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This Day In Wrestling History-March 16 (RJ Hammer and Bam Bam Bigelow Win EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles, WX/Lee Complain about WM20, Roderick Strong returns for revenge, Brooks makes his move and shakes up WM and groups, Doomsday Inc apologizes)

This Day In Wrestling History-March 16:

Thursday Night War-3/16/2000 results:
1. Kurt Angle beat Crash The Terminator
2. Rhino beat Big Show
Mike Awesome wrestled Wall to a double count out to retain the EUWF World TV Title..
3. Tajiri beat Dean Malenko to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
4. Steve Corino beat Chris Jericho to retain the EUWF IC Title.
5. Chris Benoit beat Wall
6. Speedster Lite beat Sandman to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
7. RJ Hammer and Bam Bam Bigelow beat Dudleys to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  The ref got bumped and Speedster Lite ran to the ring as RJ was about to pin Buh Buh for the match.  He drags RJ out of the ring and the two starts fighting.  Tajiri runs out and tries to spit stuff into Bam Bam's face but Bam Bam ducks and he hits D-Von.  D-Von had a chair and accidentally and blindly hits Tajiri with a chair.  Bam Bam hits Greetings from Asbury Park on D-Von on a chair.  The ref recovered and counted the three.

Saturday Slam Bash-3/16/2002 results:
The show started with the announcement that Scott Steiner and Guile were out of Wrestlemania.  Doomsday will take Steiner's place in the Ultimate Championship Match.
1. Chris Night beat Ryu
2. Ken beat Falcon
3. Homicide beat Mike Bison
4. Spike Dudley beat Ninja Kid
5. Speedster Lite beat Christian
6. Mankind beat Edge
7. Jim Brooks beat Godfather to retain the EUWF European Title.
8. Low Ki beat Val Venis
9. Barbecue beat Mr. Perfect
10. Joe beat Rhendo
11. Eddie Guerrero beat Red to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
12. Rob Van Dam beat Vlad to retain the EUWF IC Title.

TTWF 3/16/2004 results:
The show started with Jim Brooks celebrating him winning the TTWF World Heavyweight Title for a second time and coming to the ring. Brooks thanked Michael Shane for helping him and making up for Summerslam where Shane had caused him to lose his title in the first place. Christopher Daniels and Chris Benoit both came out and complained about how that match ended up. Barbecue came out from the back and said he agreed with Daniels and Benoit. He made a 3 Way Cage
between Brooks/Daniels/Benoit this friday for TTWF World Heavyweight Title. That made Daniels and Benoit happy but made Brooks mad. Doomsday was seen watching this with a smile and he said that it didn't matter how this worked out because he got the winner one way or another.
1. Jesus Bison and Shane Douglas beat Machine and Rhendo
2. Lady Doomsday beat Trish Stratus to retain the TTWF World Women's Title.
A promo on the coming return of Edge aired.
3. Gothics beat Wildfire to retain the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Taion beat Billy Kidman to retain the TTWF World TV Title.
Shadow WX and Miss Lee came to the ring. They complained about how their match was thrown off the wrestlemania xx ppv and put on the pre show. Lee said that the tired ladder match got on instead. Rey Misterio Jr. came to the ring and said that the match he was in was way better. Lee claimed it was biased against japanese wrestlers that have shown up in the last year and Misterio said that they shouldn't be complaining when they have a title. Lee called misterio a joke of a wrestler in spanish and Misterio called her something that was bleeped in spanish. Lee slapped Misterio and Misterio went for her but WX attacked him starting a match.
5. Shadow WX beat Rey Misterio Jr. to retain the TTWF World Hardcore Title.
6. SAT (Maximo and Red) beat Sonjay Dutt, Taion, Lance Storm
7. Backseat Boyz and Chris Jericho beat Dudleyz
8. Chris Benoit, Christopher Daniels, Doomsday beat Jim Brooks, CM Punk, Colt Cabana

