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This Day In Wrestling History-November 29 (Battle Ground 7, Holiday Vengeance 2003, Extreme Nightmare 18: Days Of Reckoning 2 Day 2, Extreme Nightmare 20: Last Warrior Standing Day 2, Extreme Nightmare 22: 10 Year Nightmare Part 4, Extreme Nightmare 24: Extreme Payback Day 2, Extreme Nightmare 26: Redempition Day 2, Extreme Nightmare 28: Validation Day 2, Mid South Tribute TPI Tournament, Extreme Nightmare 30: Triple Crown Day 2, Triple Crown Tournament, Extreme Nightmare 32: The Final Showdown Day 2, World Wrestling Summit Tournament, Extreme Nightmare 34: A Matter Of Resepect 2012 Day 2, EUWF's Extreme Nightmare 36: Enemies At The Gate Day 2, ECW's Extreme Nightmare 38: Vengeance 2014 Day 2, Extreme Nightmare 40: All or Nothing Day 2)

This Day In Wrestling History-November 29:

Surviving Week Day 10-Battle Ground VII-11/29/1998 results:
1. Syxx beat Joe
2. Extreme beat Doomsday
3. Ranger beat Venom
4. Crazy beat F.B.I.
5. Gangrel and Edge beat Nightmare
6. Speedster Lite beat Christan to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
7. Al Snow, Jerry Lynn, 2 Cold Scorpio beat Billy Kidman, Blanka, Rhendo
8. RJ Hammer, Tommy Dreamer, Cactus Jack, Gangstas beat Commander, Mike Bison, Blood Knight, Giant Knight, and Taion in a War Games match.

Surviving Week 99 Day 12-Monday Night Raw-11/29/1999 results:
The show opened with RJ Hammer being run over by a car driven by King Bison.  The announcers announced that RJ is scheduled to face Keiji Muto for the EUWF World Heavyweight Triple Crown tonight.  They also announced that the Rock would face Muto at Starcade on December 26.
1. Extreme and Ranger beat Cyborg and Crystal Ball
2. Nightmare beat Sgt. Destroyer and General Destroyer
3. Trooper 5 and Trooper 6 beat Crazy
4. Rhendo and Blanka beat Trooper 3 and Trooper 4
5. Naughty By Nature beat Trooper 1 and Trooper 2
6. Joe and Barbecue beat Night Brothers to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Devito, Angel, Grimes beat Hulk, Massacre, Destroyer to win the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.
8. Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney beat Naughty By Nature in a Weapons Filled Cage Match to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
9. Head Hunters beat Bruise Brothers
10. Rob Van Dam beat Juventud Guerrera
11. Falcon beat Jushin Thunder Liger to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.
12. Al Snow beat Jeff Jarrett 
13. Cactus Jack beat Lex Luger
14. Chris Jericho beat Buff Bagwell
15. H beat Booker T
16. Hunter Hearst Helmsley beat X-Pac.  Outsiders came to the ring and looked about to side with X-Pac but Nash powerbombed him.  Hunter covered him.  Outsiders and Hunter left the ring to the back.
17. The Rock beat Sting
18. Keiji Muto beat RJ Hammer to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Triple Crown Title.  This really broke down and got wild in the end.  Japanese guys came to save Muto but was meet by Extreme Alliance.  The ref goes outside to try to break it up.  Out comes Onita and hits RJ from behind with the world title belt.  Muto was about to go for a moonsault when the Rock ran in and hit the rock bottom on Muto.  He then hit the People's Elbow on Muto and RJ covers Muto but the ref was still outside.  The Outsiders run into the ring and Nash powerbombs RJ through the ring.  Hall drags RJ out of the hole and puts Muto onto RJ.  The ref finally gets into the ring and makes the three count.

