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This Day In Wrestling History-June 10 (Round Robin 3 Qualifiers, King Of The Ring 7 and 8 Qualifiers, nWo make changes, Bradshaw fired, RJ Hammer left dumb founded, 20th Round Of Survivor 2 Tournament, Ladies Night 2006, You Can Go Home Again 3: 15 Years Of ECW, Edge and Christian crash the party, Laurie Hammer joins Legacy)

This Day In Wrestling History-June 10:

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/10/96 results:
1. Eliminators beat Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
2. Undertaker beat Goldust
3. Steiner Brothers beat Nightmare
4. Steven Regal beat Razor Ramon in a Round Robin 3 Qualifying Match.
5. Sting beat Dallas Page in a Round Robin 3 Qualifying Match.
6. Major Destroyer beat Trooper 1 in a Round Robin 3 Qualifying Match.
7. Bobby Eaton beat Snake Eyes in a Round Robin 3 Qualifying Match.
8. Chris Night beat Major Destroyer in a King Of The Ring 4 Qualifying Match.
9. Eddie Guerrero beat Psicosis in a King Of The Ring 4 Qualifying Match.
10. Raven beat Disel in a King Of The Ring 4 Qualifying Match.
11. Yokozuna beat Crash The Terminator in a King Of The Ring 4 Qualifying Match.
12. Public Enemy beat Head Hunters to retain the EUWF US Tag Team Titles.

EUWF's Thursday Night War-6/10/1999 results:
1. Bison beat Tajiri in a King Of The Ring 7 Qualifying Match.
2. Giant beat Faarooq in a King Of The Ring 7 Qualifying Match.
3. Val Venis beat Disco Inferno
4. Super Crazy beat Chris Candido in a King Of The Ring 7 Qualifying Match.
5. Dallas Page beat D-Lo Brown in a King Of The Ring 7 Qualifying Match.
6. Jigglin Jimbro Brooks beat Buff Bagwell to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
7. Justin Credible beat Sting to retain the EUWF IC Title.
8. Shane Douglas beat Tommy Dreamer to retain the EUWF US Title.