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/16/2005 results:
1. Billy Kidman beat Sonjay Dutt
2. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Azrieal
3. Chris Candido beat Doomsday
4. Ultimo Dragon beat Dixie
5. Homicide beat Mad Man Pondo to retain the EUWF and TTWF Unified World Hardcore Title.
6. B-Boy beat Chris Sabin to retain the ECW World TV Title.
7. AJ Styles beat Colt Cabana and Ace Steele in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
8. CM Punk beat Raven and Venom in a 3 Way Non Title Match.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-316/2007 results:
1. Cheerleader Melissa beat Mickie Knuckles in a Non Title Match.
2. Nigel McGuiness and Chris Hero beat Rob Van Dam and Christopher Daniels
3. Spirit, Doomsday, Venom beat Jack Crystal, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks.  After the match Roderick Strong made a surprise return attacking Spirit trying to hurt him but was pulled off by Jack, Lite, Brooks.  Roderick then challenged spirit to a submission match at wm23 but Spirit said no and then proposed that he wants revenge then he can take on the guy who helped him Machine at WM23.  Roddy agreed said after getting done with him he will finish Spirit off.  Machine came out as Spirit, Doomsday, Venom were heading to the back and tried to asked Spirit what he was doing but spirit wouldn't have.  Spirit said he has to deal with it and left a mad and confused Machine behind.  Machine then stormed backstage after him.
4. Paul London and Spanky won a Tag Team Battle Royal to win a shot at the EUWF Heavyweight Tag Titles at WM23.  Backseat Boyz, Trooper 1 and 2, Night Brothers, Hard Luck Fighters, Knockout and Slasher, Joe and Piloit, Hoodies, Street Saviors, Blackout, Hot Shots, East/West Dragons as losers they go to 12 Way TLC Match at WM23,
5. Delirious beat James Gibson
6. Low Ki beat Milano Collection At
7. Mr. America beat Booker T and Samoa Joe in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
8. Matt Hardy beat CM Punk in a Non Title Match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/16/2009 results:
1. Taion and Hard Luck Fighters beat MVP and Hoodies
2. Naughty By Nature beat Trooper 1 and 2 in a Non Title Match.
3. Brian Thunder, Sagat, Spirit beat Mark Night, Machine, Jack Crystal
4. Tyler Black, Triple H, Shawn Michaels beat Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries, Doomsday
5. Samoa Joe beat Kane
6. AJ Styles beat CM Punk
7. Bryan Danielson beat Randy Orton
8. Mike Bison beat Edge in a Non Title Match.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-3/16/2010 results:
1. Joe and Piloit beat John Fire and Snake Eyes in a Barbed Wire Boards Match.
2. Venom beat Speedster Lite
3. Mike Bison beat TJ Wilson in a Non Title Match.
4. Brian Thunder, Duke, Jade Thunder beat Night Brother and Ariel Bison in a Dog Collar and Light Death Match.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/16/2011 results:
1. Kong beat Pink Dudley in a Non Title Match.
2. Mark Night beat Drake Younger
3. Machine beat Chris Night in a Non Title Match.
4. Venom beat Sagat in a Non Title Match.
5. Masada beat Doomsday in a Non Title Match.
6. Briscoe Brothers beat Heart Dynasty, Motor City Machine Guns, All Night Express in a 4 Way Non Title Match.
7. Kofi Kingston beat Low Ki and John Morrison in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
8. Mike Bison beat Sheamus in a Non Title Match.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-3/16/2012 results:
The show started with Jim Brooks in the ring explaining why he turned on Speedster Lite last night.  He said he was a evil man and that is he real nature.  He said everything evil him and Lite have done is because of him.  His whispering in Lite's ear as people have always thought and his true.  Jim is proud of it because that is who he is but he always went Lite in the end because they are friends.  He said he got tired of being held back from being really who he wants to be and what he can do.  Jim said he has done more in his career in last few years then Lite and though he was won Best Of Lightweight Tournament he barly calls the one Lite won a win either.   He said is going to focus on what he wants and that starts with Triple Crown Title first.  Doomsday Inc. came to confront Brooks but Vampire Nation and Night Brothers turn on Doomsday, Venom, Naughty By Nature.  Jim said that he conversation with VN and Nights last night.  They agree that they made a mistake joining with Doomsday Inc.  A bandaged up Speedster Lite runs to the ring to attack Jim Brooks but Hoodies attacked him in the aisle way.  This went on till American Heroes tried to make the save but were attacked Warrior Ninjas.  Finally Mike Bison, Taion, Machine, Sagat, Dynamic Duo, GL, Flash, Troopers, Sgt., Roadblock, American Wolves.  MVW (Spirit, Jack Crystal, Dangerous Trio, Wildfire, Crazy) tried to help out the heals but they all just left.  Then heals turned on Spirit and Jack Crystal.  Jim says that he is the new leader of the new MVWs.  A stronger and more powerful one.  The mvws then left.
1. Spirit and Jack Crystal won the Lightweight Tag Team Battle Royal
for Lite and Brooks spot in 12 Way TLC Match: WN Sigma/Omega, Wildfire, Crazy, Cheech and Cloudy, Dynamic Duo, Hoodies, Road Knights, Duke and Snake Eyes, Trooper 1 and 2, Sgt. and Roadblock, Spirit and Jack Crystal, and more.
2. John Moxly beat RJ Hammer
3. Jim Brooks beat John Cena
4. Sami Callihan beat Bubba Jones
Doomsday Inc. went into the locker room that Lite and American Heroes were being checked on.  Doomsday apologized for what they did but said that Lite was at fault too.  Lite apologized for listening to brooks and getting paronoid.  Lite and Doomsday shake hands.  Doomsday apologize for getting them invovled but Brian said it was his own fault.
5. Bryan Danielson beat Eddie Edwards
6. Davey Richards beat TJ Wilson
Night Brothers were interviewed as they tried to leave the building.  Mark said that they were tired of being treated like forgetten tag team.  They won TWF's Summer Tag League.  They beat Kings Of Wrestling.  They have won almost more tag team titles then anyone but everyone seems to forget that.  Chris mentions both of them former world champions and that Jim was right.  Tonight starts making people remember those facts and Nights and Ariel Bison leave in a car.
7. Chris Jericho, The Miz, Chris Hero, Randy Orton beat Mike Bison, Tyler Black, Roderick Strong, Clauduo Castagnoli

