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This Day In Wrestling History-April 20 (EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles Change Hand 5 Times In One Night, Easter Bash 2003, Best Of Lightweight Tournament V, Brian Thunder finally wins a Best Of Lightweight Tournament, Lost In Translation, ECW from MSG, Easter Bash 2014 Day 3, Best Of Lightweight Tournament 27)

This Day In Wrestling History-April 20:

Thursday Night War-4/20/2000 results:
1. Zangief beat Smasher
2. Sgt. beat Trooper 2
3. Kurt Angle beat Basher
4. Chris Jericho beat Trooper 1
5. Hollywood Doomsday beat Mike Bison to win the EUWF World Hardcore Title back.  Falcon helped out Doomsday.  Someone dressed up as Freddy Krugger comes from the crowd with a light tube in hand.  He smashes it across the bad leg of Falcon and he takes the mask off.  It was revealed to be Duke.  A guy dressed like Jason comes out with a singapore cane wrapped in barbed wire in one hand and the fire scepter.  Jason smashed the cane across the back of Duke's head and threw a fire into Mike Bison's face.  He took the mask off to be reveal to be King Bison and his men ran to the ring to back up King Bison.
5. Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow beat Road Dogg and X-Pac
6. Triple H beat Sid Vicious
7. Impact Players beat Sandman and Tommy Dreamer to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles. The match only lasted a minute because the ref was distracted by Dawn Marie and Jason.  Rhino and Wall ran in and beat up on Dreamer and Sandman.  Impact Players challenged anyone to a match.  Hardy Boys ran to the ring.
8. Hardy Boys beat Impact Players to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles thanks to help from Edge and Christian while the ref was distracted by Rhino, Wall, Dreamer, Sandman.  Hardy's challenged Edge and Christian to a match.  Edge and Christian used chairs to win the belts.  Rhino and Wall ran back to the ring and beat up on Edge and Christian They made the ref make the count for the win.  Rhino and Wall challenged anyone and then Acolytes ran to the ring.  Acolytes beat Rhino and Wall thanks to Dreamer and Sandman.  Acolytes then challenged Dreamer and Sandman to a match.  Dreamer and Sandman beat Acolytes and then left the ring.  The ref was tired from all the action and ran out of there. 
9. RJ Hammer, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks beat Steve Corino, Big Show, Rhino in a Thunder Dome Cage Match.

Saturday Slam Bash-4/20/2002 results:
1. Strong Ninja beat Trooper 1
2. Guile beat Blanka
3. Taion beat Piloit
4. Joe beat Mike Bison
5. Super Crazy beat The Hurricane
6. Mark Night and Chris Night beat Ken and Ryu
7. Booker T beat Christian
8. Red beat Edge
9. Raven beat Machine to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
10. Shadow WX beat Tajiri
11. Chris Jericho beat Low Ki to retain the EUWF US Title.  EUWF World Lightweight Title was not on the line.
12. Backseat Boyz, Dudleyz, Hot Stuff beat Hardy Boyz, Naughty By Nature, Maximo Brothers

Easter Bash 2003-Viking Hall 4/20/2003 Results:
Best Of EUWF Light Heavyweights V:

