny Havoc beat Rhino to retain the ECW World Triple Crown HC Title.
4. Matt Bentley, Frankie Karazarian, Michael Elgin, Chris Harris beat LAX, Jack Crystal, Machine
5. Austin Aries and Jay Briscoe beat Doomsday/Venom and Tyler Black/Nerco Butcher in a 3 Way Dance.  Before the match Aries/Jay came demanding to get invovled in the match and after they each challenged doomsday and venom to title match sunday.  Tyler and Nerco wanted in too.  The matches were made 3 ways.
6. Dudleyz and Pink Dudley beat Naughty By Nature and Lady Doomsday
7. CM Punk wrestled Rey Misterio Jr. to a 15 Minute draw.  Both men had been wanting a shot at Samoa Joe and #1 Contenders Trophy.  Joe came out and said he wrestle the winner at Heatwave.  Joe then challenged both after the match to a 3 way on sunday and they agreed
8. Claudio Castagnoli, Jimmy Jacobs, Eric Bison beat AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Taion

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-7/16/2009 results:
1. Power Warrior beat Kofi Kingston in a Non Title Match.
2. MVP beat Speedster Lite
3. Machine beat Mark Henry
4. Mike Bison and Chris Jericho beat Brian Thunder and Randy Orton

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-7/16/2010 results:
1. Julie Fire beat Layla
2. Kenny King and Rhett Titus beat Dude Busters
3. Mr. America beat Vladimir Kozolov in a Non Title Match
4. Kofi Kingston beat Jim Brooks in a Non Title Match.
5. Tyler Black beat Matt Sydal in a Non Title Match.
6. Brett Wayfield beat Gran Akuma
7. Kevin Steen and Heart Dynasty beat Colt Cabana, El Generico, Matt Hardy
8. Speedster Lite beat Eric Bison, Christian Cage, Brian Thunder in a 4 Way Non Title Match.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-7/16/2011 results:
1. Matt Sydal and Kenny Omega beat Homicide/Low Ki and John Moxly and Sami Callihan in a 3 Way Dance.
2. Machine and Sagat beat Sheamus and Ares in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
3. All Night Express beat Heart Dynasty in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
4. Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli beat Doomsday and Venom in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
5. Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs beat Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
6. Mike Bison beat Jerry Lynn
7. CM Punk beat Justin Credible
8. Kofi Kingston beat Ricochet and Kenny King in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-July 16 results:
EUWF's Bracket For Last Spot In Summerslam Title Match:

1. Hernadez beat Albert
2. Homicide beat Ricochet
3. Bubba Jones beat Drew McIntyre
4. Sami Callihan beat The Miz

Summer Tag Festival II:

1. Night Brothers beat Young Bucks and Naughty By Nature in a 3 Way Match.
2. Kings Of Wrestling beat Super Smash Brothers and Mike Bison/Taion in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
3. Briscoe Brothers beat American Wolves and Brett Wayfield/Jackson Rouch in a 3 Way Match.
4. Machine and Sagat beat Roderick Strong/Michel Elgin and Doomsday/Venom in a 3 Way Match.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-7/16/2013 results:
Summer Tag Festival III:

1. New Gangtas beat Hulk and Destroyer
2. Sgt. and Roadblock beat Joe and Piloit
3. Eric Bison and Guile beat Dynamic Duo
4. Doomsday and Venom beat New Demolition
5. Donity Brothers beat Trooper 1 and 2
6. Wildfire beat Crazy
7. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat Snake Eyes and John Fire
8. WN Alpha and Sigma beat Night Brothers

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-7/16/2014 results:
1. Samoa Joe beat Eric Rowan

Summer Tag Festival IV:

1. Super Smash Brothers beat Jigsaw and Hallowicked
2. Devon Moore and Danny Havoc beat Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon
3. 3.0 beat Briscoe Brothers
4. Machine and Sagat beat Oi4K
5. Sami Zayn and Colt Cabana beat All Night Express
6. Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat Mike Bennet and Tommaso Ciampa
7. Rockness Monsters beat Chris Sabin and TJ Perkins
8. Bad Influence beat Joey Ryan and Willie Mack to retain the Unified US Tag Team Titles.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-7/16/2015 results:
1. Matt Jackson beat Austin Aries
2. Jay Briscoe beat Bobby Fish
3. Christopher Daniels beat Brett Wayfield
4. Kyle O'Reily beat Jackson Rouch
5. Speedster Lite beat Eddie Edwards
6. Cyrus Bourne beat Bryatt Wyatt
7. Randy Orton and John Cena beat Dolph Ziggler and Power Donity
8. Tyler Black and Roman Reigns beat Ash Hyde and Mr. America

TWF's Saturday Night Fire-7/16/2016 results:
Summer Tag Festival VI:

1. Richie Borndo and Tristin Heartsend wrestled Hot and Spicy to a draw.
2. Taion and Guile beat Extreme Knights
3. Lightning Duo beat Wildfire
4. Sgt. and Roadblock beat Purple Haze to retain the ECW World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
5. Nightmare and Dangerous Warriors beat Kent Wonder and Bruce Blood
6. Speedster Lite and Jim Brook beat Blood Ninja and Samurai Ninja II
7. Marvel Warriors beat Gambit Inc
8. The Masters beat Road Knights
9. Jack Flap and Chris Gun beat Team Apocalypse

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