Thursday, April 6, 2017

TWF's Thursday Night Wars: Total Anarchy Special-April 6 results

The show began with Ash Hyde coming to the ring celebrating his win at WM33.  He said he was glad belt back home.  Bryatt Wyatt attacked Ash leading to #Broken Matt Hardy and Cyrus Bourne getting involved.
1. Ash Hyde and #BrokenMatt Hardy beat Bryatt Wyatt and Cyrus Borune
2. Marcus Croft beat Stanley Cross
Jim Brooks made his way to the ring celebrating his win at WM33 and saying he felt cocky.  He called anyone out from the back and challenge was accepeted by the returning Drew McIntyre.
3. Drew McIntyre beat Jim Brooks
4. Naughty By Nature beat The Revival
5. Machine and Sagat beat Authors Of Pain

Best Of Lightweight Tournament 33 Qualfying Matches:

1. Daryl Ranger (9-17-0) beat Golden Dragon (0-4-0)
2. Daniel Xtreme (11-17-0) beat Carson Jackson (0-4-0)
3. Tommy Knight (11-12-0) beat Kent Wonder (0-4-0)
4. West Side Dragon (12-17-0) beat Ligi Ligi (0-4-0)

Taped For EUWF Network:
Summer Tag Festival VII:

1. Hoodies beat Taion and Guile
2. Hot Shots beat Bison Brothers
3. Machine and Sagat beat Kappa Knights
4. Mark Night and Brian Thunder beat Ligi Brothers
5. PYT beat Harrison Boss and Tommy Bernard
6. Stu Bomb and Rick Knife beat Road Knights
7. Connor Stark and Bruce Summers beat Link Rod and Kong Remer
8. Lio Rush and Jay White beat Patrick Thorne and Colt Star
9. Chris Gun and Jack Flap beat Hot and Spicy

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