Wednesday, June 28, 2017

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-June 28 results

The show began with Paul Haymen in the ring and saying that he is very mad that no one invited him to 25th anniversary show of ecw.  On behalf brock lensar challenged anyone from the back to fight him at Heatwave 2017.  Speedster Lite, Bubba Jones, Power Donity all came out accepting the challenge.  Haymen accepted the match saying Brock will destroy all 3 in a 4 Way Dance.
Kurt Angle was shown in his office mulling over the Heatwave 2017 card when AJ Styles walked in.  He said he wanted on the ppv being a former multi time ecw champion.  Kurt said he be glad to have him and AJ said he had an idea who he waned to wrestle but wasn't sure they agree to it.  Angle asked who did aj want to wrestle and AJ said "you kurt for old time sakes"  The two starred at each other and angle agreed.  AJ said looks forward to it and leaves.
Samoa Joe walked into Angle's office saying he wanted part of the Heatwave 2017 PPV also.  Angle said he hope he didn't want into the AJ and him match.  Joe said no but he did have an idea just as Shinsuke Nakamura amd Prince Devitt both walked in.  Angle made a match between the three for Heatwave 2017.
1. Jay Lethal, Bison Brothers, Tommy Dreamer beat Kings Of Wrestling

Summer Tag Festival VII:

1. #DIY beat Notorious Inc
2. Youg Bucks beat Los Ice Creams to win the ECW World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
3. Dub Boys beat Harrison Boss and Tommy Bernard
4. James Storm and Eddie Kingston beat Tyler Breez and Fandago
5. Primo and Epico beat reDragon
6. Darkness and Doomsday Warriors beat Scarlet and Graves
7. Marcus Croft and Tyson Bronx beat Prince Devitt and KENTA.  After the match Marcus gloated about his recent wins and that he feels so confident that he challenge anyone back stage to a match at Heatwave 2017.  Adam Cole came out accepting the challenge saying he will put Marcus in his place.

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