Saturday, April 8, 2017

This Day In Wrestling History-April 8 (American Heroes Reunion?, Jill Night takes RJ to court, Bison goes to far, Easter Bash 2007, Mike Bison wins Best Of Lightweight Tournament X, Machine Breaks Free, Legacy and Orton attack Mike Bison, Easter Bash 2012 Day 3, Best Of Lightweight Tournament 21 Finals, Jim Brooks finally wins BOLT, Mike Bison Shocks everyone, Best Of Lightweight Tournament Japan announced)

This Day In Wrestling History-April 8:

Thursday Night War-4/8/1999 results:
1. Spirit beat Trooper 4
2. Blitzkrieg beat Trooper 1
3. Nightmare beat Ninja Kid and Samurai Kid
4. Joe and Barbecue beat Shadow Ninja and White Ninja to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Balls Mahoney beat Doomsday Knight
6. Axl Rotten beat Blood Knight
7. Super Crazy beat Taion
8. Yoshiri Tajiri beat Rey Misterio Jr

Saturday Slam Jam-4/8/2000 results:
1. Falcon and Barbecue beat Baldies.  Baldies attacked Falcon and Barbecue after the match out of anger because of the loss.  Duke and Guile come to the ring.  Falcon, Barbecue, Duke, Guile are able to run off the Baldies.  Falcon and Barbecue stand stunned by Duke and Guile helping out.  Duke puts out his hand and Falcon shakes it.  The two then huge and all four raise their hands in victory.
2. Naughty By Nature beat Johnny Swinger and Chilly Willy
3. Snake Eyes and Strong Ninja beat Extreme Ninja and Extreme Sport
4. Extreme Knight and Extreme Warrior beat New Dangerously Alliance
5. Naughty By Nature beat Danny Doring and Roadkill
6. Road Dogg beat Kid Kash
7. X-Pac beat Little Guido
8. Steve Corino and Mike Bison beat King Bison and Commander
9. Hollywood Doomsday and Sandman beat Dudleys
10. Jim Brooks beat Raven to retain the EUWF US Title.
11. Speedster Lite beat Mike Awesome to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
12. RJ Hammer and Bam Bam Bigelow beat Rhino and Wall in a Cage Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw 4/8/2002 card results:
RJ Hammer is sitting in a limo talking to Michelle on a cell phone and heading to a court from Monday morning as the show starts.  Jill Night is taken him to court for child support.
RJ: "I can't believe she is doing this.  She is not wasting anytime.  It's not even born yet and it's not even mine.  This is so wrong."
Michelle on the phone: "Just take care of this and get back here before flair does anymore damage."
RJ: "Changing the main event tonight was bad enough.  We are here.  Talk to you tonight."  RJ Hammer hangs up the phone as the limo stops and RJ gets out of it.  Him and the camera man walk into the court building.  A person outside stops the camera man from going inside because the judge in the court never allows any cameras in his court.  RJ tells the camera man to await outside and RJ comes out 3 hours later looking mad.  RJ picks up his cell phone.
RJ: "Michelle they are holding this over till the baby comes out and a test can be done.  I'm pissed this wasn't thrown all out.  I'm heading over to the airport now."  Ric Flair and Barbecue were shown sitting in a office at the arena.  Flair was on the phone with Speedster Lite.
Ric: "Everything is set up for Sunday Party.  You sure you are going to be health enough by then?
Speedster on the phone: "I will.  Just make sure Barbecue doesn't change his mind about facing me, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Doomsday, Venom, Joe and RVD in a ladder match at the PPV."
Ric: "Oh he is."
Barbecue: "He doubting that I want the match?  Give me the phone."  Ric hands the phone to barbecue.
Speedster on the phone: "I'm not doubting you but just making sure you are ready for this."
Barbecue: "I will be and just make sure your ass is too."
Speedster on the phone: "I will but what about that monster Brock Lensor?"
Barbecue: "Me and Flair have a surprise for him and RJ Hammer later tonight."
