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This Day In Wrestling History-June 18 (Sunday Night Party 27, King Of The Ring 8 Tournament, King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Matches, Rhyno's rampage continues, Night Brothers reveal the secret, Sunday Night Party 61: 10 Years Of SNP, Laurie Hammer wants to wrestle, TWF TV Goes 2 Hours)

This Day In Wrestling History-June 18:

HCW's Sunday Night Party 26-6/18/2000 results:
1. Strong Ninja beat Super Crazy in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.
2. Chyna beat Balls Mahoney in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.
3. Chris Benoit beat Tank Abbot in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.
4. Booker T beat Christian in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.
5. Kevin Nash beat Sandman in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.
6. The Rock beat Dean Malenko in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.
7. Speedster Lite beat Edge in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.
8. Jim Brooks beat Shane Douglas in a First Round Match Of The King Of The Ring 8 Tournament.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/18/2001 results:
1. Billy Gunn beat Machine in about three seconds in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match. Trooper 2 came to the ring before the match and accused Machine of injuring him on purpose.  Machine attacked Trooper 2 and then Gunn joined in on the attack.  Gunn then hit his finisher onto Machine and the ref had the bell rung.  He counted the three right after giving Gunn the win.
2. Edge beat Crazy Lightning in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
3. Billy Kidman beat Fire Knight in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
4. Falcon beat Fire Lightning in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.
5. Simon Diamond beat Hardcore Holly in a EUWF's King Of The Ring 9 Qualifying Match.  The ref was about to award the match to Holly when Simon's music started and he came to the ring.  He announced that he was taking Eddie Guerrero's place in the tournament thanks to him asking RJ Hammer if he could.
6. Mikey Whipwreck beat RJ Hammer
7. Chris Jericho beat Mike Awesome to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Spirit beat Joe to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
9. Rhyno beat Barbecue in a Street Fight Match to retain the EUWF World TV Title.  Ariel Bison did commentary during the match and Rhyno attacked her.  Rhyno piledrove her through the announcer's table and she was stretchered away.  Barbecue had the win but he decided to get revenge.  He brought in a barbed wire light tube board and Scarlet distracted Rhyno.  Barbecue put lighter fluid onto the barbed wire light tube board and Rhyno gored Scarlet.  Barbecue set the board on fire and Rhyno gored Scarlet and Barbecue through it.  Rhyno covered Barbecue for the win and Rhyno continued to pound on Barbecue.  Joe ran in but got powerbombed in what was left of the barbed wire light tube board.  Security blocked the medical teams and the rest of the Doomsday's Alliance from getting to Joe, Barbecue, Scarlet.  Stacy Keibler came out of nowhere and distracted security and let help get to the ring.  Doomsday's Alliance ran Rhyno out of the ring.  Barbecue was screaming about his back hurting him a whole lot after the commercial break.  Barbecue had back surgery last year.  Joe, Barbecue, Scarlet was stretchered to the back and sent to the hospital.
10. RJ Hammer beat New Jack
11. Chris Benoit, Hardy Boys, Ninja Kid, Tommy Dreamer beat Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Low Ki, Mankind, Jerry Lynn
12. Chris Jericho beat Lance Storm to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

