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This Day In Wrestling History-March 24 (Flair's ominous words lead to AHLA Destroyed and Hit Squad Getting A Taste Of Their Own Medicine, Necro Butcher/Mick Foley, Cibernetico 1)

This Day In Wrestling History-March 24:

Wednesday Night Brawl-3/24/1999 results:
Announced was a double tower of doom three way dance match for tomorrow night.  Ric Flair, Cactus Jack, Tommy Dreamer, Steve Austin, Taz, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Speedster Lite, Jigglin Jimbro Brooks, Public Enemy, and Sandman v.s. Hulk Hogan, Raven, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, Dudleys, Machine, Evan Hounda, Giant, Scott Norton, Nightmare v.s. Bison, Commander, Undertaker, Kane, Blood Knight, Giant Knight, Doomsday Knight, Crazy Knight, Taion, Mike Bison, Sgt. and General Destroyer.
1. Falcon beat Taion
2. Barbecue beat Venom
3. Joe beat Doomsday
4. Night Brothers beat Naughty By Nature
5. Val Venis beat Doomsday Knight
6. Al Snow beat Crazy Knight
7. Gangrel beat Blood Knight
8. Bison, Commander, Sagat, Taion, Blanka beat Snake Eyes, Shadow Ninja, White Ninja, Ninja Kid, Samurai Ninja

Saturday Slam Bash-3/24/2001 results:
1. Extreme Knight and Extreme Woman beat Blood Lightning and Lady Lightning
2. Strong Ninja and Blood Ninja beat Nightmare
3. Hoodies beat Crazy Lightning and Speed Lightning
4. White Ninja and Shadow Ninja beat AJ Styles and Air Paris
5. Ninja Kid beat Blanka
6. Jason Jett beat Rhendo
7. Shane Helms beat Taka Michinoku
8. Essa Rios beat Trooper 3
9. Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper beat Trooper 1 and 2
10. Tajiri beat Chavo Guerrero Jr.
11. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Crash Holly
12. Chris Jericho, Joe, Piloit, Sgt., Roadblock, Al Snow, Scarlet beat Steve Corino, Machine, Barbecue, Mankind, American Turncoats, Womankind

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/24/2003 results:

The show began with Ric Flair and RJ Hammer debate.  The two argued about family, angles, and the two turning on each other.  It then ended with Flair challenging RJ to match later tonight with whoever Flair wants to bring out v.s. whoever RJ can scrap together.
1. Tommy Dreamer beat Devil Bison to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
2. Briscoe Brothers and Street Knights beat Quiet Storm, Brian XL, Hellfire, Brimstone
Impact Players, Matt Hardy, New Demolition, Big Show, A-Train, Nightmare, Brimstone, Kane walking out of Jade's group locker room.  Jade's group was beaten and bloody.  Jade was tied to a wall bleeding badly.  Her right hand was mangled badly too.
3. Eddie Guerrero beat Juventud Guerrera to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
4. Rhyno beat A-Train
5. New Demolition, Impact Players, Matt Hardy beat Hit Squad, Jeff Hardy, SAT.  The faces were attacked with chairs after the match and Big Show, A-Train, Nightmare, Brimstone, Kane came to the ring attacking the faces.  They dragged the Hit Squad into the crowd and to a in front of a wall.  Ax and Smash throw Mafia head first into a wall.  They then throw Monster Mack into wall.  Jerry Lawler then showed a video of Hit Squad doing similar things to indy wrestlers.
6. AJ Styles and Carnage Crew beat Naughty By Nature and Homicide
7. Rob Van Dam and Rey Misterio Jr. beat Chris Jericho and Low Ki in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match.
8. RJ Hammer, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Abdullah The Butcher, Joe, Barbecue, Jeff Hardy, Naughty By Nature, Homicide, Samoa Joe, Shadow WX, Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, Street Knights, Mike Bison, SAT, Masato Tanaka beat Ric Flair, Scott Steiner, Big Show, A-Train, Sean Morley, Nightmare, Carnage Crew, Low Ki, AJ Styles, The Messiah, Christopher Daniels, Donovan Morgan, Xavier, Brimstone, Devil Bison, Hellfire, New Demolition, Eddie Guerrero in a street fight.

