Thursday, March 30, 2017

This Day In Wrestling History-March 30 (Wrestlemania 18 and 24, RJ Hammer and Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair and Vince McMahon, Jericho/Mike Bison, Edge returns, Real Americans Sneak Back To Heavyweight Tag Titles?, Ric Flair's Goodbye, Jericho explains his hate for Necro, Mark Night accepts Brian's apology, Easter Bash 2013 Day 2, Best Of Lightweight Tournament 25 Second Day, Orton/Eric Bison issues, Claudio knows Mr. America up to something, Machine goodbye, Summer Tag Festival V starts)

This Day In Wrestling History-March 30:

Thursday Night Brawl-3/30/2000 results:
1. Rhino beat Road Dogg
2. Venom beat X-Pac
3. Falcon and Barbecue beat Dudleys
4. Chris Candido beat Christian to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
5. Tajiri beat Edge
6. Hardy Boys beat Blanka and Rhendo to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Jim Brooks beat The Rock to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. RJ Hammer beat Triple H

Saturday Slam Bash-3/30/2002 results:
The show starts with Naughty By Nature feeling down losing the tag team titles to Mike Bison and Taion and then having them lose the belts before Naughty By Nature could get a rematch.  Lady Trooper comes in just as down.  The three cheer themselves up to the fact that can win the belts back on Sunday and Monday.  Venom and Doomsday comes in.  They are fighting over the fact of what Venom said on Smackdown and their match against each other at Easter Bash.  The two get into a shoving match and then Naughty By Nature break them up.  Venom leaves and Doomsday wonders out loud why almost every time they meet in a ring they end up having problems before the match.
1. American Heroes beat Shadow Ninja and White Ninja
2. Hit Squad and Lady Gangster beat Mark Night, Chris Night, Jill Night
3. APA beat Ken and Ryu
4. Edge beat Piloit
5. Christian beat Mankind
6. Red beat Mike Bison
7. Taion beat The Hurricane
8. Jim Brooks beat Tajiri
9. Ninja Kid and Snake Eyes beat Jesus Bison and Commander to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
10. Joe and Barbecue beat Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
11. Venom beat Vlad
12. Backseat Boys and Temptress beat Hardy Boys/Lita and Naughty By Nature/Lady Trooper in a Three Way Dance.