Wednesday Night Brawl-Surviving Weeks 2000 Day 15-11/29/2000 results:
1. Sagat beat Zangief
2. FBI beat Xtreme and Ranger
3. Tommy Dreamer beat Machine.  Commander walked to ringside during the match and took notes.  He also look at other notes and then few minutes later left.
4. Sandman, Balls Mahoney, Chilly Willy beat Honma, Matsunaga, Shadow WX
5. Yamakawa beat Bad Ass Billy Gunn
6. Goldberg beat Steven Richards
7. Steve Austin beat Steve Corino
8. RJ Hammer, Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Tajiri, Doomsday, Venom, Naughty By Nature beat Kurt Angle, Justin Credible, Edge, Christian, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Goodfather, Bull Buchanan, T & A

EUWF's Thursday Night Smackdown-11/29/2001-
Surviving Weeks 2001 Day 16 results:

The show starts with Piloit running into Michelle's locker room and locks the door behind him.  He runs over to Michelle.
Michelle: "Hey Piloit."
Piloit: "I need you to cancel the 24 hour rule on the Hardcore title."
Michelle: "I can't do that."
Piloit: "Why?"
Michelle: "Because I don't want to.  Aren't you having with it."
Piloit: "No!"
Michelle: "I will give you a break and think about."
Piloit: "Okay!"  Piloit runs to the door and looks around before running out.  Michelle laughs.
Extreme Alliance walks to the ring.  RJ Hammer looked very mad.  All three members of the S.A.T., Brian XL, Divine Storm, Piloit were with them.
RJ: "Last Monday was the biggest crap, cheap, screw job of all time.  Last Monday I had my company fully won and it was stole from us.  I'm very disappointed to the ones that didn't win the title matches on Sunday and Monday.  I am very proud of the ones that won titles and retained titles.  I want Michelle and Doomsday Alliance to come out here."  Michelle and Doomsday Alliance came from the back.
Michelle: "You are not the champion or the owner of this company.  You will never ever be those things again.  Get use to having no titles.  Piloit and Kurt Angle I am very sad to see what you did."
Piloit: "We did what we did because we didn't want to be with you loser anymore."
Barbecue: "Losers?"  Barbecue and Michelle kiss.
Barbecue: "At least I got a girlfriend."  Piloit looks mad.
Piloit: "Get in the ring now!"  Doomsday Alliance ran to the ring and fought with the Extreme Alliance.  The two fought till the Extreme Alliance was cleared of the ring.
1. Piloit beat Barbecue
2. Brian XL and Divine Storm beat Ninja Kid and Dynamic Duo
3. Edge and Justin Credible beat Christian and Lance Storm
4. Jim Brooks beat Scott Hall to retain the EUWF World TV Title.
5. Red beat Joe to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
6. Naughty By Nature beat S.A.T. to win EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
7. Shadow WX beat Chris Jericho to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. Rob Van Dam and Steve Austin beat RJ Hammer and Jesus Bison.  Elite, D-X, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Big Show, Machine, Nightmare, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Jesus Bison, Commander attacked RJ Hammer after the match.  Hardcore Club and Hoodies made the save.  The other heals walk to the back celebrating on the ramp way as the show ends.

TTWF 11/29/2002 Viking Hall-Surviving Weeks 2002 Day 19 results:
The show started with RJ Hammer talking about Ric Flair.  He said that Ric Flair's betrayal was the worst ever.  He talked about how he lived with Ric Flair when he started with NWA.  He said Flair was like a father to him and closes person to being that since his dad died.  He said his and Flair's family always spent the holidays together.  He said that he will never allow Flair to steal the company from him and the EUWF from his sister Rachel.
1. Xavier beat Tajiri
2. Edge beat Homicide
3. Rob Van Dam beat Ric Blade
4. Speedster Lite beat Masato Tanaka
5. Jim Brooks beat Somoa Joe
6. Mike Awesome and Doomsday beat Low Ki and Chris Benoit
7. Shadow WX beat Mike Bison and Brock Lensar in a Three Way Street Fight to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
8. Donovan Morgan beat CM Punk
9. Christopher Daniels beat Tommy Dreamer
10. Terry Funk beat The Messiah
11. Joe beat Lance Storm.  Ric Flair and Raven didn't make the show because they were still in jail.
12. American Dragon beat Taion in a Ladder Match to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.

