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This Day In Wrestling History-June 4 (RJ Hammer threatens Chris Jericho, King Of The Ring 9 Qualfiers, Doomsday promises to be back, Rhyno gores Ariel Bison, 15th Round Of Survivor 2 Tournament, Ultimate Wrestling Championship 7 Tournament, Jim Brooks claims to still be champ)

This Day In Wrestling History-June 4:

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/4/2001 results:
The show starts with RJ Hammer asking Tazz to join his new Extreme Alliance but Tazz said he would think about it and give him a answer this Thursday on Smackdown.
RJ Hammer comes to the ring.
RJ: "Tonight starts the end of Chris Jericho title reign and career.  Me and my partner tonight will scar the hell out of Chris Jericho.  When we are done he will look worse then Abdullah The Butcher, Sabu, New Jack, and me combined.  That will happen tonight and so will the joining of three new members to Extreme Alliance.  I won't name any of them but one of them is my partner tonight.  I will say that one of them will affect Jesus Bison who is probably laying in a hospital not being able to move from the neck down.  Chris Jericho you will get yours tonight."  Y2J's music starts up and he comes to the ring.
Y2J: "WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!"  RJ tries to hit Y2J with the mic but Y2J moves out of the way and ends up hitting RJ with his mic.  The two starts fighting till Rhyno runs into the ring and gores Y2J.  RJ and Rhyno double team Y2J till Mike Awesome runs in and attacks Rhyno.  Shadow WX attacks Awesome but gets attacked by Mike Bison.  Zangief, Sagat, Big Show, Machine, Spirit, Ki, Mankind, American Turncoats, Ken, Ryu, Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki, Essa Rios, Dudleys, Sand Knight run to the ring and attack Y2J, Awesome, Bison.  Rob Van Dam's music starts up and he hits the ring.  Instead of attacking the heals he hits a van daminator onto Y2J.  Venom, Joe, Barbecue, Piloit, Spike Dudley, Naughty By Nature, Dynamic Duo, Sgt., Roadblock, Chris Benoit, Tommy Dreamer, Mark Night, Chris Night, Ninja Kid, Guile, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Hardy Boys make the save.
1. Guile beat Sand Knight
2. Mike Bison beat Trooper 8 in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
3. Chris Benoit beat Rhendo in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
4. Jerry Lynn beat Trooper 7 in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
5. Piloit beat Blanka in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
6. Barbecue beat Boxer in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
7. Mankind beat Vega in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
Doomsday was interview at a house.  He talked about how he injured his ankle in the ladder match.  He also talked about how he injured his shoulder and brook his arm in two different places during the two out of three falls barbed wire match against Venom.  He said that he will be back wrestling as soon as he can but he will be back on EUWF TV next Monday Night.  He also said he had a few surprises for Extreme Alliances because he has called up some old friends of his.
8. Ken, Ryu, Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki beat Dynamic Duo, Sgt., Roadblock
9. Spike Dudley beat Trooper 6 in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
10. Ninja Kid beat Trooper 5 in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
12. Dudleys and American Turncoats beat Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Tajiri, Chris Benoit
12. Rhyno and Shadow WX beat Mike Bison and Mike Awesome.  The end came when Mike Awesome was gored through a board with light tubes on them by Rhyno.  Rhyno was about to do the same to Mike Bison but Ariel ran into the ring and hit him with a low blow.  It didn't hurt Rhyno and he gored Ariel through the light tube board.  Chris Jericho, Speedster Lite, Jigglin Jimbro Brooks, Tommy Dreamer, Joe, Barbecue ran to the ring and chased Shadow WX and Rhyno off before they could do anything else.
13. Hardy Boys, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Joe, Barbecue beat Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Spirit, Low Ki, Mankind, Essa Rios
14. Chris Jericho and Venom beat RJ Hammer and Rob Van Dam.  RJ Hammer was going for a Doomsday Driver through a light tube board onto Y2J but Doomsday limped out of the crowd and brook a crutch over the back of RJ.  Venom then hit a Venom Stinger through the light tube board for the win.  Doomsday celebrated with Venom and Y2J after the match.
Doomsday: "Hey RJ.  I got you didn't I.  In the interview I said I would be back to TV next week.  That interview took place last Wednesday.  I meant tonight and not next week.  RVD you betrayed us but we take betrayal for hard.  You will pay for it."  Doomsday, Venom, Y2J laughed and continue to celebrate as the show goes off the air.