EUWF's Wrestlemania 18-3/30/2003 results:
The show started with Rowdy Piper walking into the building.  He was ask if he was the guest ref for Doomsday Alliance in the main event but he said he was just here to watch.
1. EUWF World Ladies Title v.s. TTWF World Women Title v.s. EUWF World Mixed Tag Team Titles-Triple Ladder Match: Temptress retain the EUWF World Ladies Title and won the World Mixed Tag Team Titles. Ariel Bison retain the TTWF Women Title.  Devil Bison had interfered all match long till Mike Bison ran out and then Rhyno ran out to help Temptress.  Rob Van Dam ran out helping Ariel and Mike.  The three set up Eve and Devil in one corner, Rhyno in another, and Temptress in another.  The three all hit Van terminators all at the same time.
2. Naughty By Nature beat Carnage Crew in a Last Man Standing Weapons Match.
3. EUWF and TTWF World Hardcore Title-Two Fall Hell In A Cell Death Match (Barbed Wire Rapped Ropes, 100 Light Tubes, Weapons, Ring Boards Wrapped in barbed wire and thumbtacks glued to it, Barbed Wire Boards): Mike Bison pinned Devon Storm to win back the TTWF World Hardcore Title in the first fall.  Sabu pinned The Messiah to win EUWF World Hardcore Title in the second.  The Messiah and Crash had handcuff Dreamer to the hell in a cell early in the second fall.  Mike Bison would bring out a gym bag full of thumbtacks and another one filled with broken glass.  Mike stacked The Messiah under a barbed wire board, light tubes, broken glass, thumbtacks and then hit a 450 splash off a ladder.  Sabu then covered The Messiah for the win.  Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Devil Bison, Nick Mondo were also involved in the match.  Raven was taken out of the match because of an injury.
4. FBI beat Quiet Storm and Brian XL (Subbing for Chris Divine), Sgt./Roadblock, Joe/Barbecue, Briscoe Brothers, Dynamic Duo, Spirit/Mankind, American Heroes, Vlad/Guile, Three Count, Hellfire/Brimstone, Piloit/Rhendo in a 12 Way Lightweight Tag Team Ladder Match 3 to win the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.  Little Guido said before the match that he felt the whole name change thing wasn't working for him and went back to Little Guido.  Joe and Barbecue had the match won but Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli ran in attacking them.  That led to the Mamaluke grabbing the belts for his team and the win.
5. Dudleyz beat New Demolition, S.A.T., Hit Squad/Jeff Hardy, Impact Players/Matt Hardy, Hard Luck Fighters/RC Haas, Island Boyz/Rico, Rhyno/Street Knights in a 8 Way TLC Match to win EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
6. EUWF European Title and TTWF US Title-2 Fall Match: Homicide beat American Dragon to retain the EUWF European Title.  Taion pinned Chris Benoit to win TTWF US Title.  This match also involved Kurt Angle and Ultimo Dragon (mystery 6 person in the match).  The end was a double pinned with Homicide and Taion pins coming at the same time but the refs counted threes right after each other.  The first ref counted three for Homicide first and then second for Taion.  The ref awards the European Title to Homicide and US Title to Taion because the first fall was for the European Title and US Title was on the for the second fall.
7. EUWF World Lightweight Title v.s. EUWF US Title v.s. TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title-Triple Title Ladder Match: Juventud Guerrera won the EUWF World Lightweight Title.  Low Ki retain the EUWF US Title.  Spanky retain the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Title.  Eddie Guerrero, AJ Styles, Rey Misterio Jr., Psicosis, Tajiri was also involved in the match.
8. EUWF IC Title and EUWF World TV Title-2 Fall Match: Super Crazy beat Ric Blade to win EUWF IC Title in the first fall.  Masato Tanaka beat Billy Kidman in the second to retain the EUWF World TV Title.  Billy Kidman and Paul London were also involved in the match.
9. Reckless Youth and Mike Quackenbush beat Backseat Boyz, CM Punk/Colt Cabana, Night Brothers, Simon Diamond/Swinger in a 6 Way Dance to the TTWF World Tag Team Titles.
10. Christopher Daniels and Donovan Morgan beat Speedster Lite and Jigglin Jimbro Brooks to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  This means that Brooks and Lite have to split up as a team.  The two were seen later wish each other luck.
11. Shawn Michaels beat The Rock in the first fall to win #1 Contenders Trophy for TTWF World Heavyweight Title.  Booker T beat Triple H to win #1 Contenders Trophy for EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  Steve Austin, Kane, Scott Steiner, Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Nathan Jones were also involved in the match.  Undertaker was supposed to be in the match but never showed up.
12. Jerry Lynn beat Michael Shane and Venom in a 3 Way Double Elimination Street Fight to win TTWF World Heavyweight Title.  Michael Shane was seen after the match making a big fuss on how he was cheated out of the match by being pinned two straight out of the match.
13. Chris Jericho beat Rob Van Dam and Doomsday in a Ladder Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  RVD had hit a Van Terminator onto Doomsday and was looking to win the belt with Jericho tied up in the ropes.  Doomsday with last of his energy kicked the ladder out from under RVD but RVD fell off and turned it into a five star frog splash onto Doomsday.  Jericho took advantage of it and grabbed the belt for the win.  Jericho was seen partying backstage ending up bumping into Mike Bison and Jerry Lynn.  Lynn and Mike were on there way to the watch the Main Even in the Doomsday Alliance locker room.  He called Mike a loser and told Lynn that there won't be champion v.s. champion this friday.  Lynn looked a little mad and then Jericho called Mike a hardcore loser.  He said that Mike could do nothing but hit people with weapons and never be a big superstar like him.  Lynn had to held off Mike as Jericho walked off.  Mike said he won to knock Jericho off his high perch and Lynn said someone will but it wasn't a good idea tonight.  Lynn also said there maybe champion v.s. champion match this friday but he will beat Jericho when there is one.
14. RJ Hammer and Dusty Rhodes beat Ric Flair and Vince McMahon in a Hell Cell Match to win back the Ownership of EUWF.  You had to pin one of the members of the other team and then get the contract from about the cage to win.  RJ Hammer is now the sole owner of the EUWF.  There will now be a losing team split up match at extreme nightmare 15 in may.  Ricky Steamboat and Sting guest refs.  Before the match someone was filming not one of the EUWF camera men Dusty Rhodes walking to RJ's locker room.  Dusty knocked on it and RJ came out but you couldn't see him.  RJ was wearing a long robe with a hood that was covering.  He high fived several Doomsday Alliance members on the way to the ring.  This whole thing confused Dusty and RJ.  The person with the camera stopped filming at the entrance to the arena and revealed it was RJ's oldest daughter.  RJ told her to go back to the Doomsday Alliance locker room and she does.  RJ and Dusty comes to the ring.  Flair demand RJ take the hood and robe off.  RJ did revealing that he was wearing his old wrestling outfit.  He had shaved most of goatee to a mustache and had his hair long like he used to when he started as a wrestler.  Sting was playing it straight down the middle when Flair told him not to and then flair got Scorpion Death Dropped by Sting.  New Demolition ran to the ring knocking over Lady Speed who was on crutches at ring side outside the cage.  They tried getting in but was attacked by the SAT.  Other members of Elite, SEX, Prophecy tried to interfere but were all stopped by Doomsday Alliance.  Big Show came from under the ring and choke slammed RJ Hammer.  Steamboat and Sting refused to make the three count.  Steamboat got out of the ring and Big Show chokeslamed Sting.  Nathan Jones was let in the cage by Rowdy Piper and he got the big show out of there.  Lady Speed stood up all by herself for the first time since she Vince Russo ran a car into her in the parking lot of the EUWF's offices and that got RJ to fight back.  Dusty got back into it and a hole got ripped in the ring mat.  Undertaker in the old outfit came out from the whole grabbing Flair.  He dragged Flair into the hole and Piper put Vince in a sleeper.  A limping RJ climbed to the top rope and dusty dropped an elbow onto Vince after Piper let him go.  RJ hit a top rope leg drop for the pin with both Steamboat and Sting counting.  RJ then climbed up the ladder and opened the trap door to the top of the hell in a cell.  He grabbed the contract for the win and climbed down the ladder.  He hugged Rachel while Elite, SEX, Prophecy members got Vince and Flair out of the ring.  Doomsday Alliance ran to the ring and celebrated with the others already in the ring.  Joe and Barbecue held up rj onto their shoulders and they all went to the back.  RJ hugged his daughter and then got on the phone.  He found out that Michelle had come out the coma and they all celebrated to end the show.