Holiday Vengeance 2003-11/29/2003-Surviving Weeks 2003 Day 20:
1. Doomsday and Venom beat Shadow WX and Masato Tanaka
2. Nightmare beat Jeff Hardy and Piloit in a Ladder Match to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
3. Raven beat Mad Man Pondo in a Clock Work Orange House Of Fun Match.
4. New Jack beat Ian Rotten in a Weapons Match.
5. Steve Corino beat RJ Hammer in a Dog Collar and I Quiet Match.
6. Samoa Joe beat Nathan Jones to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
7. Chris Benoit beat Jack Crystal to retain the TTWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Joe and Taion beat Mike Bison and Piloit in a Street Fight Match.

Extreme Nightmare 18: Days Of Reckoning 2 Day 2-11/29/2004
Surviving Month 2004 Day 30:

1. Sexxy Eddie beat Jesus Bison in a Hardcore Match.
2. Necro Butcher beat Raven in a Hardcore Match.
3. Sandman beat Mad Man Pondo in a Singapore Canning Match.
4. Mike Awesome beat Abyss in a Tables Match.
5. Carnage Crew beat La Resistance in a Weapons Match.
6. Balls Mahoney beat Machine in a Hardcore Match.
7. Nigel McGuiness beat John Walters, JC Bailey, Nate Webb in a 4 Way Dance to win their points and the Indy Bracket.
8. Mike Bison beat Joe, Piloit, Taion in a 4 Way Dance to win their points and the TTWF Bracket.

ECW's Extreme Nightmare 20: Last Warrior Standing Day 2-
11/29/05-Surviving Month 2005 Day 29 results:

1. Mike Quackenbush beat Piloit
2. Nerco Butcher and Hardcore Holly beat Baka Gaijin in a Street Fight.
3. Spirit and Angel Williams beat Jack Crystal and April Hunter in a Double Dog Collar Match.
4. Mr. America beat Kudo to retain the ECW US Title.
5. Doomsday beat Jushin Liger
6. Venom beat Marufuji to retain the ECW World TV Title.
7. Naughty By Nature beat Kevin Steen and El Generico to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
8. Mike Bison beat Shadow WX in a Hardcore Match to retain the #1 Contenders Trophy For ECW World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Extreme Nightmare XXII-10 Year Nightmare Part 3-
11/29/2006-Surviving Month 2006 Day 29 Card:

1. Cheerleader Melissa beat Ariel Bison in a Non Title Match.
2. Lady Naughty By Nature beat Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew to win the ECW/EUWF World Ladies Tag Team Titles.
3. Davey Richards beat Jack Crystal
4. AJ Styles beat Chris Benoit
5. Mr. America, Rhino, Ms. America beat Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, Nattie Neidhart
6. Naughty By Nature and Bison Brothers beat Tank, Iceberg, Doomsday, Venom in a Christmas Death Match.
7. Nick Berk beat Tommy Dreamer to retain the ECW World Hardcore Triple Crown Title. After the match Haymen came out making a Weapons Match rematch between the two for tomorrow night.
8. Edge beat CM Punk, Homicide, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Low Ki in a Elimination Chamber Match to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.  Kings Of Wrestling attacked Joe and Punk after the match with chains and demanded their rematch be a I quiet match.  Haymen came out announcing that it would be a Double Dog I Quiet Tag Match tomorrow night.

ECW's Extreme Nightmare 24: Extreme Payback Day 2-11/29/2007-
Surviving Month 2007 Day 29 results
1. Machine and Hardcore Bytch beat Brain Damage and Amazing Kong
2. Tommy Dreamer beat Raven
3. Super Crazy beat Jimmy Jacobs
4. Nate Webb beat Eric Young
5. Matt Cross beat Tyler Black to retain the ECW World Junior Heavyweight Title.
6. Bison Brothers beat Colt Cabana and AJ Styles
7. Paul London, Spanky, 2 Cold Scorpio beat Triple X
8. Samoa Joe beat Umaga in a Samoan Death Match to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Extreme Nightmare 26: Redemption Day 2-11/29/2008-
Surviving Month 2008 Day 29 results:

1. Road Knights beat Trooper 3/4, Warrior Ninja 3/4, Wildfire, Crazy, Trooper 1/2, Warrior Ninja 1/2 in a 7 Way Dance.
2. Taion beat Trooper 5, Warrior Ninja 5, Spirit in a 4 Way Dance.
3. Colony beat Hoodies and Street Warrior
4. Super Smash Brothers beat Joe and Piloit
5. Jack Crystal beat Power Backlot Warrior to win the ECW IC Title.
6. Speedster Lite beat Delirious to win the EUWF IC Title.
7. Samoa Joe and Mr. America beat Randy Orton and Broadie Lee
8. King Jim Brooks and Machine beat Low Ki and Go Shiozaki
9. Motor City Machine Guns beat Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black in a Non Title Match.
10. Hardy Boyz beat LAX
11. Mike Bison beat Bryan Danielson in a Non Title Match.
12. Doomsday beat Claudio Castagnoli in a Non Title Match.