Speedster on the phone: "Good.  I will be watch.  Talk to you later."  Speedster hangs up the phone.
Barbecue: "I just thought of something Ric.  Can you be the ref for the title match later tonight?"
Ric: "I was thinking of doing that but now that you ask I will."
Ric Flair, Vlad, Temptress, Taion, Lady Trooper came to the ring for the drawing to see what types of matches will take place between Taion v.s. Vlad Match and Lady Trooper v.s. Temptress at Sunday Night Party 36.  Vlad and Temptress were allowed to call heads or tails.  They called and heads and it was heads.  Temptress picked first and got the four weapons on four poles match.  That means there will be four poles at the four corners of the ring and on each pole will be a different weapon.  There will a barbed wire bat, light tubes, paddle, whip on the poles.  Vlad then picked a chain match for his match with Taion.
1. Vlad and Temptress beat Taion and Lady Trooper
2. Christian beat Mankind to win a shot at EUWF US Title at Sunday Party 36 on April 21. All these matches were set up at the request of Chris Jericho who said no could beat him one on one and wanted all the challengers he can get at once.
3. Shadow WX beat Hardcore Holly to win a shot at EUWF US Title at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.
4. Dallas Page beat Red to win a shot at EUWF US Title at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.
5. Booker T beat Ninja Kid to win a shot at EUWF US Title at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.
6. Edge beat Piloit to win a shot at EUWF US Title at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.
7. Hot Stuff beat Low Ki and Super Crazy in a EUWF World Tag Team #1 Contenders Mini Tournament Match and to advance to the finals at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.
8. Naughty By Nature beat Backseat Boyz in a EUWF World Tag Team #1 Contenders Mini Tournament Match and to advance to the finals at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.
9. Dudleys beat Mike Bison/Guile and APA in a EUWF World Tag Team #1 Contenders Mini Tournament Match and to advance to the finals at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.
10. Maximo Brothers beat Billy and Chuck in a EUWF World Tag Team #1 Contenders Mini Tournament Match and to advance to the finals at Sunday Party 36 on April 21.  Hardy Boyz and Lita were shown talking about the winners of the mini tag team tournament when they were attacked by the Backseat Boyz with a ladder and baseball bat.  They double teamed powerbombed Lita through a table.  Backseat Boyz then challenged the Hardyz to a ladder match at Sunday Night Party 36 and Matt barley was able to accept.
11. Rob Van Dam beat Joe
12. Triple H beat Doomsday and Kurt Angle in a Three Way Dance.
13. The Rock beat Venom.  RJ Hammer finally got to the building before the match.  Michelle told that Flair was going to be the special guest ref for the title match tonight.  RJ looked even more pissed and slammed the door in the camera's man face after entering his locker room.
14. Barbecue beat RJ Hammer and Steve Austin with Ric Flair as special guest ref in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  Austin stunned Flair after RJ pinned Austin with his feet on the ropes.  This let Brock Lensor attacked Barbecue and power bombed him through a table.  Lensor headed to the back when he got hit with a led pipe out of nowhere from someone behind the curtain.  Speedster Lite came out from the back after that and ran to the ring.  He hit RJ with the led pipe and put Barbecue on top of RJ for the win.  Lensor got back up and headed to the ring again.  Scott Steiner ran to the ring and looked like he was about to help the faces when he hit flair with a led pipe of his own.  Lensor and Steiner destroyed Barbecue and Speedster.  RJ, Lensor, Steiner stood over Flair, Barbecue, Speedster till Doomsday Alliance made the save.