HCW's Saturday Slam Bash-6/10/2000 results:
1. Edge and Christian beat Doomsday Warriors in a First Round Tag Team Tournament Match.
2. Hardy Boys beat Dark Warriors in a First Round Tag Team Tournament Match.
3. Ken and Ryu beat Snake Eyes and Shadow in a First Round Tag Team Tournament Match.
4. Road Dogg and X-Pac beat King Bison and Commander in a First Round Tag Team Tournament Match.
5. Rob Van Dam beat Sgt. in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.
6. Jerry Lynn beat Sagat in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.
7. Konnan beat Iron in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.
8. Mark Night beat Juventud Guerrera in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.
9. The Rock beat Kang in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.
10. Dean Malenko beat Chris Night in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.
11. Sandman beat Roadblock in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.
12. Kevin Nash beat Perry Saturn in a HCW's King Of The Ring 8 Qualifying Match.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/10/2002 results:
Spirit, Chris Benoit, Triple H, Hot Stuff, AJ Styles, Vlad, Guile, Rhendo, Piloit, Big Show, Rikishi, Venom, Kurt Angle, Wildfire, Crazy, Jade, Mankind, Womankind, Dudleyz, Raven, Xtreme, Ranger, Cyborg, Car Jacker, Street Hustler, Lady Gangster, Street Warrior all came to the ring.
Spirit: "Tonight we introduce something big that will change the face of the euwf right now.  If you think Triple H joining us was, wait till you see who is next but that is for later.  You probably wondering why the whole groups is hear right now.  We are here because we are not longer following the rules of the draft.  We are on our own from now on.  We no longer will be held to our groups.  From now on we will be in both groups for as long as we want and nothing going to stop us.  RJ Hammer said the business has changed and that is true.  We are going to evolve and do things from now on our way."  Kurt Angle then got on the mic saying way he join the group was because nWo elite was better and more incorporated his three I's then RJ Hammer's nWo.  Triple H then explained that he felt that the nWo elite is better group then any other in the euwf and rather be with people who respected him then just his talent.
Spirit: "It's time we introduce our surprise."  Natural Born Sinners come out and are introduced into the nWo elite but then Shawn Michaels music starts up.  He comes out to the ring wearing a nWo elite t-shirt.  HBK said that he respected the wrestlers in the nWo elite and wanted to help them out with his wrestling knowledge.  He said that he was tired of watching RJ Hammer and Ric Flair running around destroying this business and he had to help someone.  He felt the only group that he could help or wanted his help was the nWo elite.
Spirit: "Tonight we changed things and from now on the nWo elite will take back the business our way!"
1. Super Crazy beat The Hurricane
2. Nova beat Ninja Kid
3. Juventud Guerrera beat Spike Dudley
4. Jade beat Lady Speed to win EUWF World Ladies Title.
5. Rhendo beat Crash The Terminator to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.  Doomsday ran to the ring and power bombed Rhendo through a table to win back the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
6. Eddie Guerrero beat Speedster Lite to win EUWF European Title.
7. Ric Blade beat Tajiri to win back the EUWF IC Title.
Vlad and Guile came to the ring and challenge anyone from the back.  Mark Night and Chris Night came to the ring but RJ Hammer had the security send the nights to the back.  RJ said that they were not getting a shot any time soon because they already had got one.  Joe and Barbecue ran to the ring and attacked Vlad and Guile.  Vlad and Guile accepted their challenge for the lw tag team titles.
8. Joe and Barbecue beat Vlad and Guile to win EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.  The end came when Vlad hit Joe with one of the belts but Jill Night distracted the ref.  Mark Night ran down and hit him with a dog collar and chain.  Mark then put Joe onto Vlad for the win.  Vlad and Guile then challenge Night Brothers to a double dog collar match at Sunday Night Party 37 this Sunday.  The night brothers accepted the match.
Chris Night walks up to Mark Night.
Chris: "Hey bro.  Where did you find the dog collar?"
Mark: "It was left around backstage.  I don't know who left it but gave me the idea to use it.  We are going to kick but this Sunday."
Chris: "We sure are.
9. Jim Brooks beat Low Ki to win EUWF World TV Title.
10. Backseat Boyz and Jerry Lynn beat Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio Jr., Christian
11. Rob Van Dam beat Leviathan to retain the EUWF US Title.
RJ Hammer is shown walking around backstage.  He is looking very made and on the phone.
RJ: "What the hell are you doing Flair?  You letting nWo elite at my show and your guys."
Ric: "Doomsday, Joe, Barbecue are doing this on their own and so is the nWo elite."
RJ: "You control your guys.  We had a deal."
Ric: "You are the first one who Brock the deal by having the guy I drafted, Jerry Lynn show up on your show and win the LW Title."
RJ: "That is no the point."
Ric: "It totally is.  You were the first one who broke the deal and not me.  The way things are going this split isn't going to last till november."
RJ: "You think?  I got to go wrestle."  RJ hangs up the phone.
12. Venom beat RJ Hammer, Triple H, Chris Benoit in a Four Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

TTWF 6/10/2003 results:
The show began with barbecue announcing that Kurt Angle will team up with a mystery partner to take on la resistance at Survivor 2 Tournament PPV.
1. Justin Credible beat Brian Thunder in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
2. Ric Blade beat Spirit in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
3. Christopher Daniels beat Spike Dudley in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
4. Paul London beat Jay Briscoe in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
5. Trent Acid beat Christian in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
6. Spanky beat Juventud Guerrera in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
7. Billy Kidman beat Rey Misterio Jr. in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
8. Quiet Storm beat Eddie Guerrero in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
9. CM Punk beat Red in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
10. Masato Tanaka beat Super Crazy in a 20th Round Survivor 2 Tournament Match.
11. Ultimo Dragon beat Jerry Lynn
12. American Dragon and Mike Awesome beat Jigglin Jimbro Brooks and Taion

