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This Day In Wrestling History-March 3 (Friday Night Crash Down, Showdown In Japan, RJ Hammer calls everyone bluff, Doomsday and Venom take out old grudges, Mike Bison and Samoa Joe Win ECW World Heavyweight Tag Titles. Machine and Sagat destroy TWF's announcers, Money In The Bank and 12 Way TLC Qualifying Matches, Hostile City Showdown 2013, Batista explains but Mike got a surprise)

This Day In Wrestling History-March 3:

Wednesday Night Brawl-3/3/1999 results:
1. Trooper 2 beat Trooper 3
2. Trooper 1 beat Trooper 4
3. Wildfire beat Spirit and Crystal Ball
4. Doomsday and Venom beat Rhendo and Blanka
5. Chris Benoit beat The Rock
6. Lance Storm and Chris Jericho beat Brood
7. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Gangstas to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Steve Austin beat Evan Hounda

Friday Night Crash Down Special-Asbury Park, New Jersey-3/3/2000 results:
1. Danny Doring and Roadkill beat Nova/Chris Chetti, Shadow/White Ninja, Crazy, Dynamic Duo in a Five Way Dance to win a shot at the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles on EUWF's Monday Night Raw on March 6.
2. Hollywood Doomsday and Lady Doomsday beat Falcon/Jade, Snake Eyes/Lady Ninja, Trooper 1/Lady Trooper in a Four Way Dance.
3. Three Count beat Venom and Naughty By Nature
4. Hardy Boys beat Night Brothers to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Tajiri beat Billy Kidman to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
6. Chris Jericho beat Super Crazy
7. New Jack and Balls Mahoney beat Dudleys, Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko, Sandman/Tommy Dreamer, Public Enemy, Road Dogg/X-Pac, Impact Players, Angel/Grimes, Bruise Brothers, Joe/Barbecue in a 10 Way Dance to the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  The match include three balcony dives at the same time by New Jack, Joe, Barbecue
8. Speedster Lite, Mike Awesome, Tazz beat RJ Hammer, Bam Bam Bigelow, Masato Tanaka.  The match included a balcony dive from RJ Hammer onto Tazz.  Lady Doomsday and Francine got into a catfight in the ring.  Tanaka holds Speedster and was about to hit the Diamond Dust and Francine gets up.  She throws powder into Tanaka's eyes and Brooks gets into the ring.  Brooks breaks his cast over Masato Tanaka's head.  The cast was a fake as he takes off the bandage.  Brooks takes off his jacket to reveal a nWo T-shirt.  Speedster covers Tanaka one for the win.  Awesome, Tazz, Brooks, Hollywood Doomsday, Impact Players, Speedster work over RJ, Bam Bam and Tanaka until the Extreme Alliance saves them.

Saturday Slam Bash-3/3/2001 results:
1. Trooper 1 and 2 beat Extreme Ninja and Extreme Lightning
2. Chavo Guerrero Jr. beat Spirit
3. Spike Dudley beat Cyborg
4. Piloit beat Taka Michinoku
5. Machine and American Turncoats beat Snake Eyes, Shadow Ninja, Ninja Kid
6. Strong Ninja and Blood Ninja beat Too Cool
7. Mankind beat K-Kwik
8. Barbecue beat Essa Rios
9. Venom beat Justin Credible to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
10. Jim Brooks beat Billy Gunn to retain the EUWF IC Title.
11. Speedster Lite beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the EUWF US Title.
12. Doomsday beat Tazz to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

Showdown In Japan-3/3/2002 results:
1. Ken and Ryu beat American Heroes and Spider-Man/Chris Night in a Three Way Dance to retan the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
2. Mike Bison beat Shadow WX
3. Lance Storm beat Tajiri
4. Kevin Nash beat Undertaker
5. Joe beat Barbecue and Piloit in a Three Way Dance.
6. Vlad beat Mankind to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
7. Masato Tanaka beat Scott Steiner to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
8. Naughty By Nature beat Dudleys and Hardy Boys in a Three Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
9. Eddie Guerrero beat Rob Van Dam
10. RJ Hammer beat Hulk Hogan
11. Steve Austin beat The Rock
12. Triple H beat Chris Jericho to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/3/2003 results:
1. Sandman and Mike Bison beat Raven and Devil Bison
2. Hit Squad beat Impact Players
3. Red beat Spike Dudley
4. Ric Blade beat Jeff Hardy to retain the EUWF IC Title.
5. Booker T beat Triple H
6. Low Ki and Kurt Angle beat Samoa Joe and Masato Tanaka
7. Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, The Messiah beat Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Tommy Dreamer
8. Rob Van Dam, Doomsday, Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker beat Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, The Rock, Kane, Kevin Sullivan