TTWF 4/8/2003 results:
1. Paul London beat John Cena
2. Avenging Knights beat Simon Diamond and Swinger
3. Ruckus beat Mike Awesome
4. Ric Blade beat Chris Kanyon
5. American Dragon beat Masato Tanaka
6. Venom beat Barbecue
7. Taion beat Rey Misterio Jr. to retain the TTWF US Title.
8. Jerry Lynn and Naughty By Nature beat Chris Benoit, Quiet Storm, Brian XL

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-4/8/2004 results:
The show began with a recap of Joe/AJ Styles feud and then announcement about the fact TTWF World Heavyweight Title match between Jim Brooks and Doomsday has been moved to tomorrow night's Viking Hall show.  That means both trophies are will be vacant and decide next week shows for both companies.  Doomsday and Venom are not going to be in the Lightweight Tag Team Tournament at Sunday Night Party on April 18.
1. Jade beat Ariel Bison to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
2. Tajiri beat Venom in a 10 Minute Iron Man Match (2-1) to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
Joe was seen looking around for the backlot assassins and Michelle went up to him.  She said that Assassins have been banned from the building tonight and if they even set foot in the building they will be arrested.  That made joe mad.
3. Mr. America beat Jimmy Rave
4. Hoodies, Mike Awesome, Rhyno beat Spirit, Jack Crystal, Sagat, Machine
5. Masato Tanaka beat John Cena to retain the EUWF IC Title.
6. Mike Bison beat Homicide to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
7. Speedster Lite beat Low Ki to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. AJ Styles beat Joe to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Friday Nights At The Arena-4/8/2005 results:
The show start with the offical announcement of the name for friday shows.  Jesus Bison was pushing Baroness in a wheel chair to a limo when Paul Haymen and security stopped them.  Haymen told Jesus that he has a match now and told him to get to the ring.  Security grabbed Jesus and escorted him to the ring.  Jesus grabbed the mic from the ring announcer and he said if he was going to be out here he had to cut a promo first.  Jesus said that he doesn't to be here at all but if he had to then he should be challenging AJ Styles for ECW World Title and not the opening match.  AJ comes to the ring and saying that he would give Jesus a match anytime but tonight because of CM Punk exercised his rematch clause.  Jesus said that AJ was making it up and then called him a chicken.  Before AJ could say anything Jesus starts on a big tirade that most had to be bleeped out.  Gist of it was that he was calling AJ gay and question some things he did backstage.  AJ attacked Jesus but he fought back by hitting him with the microphone and hit him with Styles Clash.  Doomsday Alliance members rushed the ring sending Jesus running out of the ring and front door of the arena.  Jesus got into limo and it drove away.
1. Taion beat Jimmy Jacobs
2. Low Ki beat Petey Williams
B-Boy went up to Sonjay Dutt challenging him to a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Count Anywhere TLC Legal Match for Backlash 2005 on May 1.  Dutt accepted and said he will be looking forward to it.
3. Christopher Daniels beat Alex Shelley
4. Naughty By Nature, Sandman, Carnage Crew beat Mad Man Pondo, Sexy Eddy, Balls Mahoney, 2 Tuff Tony, Raven.  This started as a rematch for ECW World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.  Before the match Raven asked Haymen why there was a question mark in the last spot of ECW roster.  Haymen would only say that it's a big surprise returning in May.  The match became a ten man tag when Angry hardcore wrestlers attacking NBN before the match for second straight show.  Doomsday, Venom, Sandman, Carnage Crew, Dudleyz all made leaving to where it was the ten man tag and Haymen made the match.
5. B-Boy and Edge beat Sonjay Dutt and BJ Whitmer
6. Mike Bison beat Homicide in a Weapons Match to retain the ECW World Hardcore Triple Crown Title.
7. Doomsday and Venom beat Colt Cabana and Ace Steele to retain the ECW World Tag Team Titles.
8. AJ Styles beat CM Punk to retain the ECW World Title.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-4/8/2006 results:
1. Ariel Bison beat Ms. America to retain the ECW World Ladies Title.
2. Claudio Castagnoli beat Jack Crystal to retain the ECW World TV Title.
3. El Generico beat Super Dragon to retain the ECW IC Title.
4. Delirious beat Jay Lethal to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
5. Jim Brooks beat Shelton Benjamin to retain the ECW US Title.
6. Hoodies beat Street Saviors in a Weapons Match to retain the ECW World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
7. Dudleyz beat Night Brothers to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Rob Van Dam beat Mike Bison to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

Easter Bash 2007-4/8/2007 results Part 1:
Best Of Lightweight Tournament X
(07 being 10 year anniversary of the first):

Round 1-Bracket 1:

1. #16 Crazy Backlot Assassin (1-2-0) beat #1 Super Crazy (32-8-3) (BOLT 9 Winner)
2. #8 West Side Dragon (3-1-0) beat #9 Shark Boy (2-6-0)
3. #12 Drake Younger (1-0-0) beat #5 Jerry Lynn (8-5-0)
4. #13 Jake Crist (1-1-0) beat #4 Chavo Guerrero Jr. (9-9-0)
5. #11 Darkness Backlot Assassin (2-1-0) beat #6 Homicide (7-5-0)
6. #14 Street Hustler (1-2-0) beat #3 Taion (11-7-0)
7. #7 Roderick Strong (6-3-0) beat #10 Mitch Mitchell (1-2-0)
8. #15 Tyler Black (1-1-0) beat #2 Quiet Storm (15-6-0)

Round 2:

1. #8 West Side Dragon (4-1-0) beat #16 Crazy Backlot Assassin (1-3-0)
2. #12 Drake Younger (2-0-0) beat #13 Jake Crist (1-2-0)
3. #14 Street Hustler (2-2-0) beat #11 Darkness Backlot Assassin (2-2-0)
4. #7 Roderick Strong (7-3-0) beat #15 Tyler Black (1-2-0)

Round 3:

1. #12 Drake Younger (3-0-0) beat #8 West Side Dragon (4-2-0)
2. #7 Roderick Strong (8-3-0) beat #14 Street Hustler (2-3-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #7 Roderick Strong (9-3-0) beat #12 Drake Younger (3-1-0)

Round 1-Bracket 2:

1. #16 Trooper 1 (1-7-0) beat #1 Christopher Daniels (24-6-0)
2. #8 Shane Helms (5-5-0) beat #9 Spike Dudley (4-2-0)
3. #5 CIMA (9-5-0) beat #12 Josh Abercrombie (1-3-0)
4. #13 Justice (2-7-0) beat #4 Jack Evans (10-4-0)
5. #6 Naomichi Marufuji (8-4-0) beat #11 Ken Doane (1-2-0)
6. #14 Pac (1-0-0) beat #14 #3 Speedster Lite (11-9-2) (BOLT 6 Winner)
7. #10 Mark Night (4-8-0) beat #7 Kid Kash (5-8-0)
8. #15 Ryo Saito (1-3-0) beat #2 Trent Acid (17-11-2)

Round 2:

1.#8 Shane Helms (6-5-0) beat #16 Trooper 1 (1-8-0)
2. #5 CIMA (10-5-0) beat #13 Justice (2-8-0)
3. #6 Naomichi Marufuji (9-4-0) beat #14 Pac (1-1-0)
4. #15 Ryo Saito (2-3-0) beat #10 Mark Night (4-9-0)

Round 3:

1. #5 CIMA (11-5-0) beat #8 Shane Helms (6-6-0)
2. #6 Naomichi Marufuji (10-4-0) beat #15 Ryo Saito (2-4-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #6 Naomichi Marufuji (11-4-0) beat #5 CIMA (11-6-0)

Round 1-Bracket 3:

1. #16 Slasher (1-3-0) beat #1 Tajiri (23-9-2)
2. #9 Ryu (3-4-0) beat #8 Petey Williams (5-5-0)
3. #12 El Generico (2-2-0) beat #5 Sonjay Dutt (8-6-0)
4. #13 Chris Bosh (1-0-0) beat #4 Piloit (10-10-1)
5. #11 Gran Akuma (2-1-0) beat #6 Little Guido (8-7-0)
6. #14 Hallowicked (1-2-0) beat #3 Mike Quackenbush (10-7-0)
7. #7 Milano Collection At (7-5-0) beat #10 Shannon Moore (2-8-0)
8. #15 Kikitaro (1-3-0) beat #2 Doomsday (16-6-2) (BOLT 2 Winner)

Round 2:

1. #9 Ryu (4-4-0) beat #16 Slasher (1-4-0)
2. #12 El Generico (3-2-0) beat #13 Chris Bosh (1-1-0)
3. #11 Gran Akuma (3-1-0) beat #14 Hallowicked (1-3-0)
4. #7 Milano Collection At (8-5-0) beat #15 Kikitaro (1-4-0)

Round 3:

1. #12 El Generico (4-2-0) beat #9 Ryu (4-5-0)
2. #7 Milano Collection At (9-5-0) beat #11 Gran Akuma (3-2-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #7 Milano Collection At (10-5-0) beat #12 El Generico (4-3-0)

Round 1-Bracket 4:

1. #16 Susumu Yokosuka (1-3-0) beat #1 Chris Benoit (20-11-1) (BOTL 8 Winner)
2. #8 Duke (6-7-0) beat #9 Tony Mamaluke (5-7-0)
3. #5 Spirit (9-7-0) beat #12 East Side Dragon (1-2-0)
4. #13 Snake Eyes (2-4-0) beat #4 Paul London (8-4-0) (BOTL 7 Winner) to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
5. #6 Chris Sabin (7-3-0) beat #11 TJ Wilson (1-2-0)
6. #14 Cloudy (1-1-0) beat #3 Nick Berk (9-8-0)
7. #10 Vlad (4-5-0) beat #7 Jeff Hardy (6-7-0)
8. #15 Steerling James Keenan (1-0-0) beat #2 Venom (11-7-1)

Round 2:

1. #16 Susumu Yokosuka (2-3-0) beat #8 Duke (6-8-0)
2. #5 Spirit (10-7-0) beat #13 Snake Eyes (2-5-0) to win the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
3. #6 Chris Sabin (8-3-0) beat #14 Cloudy (1-2-0)
4. #10 Vlad (5-5-0) beat #15 Steerling James Keenan (1-1-0)

Round 3:

1. #5 Spirit (11-7-0) beat #16 Susumu Yokosuka (2-4-0) in a Non Title Match.
2. #6 Chris Sabin (9-3-0) beat #10 Vlad (5-6-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #6 Chris Sabin (10-3-0) beat #5 Spirit (11-8-0) in a Non Title Match.