Wednesday Night Brawl-6/18/2003 results:
The show begins with Doomsday coming to the ring.
Doomsday: "I have seen some sick things but last night to spy on romantic things that were being kept hidden.  Commander parading around like this was some hidden camera show filming things he had no right to be involved in.  It was all in commander of Jesus Bison."  Jesus Bison comes out from the back.
Jesus: "How do you even accuse me of something like that?"
Doomsday: "Oh come on!  What you can try to kill your brother and his fiance but you won't have someone filming other people's secret love life.  Next thing you are going to tell me that you didn't order the big show to do what he did last week"
Jesus: "There is something I don't because I don't even what me and wife do in our free time filmed for everyone to watch.  I may do some sick things including ordering Big Show to throw Jill into the ring post as part of my plan but I didn't have Commander film what you saw last night.  As a matter of fact I have been trying to get in contact with him for weeks but he doesn't except my calls."
Doomsday: "I don't believe you.  Wouldn't be the first time you lied about things like this."
Jesus: "I don't really care if you do or not."  Jesus leaves and left Doomsday angry and confused.
1. Jade beat Victoria to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
2. Goldust beat Machine
3. Colt Cabana beat Xavier
4. Chris Hero beat Shelton Benjamin to retain the EUWF European Title.
5. Hard Luck Fighters and Road Warriors beat FBI
6. Speedster Lite beat Chris Jericho to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
7. Briscoe Brothers beat Ax and Smash from New Demolition to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  All three members of New Demolition attacked Marc and Jay after the match chairs till the Night Brothers made the save.  Night Brothers out of nowhere attacked the Briscoes and then New Demolition went back on them.  SAT tried to run in but they were met with chairs.  Night Brothers and New Demolition worked on SAT and Briscoes till APA's music started up.  Night Brothers ran from the ring as Bradshaw and Simmons comes out from the back.  Bradshaw and Simmons then cleared the ring of new demolition.
8. Doomsday and Joe beat Jesus Bison and Commander.  The end came when commander turned on Jesus Bison.  New Demolition and Night Brothers ran into the ring after the match attack Doomsday, Joe, Jesus.  Several of Jesus' men got him out of the ring.  SAT and Briscoe ran in helping Doomsday and Joe but they got attacked by the Extreme Horsemen and Machine.  APA, Road Warriors, Naughty By Nature, Booker T, Dudleyz, Homicide, Billy Kidman, Hard Luck Fighters made the save to end the show.

TTWF 6/18/2004 Viking Hall results:
1. Piloit beat Spirit, Rhendo, Rey Misterio Jr. in a 4 Way Dance in a First Round Match of TTWF's #1 Contenders Trophy Tournament.  Before the match there was an interview with Piloit from earlier in the day.  He was asked about Lita and how she was doing.  He was also asked what was lita's announcement.  Piloit said she is doing good but said he is not going to tell anyone on camera or anyone who might reveal it on camera.  Piloit said that he was doing that after a talk with Hardy Boyz and Lita about it.  He said that it was private and that the TTWF and EUWF staff have got as bad as the people in the press going after celebrity.  He also said that he doesn't want it to be used against her and then made a plead to Night Brothers not to announce what they found out.
2. Chris Benoit beat Colt Cabana, Jack Crystal, Shadow WX in a 4 Way Dance in a First Round Match of TTWF's #1 Contenders Trophy Tournament.
3. Chris Hero beat CM Punk, Justin Credible, Spanky in a 4 Way Dance in a First Round Match of TTWF's #1 Contenders Trophy Tournament.
4. Bryan Danielson beat Billy Kidman, Paul London, Jerry Lynn in a 4 Way Dance in a First Round Match of TTWF's #1 Contenders Trophy Tournament.
5. SAT beat Bashman Brothers
6. Baroness beat Lady Venom to retain the TTWF World Women's Title.
7. Night Brothers and Mike Awesome beat Piloit and Hardy Boyz.  Before the match Night Brothers announced that they found out Lita was pregnant and said that it was a joke for piloit to ask them not to.  Mark said that this isn't back when they were friends and that they don't care about anyone secret being kept that.
8. Doomsday, Venom, Naughty By Nature, Carnage Crew beat Trent Acid, Hotstuff, Edge

TTWF's Saturday Slam Bash-6/18/2005 results:
1. Snake Eyes beat Divari
2. Karen beat Crazy Woman
3. Jimmy Rave beat Matt Sydal
4. Brian Thunder beat Muhammad Hassan
5. Jay Lethal and Piloit beat Nick Berk and Jeff Hardy
6. Ms. America beat Scarlet
7. MNM and Christian beat Hoodies and Street Warrior
8. Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy beat James Gibson and Joe

Sunday Night Party 61: 10 Years Of Sunday Night Party
Part 2 results-6/18/2006:

1. New Troopers beat FBI, New Demolition, Dudleyz, Dangerous Trio, SAT, Trooper 1-3 in a 7 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
2. Doomsday beat Randy Orton to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
3. Homicide beat Super Dragon to retain the ECW's #1 Contenders Trophy.
4. Necro Butcher beat Mick Foley in a Hardcore Rules Match.
5. AJ Styles beat Roderick Strong to retain the EUWF's #1 Contenders Trophy.
6. Bison Brothers, Taion, CM Punk, Samoa Joe beat Kings Of Wrestling, Triple H, Mr. America, Rhino in a War Games Elimination Match.
7. Rob Van Dam beat Jimmy Jacobs to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
8. Brian Thunder beat JBL to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/18/2007 results:
The show started with RJ Hammer in his office when his daughter Laurie came into the office and she started to beg RJ to give her first match as she has been training for about a year.  RJ wouldn't let her and eventually said he talk to Michelle about it.  Laurie walked out and Michelle walked in.  Michelle said that RJ should let her and RJ said he just worried.  Michelle said that Laurie grown up in this business and that is all she wants to do is wrestle.  RJ said he think about it.
1. Nattie Neidhart beat Scarlet to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
2. Matt Bentley and Frankie Karazarian beat El Generico and Kevin Steen
3. Sonjay Dutt beat James Gibson
4. Low Ki beat Randy Orton
5. Ric Flair beat Roderick Strong in a Non Title Match. Before the match Flair challenged any members from the EUWF or ECW versions of Four Horsemen to a match at vengeance.
6. Bryan Danielson and Brent Albright beat Spirit and Jack
7. Vlad and Impaler beat Briscoe Brothers and Harry Smith/TJ Wilson in a 3 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.  After the match Michelle came out and announced that at Vengeance 2007 will see Vlad and Impaler defend the their belts in the return of an old favorite that hasn't been seen in years Rumble Games.  The match will be like a gauntlet tag match with two teams start with anything goes with No DQ or Contest, only win by pinfall or submission or both members of a team being thrown over.  Another team will continue this way till all teams have competed in the match.  Each mini will be for EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles and for Vlad and Impaler to keep their titles they got to beat every team in the match.  Meaning team one could beat Vlad and Impaler but lose it to the third team in the match.  Every team in the EUWF will only be eligible in the match and this made Vlad and Impaler mad.
8. Mr. America, Nick Berk, Chris Hero, John Cena beat RJ Hammer, Doomsday, Venom, Bobby Lashley.  Before the match Cena explained that he was tired of being dissed by fans and the EUWF so he joined with Mr. America.  MA then said that Cena is the officially new forth member of the EUWF Four Horseman and asked why RJ had to drag Ms. America and Christian Cage into the match sunday.  RJ went up to them explaining that Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks begging him and Haymen to give them a match against Edge and Christian but haven't been able to.  Since Edge can't be in the match Christian will do and Ms. America because she keeps getting involved in all Real Americans and Horsemen's matches.  RJ said that his wife is itching to get her hands on Ms. America and left.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-6/18/2008 results:
1. Ariel Bison, Jill Night, HC Bytch beat Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Mickie Knuckles
2. Brain Damage beat Drake Younger
3. Dudleyz beat Spirit and Jack Crystal
4. Naughty By Nature beat Danny Havoc and Sexy Eddy
5. Doomsday, Venom, Austin Aries beat Age Of The Fall
6. Machine and Sagat beat Scotty Vortekz to retain the ECW World HC Tag Team Titles.
7. LAX beat Davey Richards and Rocky Romero to win ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Rhino and AJ Styles beat Mike Bison and Claudio Castagnoli

TWF/EUWF's Superstars-6/18/2009 results:
The show began with the announcement that this coming Monday Night Raw will be commercial free with two special EUWF vs ECW matches with Bryan Danielson v.s. Randy Orton in a Non Title Last Man Standing Match and Mike Bison v.s. Christian Cage in a Hardcore Match.  Also do to things happening the ecw and twf best of 7 series continue tonight and next week if necessary.  ECW one was done tonight because of the 3 hour special on saturday.
1. Venom beat Machine in a Thumbtacks and Dog Collar Match in Fall 5 Of Their Best Of 7 Series to take 3 falls to 2 lead.
2. AJ Styles beat Jimmy Rave in a Cage Match in Fall 5 Of Their Best Of 7 Series.  Rave leads the series 3 falls 2.  This match and any final matches in series was made a cage match due to interference by Prince Nana and the rest of embassy.
3. Motor City Machine Guns beat Ax and Smash From New Demolition to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Piloit, Necro Butcher, Bryan Danielson beat Brian Thunder, Jerry Lynn, Christian Cage