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-3/16/2013 results:
1. Ms. America, Ariel Bison, Janet Lee Bison beat Mercedes Martinez, Nattie Neidhart, LuFisto
2. Kofi Kingston and El Generico beat Sheamus and Bryan Danielson
3. Jimmy Rave beat WN Alpha
4. New Public Enemy beat Cody Rhodes and Damoen Shadow in a Non Title Match.
Danny Havoc beat Machine and Masada in a 3 Way Irish Drinking Death Match to retain the Unified World Hardcore Title.
6. Mr. America, Spirit, Jack Crystal beat Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian
7. Cyrus Bourne, Samoa Joe, Mike Bison, Doomsday, Venom, RJ Hammer beat Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Corino, Rhino, CM Punk in a Weapons Rumble Match

EUWF's Monday Night Raw: Wrestlemania Rewind 2015-3/16/2015 results:
1. reDragon beat Donity Brothers, Primo/Epico, Saviors in a 4 Way Dance to win the American Wolves spot in 12 Way TLC Match.
2. Mr. America beat Jack Swagger in a Flag Match.
3. Pac beat Michel Elgin in a Non Title Match.
4. John Moxly beat Jack Crystal in a Non Title Match.
5. AJ Styles beat Mike Bison
6. Sami Zayn beat Kevin Steen in a Non Title Anything Goes Match.
7. Cyrus Bourne beat Randy Orton
8. Ash Hyde beat Bryatt Wyatt
9. Bryan Danielson beat Dolph Ziggler
10. Kings Of Wrestling beat Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/16/2016 results:
1. Brodie Lee and Eric Rowan beat Hollywood Doomsday and Mr. Venom in a Non Title Match.
2. Prince Devitt beat Spirit
3. Jack Crystal beat Wade Barrett in a Non Title Match.
4. Sheamus, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler, Cyrus Bourne, Ash Hyde
5. Dudleyz, Pink Dudley, Hardcore Bytch beat Naughty By Nature and Lady NBN
6. All Night Express beat Uso Brothers
7. Bad Influence beat Lucha Dragons
8. Kevin Steen and Young Bucks beat Sami Zayn and Briscoe Brothers

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