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This Day In Wrestling History-March 19 (No Holds Barred 2000, Scott Steiner Destroyers Joe/Piloit/Scarlet, Flair/JR/AHLA, Mike Bison/Homicide get traded to ECW, Rivilary Week 2008 Night 2, MSG House Show, 12 Way TLC Qualifying Matches)

This Day In Wrestling History-March 19:

No Holds Barred 2000-3/19/2000 results:
1. Rhino beat Commander and Venom in a Three Way Dance.
2. Snake Eyes, Shadow Ninja, Ninja Kid beat Cyborg, Crystal Ball, Spirit to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
3. Naughty By Nature beat Too Cool and Three Count in a Three Way Dance.
4. Tajiri beat Prince Michael
5. Sandman beat Wall in a Dueling Canes Match.
6. RJ Hammer and Bam Bam Bigelow beat Dudleys to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Speedster Lite beat King Bison to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. RJ Hammer, Sandman, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Rock, Super Crazy, Falcon, Barbecue, Chris Jericho beat Steve Corino/Dudleys/Tajiri/Wall/Rhino/Eric Watts and Speedster Lite/Triple H/Jim Brooks/Tazz/Mike Awesome/Jeff Jarrett/Impact Players in a Four Ring, Three Way War Games Match with Elimination rules and weapons.  Dudleys grab Scarlet after the match and drag her into the rings.  They locked the cage back up.  Joe limps to the ring on crutches and is allowed to get in but they close the door right back in.  Corino's group beats the heck out of Joe and makes Scarlet watch.  Corino canes Joe in both his eyes.  They then leaves as the Extreme Alliance and Bison's group enters the cage.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/19/2001 results:
The show opened with Joe, Piloit, Scarlet are shown bloody and beaten after they were attacked by Scott Steiner just minutes before the shown went on.  Scott and Jesus Bison walks into Old School locker room.
Jesus: "Barbecue you don't give Steiner a world title shot tonight he will do something what will make what we did to your family seem tame in comparison."
Barbecue: "My hands are tied.  I don't even know if Doomsday is here or not."
Jesus: "He better be.  For your sake and everyone else's sake."  Barbecue picks up the phone.
Barbecue: "Is doomsday here?  Tell me if he does get here.  Machine?"
Machine: "Yeah?"
Barbecue: "Go get Steiner and prevent him from attacking anyone."
1. Shadow WX beat Machine to win EUWF World Hardcore Title.  Machine had come out and challenged anyone to a hardcore match.  Shadow WX came to the ring and Machine looked surprised.  Shadow had a lightube in his head.  Machine tried to Shadow with a chair but he moved out of the way and Shadow hit Machine with the light tube.  Mark Night and Chris Night brought a light tube board to the ring and Shadow set it up.  He then threw Machine head first into the light tube and hit his version of the TKO for the win.  When Machine got to the back Barbecue and Steve Corino looked mad. 
Barbecue: "What was that?"
Machine: "I was trying to draw Steiner out to a match."
Barbecue: "Go find him now!"
Machine: "Okay."  Machine leaves the room.
2. D-Von Dudley beat Basher and Jeff Hardy in a Three Way Dance.  That means the Dudleys get to chose the stipulations for the three way tag title match at Wrestlemania. 
Spirit is shown talking to Essa Rios, Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki.  They then get attacked by Scott Steiner and he leaves them all knocked out.  Machine tries to attack Steiner and they brawl away from the camera.  Barbecue picked up the phone in his locker room. 
Barbecue: "Is he here?  Sorry Steve.  I booked the match for you."  Barbecue hung up the phone and then Machine is thrown threw the door of the locker room by Scott Steiner.  The phone rings.
Barbecue: "He is here?  Good.  You guys clean this up and I got to talk to Doomsday."  Barbecue opens the door and looks for Scott Steiner.
3. Womankind beat Jill Night
4. Big Show beat Mike Awesome
5. Smasher beat Buh Buh Ray Dudley and Matt Hardy in a Three Way Dance.
6. Mankind and American Turncoats beat Al Snow, Sgt., Roadblock
7. Lance Storm beat Eddie Guerrero
8. Jim Brooks beat Albert to retain the EUWF IC Title.
9. Chris Jericho beat Speedster Lite to win the EUWF US Title.
10. Doomsday beat Venom, Scott Steiner, Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock in a 6 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