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-6/10/2004 results:
The show started with Michelle announcing that Bradshaw has been fired for his actions in Germany and that the EUWF does not support any kind of actions like the ones he did on the tour.
1. Jade beat Domaninatrix to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
2. Joe and Randy Orton beat John Cena and Eddie Guerrero
Michelle was seen talking to someone on the phone in a sexy way when RJ Hammer was seen behind her.  Michelle turned around seeing him and got off the phone telling the person that she would call back.  RJ demanded to know who was on the phone saying that he heard rumors of Michelle having a new relationship and RJ asked who was the guy.  Michelle said that who said it was a guy that could be a girl and it was none of his business.  She then asked why RJ was there as RJ was a little dumb founded from what she said.  RJ recovered saying that he was there to challenge michelle to put up the EUWF and TTWF in the Undertaker and Piloit v.s. Himself and Batistia in a Hell In A Cell Match this sunday.  Michelle laughed and said no.  RJ said that he will get his company one way or another and left.  Michelle picked up the phone and started
3. Super Crazy beat Shadow Assassin to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
4. New Demolition wrestled Dudleyz and 3 Backlot Assassins in a Falls Count Anywhere 3 Way Street Fight to a No Contest.  The match was supposed to decide who would face Dangerous Trio this Sunday in a special match.  The match never got to have an ending when the wrestlers in the match were attacked by members of Evolution and Team Canada came to the ring attacking all three teams.  RJ Hammer got on the mic saying that the didn't matter because no one cares about 6 Man belts anymore and never will again.  He said that everyone will be paying there money this sunday for four things.  He said the first was to see him and Batistia destroy Piloit and Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell Match.  He said the other thing will be that Chris Jericho beating AJ Styles for the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.  The third thing will that an Evolution or Team Canada member wins the tournament.  He said the fourth thing will be a surprise that they will have to wait to see what it was and that would be one to forget.
5. John Fire and Mr. America beat Tajiri and Low Ki
6. Christopher Daniels and BJ Whitmer beat Masato Tanaka and Sagat
New Demolition, Dudleyz, Backlot Assassins members were in Michelle's office demanding what would happen this sunday after what happen earlier.  Michelle said that all three teams will be getting a title shot.  She said she is working with NWA TNA for this special match to bring a special version of the King Of Mountain Match this Sunday at Ultimate Wrestling Championship 5.
7. Speedster Lite beat Raven to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. AJ Styles, Mike Bison, Taion, Undertaker, Brian Thunder beat Chris Jericho, RJ Hammer, Batistia, Duke, Triple H in a Street Fight.

ECW's Friday Nights At The Arena-6/10/2005 results:
The show started with the announcement of that the show would be a History Of ECW from first era of ECW and new era of ECW show instead of a tapped show.

EUWF's Ladies Night 2006-6/10/2006 results:

First Round:

1. Sara Del Rey beat Jill Night
2. Mercedes Martinez beat Ms. America
3. Talia beat Erica Tempted
4. Jade beat Dominatrixic
5. Tracy Brooks beat Rebecca Knox
6. Victoria beat Nikita
7. Crazy Woman beat Jane
8. Julie Fire beat Fire Woman
9. Daize Haze beat Lady Gangster
10. Awesome Kong beat Lady Backlot Assassin
11. Mickie Knuckles beat Melina
12. Cheerleader Melissa beat April Hunter
13. Alexis Lariee beat Lady Smasher
14. Serena Deeb beat Lady Basher
15. Gail Kim beat Lady Doomsday
16. MsChiff beat Tabitha Boshidua (TWF Student)
17. Trinity beat Malia Hosaka
18. Allison Danger beat Christie Hemmie
19. Jazz beat Loreleli Lee
20. Lady Speed beat Amber O'Neal
21. Tracy Brooks beat Portia Perez
22. Ariel Bison beat Cindy Rogers
23. Lady Trooper beat Moonshine (TWF Student)
24. Christine Crystal beat Firebird (TWF Student)
25. Shantellle Taylor beat Michelle
26. Samantha Bison beat Tiana Ringer
27. Lita beat Krissy Vaine
28. Miss Lee beat Christie Ricci
29. Lacy beat Ann Brookstone
30. Rain beat Sally Gunnstone (TWF Student)
31. Angel Williams beat Karen
32. Sumie Sakai beat Shelly

