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This Day In Wrestling History-November 2 (Paul Haymen Out and Mick Foley In, Slam Jam City 72, House Party 2008 and 2014, Mike Bison GM?, Clash Of The Champions 2010, An insurrection is coming, Blaming each other)

This Day In Wrestling History-November 2:

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-11/2/1998 results:
The show opened with Bison and Commander with their men arriving to the arena earlier in the day.  Bison looks to the camera and says remember Extreme Nightmare.
RJ Hammer, Rachel Simonsen, Michelle Simonsen, and Speedster Lite came out.  Rachel called out Steve Austin and Taz. "You Taz, you Austin, and you my brother have been trying to be allies several times but you guys couldn't let your problems with each other go.  Its time you put that behind.  Bison and Commander's men, Outsiders, and Doomsday Inc. are watching.  They laugh every time you three fight each other.  You three together with eWo, D-X, and Horseman we can stop those groups once and for all.  You guys know I'm right and you did agree to help my brother the other night.  How about?"  Austin grabs the mic.
"I still don't like any of you but the odds keeping getting worse for me.  Usually I say no problem but it seems like there is to many to handle.  It is time to put our problems away."  Taz grabs the mic.
"Austin is right.  We need to take out these guys once and for all but we can't do that if we are all at each others throats.  I say we shake hands and agree
RJ, Austin, and Taz shook hands.  Taz and Austin leave.  RJ grabs the mic. 
"Bison and Commander want to play games with me.  I remember who was in that ring when it exploded during the exploding ring bomb match at the first Extreme Nightmare.  I was there and I thought we could forget it.  Looks like I was wrong and I got thank Taz and Austin for helping out other night.  Rachel is right.  Its time we start finishing the groups off.  They are only winning because we can't get together.  Surviving Week is just weeks from now and I say we kick this war into high gear.  Revenge is going to be mine and not a thing anyone can do about it." 
1. Machine and E. Hounda beat Trooper 9 and 10
2. Rey Misterio Jr beat Trooper 1
3. Alex Wright beat Piloit
4. Disco Inferno beat Barbecue
5. Spirit beat Kaz Hayashi
6. Lance Storm beat Psicosis
7. Jerry Lynn beat Fit Finlay
8. American Heroes beat Trooper 3 and 4
9. Stephen Regal beat Guile
10. Scott Norton beat Justin Credible
11. Al Snow beat Eddie Guerrero
12. Snake Eyes beat Chris Jericho
13. Bret Hart beat Spike Dudley
14. Rachel Simonsen beat Lady Doomsday
15. Kane and Undertaker beat Blood Knight and Giant Knight
16. Commander, Bison, and Taion beat Cactus Jack and Public Enemy to retain the EUWF World 6 Man Tag Team Titles.

HCW's Thursday Night Smackdown-11/2/2000 results:
Joe, Sgt., Roadblock, Dynamic Duo, Balls Mahoney, Sandman, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Tommy Dreamer, Sting, Naughty By Nature, Mr. Venom, Hollywood Doomsday, Jerry Lynn, Lady Speed, Lita, Jade, Lady Doomsday, Hardy Boys, Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck, Rob Van Dam, Kid Kash, Nova, Mike Awesome, Speedster Lite, Jigglin Jimbro Brooks, Booker T, Billy Kidman, Crash The Terminator, Lash Laroux, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chyna, Al Snow, Rey Misterio Jr., Konnan, Guile, Triple H, The Rock, Goldberg, Steve Austin, Road Dogg, King Bison, Commander, Queen Bison, Princess Ariel, Bam Bam Bigelow, and several other wrestlers that were not with the Old School Kings sat in a room.  RJ Hammer and Michelle walked into the room.
RJ: "Last 6 months have been a trying time for all of us mentally and physically.  In three weeks we will take everything that was stolen from us back and give all the pain back a hundred times worse.  We make them pay for everything they have done to our friends and family.  A lot of things have change in the 6 months since the EUWF was stolen from us but that has made us stronger.  We can't lose or everything we have given up and have fought for was for nothing.  We win or we might as well die.  Let's win the EUWF and send the Old School Kings back to hell."
1. Basketcase and Blanka beat Al Snow and Duke
2. X-Pac beat Jerry Lynn
3. Rob Van Dam and Dean Malenko beat Lash Laroux and Crash Holly
4. Val Venis beat Sandman
5. Mr. Venom and Nova beat Test and Mikey Whipwreck
6. Triple H and Road Dogg beat Yamakawa and Honma
7. Hollywood Doomsday and Shadow WX beat Joe and Chris Jericho
8. Naughty By Nature beat Goodfather and Bull Buchanan to retain the HCW/EUWF Unified World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
9. Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Mike Awesome, Bam Bam Bigelow beat Edge, Christian, Impact Players
10. RJ Hammer, The Rock, Goldberg beat Raven, Tazz, Kane