TTWF 3/30/2004 results:
The show starts with Barbecue coming to the ring and announcing that this friday will be a special all cage matches show. Barbecue also announced that Edge will make his return at Easter Bash 2004 and will represent the TTWF in the Best Of Lightweights Tournament VI. He also said that he hopes this is start of a very successful run for Edge leading to him beating Brooks or whoever is the champion at Summerslam. Jim Brooks came to the ring and said that Edge will not win. Brooks said that he will win the Best Of Lightweight Tournament VI and that nothing will stop him making sure no one challenges him at Summerslam. Barbecue started laughing and said that there is no chance of him winning. Brooks then challenged Barbecue to a match later and Barbecue made the match a title match. Brooks hit Barbecue with the ttwf title belt and Edge came from the crowd spearing brooks.
Brooks ran from the ring in anger.
1. Night Brothers beat Sgt. and Roadblock
2. Sonjay Dutt beat Hydro
3. Michael Shane beat Justin Credible
4. Shadow WX, Ultimo Dragon, Sho Funaki beat Rey Misterio Jr., Billy Kidman, Red
5. Christopher Daniels and BJ Whitmer beat Chris Benoit and Bryan Danielson
6. Jerry Lynn beat Chris Hero to retain the TTWF US Title.
7. Doomsday beat Taion to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Jim Brooks beat Barbecue to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title. Brooks kept beating on Barbecue after the match but with a chair till edge ran in spearing brooks. Brooks and Edge brawled around till the locker room ran out separating the two. Chris Benoit went after Brooks putting him in the crossface and the two needed to be separated. Edge speared Brooks and Michael Shane. This lead to a big brawl between MVW and Doomsday Alliances members v.s. Evolution members till Doomsday ran out with a barbed wire bat clearing the ring of Evolution to end the show.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/30/2005 results:
1. Super Crazy beat Delirious
2. Jimmy Jacobs beat Michael Shane
3. Tajiri and Rey Misterio Jr. beat Trent Acid and Jamie Knoble
4. Sonjay Dutt beat Matt Sydal
5. B-Boy beat Chris Sabin to retain the ECW World TV Title.
6. Doomsday, Venom, Naughty By Nature beat Colt Cabana, Ace Steele, Dudleyz in a Tables Match.
7. Edge and Molly Holly beat BJ Whitmer and Lady Doomsday
8. AJ Styles and Pink Dudley beat CM Punk and Tracy Brooks

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-3/30/2007 results:
1. Machine and Drake Younger beat Roderick Strong and Tommy Dreamer
2. Iron Saints and New Demolition beat Dudleyz and Trooper 3-5
Venom stormed into RJ Hammer's office demanding to know if it was true that the finals of Best Of Lightweight Tournament Finals have been changed to a 3 Way.  RJ said that it is true because a 9th bracket was added and semifinal and finals will be 3 ways.  Venom then persuade rj to make the finals a triple threat match so only one man gets beat and that if him and christopher daniels make it to the finals they don't get beat in the match they don't lose their titles.
3. Joe beat Low Ki, Trent Acid, Ruckus in a 4 Way Dance.
4. Sabian beat Johnny Kashmere, B-Boy, Piloit in a 4 Way Dance.
5. Rhino beat Ray Gordy to retain the ECW World TV Title.
6. Davey Richards beat Jack Crystal to retain the EUWF US Title.
7. Christopher Daniels and Shawn Michaels beat Doomsday and Venom
8. Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Matt Hardy, Booker T, Mr. America beat Undertaker, Kane, Batistia, John Cena, Bobby Lashley.  During the match Sagat and Abyss attacked Undertaker and Kane leading to the four to brawl to the back.  Booker and Punk got into it leading to a brawl to the back and so did Joe and Lashley and Matt and Batistia.  This left Mr. America and Cena as Cena went for the FU Ms. America grabbed Cena's foot tripping him letting Mr. America get the pin.