Second Round:

1. Mercedes Martinez beat Sara Del Rey
2. Jade beat Talia
3. Tracy Brooks beat Victoria
4. Julie Fire beat Crazy Woman
5. Awesome Kong beat Daize Haze
6. Mickie Knuckles beat Cheerleader Melissa
7. Alexis Lariee beat Serena Deeb
8. MsChiff beat Gail Kim
9. Trinity beat Allison Danger
10. Lady Speed beat Jazz
11. Ariel Bison beat Tracy Brooks
12. Christine Crystal beat Lady Trooper
13. Samantha Bison beat Shantellle Taylor
14. Lita beat Miss Lee
15. Rain beat Lacy
16. Angel Williams beat Sumie Sakai

Third Round:

1. Mercedes Martinez beat Jade
2. Tracy Brooks beat Julie Fire
3. Mickie Knuckles beat Awesome Kong
4. MsChiff beat Alexis Lariee
5. Lady Speed beat Trinity
6. Ariel Bison beat Christine Crystal
7. Samantha Bison beat Lita
8. Angel Williams beat Rain


1. Mercedes Martinez beat Tracy Brooks
2. MsChiff beat Mickie Knuckles
3. Ariel Bison beat Lady Speed
4. Samantha Bison beat Angel Williams


1. MsChiff beat Mercedes Martinez
2. Ariel Bison beat Samantha Bison


1. Ariel Bison beat MsChiff

Non Tournament Matches:

The show began with CZW/Savior members making fun of the show backstage and then making fun of Mick Foley who was walking by.  Foley said that should show up tomorrow night at the ECW's Hardcore Heaven PPV for a surprise or two and think if it was funny after tomorrow.
1. Bison Brothers, Edge, Naughty By Nature beat New Troopers.  The match was originally Bison Brothers and Taion v.s. New Troopers for 6 Man belts but Triple H attacked Taion before the match and then Bison brothers were jumped by all 5 new troopers.  Naughty By Nature and Edge came out and the match was made a 10 man tag match.  After the match Bison Brothers and Naughty By Nature got into it because Bisons didn't want NBN help.  NBN asked for a rematch for the tag belts and Bisons gave it to them.  NBN said they will bring the bats and Bisons said they will the barbed wire.
2. Moonshine beat Tabitha Boshidua, Firebird, Sally Gunnstone in a 4 Way Special TWF Students Match.
3. Rhendo and Blanka beat John Fire and Duke
4. Kelly Sanderon (TWF Student) and Hot Shots beat Misty Dawnner (TWF Student), Super Crazy, Psicosis
5. Chris Masters, Spirit, Randy Orton, Wildfire beat Snake Eyes and Warrior Ninjas
6. Venom beat Tantaka to retain the ECW World Hardcore Triple Crown Title.
7. Rhino and Mr. America beat Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade
8. B-Boy beat Homicide in a Non Title Street Fight.
9. Delirious beat Kid Kash to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
10. Brian Thunder beat Carlito to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