Saturday Slam Bash-11/2/2002 results:
1. Victoria beat Lady Xtreme to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
2. Hit Squad beat Hoodies
3. Bubba Ray Dudley beat Balls Mahoney
4. Jay Briscoe beat Psicosis
5. Red beat Spike Dudley
6. The Messiah beat D'Lo Brown to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
7. Low Ki beat Prototype to retain the EUWF US Title.
8. AJ Styles and Naughty By Nature beat Speedster Lite, Jim Brooks, Somoa Joe

TTWF 11/2/2004 Show-Surviving Month 2004 Day 3 results:
1. Night Brothers beat Ring Crew Express
2. Sexxy Eddie beat Spirit
3. Ryo Ito, Daisuke Sekimoto, Tajiri, Masato Tanaka beat American Heroes
4. Mike Bison beat Mad Man Pondo to retain the TTWF World Hardcore Title.
5. Shadow WX beat Necro Butch to retain the EUWF World Hardcore Title.
6. Petey Williams beat Rob Van Dam to retain the NWA TNA X Title.
7. Jushin Lyger beat Joe
8. Venom and Machine beat CM Punk and Triple H

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-11/2/2005-Surviving Month Day 2 results:
The show started Paul Haymen and MVW/Revolution alliance coming to the ring.  Haymen said that the last 48 hours have been hell and put down several of the members of MVW/Revolution alliance for failing this past monday at Halloween Hell 2005.  He then said that things change starting tonight and called Joey Styles to the ring.  Joey comes to the ring and then Haymen fires Joey for all the badmouthing joey did about haymen recently.  Mike Bison comes from the back on crutches and Haymen called him into the ring.  Mike said he is brave and not stupid.  He said will get in only when MVW/Revolution guys leave and Haymen laughs.  Orton rkoes Haymen and MVW/Revolution guys leave.  Mike gets a chair and sits in the ring next to haymen.  Mike said that Haymen said that things are going to change and that he was right.  Mike said that those changes begin with a clause in the contract from halloween hell and that clause gave mike the power to control who is GM of ECW.  He then fired Haymen as GM and announced Mick Foley as the new GM.  Foley rehired Joey as the ECW announcer and told haymen that he might find a job for him backstage.  Foley and Mike left the ring but before going to the back both told Haymen to Have A Nice Day!  Haymen was helped to the back by security.
1. Doomsday beat James Gibson
2. Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera, Rey Misterio Jr., Super Crazy, Tajiri beat Frankie Karazarian, Michael Shane, Little Guido, Elix Skipper, Petey Williams
3. Iron Saints beat Hoodies
4. Naughty By Nature beat Joe and Piloit to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
5. Nate Webb beat Sonjay Dutt
6. Spirit beat Cima
7. Samoa Joe beat Randy Orton to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
8. Jushin Liger, AJ Styles, Venom, Taion beat Mr. America, Rhino, Nick Berk, Jay Lethal.  The match was supposed to be AJ v.s. Liger but Lethal came out saying that he demand the match be call off so he could get his rematch for the junior title.  Neither Liger or AJ would comply so America, Berk, Rhino came from the crowd attacking both till Venom and Taion ran out with chairs.  Mr. America said that Lethal is the new member of Real Americans and Taion challenged them to a 8 man tag.  America agreed to it.

Slam Jam City 72-11/2/2006-Surviving Month 2006 Day 2 results
1. Cryme Tyme beat John Fire and Duke
2. Fast and Fury (Jerrelle Clark and Jay Fury) beat Naughty By Nature
3. Jade, Scarlet, Ariel Bison, Samantha Bison beat Cheerleader Melissa, LuFisto, Nattie Neidhart, Rain
4. Sabu and Sandman beat Tank and Iceberg
5. Nerco Butcher and Toby Klein beat Doomsday and Venom
6. Mike Bison beat M-Dogg 20
7. Edge beat Eric Young to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
8. Christian Cage beat Davey Richards to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-11/2/2007-
Surviving Month 2007 Day 2 results:

1. Machine beat Michael Elgin
2. Josh Abercrombie beat Milano Collection At
3. Hardcore Bytch beat Eden Black to retain the ECW World Ladies Title.
4. Nattie Neidhart beat Jetta to retain the EUWF World Ladies Title.
5. Sweet And Sour Inc. (Larry Sweeny, Chris Hero, Matt Sydal) beat American Heroes (Brian Thunder, Duke, Snake Eyes)
6. Bryan Danielson, Matt Hardy, Doomsday, Noamichi Marufuji, KENTA, Speedster Lite, Christopher Daniels, Rey Misterio Jr., advance in the Mike Bison Inventional Tournament in a 30 Man Battle Royal. Adam Pearce, Delirious, Venom, Machine, Sagat, Takeshi Morishima, Austin Aries, 2 Cold Scoprio, CM Punk, Erik Stevens, Jim Brooks, Chuck Taylor, Tyler Black, Deranged, Brain Damage, TJ Perkins, Jeff Hardy, Spirit, Jack Crystal, Low Ki, Roderick Strong, Petey Williams were also in the match.
7. Real American Alliance (Umaga and Mr. America) beat Extreme Alliance (Samoa Joe and Shawn Michaels)
8. Mike Bison beat Nick Berk to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's House Party 2008-11/2/2008-Surviving Month 2008 Day 2 results:
1. Broadie Lee beat Rhino
2. Motor City Machine Guns beat Osirin Portal
3. Delirious beat Josh Raymond to retain the EUWF IC Title.
4. Doomsday and Tyler Black beat Naughty By Nature
5. Mike Bison beat Jimmy Jacobs
6. Low Ki beat CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe in a 4 Way Dance.
7. Bryan Danielson beat AJ Styles to retain the EUWF World Heavyweight Title.
8. Claudio Castagnoli beat Chris Jericho to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-11/2/2009-Surviving Month 2009 Day 2 results:
The show began with Randy Orton storming it what he thought would RJ Hammer and Michelle's office but Mike Bison was in it.  Orton demanded a explanation and Mike said that Michelle and RJ have become to emotional evolved in this since Laurie joined Legacy.  They need to step back and Mike voluntared to work with Theodore Long and Thomas Boss to take over them while they step back.  Mike says Orton doesn't like he can sit home till they come back.  Orton left and Cena came in demanding to get his title rematch.  Mike says that was going to happen on Friday on Smackdown but after the FU he was given by Cena he is not to sure.  Mike says since Cena could have made a mistake he will get anyway and Cena says not to push it.  Mike stood up and told Cena not to push it.  He said he can't wrestle yet but can still fight and warned Cena that would hurt his chances.  Cena said he got what he came for and left.
1. Canadian Ninjas beat Lady Naughty By Nature
2. Brian Thunder and Duke beat Colony
3. Eric Stevens and Roderick Strong beat Beer Money Inc., LAX, Dark City Fight Club in a 4 Way Match.  It was down to LAX and Albright/Strong when Homicide turned on Hernadez hitting him with EUWF World TV Title leading to strong getting the pin.
John Cena went up to Samoa Joe demanding to know why Joe waited so long to come out of the ring and let hero win saturday.  Joe said that he only wanted a piece of Orton and waited to he came out.  He didn't care about Cena or him winning and then tried to leave but Cena stopped him.  Joe said he was no friend of Cena and said last time they went down this road he beat the crap out of Cena.  Cena said that won't happen this time and let Joe go by.
4. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat Cheech and Cloudy in a Non Title Match.
5. Masada beat Venom in a Non Title Match.
6. Young Bucks beat Heart Dynasty in a Non Title Match.
7. Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, Delirious beat Machine and Night Brothers
8. Chris Hero and Randy Orton beat John Cena and Samoa Joe.  The end came when Cena and Joe couldn't along leading to Cena hitting FU on Joe and leaving Joe to get pinned by Hero.