Round 1-Bracket 5:

1. #16 Matt Sydal (1-2-0) beat #1 AJ Styles (20-8-1)
2. #8 Harry Smith (2-1-0) beat #9 Niles Young (1-2-0)
3. #12 Trooper 4 (2-3-0) beat #5 Jody Fleisch (6-4-0)
4. #4 KENTA (10-3-0) beat #13 Ruckus (1-6-0)
5. #11 Knockout (2-3-0) beat #6 Delirious (4-4-0)
6. #14 Spud (1-0-0) beat #3 Alex Shelley (10-6-0)
7. #10 Ray Gordy (2-3-0) beat #7 Sho Funaki (2-7-0)
8. #15 M-Dogg 20 (1-1-0) beat #2 Low Ki (17-6-2) (BOLT 4 Winner)

Round 2:

1. #16 Matt Sydal (2-2-0) beat #8 Harry Smith (2-2-0)
2. #4 KENTA (10-4-0) beat #12 Trooper #4 (2-4-0)
3. #14 Spud (2-0-0) beat #11 Knockout (2-4-0)
4. #15 M-Dogg 20 (2-1-0) beat #10 Ray Gordy (2-4-0)

Round 3:

1. #4 KENTA (11-4-0) beat #16 Matt Sydal (2-3-0)
2. #15 M-Dogg (3-1-0) beat #14 Spud (2-1-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #4 KENTA (12-4-0) beat #14 M-Dogg 20 (3-2-0)

Round 1-Bracket 6:

1. #16 Jeremy Vain (1-3-0) beat #1 Brian Thunder (20-8-2) (BOLT 5 Winner) to win the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
2. #9 Jigsaw (2-2-0) beat #8 Johnny Jetter (2-2-0)
3. #12 Human Tornado (1-0-0) beat #5 Barbecue (4-8-0)
4. #13 Scorpio Sky (1-0-0) beat #4 B-Boy (8-4-0)
5. #11 Ken (3-6-0) beat #6 Smash from New Demolition (3-6-0)
6. #14 Ricochet (1-0-0) beat #3 Jay Lethal (9-6-0)
7. #10 Chris Night (2-6-0) beat #7 Jerrelle Clark (3-6-0)
8. #15 Icarus (1-1-0) beat #2 Jim Brooks (13-7-0)

Round 2:

1. #9 Jigsaw (3-2-0) beat #16 Jeremy Vain (1-4-0) to win the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
2. #12 Human Tornado (2-0-0) beat #13 Scorpio Sky (1-1-0)
3. #14 Ricochet (2-0-0) beat #11 Ken (3-7-0)
4. #15 Icarus (2-1-0) beat #10 Chris Night (2-7-0)

Round 3:

1. #12 Human Tornado (3-0-0) beat #9 Jigsaw (3-3-0) to win the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
2. #14 Ricochet (3-0-0) beat #15 Icarus (2-2-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #12 Human Tornado (4-0-0) beat #14 Ricochet (3-1-0) to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.

Round 1-Bracket 7:

1. #16 Masaki Mochizuki (1-3-0) beat #1 Bryan Danielson (20-6-0)
2. #9 Eric Young (1-0-0) beat #8 Luke Hawxx (1-3-0)
3. #12 Venomous (1-1-0) beat #5 James Gibson (7-7-0)
4. #13 NOSAWA (1-2-0) beat #4 Eric Bison (10-9-0)
5. #11 Cheech (1-1-0) beat #6 Mr. America (6-4-0)
6. #14 Sabian (1-2-0) beat #3 Matt Bentley (10-6-0)
7. #10 Johnny Nitro (1-1-0) beat #7 Frankie Karazarian (3-5-0)
8. #15 Brandon Thomassali (1-2-0) beat #2 Matt Hardy (15-8-2) (BOLT 3 Winner)

Round 2:

1. #9 Eric Young (2-0-0) beat #16 Masaki Mochizuki (1-4-0)
2. #12 Venomous (2-1-0) beat #13 NOSAWA (1-3-0)
3. #14 Sabian (2-2-0) beat #11 Cheech (1-2-0)
4. #15 Brandon Thomassali (2-2-0) beat #10 Johnny Nitro (1-2-0)

Round 3:

1. #9 Eric Young (3-0-0) beat #12 Venomous (2-2-0)
2. #15 Brandon Thomassali (3-2-0) beat #14 Sabian (2-3-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #15 Brandon Thomassali (4-2-0) beat #9 Eric Young (3-1-0)

Round 1-Bracket 8:

1. #1 Mike Bison (19-8-1) beat #16 Rhendo (1-7-0)
2. #9 Kaz Hayashi (3-3-0) beat #8 Excalibur (2-3-0)
3. #12 Johnny Storm (3-4-0) beat #5 Nate Webb (6-4-0)
4. #13 Johnny The Kid (2-1-0) beat #4 Dragon Kid (7-5-0)
5. #11 Davey Richards (3-1-0) beat #6 Teddy Hart (4-3-0)
6. #14 Doomsday Kid (2-1-0) beat #3 Austin Aries (8-4-0)
7. #10 TJ Perkins (3-3-0) beat #7 Slim J (3-4-0)
8. #15 Blanka (2-5-0) beat #2 Joe (13-7-2) (BOLT 1 Winner)

