Sunday, June 4, 2017

TWF's War 2017 results

1. Marcus Croft beat Mark Night, Power Donity, Mr. America, Hollywood Doomsday, Jim Brooks in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match.Towards the end of the match Marcus climbed the ladder and Power slammed a ladder into from behind.  Marcus went limp against the ladder as blood poured out of the back of his head and Power climbed the ladder.  Tyson Croft ran down and power bombed him from the ladder through one across the ring and guard rail.  Tyson helped a dazed and bloody Marcus got the briefcase to win.  Medical officals and doctors came from the back helping him.  Marcus was latter taken to a local hospital for observation.
2. Ash Hyde beat Seth Owens in a No Rope Barbed Wire Explosion Match to win back the TWF World Heavyweight Title.  Ash came out dressed like Terry Funk and Seth came out like Atsuhi Onita.  Before ring exploded Ash crotched seth on exploding barbed wire and then left him there as the ring exploded.  Ash grabbed the ref covering the ref as explosion went off.  Ash went for a cover hitting several pile drivers but Seth kept kicking out and then hit a fireball special (variant of electric chair driver).  Seth kicked out again and said he can't beat him.  Ash left the ring and headed to the back.  One hand was a flaming branding iron and the other barbed wire bat.  He spit a fire as seth with iron and then hit him with it.  Throwing it to the floor and then hit a fireball special onto the bat for the win.  Donity Brothers came out to help Ash to the back as seth was stretchered to the back.

Summer Tag Festival VII:

1. Bruise Brothers beay Carson Jackson and Daily Watson
2. Freddie Waldeno and Tristin Heartsend beat Piloit and Masion Dixie
3. Harrison Boss and Tommy Bernard beat Jeff Shot and Alex Havc
4. Naughty By Nature beat Brett Wayfield and Jackson Rouch
5. PYT beat Connor Stark and Bruce Summer
6. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat Bison Brothers

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