TWF's Clash Of Champions 10-10/2/2010-Surviving Month 10 D2 results:
1. Ariel Bison, Jade Thunder, Julie Fire beat Pink Dudley, Star Pryde, Lady Doomsday
2. Sheamus, Machine, Jackson Rouch beat Bryan Danielson, Jack Swagger, John Moxly
3. Low Ki beat Jim Brooks in a Non Title Match.
4. Cody Rhodes beat Doomsday and Samoa Joe in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
5. Spirit and Jack Crystal beat Night Brothers, Doomsday Kid/Venomous in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
6. Heart Dynasty beat Nightmare and Beer Money Inc. in a 3 Way Non Title Match.
7. AJ Styles beat Venom to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.
8. Mike Bison beat Rhendo to retain the TWF World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's Wednesday Night Brawl-11/2/2011-Surviving Month 11 Day 2 results:
1. LuFisto beat Ms. America in a Non Title Match.
2. Rhino beat Speedster Lite
3. Bryan Danielson beat Claudio Castagnoli
4. Ricochet beat Sonjay Dutt
5. Samoa Joe beat The Miz
6. New Bruise Brothers beat Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs in a Non Title Match.
7. AJ Styles beat Davey Richards in a Non Title Match.
8. Mike Bison beat Tyler Black

EUWF's Friday Night Smackdown-11/2/2012-Surviving Month 12 D2 results:
1. WN Alpha and Omega beat Prime Time Players
2. Jay Lethal beat Wade Barrett
3. Mr. America beat Sheamus in a Non Title Match.
4. Night Brothers beaet Super Smash Brothers in a Non Title Match.
5. Cyrus Bourne beat Tyler Black
6. Naughty By Nature beat Kings Of Wrestling in a Non Title Match.
7. Mike Bison beat Power Donity
8. AJ Styles beat Eddie Edwards in a Non Title Match.

ECW's Saturday Nights At The Arena-11/2/2013-SM 2013 Day 2 results:
1. Nightmare beat New Bruise Brothers
2. Guile beat Jack Crystal
3. John Moxly and Sami Callihan beat Piloit and Masion Dixie
4. Michel Elgin beat Chuck Taylor
5. Curt Hawkins beat Tommaso Ciampa
6. Osirian Portal beat Heath Slater and Jindar Mahal
7. Colt Cabana beat Green Ant
8. Austin Aries beat Mike Bison to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title.

ECW's House Party 2014-11/2/2014-Surviving Month 2014 Day 2 results:
Kick Off:
1. Mickie Knuckles beat Firebird
2. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods beat The Miz and Damien Shadow
3. John Moxly beat Robert Roode


1. Ariel Bison beat Brie Bella
2. ACH beat Fandago
3. 3.0 beat Doomsday Kid and Venomous
4. Hollywood Doomsday beat Big E
5. Naughty By Nature beat Osirin Portal to retain the Unified World Hardcore Tag Team Titles.
6. Freddie Waldeno beat Adam Rose to win the Unified IC Title.
7. Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano beat Colony
8. Cyrus Bourne beat Low Ki, Homicide, Johnny The Kid in a 4 Way Dance to retain the EUWF World Triple Crown Title.

EUWF's Monday Night Raw-11/2/2015-
Surviving Months 2015 Day 31 results:

The show began Kevin Steen coming to the ring calling out whoever sent him the mask on saturday.  Adam Cole came from the back saying he didn't send it but does he have a message to Steen, Authority, TWF Army there is a insurrection coming.  A uprising that will change everything and nothing anyone from Authority or TWF can do about it.  Steen went after cole and the two fought till static showed up on screen.  Steen distracted got jumped by the rest of the kingdom and Samoa Joe.  The Shield made the save.
1. Star Pryde beat Cheerleader Melissa.  After the match Star left a business card on Melissa before leaving.
2. Vermin beat Vlad and Impaler
3. Samoa Joe beat Tyler Breeze
4. Pink Dudley bea Tamina
5. Young Bucks beat Darkness and Lightning Backlot Warriors
Triple H confronted Mike Bison claiming the TWF Army is behind the attacks and strange messages.  Mike says he is as confused as HHH well maybe not that much.  HHH asks if mike thinks this is funny but Mike says a lot of weird things been going on.  First attacks been on TWF guys.  Whatever going on has nothing to do with the other but he wouldn't surprised if HHH thining his group.  HHH looks mad as Mike says that he leave the Authority to deal with their business and TWF will do so when it comes this uprising.  He doesn't trust HHH and after Extreme Nightmare 40 TWF Army can deal with it without the Authority.
6. Bo Wyatt beat Michel Elgin
7. ODB beat Emma
8. Prime Time Players beat The Masters
9. Tyler Black beat Sami Callihan
10. The Kingdom beat Kevin Steen, Seth Owens, Roman Reigns when mask man came from the crowd hitting steen with a baseball bat in the back while ref distracted by brawl.  This let cole roll up steen for the win.

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