EUWF's Wrestlemania XXIV-3/30/2008 results:
Super Pre Show 10:
1. Genki Horiguchi and Masato Yoshino beat Samoa Joe/Mike Bison and Eric Bison/Guile in a 3 Way Dance to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  Real Americans Alliance didn't seem to have a team in the match because Mr. America came out before the match saying that he couldn't put together a team for the match.  Towards the end Mike went for a tag to Joe put didn't tag in and then mike tagged him anyway.  Joe kicked mike and hit a muscle buster before tagging mike back in.  Joe left letting genki get the pin.  After the match edge came conguralating Genki and Yoshino who gave edge the tag belts.  Edge said that Genki and Yoshino were the honorary Tag Team for Real Americans and belts were back where they belong.  Mr. America came back from the back looking shock and Edge, Genki, Yoshino just walked by him.  Back in the ring Joe screamed at Mike that they said they would do anything to win at WM and this was what he was starting with today.
2. Allison Danger beat Lady Backlot Assassin
3. Miss Lee beat Serena Vilonanis
4. Caroline Dimelight beat Jane
5. Jade Thunder beat Christine Crystal
6. Gail Kim beat Firebird
7. Savage Girl Backlot Assassin beat Sabrina
8. Michele McCool, Layla, Maria, Melina, Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Nattie Neidhart, Alexis Lariee, LuFisto beat Lady Gangster, Lady Doomsday, Moonshine, Cindy Rogers, Kelly Kelly, Cherry, Lady Ninja Warrior, Dominatrixic, Angel Williams
9. Fire Woman beat Crazy Woman
10. Scarlet beat Eric Tempted
11. Ms. America beat Julie Fire
12. Nigel McGuiness beat Batistia
13. Matt Hardy beat John Cena and Jimmy Rave in a 3 Way Dance.
14. Spanky beat Paul London
15. Vampire Nation beat YRR
16. Knockout and Slasher beat Naturals
17. Irish Airborne beat Harry Smith and TJ Wilson
18. War, Crash, Dangerous Backlot Assassins beat Power, Blood, Crazy Backlot Assassins
19. Kofi Kingston beat John Fire
20. Trooper 1-5 beat Warrior Ninjas #1-4 and Snake Eyes
21. Cody Rhodes won a 32 Man Battle Royal. Dangerous Trio, Kane, John Morrison, Crush From New Demolition, Chuck Palumbo, Johnny The Kid, Tommy Knightshade, Mark Henry, Snitsky, Darkness Backlot Assassin, Val Venis, Viscera, JBL, Azriael, Drew Mactynre, Dave Taylor, Ricky Reyes, Spike Dudley, Deuce, Domino, Street Saviors, Mike Knox, Street Warrior, Commander, James Storm, Chris Harris, East/West Side Dragons, Great Khali were also in the match.
22. Brandon Thomaselli beat Paul Burchill
23. Brain Damage beat Danny Havoc and Sexxy Eddy in a 3 Way Hardcore Match.
24. 2 Cold Scorpio beat Michel Elgin
25. Eric Young beat Ace Steel
26. Hernadez beat BJ Whitmer
27. Josh Abercrombie beat Super Dragon
28. Stevie Richards beat Billy Roc
29. Justin Credible beat Eric Stevens
30. Larry Sweeny beat Santino Marella
31. FBI beat Ken Doane/Johnny Jetter and Matt Bentley/Frankie Karazarian in a 3 Way Dance.
32. Nate Webb beat Taion
33. Milano Collection At beat Tyler Black and Elijah Burke in a 3 Way Dance.
34. Ax and Smash from New Demolition beat Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
35. Shelton Benjamin beat Ricochet
37. Claudio Castagnoli beat MVP, Carlito, Charlie Haas in a 4 Way Dance.
36. Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore beat Hot Shots
37. Adam Pearce and Brent Albright beat Kurt Hawkins and Zach Ryder
39. Undertaker beat Umaga
40. Mr. Kennedy beat Randy Orton
41. Dustin Lee, Scotty Vortex, Drake Younger beat Team Fist and Hallowicked
42. Ruckus beat Barbecue and Duke in a 3 Way Dance to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
43. Ariel Bison and Jill Night beat Cheerleader Melissa/MsChiff, Lady Naughty By Nature, Queens Of Wrestling, The Players in a 5 Way Dance to retain the ECW/EUWF World Ladies Tag Team Titles.
44. Tommy Dreamer and Balls Mahoney beat Iron Saints beat Hoodies, Ruckus/Eddie Kingston, Jack Crystal/Spirit, Doomsday Kid/Venomous, Kevin Steen and El Generico in a 7 Way Dance to win the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
45. William Regal beat Finley to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
46. Homicide beat Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries in a 3 Way Dance to retain the ECW IC Title.
47. Matt Sydal beat Naruki Doi and Nick Berk in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF IC Title.
48. Roderick Strong beat Elix Skipper to retain the ECW World TV Title.
49. Jim Brooks beat Ryo Saito to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
50. James Gibson beat Go Shiosaki to retain the ECW US Title.
51. Speedster Lite beat Triple H to retain the EUWF US Title.
52. Rhino beat Shingo to retain the ECW World Triple Crown HC Title.
53. Machine and Sagat beat Dudleyz and Jimmy Jacobs/Necro Butcher in a 3 Way 20 Minute, Falls Count Anywhere, HC Table Iron Man Match to win the ECW World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
54. Doomsday and Venom beat Joe/Piloit, Trooper 1/2, Wildfire, Crazy, Briscoe Brothers, Night Brothers, Dynamic Duo, Hoodies, Rhendo/Blanka, Davey Richards/Rocky Romero, Sgt./Roadblock in a 12 Way TLC 8 Elimination Match to win the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.