Extreme Nightmare 30: Validation Night 2-11/29/2009-
Surviving Month 2009 Day 29 results:
Mid South Tribute TPI Tournament:

Bracket 1-Round 3:

1. Claudio Castagnoli beat Human Tornado
2. Roderick Strong beat Shelton Benjamin

Quarter-Final Round:

1. Claudio Castagnoli beat Roderick Strong

Bracket 2-Round 3:

1. Alex Shelley beat Davey Richards
2. Jim Brooks beat Eddie Kingston

Quarter-Final Round:

1. Jim Brooks beat Alex Shelley

Bracket 3-Round 3:

1. AJ Styles beat Randy Orton
2. CM Punk beat Christian Cage

Quarter-Final Round:

1. CM Punk beat AJ Styles

Bracket 4-Round 3:

1. CIMA beat Homicide
2. Egotistico Fantastico beat Mark Night

Quarter-Final Round:

1. CIMA beat Egotistico Fantastico

Bracket 5-Round 3:

1. Low Ki beat Machine
2. Nigel McGuiness beat Samoa Joe

Quarter-Final Round:

1. Nigel McGuiness beat Low Ki

Bracket 6-Round 3:

1. Austin Aries beat Kenny Omega
2. Bryan Danielson beat Delirious

Quarter-Final Round:

1. Bryan Danielson beat Austin Aries

Semifinal Round:

1. Claudio Castagnoli beat CM Punk
2. Jim Brooks beat CIMA
3. Bryan Danielson beat Nigel McGuiness

Final Round:

1. Claudio Castagnoli beat Jim Brooks and Bryan Danielson to win the tournament and ECW World Heavyweight Title shot tomorrow night but Claudio after the match gave the title shot to Randy Orton. He said he didn't want to do it but is being made to make up for cheering Orton's elimination during the Bragging Rights tag match last month. Claudio looks to Jill Night who was standing next to him and said something are just more important then a title shot. Claudio and Jill then left.

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Lady Speed beat Pink Dudley to win a Future ECW World Ladies Title Shot.
2. Brian Thunder beat Ron Killings to win a Future Title Shot Of His Choice.
3. Laurie Hammer beat Ayako Hamada and Cheerleader Melissa in a 3 Way Dance to win the Surviving Month 2009 Tournament and shot at the ECW World Ladies Title at
Christmas Bash 2009 on December 25.
4. Amazing Red beat Dragon Kid
5. Team Fist beat Sgt. and Roadblock
6. MVP beat James Gibson to win the EUWF IC Title.
7. Speedster Lite beat Ray Gordy to win the ECW US Title.
8. Colt Cabana beat Joey Ryan (Defending for Rave) to win the ECW IC Title.
9. Kenny King beat Piloit to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Title.
10. Heart Dynasty beat Hard Luck Fighters to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
11. Vlad and Impaler beat New Demolition to win the EUWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
12. Tyler Black beat Chris Hero in a Non Title Match.

Extreme Nightmare 30: Triple Crown-11/29/2010-
Surviving Month 2010 Day 29 results:
King Of The Ring 2010 Tournament:

EUWF Bracket-Round 2:

1. Colt Cabana beat John Moxly
2. Austin Aries beat Jack Swagger
3. Alberto Del Rio beat Kenny Omega
4. Bryan Danielson beat Tyler Black

Quarter-Final Round:

1. Austin Aries beat Colt Cabana
2. Bryan Danielson beat Alberto Del Rio

Semifinal Round:

1. Bryan Danielson beat Austin Aries

ECW Bracket-Round 2:

1. Davey Richards beat Kofi Kingston
2. Ricochet beat Sonjay Dutt
3. Amazing Red beat Yoshitatsu
4. Chris Hero beat Sheamus

Quarter-Final Round:

1. Davey Richards beat Ricochet
2. Chris Hero beat Amazing Red

Semifinal Round:

1. Chris Hero beat Davey Richards

TWF Bracket-Round 2:

1. Mr. America beat Mark Night
2. Guile beat Brett Wayfield
3. Cyrus Bourne beat Jackson Rouch
4. Jim Brooks beat Piloit

Quarter-Final Round:

1. Mr. America beat Guile
2. Jim Brooks beat Cyrus Bourne

Semifinal Round:

1. Mr. America beat Jim Brooks

Non Tournament Matches:

1. Blonde Ambition (Tiffany Lane and Alicia Jacks) (TWF Students) beat Doomsday Girl and Lady Venomous
2. AJ beat Ms. America
3. Sara Del Rey beat Naomi
4. Mercedes Martinez beat Katylin
5. Triple D (Debbie Summers, Donna Springs, Diana Falls) (TWF Students) beat Queens Of Wrestling and Harley Wayfield
6. Mansion Dixie (TWF Student) beat The Miz
7. New Demolition beat Power and Blood Warrior
8. Sami Callihan, Speedster Lite, Beer Money, Frankie Kazarian, Commander, Wade Barrett beat Homicide, Chris Night, Low Ki, Havana Pitbulls, Eric Bison, RJ Hammer

Extreme Nightmare 32: Final Showdown 2011 Day 2 (From Japan and USA)-
11/29/2011-Surviving Month 2011 Day 29 results:
EUWF's World Wrestling Summit Tournament:

Bracket 1-Round 2:

1. Tyler Black beat Prince Devitt
2. CIMA beat Bryan Danielson
3. BXB Hulk beat Machine
4. Colt Cabana beat Ryusuke Taguchi
5. Low Ki beat Tetsuya Naito
6. Daisuke Seikmoto beat Christopher Daniels
7. Genki Horiguchi beat TJ Wilson
8. Austin Aries beat Go Shiozaki

Round 3:

1. Tyler Black beat CIMA
2. BXB Hulk beat Colt Cabana
3. Low Ki beat Daisuke Sekimoto
4. Genki Horiguchi beat Austin Aries

Quarter-Final Round:

1. BXB Hulk beat Tyler Black
2. Low Ki beat Genki Horiguchi

Bracket 2-Round 2:

1. WN Alpha beat Hiroshi Tanihashi
2. Suwama beat Venom
3. Brett Wayfield beat Masaki Mochizuki
4. Yujiro Takahashi beat Speedster Lite
5. KUSHIDA beat Jackson Rouch
6. Chris Hero beat Taka Michinoku
7. Power Warrior beat Hiroki Goto
8. Katsuhiko Nakajima beat Sonjay Dutt

Round 3:

1. Suwama beat WN Alpha
2. Brett Wayfield beat Yujiro Takahashi
3. KUSHIDA beat Chris Hero
4. Power Warrior beat Katsuhiko Nakajima

Quater-Final Round:

1. Brett Wayfield beat Suwama
2. KUSHIDA beat Power Warrior

Non Tournament Matches (From USA)

1. Naughty By Nature and Lady NBN beat Hoodies and Scarlet in a Weapons Match.
2. Vampire Nation beat Hot Shots and Sandy Gales
3. Hunico beat Petey Williams
4. Drew McIntyre beaet Amazing Red
5. Davey Richards and El Generico beat Akira Tozawa and Naruki Doi
6. Mark Night and Brian Thunder beat Susumu Yokosuka and Masato Yoshino
7. KENTA, Koji Kanemoto, Jushin Liger beat Taion, Jack Crystal, Eddie Edwards
8. John Cena and MsChiff beat Mr. America and Ms. America

EUWF's Extreme Nightmare 34: A Matter Of Respect 2012 Day 2-
11/29/2012-Suviving Month 2012 Day 29 results:

1. Pink Dudley beat Hardcore Bytch to retain the Unified World Ladies Title.
2. Eric Bison, Guile, Taion beat Venom and Naughty By Nature in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match.
3. Super Smash Brothers beat Brett Wayfield/Jackson Rouch, Night Brothers, Vlad/Impaler in a 4 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Lightweight Tag Team Titles.
4. Rhett Titus beat Kenny King in a Anything Goes Non Title Match.
5. Bryan Danielson beat TJ Wilson
6. Cyrus Bourne beat Sabu.  After the match Haymen came down blasting Sabu for losing.  Cyrus was about to come back when Rhino came out and gored him.  Rhino then gored sabu and left with haymen.
7. Mike Bison beat CM Punk in a No DQ and No Count-Out.
8. AJ Styles beat Ryback to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

Extreme Nightmare 36: Enemies At The Gate Day 2-SM 2013 Day 29 results:

1. WN Alpha beat Cyrus Bourne, Brett Wayfield, Power Donity to win the TWF's Men Surviving Month Tournament Bracket Finals Match.
2. Chris Hero beat Mr. America
3. Mike Bison beat Claudio Castagnoli
4. Bryan Danielson beat Taion in a Non Title Match.
5. Adam Cole beat Johnny Gargano, Jay Lethal, Michel Elgin to win the EUWF's Men Surviving Month Tournament Bracket Finals Match.
6. El Generico beat Robert Roode
7. Austin Aries beat Colt Cabana in a Non Title Match.
8. Drake Younger beat AJ Styles, Willie Mack, Eddie Kingston to win the ECW's Men Surviving Month Tournament Bracket Finals Match.

EUWF's Extreme Nightmare 38: Vengeance 2014 Day 2-
Surviving Month 2014 Day 29-11/29/2014 results:
Pre Show:
1. Ms. America beat Nikki Bella
2. reDragon beat Super Smash Brothers
3. Bryatt Wyatt beat Mr. America


1. Hardcore Bytch beat Jade Thunder, Mickie Knuckles, LuFisto in a 4 Way Dance to win the Surviving Month 2014 Women Tournament.
2. AJ Styles beat Homicide
3. Young Bucks beat Hot Shots
4. Cyrus Bourne beat Mike Bison to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title.
5. Jay Lethal beat Hollywood Doomsday
6. Rockness Monsters beat Hoodies
7. Bad Influence beat Ricochet/Rich Swan, American Wolves, Prince Devitt/KENTA  in a 4 Way Dance to win the Surviving Month 2014 Tag Team Tournament.
8. Kevin Steen wrestled Samoa Joe and Claudio Castagnoli to a No Contest in the Surviving Month 2014 Men's Finals Match. Sami Zayn was eliminated but tried to interfere attacking the ref knocking him out.  SCUM Brigade and Doomsday Alliance brawl started at ringside distracting others refs while Steen had Claudio pinned.  Ref finally made it to the ring but Claudio kicked out.  Steen in anger package piledrove him.  Another ref came out as Joe had Steen pinned but Steen kicked out.  Frustrated joe hit a muscle buster on the ref.  Claudio had joe beat but a forth ref took way to long and joe kicked out.  Claudio hit a neutralizer on the 4th ref and eventually match was thrown out do to chaos.  It was announced that Claudio, Joe, Steen will now all face Cyrus tomorrow night for EUWF World Triple Crown Title in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

ECW's Extreme Nightmare 40: All Or Nothing Day 2-11/29/2015-
Surviving Months 2015 Day 58 resu
Pre Show:
1. Sonjay Dutt beat Ron Killings
2. Joey Ryan beat Blood Ninja
3. Cederick Alexander beat John Moxly
4. Dolph Ziggler beat Gran Akuma


1. Eddie Kingston beat Power Donity
2. Blk Jeez beat Rhett Titus
3. AR Fox beat ACH
4. Samoa Joe beat Rich Swan
#1 came across the screen fuzzily.
5. Roderick Strong beat Jackson Rouch
6. Kofi Kingston beat Ricochet
7. Jay Lethal beat Michel Elgin
8. TJ Perkins beat Icarus
9. Kevin Steen, Seth Owens, Bryatt and Bo Wyatt, John Moxly, Roman Reigns beat Ash Hyde, Cyrus Bourne, Doomsday, Venom, Dolph Ziggler, Mr. America in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

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