Wednesday Night Brawl-6/4/2003 results:

1. Paul London beat Billy Kidman and Ric Blade in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
2. Juventud Guerrera beat Justin Credible and Christopher Daniels in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
3. Red beat Ruckus and Matt Hardy in a 3 Way Dance in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
4. CM Punk beat Chris Hero and Joey Mathews in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
5. Spirit beat Eddie Guerrero and Brian Thunder in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
6. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Christian and Quiet Storm in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
7. Masato Tanaka beat Trent Acid and Jay Briscoe in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
8. Spanky beat Super Crazy and Spike Dudley in a 3 Way Dance in a 15th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.

TTWF 6/4/2004 Viking Hall results:
The show starts with the announcement of the main event for Original TWF Reunion PPV on July 16.  It will be Doomsday v.s. Venom in a Special Weapons filled Steel Cage Match with No Rope and Barbed Wire and under Ladder Match rules.  All the titles both men have at the time of the show will be on the line and if neither has any then it would be ladders are legal rules.
1. Lita beat Alexis Larie and Lady Venom in a 3 Way Dance to retain the TTWF World Women's Title.
2. Crazy beat Gothics and Rey Misterio Jr./Billy Kidman in a 3 Way Dance.
3. Night Brothers beat Power Backlot Assassin/Blood Backlot Assassin and Wildfire in a 3 Way Dance.
4. Rhendo and Blanka beat Bashman Brothers and Sgt./Roadblock in a 3 Way Dance.
5. Trent Acid beat Maven and Spanky in a 3 Way Dance to retain the TTWF World TV Title.
6. Hardy Boyz and Piloit beat Spirit/Jack Crystal/Machine and SAT in a 3 Way Dance.  Before the match Piloit, Lita, Hardy Boyz all got together with Piloit keeping Lita away from Matt.  Piloit said that he still doesn't trust Matt but it was nice seeing Jeff back.
7. Rob Van Dam beat Chris Benoit and Jerry Lynn in a 3 Way Dance.
8. Doomsday and Naughty By Nature beat Venom/Edge/Jerry Lynn and Hotstuff/Mike Awesome in a 3 Way Dance.

TTWF's Saturday Slam Bash-6/4/2005 results:
1. MNM beat Hoodies in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match to retain the TTWF World Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
2. Samoa Joe beat Sagat in a Non Title Match.
3. Jimmy Rave beat Spanky
4. Piloit beat Jeff Hardy
5. Nick Berk beat Joe to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
6. Muhammad Hassan and Divari beat Matt Sydal and Delirious to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
7. James Gibson beat Eddie Guerrero to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Kurt Angle beat Mr. America to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

Ultimate Wrestling Championship 7:
Winner Gets A Shot At EUWF or ECW World Heavyweight Title
at Summerslam 2006:
ROH/Doomsday Alliance v.s. Saviors/CZW Bracket:
First Round:
1. CM Punk beat Chris Hero
2. Austin Aries beat Ruckus
3. Christopher Daniels beat Joker
4. Eddie Kingston beat Samoa Joe
5. Claudio Castagnoli beat Low Ki
6. Chris Sabin beat Matt Sydal
7. Jay Lethal beat Delirious
8. Shelton Benjamin beat James Gibson
9. Rhino beat Big Show
10. Colt Cabana beat Nick Berk
11. BJ Whitmer beat Mr. America
12. Super Dragon beat Doomsday
13. Venom beat Triple H
14. Charlie Haas beat Masato Tanaka
15. Trent Acid beat Jimmy Yang
16. Homicide beat Petey Williams

Second Round:

1. CM Punk beat Eddie Kingston
2. Chris Sabin beat Austin Aries
3. Christopher Daniels beat Jay Lethal
4. Claudio Castagnoli beat BJ Whitmer
5. Shelton Benjamin beat Venom
6. Colt Cabana beat Super Dragon
7. Homicide beat Charlie Haas
8. Rhino beat Trent Acid

Third Round:

1. Chris Sabin beat CM Punk
2. Christopher Daniels beat Claudio Castagnoli
3. Colt Cabana beat Shelton Benjamin
4. Rhino beat Homicide


1. Chris Sabin beat Christopher Daniels
2. Colt Cabana beat Rhino


1. Colt Cabana beat Chris Sabin

MVW Alliance v.s. Doomsday Alliance Bracket:
First Round:
1. Jack Crystal beat Rob Conway
2. Matt Bentley beat Edge
3. Eric Bison beat Spirit
4. Little Guido beat Rey Misterio Jr.
5. Tony Mamaluke beat Spike Dudley
6. Super Crazy beat Sal Rinaro
7. Carlito beat Psicosis
8. Millano Collection AT beat Chris Masters
9. John Cena beat Ric Flair
10. Nigel McGuiness beat RJ Hammer
11. Frankie Karazarian beat Johnny Kashmere
12. Jimmy Jacobs beat Jimmy Rave
13. Brandon Thomassali beat Duke
14. Taion beat Big Vito
15. Alex Shelley beat Booker T
16. Mike Bison beat Matt Striker

