Monday, November 21, 2016

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-November 21-Surviving Months 2016 Day 49 results

The show began with Wyatt Family coming to the ring.  Cyrus says last nights matched should be over turned for the fact that Bryan Danielson got invovled.  Bryatt said it didn't even matter as it was just one battle in a long war that Wyatt Empire will win.  Samoa Joe came from the back challenging the Wyatt Family to a losing faction splits up at Extreme Nightmare 42: Armaggedon 2016.  With either the Wyatt Family or Honor Brigade spliting up after the match.  Bryatt agrees.  It was later announced that Battle Game Best Of 7 Series on sunday will decide the other stipulation.
1. Star Pryde beat Tamina
2. Kings Of Wrestling beat Gran Metalik and Akura Tozawa
3. Roderick Strong beat Rich Swan to win the EUWF US Title.
4. Jade Thunder beat Nattie Neidhart
5. Hoodies beat Lucha Dragons to win the TWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
6. Colt Cabana beat Hollywood Doomsday
7. Alicia Fox beat LuFisto
8. Bad Influence beat N_R_G
9. Mark Night beat Tyler Black
10. Sami Zayn, Mike Bison, Machine beat Cyrus Bourne and Wyatt Brothers

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