Wednesday, March 15, 2017

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-March 15 results

1. Kenny King beat Bobby Fish
2. Matt Jackson beat Johnny Gargano
Mike Bison confronted Mick Foley about looking for his replacement on facebook.  Mick wouldn't answer him walking away.
3. Kyle O'Reily beatt Nick Jackson
4. Rhett Titus beat Tommaso Ciampa
Mike Bison came to the ring calling Mick Foley out to the ring.  Mick came from the back and Mike asked the question again.  Mike pestestered him with it including bring up mick needing hip replacement sugery till Mick told what was going claiming he had heard rumors about his future and ECW's future.  Mike said that load of crap.  Mick says he doesn't believe him and starts to leave.  Mike stops him and gets taste of mister socko.  Janet Lee Bison ran out hitting mick with a low blow.  Mike looks confused as Tyler Black's music hits.  He heads to the ring with crutch and Mike asked what he is doing.  Tyler hit mike with crutch several times till janet hit him with a low blow.  Mike looks confused and then told mick he wants to repaced then he will get a chance.  Mike made a match with him and tyler for WM33.  If tyler can't wrestle or loses mick will be fired.
5. Speedster Lite, Doomsday Kid, Venomous beat Drew Gulak, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson
6. Claudio Castagnoli beat King Peter
7. Chris Hero beat James Storm
8. Robert Roode beat Sagat in a Non Title Match.

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