Friday, June 30, 2017

ECW's Friday Nights At The Arena-June 30 results

Ash Hyde went up to Kurt Angle wanting to be on Heatwave 2017 PPV.  Kurt said that wasn't sure where he fit on it but then said he had idea since he had put together ECW v.s. CZW match for the PPV.  Ash can captain the team v.s. Danny Havoc and his team.
Kurt Angle was shown walking into his office to find Motor City Machine Guns, Bad Influence, Bricoe Brothers, Young Bucks, Kevin Steen/Sami Zayn all arguing over being on Heatwave 2017 PPV.  Kurt calmed them down and then made a match between all 5 teams under scramble rules with Briscoe defending the Unified Tag Team Titles.
Pink Dudley and Hardcore Bytch were talking about where girls place on Heatwave 2017 PPV.  Bubba Ray Dudley made his return going up to them and hugged pink.  Bubba then mocked Pink for being around HC.  That got Machine who was near by mad and challenged pink and bubba to a match at PPV.  Bubba then challenged him to make it a table match and Machine agreed.  Both guys walked away as to girls look frustarted.
1. Mike Bison beat Tommy End

Summer Tag Festival VII:

1. Hallowicked and Frightmare beat Vermin
2. Authors Of Pain beat All Night Express
3. Stu Bomb and Rick Knife beat Lio Rush and Jay White
4. Enzo Amore and Big Cass beat Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson
5. Kings Of Wrestling beat Hype Brothers to win the ECW World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
6. Link Rod and Kong Remer beat Tempura Boyz
7. The New Day beat Kevin Steen and Sami Zayn

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