Wednesday Night Brawl-3/3/2004 results:
The show starts with a sit down interview with RJ Hammer done by Jim Ross.  RJ said that he not worried about the deadline that was threaten last week because he thinks they don't have the guts to walk out.  He also said that he has more things to worry about like the guy playing the tricks on him.  Ross says that it is the Undertaker and RJ said the undertaker was taken to hell and will never be back.  Ross mentions that Undertaker's family had gone missing.  RJ was disgusted at how Ross said that like RJ had something to do with it and left.
1. Kane beat Danny Maff to advance to the War Games Match.
2. Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade beat Special K to advance to the War Games Match.
3. Venom beat Spirit to advance to the War Games Match.
4. Homicide beat Chavo Guerrero Jr. to advance to the War Games Match.
5. American Heroes beat Carnage Crew to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles and to advance to the War Games Match.
6. Mike Awesome beat Speedster Lite to advance to the War Games Match.
7. Randy Orton beat Kurt Angle to advance to the War Games Match.
8. Piloit beat Triple H to retain the EUWF World TV Title and to advance to the War Games Match.
9. Brock Lensar beat Mr. America in a Non Title Match to advance to the War Games Match.
10. Mike Bison beat The Messiah to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title and to advance to War Games Match.
11. Jimmy Rave beat Jack Crystal to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
12. Mike Bison, Piloit, Venom, Homicide, American Heroes beat Brock Lensar, Kane, Mark Jindrak, Garrison Cade, Mike Awesome, Randy Orton in a War Games Match.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-3/3/2005 results:
The show started with Michelle announcing a 3 Way Losers Get Traded Match for Wrestlemania XXI between RJ Hammer, Jesus Bison, Triple H.  If RJ loses he will lose his job as EUWF GM.
1. Speedster Lite beat Jesus Bison to win the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
2. Trish Stratus beat Lady Speed to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
3. Chris Masters beat Blanka.  After the match sagat came to the ring and told Masters to pick on someone his own size.  He just back down from sagat.
4. Machine beat John Walters to win the EUWF World TV Title.
5. Bradshaw beat Shadow WX
6. Sho Funaki beat Red
7. Christopher Daniels beat Shelton Benjamin to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
8. Chris Benoit, Jim Brooks, Speedster Lite, RJ Hammer beat Triple H/Alex Shelley/Shawn Michaels/Gene Snitsky and Randy Orton/Jesus Bison/Chris Jericho/Batistia in a 3 Way Dance.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-3/3/2006 results:
1. Guile and Erica Tempted beat Smash and Dominatrixic to retain the EUWF World Mixed Tag Team Titles.
2. MNM beat Backseat Boyz
3. Christian Cage beat Spirit
4. Petey Williams and Elix Skipper beat Bryan Danielson and Jack Evans
5. 4 Backlot Assassins beat Kurt Angle, John Fire, Duke, Snake Eyes in an Elimination Match.
6. Doomsday and Hard Luck Fighters beat Jimmy Yang, Knockout, Slasher
7. Briscoe Brothers and Speedster Lite beat Gothics and RC Haas
8. Chris Hero beat AJ Styles to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-3/3/2007 results:
The show started with Mike Bison making a challenge for Edge and Christian Cage to show up at Wrestlemania XXIII for a special match.  Before the first match Christian came out from the back and accepted the match saying that Mike can bring whatever or whoever he can because it won't matter.
1. AJ Styles beat Shawn Michaels in a Non Title Match.  After the match Doomsday and Venom came down attacking Michaels with a chair and AJ left.  They handcuffed michaels to the bottom rope with his up and Doomsday said that this is about respect.  He said michaels, flair, triple h, and older guard has always tried hold people liked Doomsday, Venom, Spirit, and anyone who trained at TWF training center back.  Doomsday said that is going to teach michaels to respect them and both men started hitting Michaels with chair shots to the back.  They demanded that michaels says they respect him but he wouldn't and Venom got light tubes.  Venom put them on michaels back and Michaels screamed that he respects them.  Doomsday brook the tubes over his back with hardest chair shot from them yet and then left.