You Can Go Home Again 3: 15 Years Of ECW-6/10/2007 results:
The PPV started with a History of ECW video and then the locker room came from the back which include several former ECW wrestlers.  Paul Haymen came to the in the ring and thanked the fans for their support.  He thank some of the guys who made it tonight that where here Mikey Whipwreck, Abdullah The Butcher, Jimmy Snuka, Terry Funk, Don Maruco, Ric Steiner, some other former guys.  Paul then made mention of those couldn't be here and he said there one thing he but that person isn't here.  Lights went out and Todd Gorden was in the ring.  The place went nuts as Paul apologized to Todd saying that he shouldn't have done what he did and could have really used him at the end.  Paul puts his hand out and Todd shakes his hand and hugs him.  Todd says we all make mistakes and thanked everyone for coming here.  The lights went out and Edge and Christian Cage were in the ring.  They attack Todd and Paul.  Edge speared Paul and Christian hit todd with a chair.  Edge said since they weren't booked they decide to crash the party and lights went out again.  Chris Jericho and Lance Storm were in the ring when they came on taking down Edge and Christian.  They threw edge and christian to the floor and most of the locker room beat them down.  They were then thrown out the front door as Jericho and Storm helped Todd and Paul.  Jericho got on the mic and said originally he wasn't going to be here but got a call from Lance and some others saying you got to because it's going to be fun.  Jericho said he doesn't do these much anymore but thought with a lot old friends coming together this is going to be fun.  Jericho told everyone tonight going to be a great night and exit to the locker room.
1. Hardcore Bytch beat Mickie Knuckles to win the ECW World Ladies Title.
2. Chris Harris beat Rhino to retain the ECW World TV Title.
3. Drake Younger beat Finley to retain the ECW World Triple Crown HC Title.
4. Machine and Sagat beat Nerco Butcher and Toby Klein in a Bar Room Brawl Match.
5. Doomsday Kid and Venomous beat Naughty By Nature in a Double Dog Collar Match to retain the ECW World HC Tag Team Titles.  Originally BJ Whitmer was going to be collared to Armando Alejandro Estrada but Justin Credible attacked BJ before the match dragging to the back.  Chris Harris came to the ring collaring himself to Armando and dragged him to the back.  After champs finally won cleanly NBN offered there hands as both teams got a standing ovation from the crowd.  Doomsday Kid and Venomous shook their hands and left.
6. Rob Van Dam beat Sabu in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match to retain the Money In The Bank Briefcase.
7. Motor City Machine Guns beat Bison Brothers to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Samoa Joe beat Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles in a 3 Way Dance to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-6/10/2009 results:
1. Nattie Neidhart and new legacy member Laurie Hammer beat Mickie Knuckles and Miss Lee.  After the match Laurie got on the mic saying she couldn't turn down the offer since her dad has been holding her back thinking she still a little girl.  She said she tired of being controlled is and now a grown up.
2. Matt Sydal beat Drake Younger
Mike Bison was seen talking to RJ Hammer on the phone saying he doesn't know what is going with his daughter.  Mike said that Michelle called him yesterday about a trade and Mike hung up the phone.  Mike then announced a trade made by Lady Hammer and him.  He was told that Laurie and Chavo Guerrero Jr. asked for over the weekend.  They were traded to ECW for Candidice Michelle and Josh Raymond.
3. Cloudy beat Eric Young
4. Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr. beat Jerry Lynn, Tyler Black, Mike Bison, Taion
5. Eddie Kingston beat Machine to retain the ECW US Title.
6. Jimmy Rave beat AJ Styles in Fall 4 Of Their Best Of 7 Series to take a 3 falls to 1 lead in the series.
7. Necro Butcher beat Petey Williams and Broadie Lee in a 3 Way Dance to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
8. Jerry Lynn won a #1 Contenders Battle Royal to win a ECW World Heavyweight Title shot at Great American Bash 2009. Jack Evans, Eric Young, Matt Sydal, Hallowicked, Ruckus, Carlito Colon, Jimmy Jacobs, Delirious, Dingo, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Randy Orton, Sabian, Primo Colon, Chris Sabin, Harry Smith, Danny Havoc, TJ Perkins, Kofi Kingston, Alex Shelley, TJ Wilson, Devon Moore, Kevin Steen, Cody Rhodes, Little Guido, Ray Gordy, Colt Cabana, Stevie Richards, Ted Dibiase Jr., Michel Elgin, Lance Hoyt, Bison Smith, Cheech, Cloudy, Rey Misterio Jr., Sal Thomaselli, Brain Damage, Deranged, Hallowicked, Paul Burchill, James Storm, Robert Roode, Sami Callihan, Dolph Ziggler, Toby Klein, Eddie Kingston, Lance Hoyt was also in the match.