First Round:
1. Great Sasuke beat Kaz Hayashi
2. Joe beat Gran Hamada
3. Magnum Tokyo beat Naomichi Marufuji
4. Christopher Daniels beat El Samurai
5. Kendo Ka Shin beat Barbecue
6. Taion beat Johnny Kashmere
7. Trent Acid beat Nick Berk
8. American Dragon beat Mike Modest
9. Venom beat Kid Kash
10. Eddie Guerrero beat Michael Shane
11. Minoru Tanaka beat Paul London
12. Chris Benoit beat Masaaki Mochizuki
13. Cima beat Shannon Moore
14. Red beat Spirit
15. Dragon Kid beat Little Guido
16. Low Ki beat Jason Cross
17. Juventud Guerrera beat Susumu Yokosuka
18. Psicosis beat Piloit
19. Jamie Noble beat Deranged
20. Minoru Fujita beat Nova
21. Tiger Mask beat Sgt.
22. Tajiri beat Guile
23. Mike Quackenbush beat Gedo
24. Super Crazy beat Reckless Youth
25. Brian Thunder beat Jado
26. Brian XL beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.
27. Lance Storm beat Ryo Saito
28. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Dixie
29. Chris Divine beat Milano Collection AT
30. Quiet Storm beat Billy Kidman
31. AJ Styles beat Spanky
32. Ultimo Dragon beat Shark Boy
33. Ikuto Hidaka beat Justin Credible
34. Jeff Hardy beat Insane Dragon
35. Matt Hardy beat Jimmy Yang
36. Jimmy Rave beat Devil Bison
37. Speedster Lite beat Hellfire
38. Jim Brooks beat Trooper 1
39. Jay Briscoe beat Shannon Moore
40. Taka Michonku beat Sho Funaki
41. Chris Jericho beat Johnny Storm
42. Jinsei Shinzaki beat Menace
43. Jushin Liger beat Homicide
44. Tony Mamaluke beat Spike Dudley
45. Donovan Morgan beat Gran Naniwa
46. Winger beat Christian
47. Marc Briscoe beat Vlad
48. Ric Blade beat Halloween
49. Xavier beat Roadblock
50. Jason Jett beat Ghost Shadow
51. Julio Dinero beat Chris Night
52. Jerrelle Clark beat Jose Maximo
53. Mark Night beat Joel Maximo
54. Sonja Dut beat Justice
55. Chris Cash beat Mankind
56. Doomsday beat Ruckus
57. Slim J beat GQ
58. Koji Kanemoto beat Joey Mathews
59. Devon Storm beat Christian York
60. Syxx-Pac beat Josh Daniels
61. Sonny Siaki beat Damien
62. Steve Corino beat Ken
63. John Fire beat Mike Whipwreck
64. Jody Fleisch beat Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Second Round:
1. Joe beat Great Sasuke
2. Christopher Daniels beat Magnum Tokyo
3. Taion beat Kendo Ka Shin
4. American Dragon beat Trent Acid
5. Eddie Guerrero beat Venom
6. Chris Benoit beat Minoru Tanaka
7. Red beat Cima
8. Low Ki beat Dragon Kid
9. Juventud Guerrera beat Psicosis
10. Minoru Fujita beat Jamie Knoble
11. Tajiri beat Tiger Mask
12. Super Crazy beat Mike Quackenbush
13. Brian Thunder beat Brian XL
14. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Lance Storm
15. Quiet Storm beat Chris Divine
16. AJ Styles beat Ultimo Dragon
17. Ikuto Hidaka beat Jeff Hardy
18. Matt Hardy beat Jimmy Rave
19. Jim Brooks beat Speedster Lite
20. Taka Michonku beat Jay Briscoe
21. Chris Jericho beat Jinsei Shinzaki
22. Jushin Liger beat Tony Mamaluke
23. Donovan Morgan beat Christian
24. Ric Blade beat Marc Briscoe
25. Xavier beat Jason Jett
26. Julio Dinero beat Jerrelle Clark
27. Sonja Dutt beat Mark Night
28. Doomsday beat Cris Cash
29. Koji Kanemoto beat Slim J
30. Syxx-Pac beat Devon Storm
31. Steve Corino beat Sonny Siaki
32. Jody Fleisch beat John Fire

Third Round:
1. Joe beat Christopher Daniels
2. Taion beat American Dragon
3. Chris Benoit beat Eddie Guerrero
4. Low Ki beat Red
5. Minoru Fujita beat Juventud Guerrera
6. Super Crazy beat Tajiri
7. Brian Thunder beat Rey Misterio Jr.
8. AJ Styles beat Quiet Storm
9. Matt Hardy beat Ikuto Hidaka
10. Jim Brooks beat Taka Michonku
11. Jushin Liger beat Chris Jericho
12. Ric Blade beat Donovan Morgan
13. Xavier beat Julio Dinero
14. Doomsday beat Sonja Dutt
15. Koji Kanemoto beat Syxx-Pac
16. Jody Fleisch beat Steve Corino

Fourth Round:
1. Joe beat Taion
2. Low Ki beat Chris Benoit
3. Super Crazy beat Minoru Fujita
4. Brian Thunder beat AJ Styles
5. Matt Hardy beat Jim Brooks
6. Jushin Liger beat Ric Blade
7. Doomsday beat Xavier
8. Koji Kanemoto beat Jody Fleisch

1. Joe wrestled Low Ki to a 10 Ten Minute time limit draw.  All rounds had 10 minute time limits except the semifinals and finals.
2. Super Crazy wrestled Brian Thunder to a 10 Minute time limit draw.
3. Matt Hardy wrestled Jushin Liger to a 10 minute time limit draw.
4. Doomsday beat Koji Kanemoto to a 10 minute time limit draw.

