Tuesday, November 8, 2016

EUWF's Smackdown Live-November 8-Survivng Months 2016 Day 36 results

The show Wyatt Brothers came to the ring celebrating their win last night.  Even bragging/mocking Seth Owens for his throwing chairs around after the match.  Bryatt mocked Mike Bison and his friends saying nothing can stop them and Mike came out challenging them to a Tag Title Match at EN42: Armageddon 2016.  Bryatt agrees and then Mike announces his partner someone who wants payback.  Machine makes his return saying it wyatt family who laid him out almost a year ago.  He is looking for payback.  Mike and Machine ran to the ring brawling with Wyatt's clearing the ring.  The other Wyatt Family members came out but so did Sagat, Guile, Taion, Eric Bison causing wyatt's to leave.
1. Moose beat Jack Crystal
2. Harrison Boss and Tommy Bernard beat Colony
3. Sami Callihan beat Mr. Venom
4. Kevin Steen and Sami Zayn v.s. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.  Before the match Steen was interviewed and he said he been looking for someone to watch his back.  He forget there is only one person that he could really trust to do that and that was Sami.  He says he isn't going to change but his new goal to burn Wyatt Empire to the ground.  Paul Haymen went up to him asked what he was doing and that he had a important match at Survivor Series 2016 not involving Honor.  Steen said that he got Mick Foley to take him out of the match and put him team Honor.  He told Haymen to tell Brock to go screw himself and left.  Haymen looked mad and Jim Brooks went up to him.  He volunteered to be Brock Lesnar's new partner at SS2016.  Haymen asked what was the catch.  Jim says that if he helps Brock then brock can help the Wyatt Empire take down TWF Alliance, The Family, Honor, and friends.  Paul says that he will take to Brock but he thinks they have a deal.
5. Chris Jericho beat Sheamus
6. Doomsday Kid and Venomous beat Tyler Breeze and Fandago
7. Randy Orton beat Joey Ryan
8. Motor City Machine Guns beat War Machine
9. Drew Gulak beat Samoa Joe to retain the EUWF IC Title when Wyatt Family distracted Joe.

Best Of Lightweight Tournament 30-EUWF Network Exclusive results:
Round 1-Bracket 2:
1.#16 Johnny Gargano (11-7-0) beat #16 Chris Night (12-20-0)
2. #13 Akira Tozawa (15-5-0) (BOLT20 Winner) beat #13 Zach Sabre Jr (8-2-0) (BOLT 31 Winner)
3. #15 Mike Benett (11-8-0) beat #15 Devon Moore (12-14-0)
4.#14 ACH (10-5-0) beat #14 Eddie Edwards (14-8-0)

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