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-6/10/2010 results:
1. Jack Crystal beat MVP in a Non Title Match.
2. Taion beat Venom
3. Mike Bison beat Jim Brooks ECW IC Title.
4. AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Speedster Lite beat Samoa Joe, Doomsday, CM Punk

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-6/10/2011 results:
1. Bryan Danielson beat Ricochet in a Non Title Match.
2. AJ Styles beat Brett Wayfield
3. Roderick Strong beat James Storm in a Non Title Match.
4. Naughty By Nature in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
5. Hallowicked and Jigsaw beat Jason Rouch and Maison Dixie in a Summer Tag Festival Match,
6. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel beat Power and Blood Warrior in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
7. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Colt Cabana and El Generico in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
8. Kofi Kingston and Tyler Black beat CM Punk and Randy Orton

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/10/2013 results:
1. Jim Brooks and Star Pryde beat Speedster Lite and Lady Speed.  Speedster came out before the match with TWF World Heavyweight Title with Damien Shadow and his head covered in a hood.  Shadow said that he still had a referes licenese in NY and that match ruiling stands.  Lite takes the hood down revealing now buzz hair cut after what happen last night.  Lite says despite what happen last night he did what he promsided and now Hero's Brigade has all the belts.  Jim Brooks and Star Pryde came out for the mix tag.  After the match Machine ran down and Laurie announced that Machine gets his rematch right now.  Before that happen Damien got Machine's face letting Lite escape through the crowd before the bell rang.
2. Machine beat Damien Shadow
3. Randy Orton beat Rhino

Summer Tag Festival III:

1. Drew McIntyre and Jindar Mahul beat Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel
2. Night Brothers beat Team Rhodes Scholar
3. John Moxly and Sami Callihan beat Samoa Joe and BJ Whitmer
4. Ricochet and Rich Swan beat 3.0
5. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian wrestlted Future Shock to a draw.
6. Austin Aries and Robert Roode beat Doomsday and Venom
7. LAX beat Motor City Machine Guns
8. American Wolves beat Kevin Steen and El Generico

TWF's Tuesday Night Wars-6/10/2014 results:
Summer Tag Festival IV:

1. Trooper 7 and 8 beat Road Knights
2. Dangerous and Nightmare Backlot Wariros beat Masion Dixie and Jackson Rouch
3. Trooper 5 and 6 beat Vlad and Impaler
4. Samurai Ninja II and Ninja Kid III beat Trooper 1 and 2
5. East/West Dragons beat WN Alpha and Black
6. Crazy and Lightning Backlot Warriors beat Ash Hyde and Mr. America
7. Snake Eyes and John Fire beat Knight Hunter and Dagger
8. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Wildfire

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-6/10/2015 results:
1. Kofi Kingston won a Battle Royal for Living Dangerously 2015 Title Match. Bad Influence, TJ Wilson, Heath Slater, Colony, Cody Rhodes, Marc Briscoe, Drake Younger, Eddie Kingston, Chris Sabin, TJ Perkins, Sin Cara, Wyatt Family, Ron Killings, Jigsaw, Hallowicked, James Storm, Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt, Abyss, Willie Mack, Tommaso Ciampa, Amazing Red, Mike Bennet, 3.0, Lucha Dragons, The Kingdom

Summer Tag Festival V
1. Colony beat The Kingdom
2. Bad Influence beat Brodie Lee and Eric Rowan
3. Wade Barrett and Sheamus beatDolph Ziggler and Ash Hyde
4. James Storm and Abyss beat Rockness Monsters
5. Rhino and Guile beat Austin Aries and Robert Roode
6. Prince Devitt and Pac beat World's Cutest Team
7. Cyrus Bourne and Samoa Joe beat Primo and Epico

ECW's Friday Nights At The Arena-6/10/2016 results:
Vacant ECW World Heavyweight Title Tournament:

1. Shinsuke Nakumra beat Tommaso Ciampa, Adam Page, Titus O'Neil in a 4 Way Dance to advance to Living Dangerously PPV Title Match for Vacnt ECW World Heavyweight Title.

Summer Tag Festival VI:

1. Black Valkyrie beat The Beaver Boys
2. Pretty Young Thugs wrestled World's Cutest Team to a Draw.
3. Vaudevillians beat Dagger and Knight Hunter
4. Jeffery Alpha and Jack Pink beat 3.0
5. Spirit and Jack Crystal wrestled War Machine to a Draw.
6. The New Day beat Eric Young and Dolph Ziggler
7. The Premier Athletes Brand wrestled Briscoe Brothers to a Draw.

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