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-6/18/2010 results:
1. House Of Truth beat East/West Dragons
2. Brett Wayfield beat TJ Perkins
3. Drew McIntyre beat El Generico
4. Mr. America beat Lince Dorado in a Non Title Match.
5. Team Fist beat Chris Night, Hallowicked, Jigsaw
6. Tyler Black and Jigsaw beat Priceless
7. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks beat Kofi Kingston and Christian Cage
8. Austin Aries beat CM Punk, RJ Hammer, Colt Cabana, Kevin Steen, Eric Stevens in a 6 Way Non Title Match.

EUWF's Saturday Nights At The Arena-6/18/2011 results:
1. Rey Misterio Jr. beat Kenny Omega
2. Matt Sydal beat Cheech
3. Masada, Drake Younger, Scotty Vortekz, Abyss beat Doomsday, Venom, Machine, Sagat in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.
40. Johnny Gargano and Rich Swan beat Brian Thunder and Duke in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
5. John Moxly and Sami Callihan beat Heart Dynasty in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
6. Osirin Portal beat WN Alpha and Sigma in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
7. Briscoe Brothers beat Homicide and Low Ki in a Summer Tag Festival Match.
8. Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, All Night Express beat Kofi Kingston, Bison Brothers, Taion

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-6/18/2012 results:
1. Harley Wayfield beat Beth Phoenix
2. Laurie Hammer beat Layla
3. Chris Hero won the Battle Royal To Win Superbrwl 2012 Title Shot. Davey Richards won the Independence Day Bash 2012 Title Shot and Roderick Strong won the Sunday Night Party 97 Title shot.  Eddie Edwards, Homicide, Tyler Black, The Miz, Speedster Lite, John Moxly, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Big Show, Hernadez, Claudio Castagnoli, American Heroes, Young Bucks, High Flyers, Roderick Strong, Michel Elgin, Uso Brothers, Ronin, Future Shock, Primo, Epico, Albert, Ryback

Summer Tag Festival II:

1. Mike Bison and Taion beat Dark City Fight Club in a Non Title Match.
2. Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs beat Kings Of Wrestling
3. American Wolves beat Briscoe Brothers

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-6/18/2014 results:
1. Austin Aries and Cyrus Bourne beat Daniel Xtreme and Daryl Ranger

Summer Tag Festival IV:

1. Oi4K beat Goldust and Cody Rhodes
2. Kofi Kingston and Ron Killings beat Hot Shots
3. Sami Zayn and Colt Cabana beat Nightmare
4. Doomsday Kid and Venomous beat Joey Ryan and Willie Mack
5. Super Smash Brothers beat Spirit and Jack Crystal
6. Chris Sabin and TJ Perkins beat Sgt. and Raodblock
7. Colony beat Black Valkyrie
8. Samoa Joe and Freddie Waldeno beat Mike Bennet and Tommaso Ciampa

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-6/18/2015 results:
Summer Tag Festival V:

1. Throwbacks beat Young Bucks
2. Roderick Strong and Michel Elgin beat Ricochet and Rich Swan
  Ascension beat Tyler Black and Roman Reigns
4. Zach Ryder and Heath Slater beat Vaudevillians
5. Prime Time Players beat Xavier Woods and Big E
6. Jay Lethal and Ron Killings beat reDragon
7. The Miz and Damien Shadow beat Bravado Brothers
8. John Moxly and Sami Callihan beat Kevin Steen and Bryatt Wyatt

TWF's Saturday Night Fire-6/18/2016 results:
Summer Tag Festival VI:

1. Road Knights beat Phoenix Edge and Scott Shock
2. Brett Wayfield and Jackson Rouch wrestled Rick Knife and Stu Bomb to a Draw.
3. Speedster Lite and Jim Brooks wrestled Nightmare and Dangerous Warriors to a Draw.
4. Hulk and Massacre beat Saviors
5. PYT beat Fire and Crazy Ninja
6. Eric Bison and Sagat beat Lightning Duo
7. Wildfire beat Grey and Gold Dragons
8. Hot and Spicy beat Nightwings
9. Taion and Guile beat Black Valkyrie

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