Wednesday Night Brawl-3/24/2004 results:
1. Rhyno beat Machine 
2. Mr. America beat Randy Orton
3. Piloit beat John Cena
4. Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak beat Hoodies
5. Sagat beat Mike Awesome
6. Eddie Guerrero beat Venom
7. Dynamic Duo beat Extreme Team to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.  Extreme Team came out on skateboards but Extreme Warrior was not happy at all.  Dynamic Duo laughed at seeing this even Knight called them dynamic dudes copies. 
8. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat American Heroes in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-3/24/2005 results:
The show started with Michelle announcing that RJ Hammer, Jesus Bison, Triple H will chose the other wrestlers they will be facing tonight and the type of match they would in.  She also announced that Benoit and Jim Brooks will chose the others partner in their match.
1. RJ Hammer beat Randy Orton and Alex Shelley in a 3 Way Cage Match.
2. Izzy and Deranged beat Backlot Assassins in a Scramble Qualifying Match.
3. Jesus Bison beat Big Show and Austin Aries in a 3 Way Table Match.
4. Gothics beat Ax and Smash from New Demolition in a Non Title Scramble Cage Qualifying Match.
5. Hard Luck Fighters beat Rhendo and Blanka in a Scramble Cage Qualifying Match.
6. Triple H beat Speedster Lite and Batistia in a 3 Way Non Title Ladders Legal Match.
7. Christopher Daniels beat Shadow WX to retain the EUWF World Iron Man Title.
8. Chris Benoit and Guile beat Jim Brooks and Vlad

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-3/24/2006 results:
The show began with members of the Saviors talking backstage about the GMs of the EUWF and ECW.  Necro Butcher called Mick Foley a pussy and wimp.  Mark Night then said foley doesn't have the guts to fight Nerco or anyone.  Foley was standing around and heard this.  Attacking the bunch of them and taking Nerco to the ring the two fought to the Night Brothers came from the back attacking foley.  Dudleyz came out attacking the night brothers and they fought to the back.  Nerco laid out foley who then was taken to the back and Michelle got on the big screen.  She said since she is in the ring he might as well wrestle and RJ Hammer spun the EUWF wheel landing on the big show.  Michelle then made the match a hardcore match.
1. Big Show beat Nerco Butcher in a Non Title Hardcore Match.
2. Lady Basher and Lady Smasher beat Erica Tempted and Allison Danger
Michelle announced that Samoa Joe and Edge will be kept as far from each other then if they wrestle till after wrestlemania for the sake of their health and the ECW main event of WM22.
3. Samoa Joe beat Chris Masters.  After the match edge came through the crowd and tried to spear Joe but ended up spearing the ref.  Joe attacked Edge and went for a face wash in the corner with the ECW World Heavyweight Title belt over Edge's face when security ran in stopping him and saviors got Edge out of the ring.
4. Mike Bison beat Austin Aries
5. Jack Crystal beat Roderick Strong
6. Christian Cage beat Triple H
7. Bryan Danielson beat John Cena
8. Chris Hero and Millano Collection AT beat Brian Thunder and Super Dragon in a Spin The Wheel For A Partner Match.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-3/24/2007 results:
1. Drake Younger beat Balls Mahoney
2. Naughty By Nature beat Finley and Burchill
3. Baka Gaijin beat Nerco Butcher and Toby Klein in a Non Title Match.
4. Booker T beat Ray Gordy
5. Mr. America beat Christopher Daniels in a Non Title Match.
6. Samoa Joe beat Doomsday in a Non Title Match.
7. Matt Hardy beat Venom in a Non Title Match.
8. Colt Cabana beat CM Punk in a Non Title Match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/24/2008 results:
1. Hardcore Bytch beat Pink Dudley, Lacy, MsChiff, Awesome Kong, Mickie Knuckles, Cheerleader Melissa, Sabrina in a 8 Way Non Title Match.
2. Crazy, Wildfire, Night Brothers beat Trooper 1/2, Dynamic Duo, Hoodies
3. Joe, Piloit, Doomsday, Venom beat Briscoe Brothers, Davey Richards, Rocky Romero
4. Mike Bison and Matt Hardy (Filling in for suspended Jeff) beat Samoa Joe and CM Punk
5. CIMA, Shingo, BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino, Genki Horiguchi, Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid, Naruki Doi beat Mike Quackenbush, Naomichi Marufuji, Motor City Machine Guns, Speedster Lite, Hallowicked, Jay Lethal, AJ Styles in a Cibernetico Match with CIMA being total winner.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-3/24/2010 results:
1. Low Ki beat Sagat
2. Doomsday and Venom beat Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz
3. AJ Styles beat Jay Briscoe
4. Davey Richards beat Machine
5. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Chris Hero in a Non Title Match.
6. Chris Jericho beat Eddie Edwards
7. Masada beat Cyrus Bourne to retain the ECW World Triple Crown HC Title.  After the match Teddy Long came out announced that Masada will defend the belt at WM26 against Sabu.
8. Claudio Castagnoli beat Mike Bison in a Non Title Match.