1. Hardcore Bytch beat Pink Dudley in a No Rope Barbed Wire, Weapons, Taipei, Last Amazon Standing Death Match to win back the ECW World Ladies Title.
2. Sara Del Rey beat Awesome Kong, Lacy, Rain, Lady Speed, Mickie Knuckles, Daize Haze in a 7 Way Dance to retain the ECW World Ladies Title.
3. Motor City Machine Guns beat Naughty By Nature to win the EUWF/ECW US Tag Team Titles.
4. Delirious beat Human Tornado, Joker, BxB Hulk, Chuck Taylor, Dragon Kid, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Jimmy Yang, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Matt Cross in a 11 Man Lightweight Open Elimination Match to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
This years hall of fame class was RJ Hammer, Eddie Graham, Rocky Johnson, Peter Mavia, Mae Young.
5. Chris Hero beat CIMA, Naomichi Marufuji, Mike Quackenbush in a 4 Way Dance.
6. Mr. America beat Edge to win the Leadership Of Real Americans Alliance and now Edge must Leave the Real Americans Alliance.
7. Bryan Danielson beat Machine, Colt Cabana, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, Brian Thunder, Speedster Lite in a 8 Way Money In The Bank Ladder Match to win the Money In The Bank Briefcase.
8. CM Punk beat Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels in a 3 Way Dance to retain his Future World Title Shot he won by winning the 2008 Royal Rumble.
9. Samoa Joe beat Mike Bison to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Title and retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.  Another awesome match from these two.  The match went over an hour as there was no time limit and the match had a shocking ending.  At one point Mike brought out light tubes but decide against using them despite Joe begging him to.  That seemed to anger Joe who went got a chair while Mike put the tubes down and Joe hit mike several times with the chair.  Joe draped mike over the middle rope and then threw the tubes over the back of mike's head.  All the glass and broken tubes went to the floor as mike slumped back into the ring.  Joe then hit a choke slupex onto a chair followed by a muscle buster onto a chair.  He hit mike several more times with the chair and then put choke on but mike was already out.  The ref called for the bell award the match to joe and Joe celebrated to the back while Eric Bison, Guile, Taion came out to check on mike.  Mike had to be help to the back.
10. Ric Flair beat RJ Hammer in Ric Flair's Last Match.  During the match several of the wrestlers came from the back to watch from ringside.  After the match the fans, wrestlers, and everyone gave flair a standing ovation.  Thank you ric chant started as ric got on the mic and said that wish he could have ended his career on his own terms but there was no one else he wanted to wrestle his final match against.  He said every good thing much come to a end and that tonight is the end.  He said that this has been the greatest ride of his life and will never forget it.  He mentioned how RJ told him last week they were going on last and that he couldn't believe it.  He said that they wouldn't be good enough to go on last and he said I think we proved that he was wrong.  He thanked the fans again and said that he this isn't last they will see of ric even though he is retiring from his in ring career.  Chants of Please Don't Go and One More Match were being done.  Flair thanked everyone in EUWF and ECW and said goodbye.  He went around shaking hands or hugging or both with RJ, wrestlers around ringside, fans, commentars, and others that came out.  A tear eyed flair says thank you again as he walks to the back to end the show.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/30/2009 results:
1. Mark Night beat Nightmare Backlot Warrior in a Non Title Match.
2. Brian Thunder beat Power Warrior
3. Tyler Black beat Broadie Lee
4. Jimmy Rave beat Delirious
5. Necro Butcher beat Chris Jericho.  Jericho before the match said he was tired of being asked over and over why he attacked Necro twice.  He is making this statement because he is being forced to or he will be taken Money In The Bank Match at Wrestlemania 25 Match.  He said there was a lot of speculation if it was about the fact that Necro has been in a movie and he never been in a big movie or Necro's look and hardcore style or just Necro being in the MITB Match itself.  Jericho said maybe it was a combination of all that and maybe something more but said that Mickie Rourke is going to be at WM this sunday.  He says he can watch Necro crash in burn just like in the movie the wrestler and just like he always does especially tonight when he beats him in a wrestling match.
6. Eric Young, Petey Williams, Roderick Strong, Eric Stevens beat Naughty By Nature and LAX
7. Chris Hero beat Mr. America in a Non Title Match.
8. Mike Bison, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles beat Edge, Randy Orton, Undertaker, CM Punk in a Anything Goes Match.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-3/30/2010 results:
The show Mark Night came to the ring accepting some of Brian Thunder's apology from last night.  He said that he doesn't believe a lot has changed with brian and what methods he wants to do.  He said same here but won't stand around and let Triple H and anyone else who hate TWF try to destroy it.  Neither will anyone else is considered a outsider by Triple H and dared him to try as he has to remember who pays the checks around here.  He then said he almost pulled out of the Best Of The Lightweight Tournament 17 because of his injures suffered at Wrestlemania.  He said that he is feeling up to it now but probably won't wrestle this week other then the tournament.
1. Shelton Benjamin and Kings Of Wrestling beat Eddie Kingston, Machine, Sagat
2. Mike Bison and CM Punk beat Brian Kendrick and Hernadez
It was announced a bit of change with the Best Of Lightweight Tournament this year with first round taking place on each night instead of each brackets wrestling just two rounds on their first night.  Last rounds of each bracket will take place on night 3.
3. Doomsday and Venom beat American Wolves
4. Trooper 1 and 2 won the Tag Team Battle Royal for Future World Title shots. Machine/Sagat, Wildfire, Crazy, Duke/Snake Eyes, Duke/Guile (Filling in for Brian Thunder), Power/Blood Warrior, 2 Backlot Warriors, New Demolition, Nightmare, Sgt./Roadblock, Doomsday/Venom, Joe/Piloit, Cyrus Bourne/Barbecue, Naughty By Nature, Warrior Ninja 1/2, Hot Shots, Vlad/Impaler, Eric Bison/Luke Gallows, Hoodies, Saviors, Speedster Lite/Jim Brooks were also in the match.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/30/2011 results:
Wrestlemania Rewind Matches:

1. Naughty By Nature beat Motor City Machine Guns
2. Davey Richards beat Doomsday
3. Machine beat Necro Butcher
4. Venom beat Claudio Castagnoli
5. Tyler Black beat Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs
6. Edge beat Bryan Danielson
7. CM Punk beat Low Ki
8. Mike Bison beat Christian Cage

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-3/30/2012 results:
1. Mark Night beat Jay Briscoe
2. CM Punk, Machine, Brett Wayfield beat Colt Cabana, Sagat, Jackson Rouch
3. Rodierk Strong beat WN Alpha
4. Alicia Jacks beat Beth Phoenix
5. Chris Jericho, Kane, Kevin Steen, Christian Cage, Jim Brooks, Christopher Daniels, Bloody Donity, Vampire Nation beat Mike Bison, RJ Hammer, Speedster Lite, Mr. America, Chris Hero, Tyler Black, Power Warrior, Hot Shots in a War Games Rules Elimination Match.

Easter Bash 2013 Day 2-3/30/2013:
Best Of Lightweight Tournament 25:

Bracket 9-First Round:

1. #9 Jake Crist (3-6-0) beat #8 General Samurai (2-6-0)
2. #4 Kenny King (12-6-0) beat #13 Xavier Woods (0-2-0)
3. #5 Cyrus Bourne (12-12-0) (BOLT23 Winner) beat #12 UltraMantis Black (0-2-0)
4. #7 Bloody Donity (6-7-0) beat #10 Shane Hollister (0-1-0)
5. #3 Power Donity (22-10-3) beat #14 Trooper 3 (0-7-0)
6. #6 Randy Orton (6-3-0) v.s. #11 Assilant (0-1-0)

Second Round:

1. #9 Jake Crist (4-6-0) beat #1 Christopher Daniels (45-20-2) (BOLT17 Winner)
2. #5 Cyrus Bourne (13-12-0) beat #4 Kenny King (12-7-0)
3. #2 Petey Williams (23-16-0) beat #7 Bloody Donity (6-8-0)
4. #3 Power Donity (23-10-3) beat #6 Randy Orton (6-4-0)

Third Round:

1. #9 Jake Crist (5-6-0) beat #5 Cyrus Bourne (13-13-0)
2. #3 Power Donity (24-10-3) beat #2 Petey Williams (23-17-0)

Forth Round:

1. #3 Power Donity (25-10-3) beat #9 Jake Crist (5-7-0)

Bracket 10-First Round:

1. #8 Jackson Rouch (4-3-0) beat #9 Car Jacker (1-8-0)
2. #4 Sami Callihan (16-8-0) beat #13 Lightning Knight (0-3-0)
3. #5 Knockout (8-11-0) beat #12 Mike Dalton (0-1-0)
4. #7 Spud (4-2-0) beat #10 East Side Dragon (1-9-0)
5. #14 WN Omega (1-3-0) beat #3 Barbecue (16-19-1)
6. #11 Chris Hero (1-0-0) beat #6 Ryu (7-13-0)

Second Round:

1. #8 Jackson Rouch (5-3-0) beat #1 Doomsday (31-20-2) (BOLT3 Winner)
2. #4 Sami Callihan (17-8-0) beat #5 Knockout (8-12-0)
3. #2 Roderick Strong (30-17-1) beat #7 Spud (4-3-0)
4. #11 Chris Hero (2-0-0) beat #14 WN Omega (1-4-0)

Third Round:

1. #4 Sami Callihan (18-8-0) beat #8 Jackson Rouch (5-4-0)
2. #2 Roderick Strong (31-17-1) beat #11 Chris Hero (2-1-0)

Forth Round:

1. #4 Sami Callihan (19-8-0) beat #2 Roderick Strong (31-18-1)

Bracket 11-First Round:

1. #8 AR Fox (3-3-0) beat #9 Justin Gabriel (1-3-0)
2. #4 Akira Tozawa (14-4-0) (BOLT20 Winner) beat #13 Jun Kasai (0-2-0)
3. #5 Sabian (10-10-0) beat #12 Aiden English (0-2-0)
4. #7 Ken (6-13-0) beat #10 EITA (0-1-0)
5. #3 Joe (20-21-0) (BOLT1 Winner) beat #14 Harlem Barvado (0-5-0)
6. #6 Jay Briscoe (7-10-0) beat #11 Player Uno (0-1-0)

Second Round:

1. #8 AR Fox (4-3-0) beat #1 Venom (38-19-1) (BOLT18 Winner)
2. #5 Sabian (11-10-0) beat #4 Akira Tozawa (14-5-0)
3. #2 Homicide (24-19-2) beat #7 Ken (6-14-0)
4. #6 Jay Brisce (8-10-0) beat #3 Joe (20-22-0)

Third Round:

1. #8 AR Fox (5-3-0) beat #5 Sabian (11-11-0)
2. #6 Jay Briscoe (9-10-0) beat #2 Homicide (24-20-2)

Forth Round:

1. #8 AR Fox (6-3-0) beat #6 Jay Briscoe (9-11-0)

Bracket 12-First Round:

1. #9 Matt Jackson (2-4-0) beat #8 Justice (3-15-0)
2. #4 B-Boy (15-10-0) beat #13 CJ Parker (0-2-0)
3. #5 Rich Swan (10-4-0) beat #12 Extreme Knight II (0-1-0)
4. #7 Johnny Gargano (5-3-0) beat #10 Fire Knight (1-10-0)
5. #3 Frankie Kazarian (19-12-1) beat #14 Ophidan (0-4-0)
6. #6 Zach Ryder (7-6-1) beat #11 Louis Lyndon (0-1-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Amazing Red (35-14-1) beat #9 Matt Jackson (2-5-0)
2. #5 Rich Swan (11-4-0) beat #4 B-Boy (15-11-0)
3. #2 Piloit (28-22-2) beat #7 Johnny Gargano (5-4-0)
4. #3 Frankie Kazarian (20-12-1) beat #6 Zach Ryder (7-7-1)

Third Round:

1. #5 Rich Swan (12-4-0) beat #1 Amazing Red (35-15-1)
2. #2 Piloit (29-22-2) beat #3 Frankie Kazarian (20-13-1)

Forth Round:

1. #2 Piloit (30-22-2) beat #5 Rich Swan (12-5-0)

Bracket 13-First Round:

1. #8 Shiima Xion (3-4-0) beat #9 Christian Gales (2-8-0)
2. #4 Nate Webb (13-8-0) beat #13 Epico (0-2-0)
3. #5 Scorpio Sky (11-6-0) beat #12 Caprice Coleman (0-2-0)
4. #7 Icarus (6-7-0) beat #10 Bestia 666 (0-1-0)
5. #3 Ricochet (22-12-0) beat #14 Blood Ninja (0-6-0)
6. #6 Mike Bennett (6-3-0) beat #11 Shard (0-1-0)

Second Round:

1. #8 Shiima Xion (4-4-0) beat #1 AJ Styles (44-21-1) (BOLT14 Winner)
2. #5 Scorpio Sky (12-6-0) beat #4 Nate Webb (13-9-0)
3. #2 El Generico (23-15-0) beat #7 Icarus (6-8-0)
4. #3 Ricochet (23-12-0) beat #6 Mike Bennett (6-4-0)

Third Round:

1. #5 Scorpio Sky (13-6-0) beat #8 Shiima Xion (4-5-0)
2. #2 El Generico (24-15-0) beat #3 Ricochet (24-12-0)

Forth Round:

1. #2 El Generico (25-15-0) beat #5 Scorpio Sky (13-7-0)

Bracket 14-First Round:

1. #9 Silas Young (2-7-0) beat #8 Coli Delany (3-5-0)
2. #13 Heath Slater (1-2-0) beat #4 Paul London (15-10-0) (BOLT7 Winner)
3. #5 Matt Cross (9-8-1) beaet #12 Sylvester Lefort (0-1-0)
4. #7 Ax (5-11-0) beat #10 Basher (1-10-0)
5. #14 Freddie Waldeno (1-3-0) beat #3 Matt Hardy (16-15-2) (BOLT2 Winner)
6. #11 Mark Angeloetti (1-0-0) beat #6 John Fire (7-17-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Jay Lethal (34-18-0) beat #9 Silas Young (2-8-0)
2. #5 Matt Cross (10-8-1) beat #13 Heath Slater (1-3-0)
3. #2 Low Ki (30-17-2) (BOLT4 Winner) beat #7 Ax (5-12-0)
4. #14 Freddie Waldeno (2-3-0) beat #11 Mark Angeloetti (1-1-0)

Third Round:

1. #1 Jay Lethal (35-18-0) beat #5 Matt Cross (10-9-1)
2. #14 Freddie Waldeno (3-3-0) beat #2 Low Ki (30-18-2)

Forth Round:

1. #14 Freddie Waledno (4-3-0) beat #1 Jay Lethal (35-19-0)

Bracket 15-First Round:

1. #8 Luke Hawxx (3-3-0) beat #9 Extreme Sport (1-3-0)
2. #4 Pac (14-6-0) beat #13 Tim Donst (0-2-0)
3. #5 Hallowicked (10-9-0) beat #12 Sakamoto (0-2-0)
4. #10 Samurai Del Soul (1-0-0) beat #7 Smash (5-12-0)
5. #3 Drake Younger (21-11-0) beat #14 Ninja Kid #3 (0-6-0)
6. #6 Trooper 1 (7-11-0) beat #11 Famous B (0-1-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Austin Aries (39-16-1) (BOLT124 Winner) beat #8 Luke Hawxx (3-4-0)
2. #4 Pac (15-6-0) beat #5 Hallowicked (10-10-0)
3. #2 Eric Bison (25-22-0) beat Samurai Del Soul (1-1-0)
4. #3 Drake Younger (22-11-0) beat #6 Trooper (7-12-0)