Round 2:

1. #1 Mike Bison (20-8-1) beat #9 Kaz Hayashi (3-4-0)
2. #12 Johnny Storm (4-4-0) beat #13 Johnny The Kid (2-2-0)
3. #11 Davey Richards (4-1-0) beat #14 Doomsday Kid (2-2-0)
4. #15 Blanka (3-5-0) beat #10 TJ Perkins (3-4-0)

Round 3:

1. #1 Mike Bison (21-8-1) beat #12 Johnny Storm (4-5-0)
2. #11 Davey Richards (5-1-0) beat #15 Blanka (3-6-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #1 Mike Bison (22-8-1) beat #11 Davey Richards (5-2-0)

Round 1-Bracket 9:

1. #16 Crush from New Demolition (1-5-0) beat #1 Jack Crystal (13-7-0)
2. #9 Scott Lost (1-0-0) beat #8 Sgt. (2-7-0)
3. #12 Azriael (1-3-0) beat #5 Fast Eddie (3-2-0)
4. #13 Marcos (1-3-0) beat #4 Guile (4-8-0)
5. #11 Dave Crist (1-1-0) beat #6 John Fire (3-8-0)
6. #14 Nutcase (1-5-0) beat #3 Elix Skipper (5-4-0)
7. #10 Yamato Onodera (1-0-0) beat #7 Sexxy Eddy (2-3-0)
8. #15 Basketcase (1-5-0) beat #2 Spanky (12-6-0)

Round 2:

1. #9 Scott Lost (2-0-0) beat #16 Crush from New Demolition (1-6-0)
2. #12 Azriael (2-3-0) beat #13 Macros (1-4-0)
3. #11 Dave Crist (2-1-0) beat #14 Nutcase (1-6-0)
4. #15 Basketcase (2-6-0) beat #10 Yamoto Onodera (1-1-0)

Round 3:

1. #12 Azriael (3-3-0) beat #9 Scott Lost (2-1-0)
2. #11 Dave Crist (3-1-0) beat #15 Basketcase (2-7-0)

Quater-Final Round:

1. #12 Azriael (4-3-0) beat #11 Dave Crist (3-2-0)

Semifinal Round:

1. #1 Mike Bison (23-8-1) beat #15 Brandon Thomassali (4-3-0) and #12 Azriael (4-4-0) in a 3 Way Dance.
2. #6 Chris Sabin (11-3-0) beat #6 Naomichi Marufuji (11-5-0) and #7 Milano Collection At (10-6-0) in a 3 Way Dance.
3. #12 Human Tornado (5-0-0) beat #4 KENTA (12-5-0) and #7 Roderick Strong (9-4-0) in a 3 Way Dance to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.

Final Round:

1. #1 Mike Bison (24-8-1) beat #6 Chris Sabin (11-4-0) and #12 Human Tornado (5-1-0) in a 3 Way Dance to win the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title and BOLT Tournament 10.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Mickie Knuckles beat Crazy Woman to retain the ECW World Ladies Title.
2. Ms. America beat Lady Speed to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
3. Sagat beat Kevin Thorn  After the match Sabrina came to the ring and told Machine to come out and give her an answer.  Machine came to the ring and Sabrina teased him a bit saying that she would be his again if only he turned on MVW group.  Machine looked at sagat and looked as if he was going to him but hits thorn.  Machine said that he didn't need Sabrina anymore and found someone to take care of her.  Amazing Kong came from the back attacking her starting a match between the two.
4. Amazing Kong beat Sabrina
5. CM Punk beat Rob Van Dam
6. Naughty By Nature beat Shingo and Naruki Doi
7. Jody Fleisch, Dragon Kid, Tajiri, Mike Quackenbush beat Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Matt Bentley, Frankie Karazarian
8. AJ Styles beat Low Ki and Jerry Lynn in a 3 Way Dance to retain the ECW IC Title.
9. Mr. America beat Cheech to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
10. Samoa Joe beat Rhino to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/8/2009 results:
Non Tournament:

The show began with Mike Bison coming to the ring with good news and bad news.  Good news is that Monday 3 Hour Raw Special and he will get to decide who wants to fight.  He hasn't decide yet and now the bad news.  Because of the fact that he has to defend the ECW World Heavyweight Title at Sunday Night Party 78 he can't team with Taion during BOLT Tag Team Tournament.  He said he doesn't like it either but it's part of being champ and Randy Orton came from the back.  Mike ask if Orton ever gives up and Orton says that he won't till two things happen.  One to take out Mike Bison and take his title.  Mike said after Wrestlemania he is done with Orton and then Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, Ted Dibiase Jr., Cody Rhodes came from the crowd attacking Mike.  Orton joined in on the beating of mike and then mike was held for orton to punt him.  Venom, Naughty By Nature,  CM Punk, AJ Styles made the save.  Mike got on the mic saying that Orton wanted one more shot then he has it monday but if he loses he will not get a shot while Mike is champ or at least a year if Mike still champion.  Orton agreed and then said he forget it will be a Hell In A Cell Match.

#1 Contenders Trophy Tournament First Round:

1. Dingo and Drake Younger beat Devon Moore and Cheech
2. D-Von Dudley and Tommy Dreamer beat Bubba Ray Dudley and Deranged
3. Kofi Kingston and James Storm beat Robert Roode and Michel Elgin
4. Shelton Benjamin and Jimmy Rave beat Mr. America and Charlie Haas
5. Power Warrior and Nightmare Backlot Warrior beat Venomous and Brain Damage
6. Doomsday Kid and Abyss beat Matt Cross and Jerry Lynn
7. Sabian and Rey Misterio Jr. beat Petey Williams and Ruckus
8. Speedster Lite and Machine beat Jack Crystal and Spirit

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-4/8/2010 results:
1. Star Pryde and Erica Tempted beat Ariel Bison and Jade Thunder
2. MVP beat Taion (filling in for Mike Bison) in a Non Title Match.
3. Brian Thunder beat Claudio Castagnoli in a Non Title Match.
4. Chris Hero beat Mark Night in a Non Title Match.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-4/8/2011 results:
1. High Flyers beat Joe. Barbecue, Hoodies
2. Colt Cabana beat Ted Dibiase Jr.
3. Christopher Daniels beat Alex Riley
4. Tyler Black beat John Cena

Easter Bash 2011 Title Shot Tournament:

1. Sin Cara beat El Generico
2. Davey Richards beat Amazing Red
3. Roderick Strong beat Kevin Steen, Gran Akuma, Darren Young, Michel Elgin in a 5 Way Dance.
4. Bryan Danielson beat Alberto Del Rio

Easter Bash 2012 Day 3-April 8 Card:
Best Of Lightweight Tournament 21:

Sweet 16 Round:

1. #1 Mr. America (31-14-2) beat #16 Zach Ryder (3-5-1)
2. #4 Power Warrior (18-8-3) beat #5 WN Alpha (12-7-1)
3. #8 Sami Callihan (7-4-1) beat #2 Vlad (27-17-1)
4. #9 Rich Swan (6-1-0) beat #2 Mark Night (28-19-2)
5. #3 Jim Books (27-15-0) beat #8 Chuck Taylor (7-4-0)
6. #2 Jay Lethal (29-15-0) beat #9 Kofi Kingston (5-2-1)
7. #2 Speedster Lite (27-19-1) beat #6 John Moxly (9-3-0)
8. #2 Austin Aries (29-14-1) beat #10 Bloody Donity (5-7-0)

Elite 8 Round:

1. #4 Power Warrior (19-8-3) beat #1 Mr. America (31-15-2)
2. #8 Sami Callihan (8-4-1) beat #9 Rich Swan (6-2-0)
3. #3 Jim Brooks (28-15-0) beat #2 Jay Lethal (29-16-0)
4. #2 Speedster Lite (28-19-1) beat #2 Austin Aries (29-15-1)

Final Four Round:

1. #4 Power Warrior (20-8-3) beat #8 Sami Callihan (8-5-1)
2. #2 Jim Brooks (29-15-0) beat #2 Speedster Lite (28-20-1)

Finals Round:

1. #2 Jim Brooks (30-15-0) beat #4 Power Warior (20-9-3) to win the EUWF World Triple Crown Title and BOLT21 Tournament.  The end came with two refs down and the final third ref distracted by Star Pryde and Lady Warrior brawling on the floor.  Jim grabbed his cane hitting power warrior in the throat with it for the win.  Mike after the match tried to demand the match restarted to the ref but he wouldn't and Mike hit the ref with triple crown belt.  Jim demanded Mike put the belt around his waist and as Mike does Machine's music starts.  He is going to cash his money in the bank briefcase in and Mike leaves the ring to get a ref up.  Machine has the title won after a few seconds but no ref and Mike puts on one of the ref shirts.  He goes to count three but instead whacks machine with money in the bank briefcase.  Mike puts jim ontop of Machine and does a quick count.  Mike and Jim hug celebrating.  Mike says that he secretly had agreed to a new contract with the company so he can get paid for any upcoming appearences but really was to be able to come back as co leader of MVWs.  He originally intended to leave but Jim made him realize it time to take back the company from bickering bosses in the back.  Taking company back from back stabbing suppose friends and then Taion and Eric Bison come out asking what he is doing.  Mike said just doing what he taught him to do and Taion attacked Eric.  CM Punk and Samoa Joe tried to come out but were attacked Colt Cabana, Kevin Steen, Chris Jericho, Christian Cage.  They threw punk and joe in the ring and beat on them.  The heals stood tall to end the show.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Scorpio Sky, Joey Ryan, Tyler Black beat Cheech, Jeremy Iron, Spirit
2. Venom beat Randy Orton
3. Doomsday beat Chris Night
4. Sandy Gales, Lady Speed, Lady Trooper Jade Thunder beat Star Pryde, Ariel Bison, Jinx, Alcarda Vania in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match.
5. Cedric Alexander, Caprice Coleman, Naughty By Nature beat Trooper 1-4
6. John Cena beat Bubba Jones
7. Ricochet, Irish Airborne, Lince Dorado beat Rhendo, Blanka, Knockout, Slasher
8. Cyrus Bourne beat AR Fox and Maison Dixie in a 3 Way Dance to retain the Unified World Lightweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-4/8/2013 results:
The show began with Mike Bison coming to the ring.  He thanked for fans for a sucessful and awesome WM weekend.  Last night almost ended badly but Machine redemption and the fact that TWF World Heavyweight Title is back home turned that around.  He might have lost but thanks to Machine he can feel good that he gave it all but they didn't in the end lose their belt.  The Rock came out calling Mike a loser and last year was a fluke.  The Rock says he proved it last night and Mike says that all rock proved was that he was better man last night.  Mike challenged The Rock to a match in future to complete the trilogy.  The Rock says he will thinking about it but then Rock Bottomed mike before leaving.
1. HC Bytch and Ms. America beat Pink Dudley and LuFisto in a HC Match.
2. Chuck Taylor and Icarus beat Bryan Danielson and Kane
3. AR Fox beat Jim Brooks
4. Jack Crystal beat El Generico to retain the Unified World Lightweight Title.
Best Of Lightweight Tournament Japan
was offically announced.   A special 32 man tournament taking place in Japan this July that will not count against total number of BOLT but wins/loses will count to wreslters BOLT records.
5. Kofi Kingston beat WN Alpha
6. Michel Elgin beat Sheamus in a Non Title Match.
7. New Public Enemy beat Player Dos and Amazing Red (filling in for hurt Player Uno) to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Mr. America and Brett Wayfield beat Chris Jericho and Mark Henry
9. SCUM beat American Wolves and Samoa Joe
10. Chris Hero beat Jay Lethal to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-4/8/2014 results:
Summer Tag Festival IV:

1. New Demolition beat Wildfire
2. Brett Wayfield and Piloit beat East/West Dragons
3. Night Brothers beat Richie Borando and Tristian Heartsend
4. Trooper 1 and 2 beat Vlad and Impaler
5. Bison Brothers beat Crazy and Lightning Backlot Warrior
6. Ash Hyde and Mr. America beat Road Knights
7. Naughty By Nature beat Dangerous and Nightmare Backlot Warrior
8. Hoodies beat Donity Brothers

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-4/8/2015 results:
Summer Tag Festival V
1. Rhino and Guile beat Primo and Epico
2. James Storm and Abyss beat World's Cutest Team
3. Kenny King and Low Ki beat Hallowicked and Frightmare
4. Briscoe Brothers beat Devon Moore and Lucky 13
5. Oi4K beat Colony
6. Brodie Lee and Eric Rowan beat Lucha Dragons
7. Dolph Ziggler and Ash Hyde beat The Kingdom
8. Bad Influence beat Rockness Monsters

ECW's Friday Nights At The Arena-4/8/2016 results:
Summer Tag Festival VI:

1. Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat Extreme Knights
2. Danny Haoc and Devon Moore beat Wildfire
3. ACH and Matt Sydal beat Hunters
4. Bravado Brothers beat Hot Shots
5. The Batari beat Trooper 1 and 3
6. Ascension beat Crash and War Warriors
7. Gulak Brothers beat Team Apocalypse
8. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Roderick Strong and Michel Elgin.  Before the match Lite confronted Brooks about his relationship with Star Enterprises and Brooks said that was about love.  This is about friendship and that won't get in the way.  Lite told him to not let it.

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