1. Joe wrestled Low Ki, Super Crazy, Brian Thunder to a 15 time limit.
2. Matt Hardy and Doomsday wrestled to a 15 minute time limit draw.  Jushin Liger and Koji Kanemoto was eliminated before the time limit draw.

1. Brian Thunder beat Joe, Low Ki, Super Crazy, Matt Hardy, Doomsday to win his first Best Of Lightweight Tournament V.  He had been in the first 3 tournament finals as falcon but hadn't won it till now.  Brian celebrated with Crazy, Joe, Doomsday after the match to end the show.

Non Tournament Matches:
1. Ax and Smash of New Demolition beat Hit Squad in a Wall Match.  The end came when Mafia turned on Monster Mack and helping Ax and Smash ram Monster Mack into a wall.
2. CM Punk beat Chris Hero to retain the EUWF European Title
3. Wildfire beat Nightmare, Crazy, Trooper 1/2, White Ninja/Shadow Ninja, Blood Ninja/Power Ninja, Extreme Knight/Extreme Warrior to win a shot at EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles Match on raw tomorrow night.
4. Jim Brooks beat RC Haas, Shadow WX, Tommy Dreamer to win #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.  Brooks was allowed to wrestle in tournament and in match for the trophy.
5. The Messiah beat The Rock, Brock Lensar, Masato Tanaka, Raven, Scott Steiner, Rhyno to win #1 Contenders Trophy For EUWF World Heavyweight Title
6. Jerry Lynn beat Shawn Michaels to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
7. Mike Bison beat Booker T to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  The ref got bumped when Booker T went for a kick and mike ducked.  Devil Bison, Chris Jericho, The Messiah, Eve Bison ran to the ring attacking both men.  Taion ran out and so did Jill Night.  All brawled till Steve Austin came through the crowd.  He hit a stone cold stunner on everyone but the ref.  Austin got out of the ring as everyone but Booker and Mike rolled to the floor.  Mike went for a cover on booker and the ref counted to 2.  Both men went at it for several minutes till Mike hit a suplex series of german suplex, a tiger suplex, a dragon suplex, and then finished it with half and half suplex for the win.  Everyone got into a fight till night brothers cleared the ring of the heals with chairs.  Mike then challenged the heals to find 2 partners for May 11 show at viking hall show as part of the 10 years of wrestling at Viking Hall weekend.  They accepted and then walked to the back.  Mike and Booker shook hands after the match.

TTWF 4/20/2004 results:

1. Gothics beat Sho Funaki to win the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles. Funaki was given an option to find a new partner because of Ultimo Dragon's leave of absence but came out by himself.
2. Taion beat Rhendo
3. Chris Hero beat Justin Credible
4. Christopher Daniels and BJ Whitmer beat Paul London and Spanky
5. Trent Acid beat Lance Storm
6. Samoa Joe beat Matt Hardy
7. Edge and Jerry Lynn beat New Stuff
8. Raven and Shadow WX beat CM Punk/Colt Cabana and Doomsday/Venom in a 3 Way Dance. Cabana was in the ring during the match against WX and took out an english to japanese translation dictionary Cabana tried to trash talk to WX in Japanese but something was lost in translation because WX, Lee, Doomsday, Venom were all laughing (Doomsday and Venom know some japanese).

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl (from MSG)-4/20/2005 results:
The show began with the offical announcement of Jesus Bison being put in the ECW World Title Match at Backlash on May 1. 
1. Jimmy Yang beat Nate Webb
2. Elix Skipper beat JC Bailey
Naughty By Nature went up to Michelle who was backstage begging her to give them one more match with Mad Man Pondo and Sexxy Eddy for Hardcore Tag Titles at Backlash on May 1 and it being a 200 Light Tube Weapons Death Match.  They stated that Paul Haymen would never agree to the match because he hates light tubes and fans bring the weapons matches.  Michelle agreed and made the match saying that she didn't mind.
3. New Jack beat Jesus Bison in a Punishment Match.
4. Fast Eddie beat Taion
5. B-Boy beat Petey Williams
6. Sonjay Dutt beat Little Guido to retain the ECW World TV Title.
7. Doomsday and Venom beat America's Most Wanted to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. AJ Styles and Chris Hero beat CM Punk and Edge