Second Round:

1. Jack Crystal beat Matt Bentley
2. Little Guido beat Eric Bison
3. Tony Mamaluke beat Super Crazy
4. Millano Collection AT beat Carlito
5. John Cena beat Nigel McGuiness
6. Frankie Karazarian beat Jimmy Jacobs
7. Brandon Thomassali beat Taion
8. Mike Bison beat Alex Shelley

Third Round:

1. Jack Crystal beat Little Guido
2. Tony Mamaluke beat Millano Collection AT
3. Frankie Karazarian beat John Cena
4. Mike Bison beat Brandon Thomassali


1. Jack Crystal beat Tony Mamaluke
2. Frankie Karazarian beat Mike Bison


1. Jack Crystal beat Frankie Karazarian


1. Jack Crystal beat Colt Cabana to win Ultimate Wrestling Championship 7 Tournament and a shot at the ECW World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam 2006.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Ray Gordy and Billy Kidman beat Mike Mondo and Mitch Mitchell from New Troopers.
2. Johnny Jetter and Ken Doane beat Dudley
3. Knockout and Slasher beat Rhendo/Blanka, Wildfire, Crazy in a 4 Way Dance.
4. Jade beat Angel Williams to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
5. Joey Mathews beat El Generico
6. Jim Brooks beat Paul Burchill to retain the ECW US Title.
7. Rob Van Dam beat Kid Kash to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
8. Brian Thunder beat Kurt Angle to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-6/4/2008 results:
1. Austin Aries beat Dustin Lee
2. Tyler Black beat Jack Crystal
3. Scotty Vortekz beat Venom
4. Spirit beat Drake Younger
5. Jimmy Jacobs beat Doomsday
6. Brain Damage beat Nerco Butcher
7. Davey Richards and Rocky Romero beat Dudleyz to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Rhino, AJ Styles, RJ Hammer beat Mike Bison, Samoa Joe, Claudio Castagnoli

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-6/4/2009 results:
1. Spirit and Lady Trooper #2 beat Taion and Lady Trooper
2. Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Lady Speed beat Hoodies/Lady Gangster, Power/Blood/Lady Warrior, Naughty By Nature/Lady Smasher in a 4 Way Dance.
3. Machine beat Venom in a Light Tube Boards Death Match in Fall 3 Of Their Best Of 7 Series-Light Tube Boards Match to take a 2 falls to 1 lead.
4. Mr. America and John Cena beat Brian Thunder and Duke

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-6/4/2010 results:
1. Chris Night beat Primo Colon
2. Jim Brooks beat Sami Callihan
3. Edge beat RJ Hammer
4. Nightmare beat Mark Henry and Kane
5. Jack Evans, Rhett Titus, Kenny King beat Brett Wayfield, Kenny Omega, Matt Sydal
6. Kings Of Wrestling beat Motor City Machine Guns to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
7. : Austin Aries beat Kofi Kingston in the #1 Contenders Tournament Final Round Match to win a shot at EUWF World Heavyweight Title at Great American Bash 2010 on June 20.  Kofi gets the Sunday Night Party 85 title shot this sunday.
8. CM Punk beat Colt Cabana, Christian Cage, Mr. America, MVP, John Moxly in a  6 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-6/4/2011 results:
1. John Moxly beat Dolph Ziggler in a Non Title Match.
2. Mark Night beat Claudio Castagnoli
3. Johnny Gargano beat Harry Smith
4. Masada, Drake Younger, Star Pryde beat Machine, Sagat, Pink Dudley
5. Homicide beat David Otunga
6. Chris Hero beat Chuck Taylor to win the Living Dangerously 2011 Title Shot.
7. Mike Bison beat Steve Corino in a Pick Your Poison Series Match.
8. CM Punk beat Christopher Daniels in a Pick Your Poison Series Match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/4/2012 results:
The show started with MVWs coming to the ring and Jim Brooks wearing old EUWF World Heavyweight Title belt.  Brooks said that he is the real Triple Crown Champion and demands someone come out here to make the announcement.  Brooks said that Damien Shadow was offical ref and his rulling stands.  Nothing happen and Brooks said that they better call the army because they are not leaving.  He said nothing is going to happen to till that happens and then Brooks said while they wait business can be taken care of.  Brooks went to Machine asking where he was last night and he says he didn't even say to be there last night.  Brooks like to Machine and then to Mike Bison.  It was like this was your idea and then said we can wait all 2 hours if need be.  RJ Hammer music starts and he comes from the back surprisingly.  His neck in a neck brace and says that Brooks lost last night so get over it.  Power Donity is Triple Crown Champion and if Brooks or Shadow doesn't like to bad.  Two reason were given why is second ref had the right to get invovled and the fact it was Fans Bring The Weapons Match which is a No DQ Match.  RJ announced that Jim will get his rematch at TWF's 25th Anniversary PPV in July  and will be a Barbed Wire Cage Match.  He then announced that RJ will wrestle Mike at the show too in Last Warrior Standing Match and Mike laughed since RJ is a neck brace.  RJ took the brace off saying that he didn't need it anymore.  RJ called it out some help from the back but only Speedster Lite, High Flyers, Mr. America, Donity Brothers, Hot Shots, and security came out.  Mike says that he will take care of RJ and then Brooks says this won't be over.  He then volunteered Machine to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Smackdown against Power Donity.  That surprised Machine and Brooks says either he does or his girlfriend gives Ladies Title back to Alcarda Vania.  Machine agrees to it and then he, Sagat, HC Bytch, Mike, Taion, Lady Trooper, John Moxly, Sami Callihan, New Demolition, Warrior Ninjas left.  Jim Brooks and the rest of the group then left.
1. Jim Brooks, Kevin, Steen, Mike Bison, Taion beat Doomsday, Speedster Lite, Donity Brothers