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-3/24/2011 results:
1. Piloit beat Barbecue
2. Joe beat Brian Thunder
3. Sagat beat Venom, Chris Night, Smasher in a 4 Way Non Title HC Match.
4. Mark Night beat Doomsday, Machine, Basher in a 4 Way Non Title HC Match.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-3/24/2012 results:
1. Justine Hounda beat Nattie Neidhart
2. Taion beat Cody Rhodes
3. Austin Aries beat Jigasw in a Non Title Match.
4. WN Alpha and All Night Express beat Machine/Briscoe Brothers, Brett Wayfield/Colony, Zach Ryder/Super Smash Brothers in a 4 Way Dance.
5. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat El Generico and Colt Cabana
6. Alex Shelley beat Mr. America
7. Night Brothers and New Demolition beat Doomsday, Venom, North American Dragons
8. Mike Bison beat CM Punk in a Non Title Match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-3/24/2014 results:
1. Jack Swagger and Uso Brothers beat Mr. America and Hoodies
2. Tristian Heartsend, Richie Borando, Adam Cole beat Brett Wayfield, Piloit, Jackson Rouch
3. Night Brothers and Freddie Waldeno beat Bad Influence and Peter Spider
4. Ash Hyde beat Christian Cage in a Non Title Match.
5. 3.0 beat Young Bucks
6. Doomsday, Venom, Kevin Steen beat Guile, Taion, El Generico
7. Ricochet and Rich Swan beat Donity Brothers
8. Brian Thunder and Duke beat Colony
9. Randy Orton, Batista, Wyatt Family, The Shield beat Cyrus Borune, Dolph Ziggler, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Machine, Bison Brothers in a Elimination Match.

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-3/24/2015 results:
1. Tiffany Lane beat Carol Ninja
2. Ash Hyde beat Damien Shadow
3. Eric Bison, Guile, Sagat beat Mike Bison, Machine, Taion
4. Speedster Lite beat Sami Zayn in a Non Title Match.
5. Peter Spider beat Pac in a Non Title Match.
6. AJ Styles beat Hollywood Doomsday
7. Mr. Venom beat John Moxly
8. Mr. America beat Dolph Ziggler

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown:
Wrestlemania Rewind-3/24/2016 results:

1. Hardcore Bytch beat Ms. America
2. Bad Influence beat Brett Wayfield and Jackson Rouch
3. Mr. Venom beat Dolph Ziggler
4. Hollywood Doomsday beat AJ Styles
5. reDragon beat Hoodies
6. Naughty By Nature beat Doomsday Kid and Venomous in a Non Title Match.
7. Sami Zayn beat King Peter
8. Kevin Steen beat Cyrus Bourne in a Non Title Match.

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