Wednesday Night Brawl-3/19/2003 results:
Jade's group came to the ring and said that she had fun kicking Ric Flair's but on Raw.  Lady Speed came out from the back and talked about how Jade stalked her a few years ago.  She also mentioned about how Jade kissed Rachel and exposed her breasts to her during a Viking Hall show.  Jade said that Rachel missed out on the fun and Rachel said she gets her fun from her husband.  She then puts Jade and Rhyno in a match against Ric Flair and Victoria later tonight.
1. Hit Squad beat Island Boyz
2. Joe and Barbecue beat Hard Luck Fighters
Jim Ross sat down with Ric Flair.
JR: "I'm glad you agreed to sit down and talk with me."
Flair: "It's about time I got to tell my side of the story."
JR: "Why do you think RJ is a hypocrite?"
Flair: "Because he said that he changed.  You know what RJ never changed.  The real RJ we saw when he turned on his family and friends.  The RJ we see now is just a cover to get something back he never really had."
JR: "That is not true."
Flair: "If its not then why did he allow his daughter to be involved in a angle several years ago where Bison attempted to kidnap her."
JR: "He had nothing to do with that."
Flair: "He left his child out there for that to happen.  He has fooled you and all the fans for a long time.  Now me I always said I was dirties player in the game.  I never lied about that and I always came out straight with it.  RJ never did and then it came back to haunt him.  Wrestlemania I have a few surprises of mine own to give him.  I'm not worried about what he has planned."
JR: "Two more things.  Who attacked Jade a few months back and who attacked the Undertaker on Raw?"
Flair: "I don't know who did either of those."
JR: "The mask man seemed to be with you and you order Sullivan to destroy the Undertaker a few minutes before the attack."
Flair: "That doesn't mean anything and this interview is over."  Flair walks away and JR announced he will do another interview with RJ Hammer on Smackdown.
3. Divine Storm beat Spirit and Mankind to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Night Brothers beat Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, Backseat Boyz
5. Temptress and Street Knights beat Divine Storm and Trinity
6. Tommy Dreamer and Naughty By Nature beat The Messiah and Carnage Crew
7. Rob Van Dam beat Doomsday
8. Ric Flair and Victoria beat Rhyno and Jade

TTWF 3/19/2004 Viking Hall results:
1. Ultimo Dragon and Sho Funaki beat Gothics to win the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
2. Chris Hero beat Lance Storm
3. Colt Cabana beat Taion to win the TTWF World TV Title.
4. Red beat Sonjay Dutt in a Ladder Match to win the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title.
5. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Shadow WX in a Hard Ladders Legal Match to win the TTWF World Hardcore Title.
6. Backseat Boyz beat Dudleyz in a Tables Match to win the TTWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Jerry Lynn beat Doomsday to win the TTWF US Title. #1 Contenders Trophy was not on the line.
8. Jim Brooks beat Christopher Daniels and Chris Benoit in a 3 Way Cage Match to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

TTWF's Saturday Slam Bash-3/19/2005 results:
The show started with Mike Bison and Homicide having a war of words in the back being held back by security.  Barbecue went up to the two announcing that the TTWF's #1 Contenders Trophy Match for Wrestlemania XXI has been canceled because Homicide and Mike will be traded to ECW after the ppv.  That made both mad and then Barbecue announced that the two will still wrestle but for the EUWF and TTWF Unified World Hardcore Title.  He also mentions that the belts will be an ECW only belt after wrestlemania.  Both men argued with Mike till he them taken out of the room.
1. Jimmy Rave beat Spirit
2. Jade beat Lady Gangster to retain the TTWF World Women's Title.
3. Elix Skipper beat Spanky
4. JC Bailey beat Paul London to retain the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title.
5. Nate Webb beat Petey Williams to retain the TTWF World TV Title.
6. Samoa Joe and Night Brothers beat John Cena and Ring Crew Express
7. Mr. America beat 
8. Eddie Guerrero, Mike Bison, Taion, Piloit beat Low Ki, Homicide, Havana Pitbulls in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/19/2007 results:
1. Ms. America and MsChif beat Mickie Knuckles and Cheerleader Melissa
2. Hoodies,  Trooper 1 and 2, Hard Luck Fighters beat Hot Shots, East/West Dragons, Street Saviors
3. Backseat Boyz and Blackout beat Night Brothers, Joe, Piloit
4. Spirit, Machine, Nigel McGuiness, Chris Hero, Doomsday, Venom beat Roderick Strong, Rob Van Dam, Christopher Daniels, Jack Crystal, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks
It was announced that despite doctors orders Shawn Michaels will make his return to EUWF ring this friday on smackdown to take on CM Punk in a Non Title Match.  This friday the five men who will double main event this year wrestlemania 23 will face previous men who main evented wrestlemanias in the past.  The other matches will be Booker T v.s. Edge, Mr. America v.s. Chris Hero, Samoa Joe v.s. Rob Van Dam, Matt Hardy v.s. AJ Styles.
5. Spanky beat Marc Briscoe
6. Paul London beat Jay Briscoe
7. Low Ki and B-Boy beat Milano Collection At and James Gibson in a Non Title Match.
8. Matt Hardy and CM Punk beat Samoa Joe and Booker T