Summer Tag Festival II:

2. New Bruise Brothers beat LAX
3. David Otunga and Joe Henning beat Naughty By Nature
4. Motor City Machine Guns beat Throwbacks
5. Machine and Sagat beat Roderick Strong and Michel Elgin
6. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger beat John Moxly and Sami Callihan
7. Young Bucks beat New Demolition
8. Kings Of Wrestling beat Briscoe Brothers

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-6/4/2013 results:
1. Jim Brooks won the Battle Royal For Great American Bash 2013 Title Shot. Sagat, Warrior Ninjas, Troopers, Backlot Warriors, American Heroes, Bison Brothers, Taion, Guile, Young Gun Army, Spirit, Jack Crystal, Cyrus Bourne, Hot Shots, Crazy, Wildfire, New Demolition, Sgt., Roadblock, Night Brothers, High Flyers, Masion Dixie, Brett Wayfield, Dangerous Trio, Doomsday, Venom, New Public Enemy, Dynamic Duo were also in the match.

Summer Tag Festival III:

1. Rhendo and Blanka beat Hulk and Destroyer
2. Dynamic Duo beat New Demolition
3. Doomsday and Venom beat Wildfire

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-6/4/2014 results:
1. Austin Aries beat Brodie Lee

Summer Tag Festival IV:

1. Nightmare beat Sgt. and Roadblock
2. Osirian Portal beat All Night Express
3. Sami Zayn and Colt Cabana beat Machine and Sagat
4. Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs beat Goldust and Cody Rhodes
5. Joey Ryan and Willie Mack beat Hot Shots
6. Samoa Joe and Freddie Waldeno beat Doomsday Kid and Venomous
7. Colony beat Jigsaw and Hallowicked
8. 3.0 beat Oi4K

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-6/4/2015 results:
Summer Tag Festival V:

1. Young Bucks beat Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady to win the Unified US Tag Team Titles.
2. John Moxly and Sami Callihan beat Vaudevillians
3. Zach Ryder and Heath Slater beat Jay Lethal and Ron Killings
4. The Miz and Damien Shadow beat Big E and Xavier Woods
5. Ricochet and Rich Swan beat Randy Orton and Bryatt Wyatt
6. Kings Of Wrestling beat Bravado Brothers
7. Throwbacks beat Ascension
8. Roderick Strong and Michel Elgin beat Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor

TWF's Saturday Night Fire-6/4/2016 results:
1. Mark Night won the Battle Royal to face Speedster Lite at War 2016 for Vacant TWF World Heavyweight Title. American Heroes, Chris Night, Jim Brooks, Ash Hyde, Ninjas, Extreme Team, Trooprs, Eric, Sagat, Taion, Cyrus Bourne, Warriors, Doomsday Kid, Venomous, Young Guns Army, Boss Army were also in the match

Summer Tag Festival VI:

1. Extreme Knights wrestled Thunder Brothers to a Draw.
2. The Masters wrestled Jack Flap and Chris Gun to a Draw.
3. Night Brothers beat Gambit Inc
4. Black and White beat Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks to win the EUWF US Tag Team Titles.
5. Brusie Brothers wrestled Vlad and Impaler to a Draw.
6. Masion Dixie and Piloit beat Aliens
7. Sgt. and Roadblock beat Rex Lion and Gary J
8. Snake Byte beat Taion and Guile
9. Richie Borndo and Tristin Heartsend beat Crazy

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