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-4/20/2007 results:
1. El Generico beat MVP
2. Highlanders beat Ax and Smash from New Demolition
3. James Gibson beat Jack Evans
4. Joe and Piloit beat Hot Shots
5. Doomsday beat B-Boy in a Non Title Match.
6. Venom beat Low Ki
7. Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, Davey Richards beat Burchill, William Regal, Dave Taylor
8. Mr. America, Nick Berk, Vampire Nation, Ray Gordy beat Hardy Boyz, Machine, Sagat, Spirit.  Earlier in the show Vlad promised a new member of vampire nation and during the match Sabrina tried to interfere but Machine grabbed her.  He looked like he was going to hit her but a mysterious guy in black came from under the ring and hit machine with Thorn's cane letting thorn get the pin.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/20/2009 results:
The show began with RJ Hammer announcing that tomorrow night who will be the TWF GM will be announed.  Brian Thunder confronted him about who it was and told it better be him or someone that is on his side.  RJ told him it won't be him and Brian probably won't like who it will be.  Brian hit RJ with the TWF World Title belt and walked away.
1. Gail Kim beat Jade Thunder to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title
2. MVP beat Chuck Taylor
3. Christopher Daniels beat Mark Night to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
4. Austin Aries beat Christian Cage to retain the EUWF IC Title.
5. American Wolves beat Roderick/Eric Stevens and Joe/Piloit in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF US Tag Team Titles.
6. Cryme Tyme beat Colon Brothers and Ricky Reyes/Rocky Romero in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. William Regal beat Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr., John Cena in the 4 Way #1 Contenders Tournament Finals to win a shot at the EUWF World Heavyweight Title at Sunday Night Party 78 on April 26.
8. Bryan Danielson beat Chris Hero and Brent Albright in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-4/20/2010 results:
1. Brian Thunder and Duke beat Cheech and Cloudy
2. Team Fist beat Trooper 1 and 2
3. Eric Bison and Commander beat Hoodies to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Mark Night beat Luke Gallows in a Non Title Match.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/20/2011 results:
1. Star Pryde and Kong beat Pink Dudley and Miss Lee after Maidson Eagles interfered.  Pink challenged Star, Kong, Maidson to a 6 Women tag during Easter Bash 2011 weekend against her, Lee, mystery partner.  Star agrees to it.
2. Matt Sydal beat Eric Bison, Homicide, Sonjay Dutt in a 4 Way Dance.
3. Kofi Kingston beat Austin Aries in a Non Title Match.
4. John Morrison beat Cyrus Bourne in a Non Title Match.
5. Masada, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas beat Venom, Machine, Sagat.  The end came when Drake Younger attacked Sagat and with Masada brawled with Machine and Sagat to the back.  That left venom alone against haas and benjamin leading him to get beat.
6. Night Brothers and Ariel Bison beat Kings Of Wrestling and Sara Del Ray
7. Eddie Edwards beat Low Ki to retain the ECW US Title Rematch.
8. Mike Bison beat Christian Cage

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-4/20/2012 results:
1. Joe and Piloit beat Uso Brothers
2. Future Shock beat Peter Spider and Freddie Waldeno
3. Caprice Coleman and Caprice Coleman beat Epico and Primo
4. Jim Brooks, Ryback, John Moxly, Sami Callihan beat John Cena, Randy Orton, Kings Of Wrestling
5. Vlad and Impaler beat Young Bucks to retain the ECW World HC Tag Team Titles.
6. Jackson Rouch, Maison Dixie, Piloit beat Ronin
7. Tyler Black beat Drew McIntyre
8. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian beat North American Dragons, American Wolves, Homicide/Low Ki, Roderick Strong/Michel Elgin, Bubba Jones/Albert in a 6 Way Dance to win the Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  The end came when TJ Wilson turned on Bryan Danielson and smackdown on post show said that he carried the team.  He said that he will be showing that by beating Power Warrior for Unified US Title.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-4/20/2013 results:
1. Machine beat Rhino to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.
2. Doomsday and Venom beat Robert Roode and Austin Aries
3. Jack Swagger beat Mr. America
4. Matt Tremont beat Mike Bison in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match.
5. Broadie Lee beaet Thomas Bernard
6. Jimmy Rave beat Jack Crystal in a Non Title Match.
7. New Public Enemy beat Eric Bison and Guile in a Non Title Match.
8. Samoa Joe beat Christian Cage to win the ECW's #1 Contenders Tournament Final Round Match and ECW World Title Shot at SNP102 on April 28.