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/19/2008-Rivalry Week Night 2 results
1. HC Bytch beat Awesome Kong
2. BJ Whitmer beat Jimmy Jacobs
3. Spirit beat Jack Crystal
4. Chris Sabin beat Alex Shelley
5. Naughty By Nature beat Doomsday and Venom in a Non Title Match.
6. Christopher Daniels beat AJ Styles
7. Mike Bison beat Drake Younger in a Non Title Match.
8. Samoa Joe beat Bryan Danielson in a Non Title Match.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-3/19/2010 results:
1. Colt Cabana beat Brian Kendrick
2. Matt Sydal beat Kenny Omega in a Non Title Match.
3. MVP beat Kenny King in a Non Title Match.
4. Brian Thunder and Duke beat Night Brothers in a Tables Match.
5. Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Lady Speed beat Laurie Hammer and Heart Dynasty
6. CM Punk and Triple H beat Hernadez and Bryan Danielson
7. Eric Bison beat Kofi Kingston to win the EUWF US Title.
8. Undertaker beat Edge to win a spot in ECW World Heavyweight Title Match at WM26.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-3/19/2011 results:
1. Austin Aries beat Trent Barretta
2. Christian Cage beat Eddie Edwards
3. Homicide beat Cyrus Bourne
4. All Night Express beat Osirin Portal
5. TJ Perkins beat Brian Thunder
6. Machine, Sagat, Drake Younger, Masada beat Night Brothers, Doomsday, Venom in a Barbed Wire Boards and Glass Match.
7. John Morrison and Briscoe Brothers beat Low Ki/Heart Dynasty and Kofi Kingston/Motor City Machine Guns in a 3 Way Dance.
8. Mike Bison and Taion beat CM Punk and Chris Hero

EUWF's MSG House Show-3/19/2011 results:
1. Miss Lee, Pink Dudley, Jill Night, Jade Thunder, Julie Fire beat Star Pryde, Lady Gangster, HC Bytch, Blonde Ambition in a Hardcore Match.
2. Hoodies beat Eric Bison and Taion
3. Heart Dynasty beat Rhendo and Blanka
4. John Morrison and Kofi Kingston beat Power Warrior and Jack Crystal
5. Bryan Danielson beat Sheamus to retain the EUWF IC Title.
6. Mr. America beat Tyler Black to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
7. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater
8. Naughty By Nature beat Night Brothers to retain the EUWF/TWF/ECW US Tag Team Titles.
9. Doomsday and Venom beat Machine and Sagat in a NYC Street Fight.
10. Mike Bison beat CM Punk, Edge, Triple H, Christian Cage in a 5 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/19/2012 results:
1. Young Bucks beat Philly's Most Wanted
2. Bloody Donity beat Drew McIntyre
3. Jim Brooks beat Low Ki
4. Davey Richards beat Bryan Danielson
5. Rhino and Bubba Jones beat John Moxly and Sami Callihan
6. Tyler Black and Roderick Strong beat The Miz and Randy Orton
7. Kings Of Wrestling beat Chris Jericho and Kevin Steen
8. Mike Bison beat RJ Hammer in a Non Title Match.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-3/19/2013 results:
12 Way TLC Qualifying Matches:

1. Night Brothers beat Crazy
2. Brian Thunder and Duke beat New Demolition
3. New Public Enemy beat New Gangtas.  After the match Thomas Boss announced that NPE will defend their Heavyweight, US, Hardcore Tag Titles at WM29 in 12 Way TLC.  If they don't then their spot will be taken by New Gangtas and will have to defend their belts another match.
4. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat Masion Dixie and Jackson Rouch

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/19/2014 results:
1. Brisoce Brothers beat Hoodies
2. Rockness Monsters beat Donity Brothers
3. Eddie Kingston beat Mike Bison
4. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Drake Younger
5. Doomsday and Venom beat Colony
6. Night Brothers beat Robert Roode and Austin Aries
7. Machine and Sagat beat Bad Influence
8. Dolph Ziggler and El Generico beat Ramdy Orton and Kevin Steen

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown:
Wrestlemania Rewind-3/19/2015 results:

1. Chris Hero beat Jay Lethal
2. Ascension beat Hot Shots
3. Taion beat Hollywood Doomsday
4. Bad Influence beat Night Brothers in a Non Title Match.
5. Mr. America beat The Miz
6. Dolph Ziggler beat Randy Orton
7. Samoa Joe beat Bryatt Wyatt
8. Bryan Danielson beat Cyrus Bourne

TWF's Saturday Night Fire-3/19/2016 results:
1. Pretty Young Thugs beaet Alistair Hound and Travis Jazz
2. Mark Night beat Kyle O'Reily
3. Speedster Lite beat Matt Jackson
4. Brian Thunder beat Rhett Titus
5. Lady NBN beat Pink Dudley and Hardcore Bytch
6. Basher beat D-Von Dudley
7. Bubba Ray Dudley beat Smasher
8. Savage Girl Warrior and Lady Donity beat Charlotte/Becky Lynch and Dinah Spade/Felicia Sword in a 3 Way Dance to win the Unified World Ladies Tag Team Titles.

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