Third Round:

1. #1 Austin Aries (40-16-1) beat #4 Pac (15-7-0)
2. #3 Drake Younger (23-11-0) beat #2 Eric Bison (25-23-0)

Forth Round:

1. #3 Drake Younger (24-11-0) beat #1 Austin Aries (40-17-1)

Bracket 16-First Round:

1. #8 Slasher (4-10-0) beat #9 Soldier Ant (1-6-0)
2. #4 Brett Wayfield (15-6-0) beat #13 Johnny Goodtime (0-3-0)
3. #5 Devon Moore (9-6-0) beat #12 Extreme Warrior II (0-1-0)
4. #7 Tony Mamaluke (5-6-0) beat #10 General Savior (1-10-0)
5. #3 Chavo Guerrero Jr. (19-18-0) beat #14 Dash Haffield (0-4-0)
6. #11 Oliver Grey (1-0-0) beat #6 Lince Dorado (6-6-0)

Second Round:

1. #1 Mark Night (35-21-2) beat #8 Slasher (4-11-0)
2. #5 Devon Moore (10-6-0) beat #4 Brett Wayfield (15-7-0)
3. #2 Vlad (29-18-1) beat #7 Tony Mamaluke (5-7-0)
4. #11 Olver Grey (2-0-0) beat # Chavo Guerrero Jr. (19-19-0)

Third Round:

1. #1 Mark Night (36-21-2) beat #5 Devon Moore (10-7-0)
2. #2 Vlad (30-18-1) beat #11 Oliver Grey (2-1-0)

Forth Round:

1. #1 Mark Night (37-21-2) beat #2 Vlad (30-19-1)

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Dogs Of War beat Team Apocalypse in a TWF Student Showcase Match.
2. Kappa Knights beat Carson Jackson and Dailey Watson in a TWF Student Showcase Match.
3. Thomas Bernard beat Steve Corino
4. Machine beat Rhino

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/30/2015 results:
The show began with Randy Orton, Eric Bison, Sagat, Guile, Wyatt Family, Rhino, Hoodies, Doomsday Kid, Venomous, and others in the ring.  Orton said that there was some wins and some loses last night but overall postive.  He then mentioned Jacobs taken care of but Eric needs to answer for what he did.  Bryatt apologized but Eric the only one who hasn't and that maybe Eric here still to take them down.  Eric laughed saying he just ended his brother career why would he still be working with him and Orton said maybe part of the plan.  The two kept arguing till The Rock made a surprise appearence telling them to shut up.  Saying this raw after WM not boring aruging between them show.  Eric told him to do something about it and The Rock started coming to the ring with Doomsday Inc, American Heroes, Honor Brigade behind him.  The lights went out and sting was in the ring when they came on.  Faces clear the ring and Orton and Eric still have issues heading to the back.
1. Cyrus Bourne beat John Cena
2. Mr. America beat Bryan Danielson in a Non Title Match.  After it Claudio came down and said he will get his rematch at EN39.  He will be patient as he still doesn't believe MA seeking redemption and knows what he has done.  MA looked confused as Claudio left.
The show ended with Machine's goodbye.  Machine came to the ring in street clothes, his orangle gloves, blue cap, and carrying his overalls.  Machine thanked his trainer Bob Donity who gave him a chance to be a wrestler when life seemed to be going direction of nowhere.   He thanked Thomas Boss, Eric Bison, Spirit, Sagat, RJ Hammer, Mike Bison, Evan Hounda, Owen Hart, his wife.  He said that he wants to thank her so much for putting up with him and letting him have one more year in the ring.  Locker room came out to celebrate Machine with Mike Bison coming out to hug him first.  Machine then put his overalls in the middle the ring taking off his cap and gloves leaving them on the overalls to end the show.

Summer Tag Festival V:

1. Dogs Of War beat Chris and Brett Prowl
2. Beaver Boys beat Snake Byte
3. Eric Bison and Sagat beat Hoodies in a Non Title Match.
4. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Knockout and Slasher
5. Lucha Dragons beat Devon Moore and Lucky 13
6. Prince Devitt and KENTA beat World's Cutest Tag Team
7. Vaudevillians beat Young Bucks
8. John Moxly and Sami Callihan beat Davey Richards and Rocky Romero

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/30/2016 results:
1. Sasha Banks beat Pink Dudley
2. Prince Devitt beat Spirit
3. Wade Barrett beat Jack Crystal in a Non Title Match.
4. Dolph Ziggler, Cyrus Bourne, Ash Hyde beat Sami Zayn and Briscoe Brothers
5. Eric Rowan beat Eric Bison
6. Bryatt Wyatt beat Hollywood Doomsday in a Non Title Match.
7. Mr. Venom beat Bo Wyatt
8. Kevin Steen and Young Bucks beat Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev

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