Easter Bash 2014 Night 3-4/20/2014 results:
Best Of Lightweight Tournament 27:
Sweet 16 Round:

1. #1 Piloit (37-25-2) beat beat #13 Shane Strickland (4-2-0)
2. #3 Pac (22-10-0) beat #2 Ash Hyde (32-13-1)
3. #4 Adam Cole (14-4-0) beat #6 Chris Night (10-15-0)
4. #2 Power Donity (35-13-3) beat #1 Jay Lethal (43-22-0)
5. #1 Sami Zayn (37-19-0) beat #6 Freddie Waldeno (8-5-0)
6. #1 Mr. America (41-20-2) beat #4 Gran Akuma (13-11-0)
7. #5 Eddie Edwards (12-4-0) beat #1 Taion (37-23-1)
8. #1 Mark Night (44-24-2) beat #4 Hallowicked (15-12-0)

Elite 8 Round:

1. #3 Pac (23-10-0) beat #1 Piloit (37-26-2)
2. #2 Power Donity (36-13-3) beat #4 Adam Cole (14-5-0)
3. #1 Sami Zayn (38-19-0) beat #1 Mr. America (41-21-2)
4. #1 Mark Night (45-24-2) beat #5 Eddie Edwards (12-5-0)

Final Four Round:

1. #3 Pac (24-10-0) beat #2 Power Donity (36-14-3)
2. #1 Mark Night (46-24-2) beat #1 Sami Zayn (38-20-0)

Final Round:

1. #1 Mark Night (47-24-2) beat #3 Pac (24-11-0) to win the Tournament and the Unified World Lightweight Title.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Brett Wayfield and Piloit beat Crazy in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
2. Donity Brothers beat Dangerous and Nightmare Backlot Warrior in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
3. Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs beat Doomsday Kid and Venomous in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
4. Machine and Sagat beat Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
5. Richochet and Rich Swan beat Knockout and Slasher in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
6. Roman Reigns and Tyler Black beat Blood and Crazy Ninja in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
7. Outlaw Inc beat Hulk and Destroyer in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
8. Throwbacks beat Bravados in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
9. Dogs Of War beat War and Crash Backlot Warrior in a Summer Tag Festival IV Match.
10. Cyrus Bourne beat Peter Spider to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/20/2015 results:
1. Ms. America beat Hardcore Bytch to retain the Unified World Ladies Title.
It was announced that Lightweight, Hardcore, US Tag Team champions will have to defend the titles during the rest of the tournament.
2. Peter Spider and Freddie Waldeno beat Brett Wayfield and Jackson Rouch to win the Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  After Peter and Freddie's match Brett and Jackson were interviewed talking about being champs and tournament.  Peter and Freddie interputed it saying they were paper champs.  Brett challenged them to a match right then and Jackson said they even put belts on the line.  The end came when Harley Wayfield was brawling with Kathy Uranosis at ring side distracting the ref while new bruise brothers came attacking brett and jackson.  They left them laying letting Peter and Freddie get the win.
3. Mr. America and Ash Hyde wrestled Randy Orton and Eric Bison to a No Contest when turned into a huge brawl between honor brigade, orton group, american heroes.  This lead to stare off between American Heroes and Honor Brigade to end the show.

Summer Tag Festival V:

1. Peter Spider and Freddie Waldeno beat Team Tremendous
2. GQ Wiley and Taylor Wad beat Beaver Boys
3. Hard Luck Fighters beat Brian Thunder and Duke
4. Naughty By Nature beat Night Brothers
5. Bricoe Brothers wrestled Prince Devitt and KENTA to a draw.
6. Bryan Danielson and Samoa Joe wrestled Bad Influence to a draw.
7. Young Bucks wrestled Roderick Strong and Michel Elgin to a draw.
8. Ascension wrestled Kings Of Wrestling to a draw.

Pre Show:

1. New Bruise Brothers beat Snake Byte to win their STFV Spot.
2. Richie Borndo and Tristin Heartsend beat Road Ragers to win their STFV Spot.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/20/2016 results:
Summer Tag Festival VI:

1. Briscoe Brothers beat Harrison Boss and Tommy Bernard
2. Colony beat Ascension
3. RPG Vice beat Knockout and Slasher
4. Roderick Strong and Michel Elgin beat Rick Knife and Stu Bomb
5. Motor City Machine Guns v.s. Macrus Dove and Owen Star
6. World's Cutest Team beat Lucky 13 and Conor Claxton
7. Ricochet and Rich Swan beat Devon Moore and Danny Havoc
8. Thunder Brothers beat Goldust and Cody Rhodes

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