2. Super Dragon beat Jimmy Rave
Doomsday and Venom were shown celebrating the destruction of Shawn Michaels.  Edge and Christian Cage came in not looking happy.  They said how dare Spirit, Doomsday, Venom call Mike Bison.  Doomsday said that they don't hate bisons anymore like Edge and Christian do because they showed them respect at the end of their feud.  Spirit said this about getting respect and not trying to kill people.  Edge said that they what they did because they hate bisons and don't care about them respecting anyone.  Spirit said they better change their mind on it or they can leave Doomsday Alliance/MVWs.  Edge, Christian, Players left the room and spirit screamed in anger.  Spirit said anyone else want to leave and Chris Hero, Larry Sweeny, Erica Tempted left.  Venom said they don't need them and Spirit replied that he hopes he is right.
3. Backseat Boyz beat Briscoe Brothers in a Non Title Match.
4. Chris Hero and Larry Sweeny beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks
A backstage fight between Players, Jade, Jill Night had started during the commercial break and security split them up.  Haymen said that Players want act like a bunch of female dogs then they can be treated as such and announced a double dog collar match between the two teams for wednesday.
5. Rob Van Dam beat Jeff Hardy in a Non Title Match.
6. Homicide, Low Ki, B-Boy beat Austin Aries, Matt Sydal, Christopher Daniels
7. Nerco Butcher, Toby Klein, Rhino, Brian Thunder, Jade, Jill Night beat Edge, Christian Cage, Doomsday, Venom, The Players.  During the match Edge, Christian, Players left the match leaving Doomsday and Venom alone.
8. CM Punk and Samoa Joe beat Mr. America/Davey Richards and Matt Hardy/Booker T in a 3 Way Dance.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/3/2008 results:
1. Eddie Kingston and Joker beat Doomsday/Venom and El Generico/Kevin Steen in a 3 Way Dance.
2. Nigel McGuiness beat James Gibson
3. Jeff Hardy beat Jimmy Jacobs
4. Jack Crystal beat Jim Brooks in a Non Title Match.
5. Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt beat Ruckus and Sabian
6. CM Punk beat Shawn Michaels
7. Bryan Danielson, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Colt Cabana, Dudleyz beat Brian Thunder, Tyler Black, Speedster Lite, Machine, Sagat, Spirit
Mike Bison and Samoa Joe came to the ring for their face off on their Wrestlemania 24 main event.  Mike started asking about Joe's loyalty saying that Joe left ring of honor and stayed with TNA for the money.  Joe didn't respond to it but did mention the fact Mike once turned his back on TTWF because he wanted to be in ECW so bad and then later that year turned his back on his friends for change in wrestling.  Mike said that he trust the wrong person but now his brother has earned the trust.  They moved away from that and then started going back and forth over whom is going to win till Mr. America came from the back.  MA said this is real nice but it's boring and told them to shut up.  Mike and Joe laugh and then told MA if he has a problem then go get a partner and get in this ring.  MA almost wasn't going to but Edge came from the back with the tag team belts saying that once they beat them and retain the belts they will have a talk.  Edge heads to the ring with MA following him.
8. Mike Bison and Samoa Joe beat Real Americans Alliance (Mr. America and Edge) to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles..  Edge and MA didn't get along all macth and the end came when Edge accidentally speared MA.  MA rolled to the floor and joe caught edge and the choke.  At the same time Mike hocked in the bison lock as joe rolled over edge to his stomach.  MA crawled to the back and Edge tapped for the win for Joe and Mike.  After the match after Mike and Joe left MA stopped any real americans alliance members from checking on Edge but Bryan Danielson went to the ring anyway to end the show.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/3/2010 results:
1. Joe and Piloit beat Spirit and Jack Crystal
2. Drake Younger and Thumbtack Jack beat Masada and Venom
3. Jay Lethal beat Machine
4. Homicide beat Claudio Castagnoli in a Non Title Match.
5. Sonjay Dutt beat Sagat
6. Briscoe Brothers beat American Wolves
7. Chris Hero beat Doomsday, Rey Misterio Jr., B-Boy in a 4 Way Dance to win the ECW US Title.
8. AJ Styles and Low Ki beat Mike Bison and Samoa Joe

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-3/3/2011 results:
The show began with the GL and Flash being attacked after Tuesday's show by Machine and Sagat while they were filming stuff for the EUWF Web Site.  Flash was put on the announce table and GL was powerbombed through flash and the table.  Half dressed Doomsday and Venom came out making the save.  RJ Hammer then was shown in the ring on tonight's show announcing that Machine and Sagat have been fined $20,000 each.  Attacking announcers by anyone will not be tolerated.  Machine and Sagat attacked RJ coming from the crowd until Night Brothers made the save.  NBN came out to start there match.
1. Night Brothers beat Naughty By Nature in a Non Title Match.
It was announced during the show that there will be 9 wrestle in matches to take place at WMXXVII.  The winners of these matches will get into BOLT and results of the match will be counted in there BOLT record.  It will be 9 TWF students v.s. 9 of the worst records in BOLT Tournament every year.  Including Fireball, Fire Knight, Basher, Smasher.  They will either win there first match on BOLT record or miss this years totally.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Triple Threat Matches:

1. Eric Bison beat Trooper 2. Eric Bison and Power Warrior advance.
2. Mr. America beat Trooper 1.  MA and Jack Crystal advance.
3. Spirit beat Joe. Spirit and Taion advance.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-3/3/2012 results:
1. Sara Del Rey beat Justine Hounda to retain the Unified World Ladies Title.
2. Eddie Kingston beat Sheamus
3. Dolph Ziggler beat Doomsday by DQ.  Doomsday attacked Dolph with a chair and ref tried to stop him but attacked him with the chair over and over leading to the dq.  This went on till Venom and Naughty By Nature pulled him off.
4. Machine beat Jack Swagger
5. Colt Cabana beat Alex Riley
6. Tyler Black beat El Generico in a Non Title Match.
7. Brett Wayfield beat Kevin Steen to retain the Unified World HC Title.
8 Mr. America, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Taion beat Mike Bison, North American Dragons, CM Punk

ECW's Hostile City Showdown 2013-3/3/2013 results:
12 Way TLC Qualfying Final Matches:

1. Briscoe Brothers beat 3.0
2. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel beat Rockness Monsters
3. All Night Express beat Colony
4. Super Smash Brothers beat Hallowicked and Jigsaw to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.

Money In The Bank Qualfying Final Matches:

1. Kofi Kingston beat Eddie Kingston
2. Sheamus beat Joey Ryan
3. El Generico beat Brodie Lee

Former World Champions Wrestlemania Title Shot Tournament:
ECW Bracket-Final Round:
1. CM Punk beat Samoa Joe

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/3/2014 results:
The show began with Triple H and Batista coming to the ring.  HHH said boy did everyone fall for that last night.  Batista then said did really expect him to be against his good friend and guy who brought him back to EUWF.  HHH then called Mike Bison out saying that want to know his partner for WM30 and Mike came from the back.  Mike said that he never trusted Batista but thought he hated Brock Lensar enough they could work together for now.  Batista said that he has Brock but hates Mike even more.  He says blames Mike and TWF/ECW for making him wanting to leave the business in the first place.  Batista said that Mike can't find a partner and that no one would fight them.  Mike said that he has a partner and he is standing behind them.  HHH and Batista looked confused and then lights go out.  When they came back on Undertaker was behind them and HHH left the ring.  Undertaker grabbed Batista and chokeslammed him and Mike came to the ring.  Mike offically announced Taker as his partner to the annoyance of HHH.
1. Jim Brooks beat Green Ant
2. 3.0 beat Hoodies
3. Christian Cage beat Mr. America
4. Ricochet beat John Moxly
5. Speedster Lite beat Matt Jackson
6. Samoa Joe beat Jack Swagger
7. Bryan Danielson beat Cyrus Bourne
8. Ash Hyde beat Adam Cole in a Non Title Match.
9. Bryatt Wyatt beat Jackson Rouch
10. Dolph Ziggler, Freddie Waldeno, El Generico beat Randy Orton, Peter Spider, Kevin Steen

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-3/3/2015 results:
1. Jade Thunder, Ms. America, Pink Dudley beat Blonde Ambition in a No DQ Match.

12 Way TLC 15 Qualifying Tournament:

1. Black Valkyrie beat Thomas Bernard and Harrison Boss
2. Dogs Of War beat Rhendo and Blanka
3. Night Brothers beat Rock Hider and Crasher Jack
4. Hoodies beat Ligi Brothers to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.

WM 31 Money In The Bank Qualifying Tournament:

1. Mr. Venom beat Spirit
2. Hollywood Doomsday beat Jack Crystal
3. Ash Hyde beat Jim Brooks

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-3/3/2016 results:
1. Brodie Lee and Eric Rown beat Taion and Sagat
2. Sheamus, Samoa Joe, Alberto Del Rio, Prince Devitt beat Hollywood Doomsday, Mr. Venom, Ash Hyde, Cyrus Bourne
3. Power Donity beat Big Show
4. Night Brothers beat Uso Brothers
5. reDragon beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks
6. Bo Wyatt beat Guile
7. Bryatt Wyatt v.s. Eric Bison beat Bryatt Wyatt in a Non Title Match.
8. AJ Styles, Seth Owens, Sami Zayn beat Kevin Steen and Young Bucks

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